Friday, November 13, 2009

Battle Training (1.5): Deleted Scene

A short little snippet I wrote when I was considering taking things in a different direction. Enjoy :P
"Spread your legs more, dear."

Leon fought back a groan as he obeyed the order, trying to ignore the leaden ache radiating from his groin as he lay on the examination table.  
Goddamn it.

"Now this'll only take a moment," soothed the Chansey, smiling down at her patient, "but it may not feel very pleasant, so try to focus on something else, okay?  I'll be as gentle as I can."

"Got it," the Charmeleon grunted, trying to distract himself by focusing on the cracks in the ceiling.  At least this time he knew what to expect.

It had been a couple of weeks now, since the whole thing had started -- since he'd been unwittingly and unwillingly dragged to the front of the classroom for a 'harmless' little demonstration.  That demonstration, of course, had involved a Nidoqueen bashing his balls until he wasn't sure they worked anymore...then sucking them dry to prove that they did.  His nuts had ached inside and out afterwards.  That was what had sent him to the nurse's office the first time, to make sure nothing was broken.  Luckily, nothing was, and after a few days Leon felt about as normal as he ever had.

Unfortunately for the Charmeleon, though, it hadn't quite ended there.  Ever since, the Nidoqueen had made a habit of swatting his nuts whenever she got the chance: a playful slap after class, a backhand in the hallway, whatever she could get away with.  It wasn't exactly pleasant, as any male would tell you, but Leon did his best to grin and bear it.  It was meant to be flirtatious, after all...and he certainly didn't mind the 'attention' she'd occasionally give him afterwards.  Besides, she never really hit him
hard, not like she had that first time.

Until today, anyway, the Charmeleon reminded himself, wincing at the nurse's touch on his aching orbs. He'd dropped some books in the hallway after classes, and was on his hands and knees picking them up.  Of course, he wasn't paying attention, and that was when the Nidoqueen just happened to be walking by, and...well, next thing he knew, there was a foot in his crotch and stars dancing in front of his eyes.

"Oh I'm sorry, hon, but I couldn't resist with 'em just dangling there.  You've gotta learn to watch your back!"

Bitch, thought Leon to himself...anyway, he'd lay there crumpled up for a few minutes before painfully dragging himself over to the nurse's office, which was where he was now, checking once again to make sure things were operational.  Because they sure didn't feel that way, with the way that kick had crushed 'em up against--

"Well," said the Chansey, interrupting his train of thought, "everything seems to be in working order."

The Charmeleon breathed a sigh of relief.  "You're sure?" he croaked.

The female smiled.  "You started with two, right?  They're both there.  They'll probably be swollen for a day or two, though, so take it easy for a little while.  Sexual activity would probably be a bit painful."

Leon blushed.  
Not like I'm getting much anyway.  "Okay."

"That's all I needed to say, so I guess we're done...are you feeling well enough to walk?"

"I think so," he replied, sitting up slowly.  He glanced down at his groin, frowning at the two tender lumps for a moment before climbing to his feet, cupping his balls in one paw to minimize any jostling.  He took a few hesitant steps towards the door, cringing at the dull ache in his gut as he hobbled forward.  "Yeah, I think I'll be alright.  Thanks."

The nurse smiled to herself for a moment, watching the male make his slow exit.  "Y'know, there's a saying among Chanseys that seems strangely applicable here."

Leon paused, turning.  "And that is...?"

"Take care of your eggs -- if they break, you don't get new ones."  The female blushed lightly.  "I mean, we're usually talking about a different kind of egg, but I think it's still useful advice in your case.  Be a bit more careful, alright?"

The Charmeleon grimaced.  "Thanks, I'll, uh...I'll keep that in mind."

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