Friday, October 30, 2009

Help Wanted

Based on a pic by Fellarts :P Enjoy!
It had started simply enough. The Vaporeon had been walking down the street one afternoon when a colorful flyer caught his eye, advertising an opening as a teaching assistant at the Pokemon academy down the street. It was just a few hours a week, it paid well, and the application specifically asked for a water-type. The situation couldn't be more perfect.

The interview was simple -- all pretty standard questions. The previous holder of the position had quit due to exhaustion, they explained, so they were looking for a candidate with stamina, someone able to go the extra mile. The work could be grueling, but very rewarding as well, as long as an employee had the right attitude. He just smiled and assured them as best he could that he was the man for the job, and that seemed to be enough. Afterwards he met briefly with the professor -- a Flaaffy named Ambia, who seemed to like him quite a lot. By the time he left the building, the Vaporeon felt sure he had landed the job.

Sure enough, a few days later the call came. He walked down that afternoon to fill out the paperwork, a happy spring in his step. He was a little surprised at the waiver he had to sign about any potential "damage", but that had to be standard -- he'd probably be asked to battle at some point, and organizations had to cover their asses in case of some freak accident.

He began to wonder though, almost as soon as he showed up for his first day of work. The professor met him at the door of the classroom, dumping a few ropes into his arms. "Here," she said, "put these on, would you?"

"Um...on where, exactly?"

"Why on you, of course." The Flaaffy pointed to each of the ropes he was holding. "Those two are for your arms, those two are for your legs, and 
that one is for your tail. Just slip them on and I'll take care of the rest."

The Vaporeon did as he was told, bending to secure the first rope around his ankle. "What are we, uh...what are we teaching today?" he asked curiously.

She grinned at him, a playful glimmer in her eye. "You'll find out," she replied.

That was how he had ended up where he found himself now: suspended upside-down in an empty classroom, with very little idea what was going on. His tail had been pulled up towards the ceiling with one of the ropes -- they turned out to be restraints, of course -- while his footpaws were now drawn outwards to either side, spread wide and leaving the male rather exposed. Meanwhile his hands were planted against the ground, helping to support him in a sort of assisted handstand.
Lucky I'm a flexible 'mon, he thought, or this would get uncomfortable rather fast.

Still, that didn't explain what was going on -- and the professor had left the room as soon as she'd finished tying him in place, before he could ask her any questions. Normally the male would've have tried to figure it out himself, but it was impossible to think while hanging with his tail above his paws. The Vaporeon winced as the blood in his body rushed to his head -- and to other places, judging from the unintentional hard-on that quickly materialized between his legs. He blushed. God forbid anyone but Ms. Ambia come waltzing through the door -- they'd think it was some kind of bizarre bondage scene.

The Vaporeon had been hanging there for about ten minutes, praying that he hadn't been forgotten, when the professor finally returned, slipping quietly back into the room. This time, though, she came with a friend: a Pichu, who followed happily a few feet behind her. It was hard to tell while looking upside-down, but from the look of things the Pichu was probably a student. The male bit his lip, hoping neither would point out his unfortunate erection, even if he was more-or-less presenting it to the two of them.

Ms. Ambia didn't seem to notice, though -- or if she did, she chose to ignore it. "Ellie," she said, "I'd like you to meet our new teaching assistant. Say hi."

"Hi!" The Pichu's voice was high and clear -- definitely female. "Nice to meet you, sir -- I'm Ellie."

"Uh..." The Vaporeon blinked. "Nice to meet you too, Ellie. My name's--"

"That won't be necessary," the professor interrupted, cutting off the Vaporeon with a wave of her paw. "We're trying to instill the students with a level of professionalism -- for the kind of work we'll be doing, there's no need for her to know exactly who you are."

"Ah." The Vaporeon blinked again. "O-Okay."

"Now Ellie," the professor continued, turning back to her pupil, "our new friend here is going to be your test subject for today. Do you think you're ready?"

The little electric-type looked the Vaporeon up and down for a moment, then nodded her head. "Yep! But he's...kinda tall, isn't he?"

The professor chuckled. "Don't worry, I can help you with that. Here." The Flaaffy reached down, hoisting the Pichu up into her arms, then taking a few steps forward to stand in front of her suspended assistant. "This is a little better, no?"

"Mmm, much. Thanks, professor!"

The Vaporeon watched this all with a curious eye, still unsure of what was going on. The only thing he knew for sure was that with the Pichu lifted up in the professor's arms, the pair were pretty much right on eye-level with his crotch, and only a foot or two away. Absently the water-type wished for something a little less showy than external genitalia -- though it was obviously too late now.

The male was so caught up in his embarassment that he failed to notice what the young Pichu was up to. As soon as she had been picked up, her cheeks had begun glowing with energy. Sparks crackled between her paws as she started to build up electricity. The female was eager to get started -- so eager, in fact, that a burst of static accidentally jumped from her fingers and over to the male's inner thigh, landing dangerously close to his package.

The Vaporeon let out a yelp, leg twitching at the unexpected dose of electricity. "Geez, you two, be careful!" He craned his head, looking upwards to see what was going on, but couldn't tell much from his unique angle. "Hey, what are you doing!? Tell her to stop!"

The professor ignored his comment. "Now Ellie, you remember your lesson, yes?"

"Of course!" she replied excitedly.

"Well then," said the Flaaffy, "why don't we recite the rhyme together, just to be sure you've got it?"


The Vaporeon shook his head, more confused and worried than ever, but he forced himself to calm down and listen as the two female voices spoke in unison:

"Boys have berries,
those berries hang loose,
just shock and squeeze
and out comes the juice!"

"Very good," the professor continued. "I think you're prepared, so whenever you're ready."

The Vaporeon's mouth hung open, his heart skipping a beat. He couldn't have heard correctly. Because if he'd heard correctly, that meant--

The male's thought process was harshly interrupted as the Pichu placed her paws on his testicles and let loose. The Vaporeon let out a surprised squeal as his maleness was flooded with electricity, just as the Pichu's paws clamped down on his dangling plums. His hips bucked instinctively, trying to shake the female's grip as she dug her thumbs into the most sensitive part of his anatomy, but she hung on tight, refusing to let go. The strong current wracked his frame, and his cock bounced stiffly against his belly, the pink length twitching angrily with each wave of energy and drooling a few drops of precum. With his paws bound, the male was hopeless to do anything but writhe as he was taken advantage of in the worst way possible.

Meanwhile the Pichu worked diligently, careful to make sure the male's equipment didn't slip from between her fingers. She continued to squeeze the twin orbs, sending a steady stream of electricity as she juiced his berries for all they were worth. "More?" she asked, turning her head to glance back at her teacher.

"Of course!" the Flaaffy encouraged. "There's no such thing as too much energy -- give it all you've got."

"Alright." The little female furrowed her blow, focusing on the task at hand.

The Vaporeon hadn't realized things could get least, not until the current running through his groin suddenly doubled, and the Pichu's grip tightened even further. It would have been far too much to take even without the type disadvantage -- as it was, the pain of the sharp jolt was further amplified by his natural weakness to electricity, until the ache was the only thing he could feel. What on earth was this teaching? His whole body trembled as the female mauled his family jewels, his already frantic cry rising to an even more desperate pitch with each passing moment.

The Pichu didn't seem too happy either. "It's not working." She frowned. "Why isn't it working?"

"That's because you're not concentrating the energy," the professor answered. "Make sure all your energy is focused, instead of distributed through his whole body. Remember, you've got to shock him into release -- he's not going to let go unless you overload his system."

"Right..." She wrinkled her nose. Control was not an easy thing for a Pichu, but it had to be done. With a deep breath, she tried once again.

By now the Vaporeon had lost all sense of time, and was simply hanging by his tail, fighting just to maintain consciousness. His body tried its best to curl up and protect itself, but the ropes kept him held firmly in place, open to the whims of his female companions. The male felt another even more intense shock go through his system, centered around his aching pair, and wondered if he was going to be sterile before this torment was through. As the pain in his crotch overtook all rational thought, he prepared to simply surrender himself, praying to make it through the afternoon in one piece.

But then suddenly, before the Vaporeon knew what was happening, he felt something within himself: a flipped switch, a strange sensation unlocked deep within his body. All at once his electrified pain became something else entirely: a hypersensitivity, as if he had been brought to the edge and left there, one stroke from fulfillment. It was almost as if his pain receptors had all shut down -- the torturous current running through his body suddenly transformed into a thousand tiny tongues of static, all lapping at his straining maleness. Unbearable agony became unbearable pleasure, threatening to overwhelm the poor male. In just seconds the Vaporeon felt himself slipping, eyes rolling back into his head as the floodgates were thrown violently open...

With a ragged gasp the Vaporeon arched his hips and came, a powerful spurt of seed leaping from the end of his cock to splatter against the classroom floor below. The male jerked forcefully in his restraints, moaning loudly as he continued to be molested by the tiny electric-type. His body shook in its shock-induced orgasm, his balls emptying themselves onto the tile in thick streams of spunk. It was all the male could do not to black out, clinging to a last shred of awareness as his body blew harder than it had ever blown before.

The Pichu hung on doggedly as he spasmed, cheeks sparking as she poured her energy into the water-type's body. She adjusted her grip as well, fingers digging into the male's hefty ballsac, forcing out every last drop as she milked her male.

Ms. Ambia watched with a pleased expression, her body crackling with some static of its own as she held her pupil. Carefully she watched the little female work, observing her student, pausing once to glance down as one of the Vaporeon's orgasmic shots went wide and splashed across her footpaw.

As seconds ticked by the male began bucking even harder, twisting in place as he sought an outlet for the sensations rushing through him. He continued to thrust against the air, his member begging for more attention, still firing long, sticky ropes of cum. Already a puddle was beginning to form on the floor, as the Vaporeon's essence was forcibly extracted from his body. The Pichu just worked on, a satisfied smile on her face as she watched the results of her handy-work.

The professor let her play for a little longer -- until the male was quivering from head to tail, clearly stimulated beyond belief -- then cleared her throat to get her student's attention. "Ellie?"

The female shook her head, as if snapped out of a daydream. "Y-Yes, Ms. Ambia?"

"I think that's enough for now, dear. This is his first day, after all -- we wouldn't want to break him 
too soon."

"Awwww. Okay." Reluctantly the Pichu pulled her paws away, giving her subject one last good jolt-and-squeeze before she let go.

The Vaporeon spasmed in his bonds one final time, gasping breathlessly as his maleness surrendered one more mighty spurt of cream to the female -- and then he was done. The male slumped in his restraints, panting with exhaustion as his groin throbbed somewhere between pleasure and pain. His stomach crawled with the dull pain of ballache, but his member still stood out stiffly, bobbing slightly with his heartbeat. It was strange -- even after coming buckets, the Vaporeon couldn't help but wish for some kind of touch on his neglected cock. If only the Pichu would wrap her paws around it, just for a moment--

His abuser didn't seem to notice his need, however, letting the frustrated male continue to hang helplessly. "How was that?" she asked, looking to the professor for approval.

"Very good!" The Flaaffy smiled, bending to set her pupil down on the floor. "You're a fast learner, Ellie."

"Well," the Pichu squeaked proudly, landing bouncily back on her own feet, "I've been practicing on other boys, just like you told us to."

The professor smiled warmly. "Excellent -- a girl after my own heart. Keep this up and we'll have to start giving you advanced lessons."

Her eyes lit up. "Ooh, I'd like that."

"I know you would. Now, on your way!"

"Yep! Thank you Ms. Ambia!" she said, skipping to the door. She waved back quickly before closing the door behind her, scampering off down the hall until she was out of sight.

The Flaaffy watched her go for a few seconds, crossing her arms across her chest. "Oh, Ellie. Such a sweetheart, don't you think? And one of my better students."

The male coughed weakly.

"Glad you enjoyed it too," she chuckled, striding over to her desk. "Now let's see..." The female picked up a brown clipboard, making a few marks before flipping to the next page. "That's one down, twenty-nine to go. Who's next?"

The Vaporeon groaned, wincing. It was going to be a long day.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Battle Training (3): In Seconds, Flat

"Thanks for the show, you two," said Willow, grinning, "but now we need to get some actual work done."

"Unless you want to spend the rest of the afternoon in Leon's lap, Joule," Por chimed in.

"Right, right." The Jolteon shook her head, glancing behind her at Leon. "Hold on a sec, I want to talk face-to-face."

The electric-type reached behind her head and grabbed hold of the Charmeleon's shoulders for support, then lifted her legs and turned in place so that she was facing the male. The female grinned as she settled into place and looked up at Leon, who was looking back at her with a mix of exhaustion and gratitude. Almost immediately, his eyes fell downwards to the Jolteon's bare breasts. Joule played along, reaching up to cup one of her tits in a paw.

"So, you feeling alright?"

"Mmmm," he purred, watching her play with herself as he continued to bask in the afterglow of his recent orgasm. "Hard not to enjoy that."

In fact, he was still enjoying it, with the way the Jolteon had turned around: now the head of his cock was rubbing wetly against her stomach, the base just brushing up against her swollen sex. Despite his efforts to concentrate, the male's brain raced with dirty thoughts, picturing the electric-type bent over in a dozen different position. After all, all it would take is one quick move to be inside her, where his fingers had been just a minute before--

The Jolteon interrupted him before he could daydream for too long, but not in a way that helped his arousal. Casually she reached down and wrapped her fingers around the Charmeleon's cock, giving the length a friendly squeeze and earning a quiet gasp in response. "Damn, this guy just doesn't quit, does he?" she said, feeling the sticky rod twitch in her grip. "I hope you've got that kind of stamina later."

"Just put...mmph...just put me where you want me," he replied, struggling to keep his voice steady.

She chuckled. "Will do. Speaking of which, are you ready to keep going?"

"Huh?" Leon blinked. "Oh right, the, uh...the testicles thing. Um."

"That is what you came here for, remember?" said Willow. The Weavile folded her arms across her chest. "We need to review for the Weak Spots midterm."

"I know." The Charmeleon winced. "Just give me a sec."

Kara nodded. "Sorry to make you switch gears so fast, but we've only got this room for the afternoon, so we gotta get moving. If you don't want to do it, though, you don't have to--"

"No no, I'll be fine, it's just...I'm not sure exactly how to do this." Leon scratched his head, frowning. "I mean, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to just stand still while you all kick me or whatever."

"True," admitted Por. "I guess we didn't really think that through..."

"Well there's an easy solution for that," said Joule. "Just let me shock him."

Leon blinked. "How would that help?"

"Listen," said the Jolteon, her paw still playing absently with the fire-type's spent member, "if I stun you, that'd stop you from flinching and so on while we're looking at your nuts. I know guys tend to get squirmy when you start poking around down there, so I think it's probably the best option -- it'll make things simpler for everybody."

"Uh..." Leon fought to ignore the fingers around his cock. "I...I guess that makes sense."

"Cool. Then this should just take a second." Without another word, Joule let go of his member and grabbed hold of his shoulders, her fur crackling as she built up static.

"Hold on a sec," interjected Kara, but the electric-type had no intention of waiting. There was a flash of sparks as the Jolteon let out a short shock, Leon yelping at the sensation and then falling disconcertingly still.

"Whoops." Joule grinned, climbing down off of the Charmeleon's lap.

"Joule!" the Kadabra scolded, glaring at the female. "I told you to wait."

"Don't get your spoons in a twist," the Jolteon answered, rolling her eyes. "We can't look at his nuts if he's squirming around all the time, so I just Paralyzed him for a little while. He'll be frozen for a few hours and then he'll be fine."

"Joule, you can't just
Paralyze people whenever it's convenient", Kara said, exasperated. "I don't even have any Heals or anything; we're going to have to carry him over to the Pokecenter now."

The Jolteon was nonplussed. "Chill, alright? You heard him say it was okay. Besides, I've got like a dozen Cheri berries in my backpack; as soon as we're done with this we can unparalyze him."

This soothed the Kadabra's nerves somewhat, though she was still uncertain. "Are we sure this is okay? How do we make sure we're not hurting him or anything?"

"Relax, Kara," commented Willow, placing a paw on her shoulder, "he's gonna be fine. I mean, it's not like we're planning to crush his nuts or anything, right?"

"Besides," added Por, "doesn't Paralysis usually dull pain anyway?"

Kara bit her lip. "That's true."

Joule nodded. "Yeah. I mean, even if we are a little rough, a guy's balls are pretty sturdy; we're not gonna break 'em or anything." To illustrate she gave the Charmeleon's ballsac a playful swat, the plump orbs swinging with the force of the blow.

Though his body remained motionless, Leon felt a brief wave of queasiness wash over him from the Jolteon's slap. His post-orgasmic glow had faded, and all of a sudden the situation seemed much more threatening. He had walked in expecting some pain -- after all, they were reviewing about the testicles as a weak point, and he had the only pair in the room -- but things suddenly seemed a lot more dangerous. He'd been planning to let them try some things out, maybe a few kicks or squeezes as long as he was feeling alright, something to let them know how a male really reacted. Now, though...he just prayed they didn't want to try anything

His hopes sunk, however, with what he heard next. "Ooh, can I be first?" asked Por excitedly, hopping to her feet. "I've been looking forward to this all week -- ever since me and Bill got in that fight I've been needing to work out some anger."

Joule chuckled. "Just be careful, sis -- try not to kick 'em into his throat, okay?"

"Aww, but what's the fun in holding back?" She frowned. "I'm not going to be holding back if I use a groin kick in a battle."

"True. Then fire away, I guess."

"...Yeah, okay," Kara said reluctantly, "but just one kick for now, alright? I don't want us hurting him any more than we have to."

"Awww, but I've never done it before," Por complained, frowning. "What if I screw up the first one -- I need a second kick to make sure I've got it down."

"Fine. A few kicks, but that's
all." She frowned. "I don't want to be the one explaining to the school nurse why Leon's walking funny for the next week."

"He'll be fine," Joule reassured her. "Besides, nothing's going to happen at all if we just let him stay frozen to his seat over there. Come on, I need someone to help me pick him up."

The rest of the girls walked over to join her, Joule and Willow each hooking an arm with Leon and pulling him stiffly to his feet. Kara adjusted his arms and legs, while Por helped straighten his tail and torso -- taking the opportunity to cop a quick feel as she did so. "Sorry about this," she giggled into his ear, giving his pink length a firm squeeze before stepping away.

The four looked over their handiwork for a moment, examining the living doll they had just positioned. The male was stuck almost perfectly still: occasionally a finger might twitch, but as long as Leon was Paralyzed there was no way he'd be moving very far. For the moment he had been placed in a pretty normal standing position, with his legs spread slightly -- for obvious reasons.

Willow laughed. "Oh man, this is just too easy. Look, his nuts are just hanging there!"

Kara seemed a little more interested in the other half of his equipment -- the rod still throbbing proudly in front of him. "Poor guy, we teased the heck out of him. Do you think he's going to stay hard like that the whole time?"

"Well, why don't we find out?" asked Por -- and with that she stepped forward, drawing her leg back and then swinging it in a vicious arc--

Leon's body was lifted off the ground slightly as the Vaporeon's footpaw rocketed upwards into his crotch, flattening his poor balls against his pelvis. The Charmeleon could feel his testicles distort with the force of the blow, his twin orbs caught and crushed by her bare toes, squashed flat like pancakes against hard bone. His spuds hadn't been abused like this since that Nidoqueen had decided to demonstrate on him during the first day of class. Immediately the nausea rose in his gut, alarm bells going off in Leon's head as his instincts told him to double over and protect himself--

--but his body did nothing. Leon just stood motionless, his body not responding even as the pain crawled through his abdomen. He tried to squeak or squeal, to cry out somehow and express what he was feeling, but his mouth refused to move, his vocal cords frozen. To an outside observer, it looked as if nothing had happened.

Por withdrew her footpaw with some disappointment, setting it back down on the ground. "Aww, he didn't even fall over! Sis, you Paralyzed him
too well."

Joule shrugged. "Maybe you missed."

"No, I don't think so." She looked down at her foot, flexing her toes. "I guess I didn't hit hard enough."

"That looked plenty hard to me," said Kara. The Kadabra frowned. "I'd prefer you not mess up my boyfriend any more than necessary, if you don't mind."

"Oh relax, he's fine." Willow shook her head. "He didn't even fall over, Kara -- it can't have hurt that bad."

"I guess." Kara sighed. "Sorry, I'm--...I just need to relax. You're right; he'll be fine."

"Yeah," added Joule, "think about the professor on the first day of class. She was making him squeal and he was totally fine afterwards, right?" The Jolteon folded her arms across her chest. "I figure as long as he isn't twitching and making mewling sounds, he's gotta be alright."

"Besides, if a Nidoqueen can't pop his balls, what's the worst that I could possibly do?" Por furrowed her brow. "Now stand back, I want another shot at this."

Leon was helpless to do anything but watch as the female took a few steps back to give herself a running start, then launched another kick up into his defenseless jewels, her paw slamming up into his basket with even more force than before. That would have been bad enough, but apparently the Vaporeon had decided to tack on an actual attack as well, judging from the splash of water that flew off her foot as she made contact. Leon could practically see the steam rising from his groin as water met fire, his manhood squashed agonizingly in-between.

The Charmeleon quivered, his knees shaking slightly as his body tried to process the flood of pain signals coming from his groin. His stomach seemed to be doing somersaults from the force of the impact. Still though, he stayed upright, frozen in position, even if he wanted nothing more than to curl up and clutch himself.

"...Better," Por said, still not entirely pleased. "I got a reaction, at least."

"That looked pretty good to me," said Joule. "Follow that up with a Hydro Pump and an opponent would be toast."

"Yeah, but I want to be able to knock someone out without using my special attacks, and I feel like all my physical attacks suck. I wish I could learn Mega Kick or something like that."

"You should try Iron Tail," commented Willow. "I imagine that'd work pretty well."

"Ooh, good point." The Vaporeon curled her tail up around her shoulder to glance at her flukes, exposing her tight rear in the process. "I have been working it out recently."

"Well then, show us," said Joule, grinning. "Crunch those balls."

She grinned back. "Alright. Somebody spread his legs a little more for me."

Leon was still reeling from the last blow, and so he hardly noticed as the females positioned him again, spreading his legs apart to steady him and to present the Vaporeon with an easier target. His balls dangled enticingly, the heavy orbs awaiting the next round of blows, his engorged cock still pulsing just above.

"He's not going soft, is he?" asked Willow, gazing at his member for a moment.

"With this many beautiful girls around? I don't think so." Joule grinned. "There's no stopping male hormones, after all."

Willow smirked. "Man, tonight is gonna be

"Hey, gimme some room," interrupted Por. The Vaporeon moved into a fighting stance, her tail raised high, eyes narrowed in concentration. She paused for a moment, focusing on her target, then launched herself forward. In a graceful movement the female spun, whipping her tail behind her and up into the Charmeleon's dragonhood with a solid

Leon's eyes watered, his tailflame flaring as his gonads were smashed with overwhelming force. For a moment the Charmeleon just heard a dull ringing in his ears, the raw power of the blow forcing any other thoughts from his head -- and then the pain hit. This time, not even Paralysis could keep the male standing. Slowly and soundlessly Leon sunk to his knees, the Vaporeon's tail still trapped between his legs. Shakily his paws drifted towards his groin, trying to cup his battered babymakers and at least confirm that they were still there.

Joule chuckled. "I think you got him good, sis."

"Yes! Oh that felt good." The water-type happily withdrew her tail, once again curling it up over her shoulder. "It's really weird. I could feel his nuts, like...squished against my tail. They're like big hard-boiled eggs or something."

"Heh...that's kind of a funny mental image," laughed Willow. "I like that."

"Except that boiled eggs would be scrambled after that kind of a hit," said the Jolteon.

Meanwhile, Leon was still coming to grips with the adrenalized agony racing through his body. Arceus...the
pain! The Charmeleon tried to force his gaze upward to look at Por, praying for some sympathy from his attacker, but he couldn't look much higher than his own eye-level. Instead, from where he had fallen on his knees, he was presented with a clear shot of the Vaporeon's ass, her tail still lifted high and exposing her toned rear to him.

Leon decided to focus on that, at least.

As he was enjoying the view, though, trying to distract himself from the agony in his gut, he noticed something a bit concerning. From his current position he could
just steal the occasional glance at her slit, a hint of pink showing between those firm thighs...and from the look of things, she was absolutely dripping wet. Leon tried to reassure himself. Maybe she was still wet from masturbating earlier, or maybe just soaked from battling -- she was a water-type, after all. She couldn't actually be getting off on busting his balls, could she?

The male didn't have much time to dwell on that, though, as Joule grabbed one of his arms and quickly hoisted him back up to his feet. "Alright, let me take a crack at this," she said, positioning him once more with his legs spread. "I wanna see how fast I can drop him."

Leon watched through a haze of pain as she set his body in place. This was going to be bad.

"You need any help setting up?" asked Willow.

"Nope, I think I can handle this on my own," the Jolteon replied, grinning as she finished her preparations. The female took a few steps back to prepare herself. "Just watch

And with that Joule was a blur of motion, body rocketing forward on the offensive. Before anyone had time to react, she was in front of Leon, launching a vicious kick up into his groin -- followed immediately by a second, even more powerful kick from her other leg. Both blows struck the Charmeleon with brutal force, each crushing his aching pair into his pelvis. The Jolteon kept her foot lodged in his crotch for an extra moment, pressing his balls flat against the hard bone.

"Ooh, Double Kick," murmured Por appreciatively. "Good choice."

Immediately Leon felt the agony crawling through his gut, a wave of nausea washing over his entire body. That alone was more than enough for the Charmeleon to start sinking to the floor -- but Joule intervened, quickly grabbing one of the male's arms. Before Leon knew what was happening he had been flipped over the female's shoulder, crashing down onto the floor with a heavy thud. And then--

--and then the male was in a very compromising position, in more ways than one. As soon as he had hit the floor, Joule had sprung on top of him, pinning his arms and legs to prevent any possible counterattack, and as a result...well, as a result they were basically in a sixty-nine position. With his neck frozen stiff, Leon had nowhere to look but directly at the Jolteon's sex, the same slit he'd been plunging his fingers into just a few minutes prior. Despite the danger of the situation and the horrible ache in his abdomen, Leon couldn't help but drink in the view for a moment...almost literally. From the look of things, Joule was just as wet as her sister, if not more so. The Charmeleon felt his blood run cold for a second time. Again, Leon prayed that it was the thrill of the battle that had turned her on, or maybe his earlier performance, and not crushing his--

--but before the Charmeleon could finish that thought, something came thudding down into his ballsac, crushing its contents against the ground. Leon felt the urge to yelp as a strong shock raced through his system...followed by the urge to squeal as the wave of agony from his balls followed shortly after. What the hell was that? She was moving so fast -- before the male could even force his eyes downward, she'd hit him a second time, and then a third. Leon's eyes watered as he watched her raise her arm a fourth time, her closed fist crackling with electricity, and...oh Arceus, she was using Thunder Punch?!

Leon's body gave a short twitch as Joule landed another punch on his family jewels, the twin orbs bouncing with the impact for a moment before they were crushed again by her other fist. The female continued to alternate rapidly, treating the Charmeleon's spuds like a makeshift punching bag, sparks flying as she pummeled his package. The Jolteon hit an eighth...ninth...tenth time before finally starting to slow down, delivering a solid eleventh punch, a glancing twelfth, and a half-hearted thirteenth. She watched for another moment as Leon's balls bounced around a final time before coming to a stop, a slightly angrier shade of red-orange than they had been a few moments prior.

"Well?" Joule looked up at her female companions, breathing heavily. "What do you think? Would he be down after that?"

"Uh, yeah, I think so," replied Por, eyes wide. "Geez, sis, have you been practicing?"

"Yeah, a little, but not on actual guys -- just on the speedbag at the gym." She grinned. "It's like the professor said: as long as you hit fast and hard, you can get the advantage over a guy really quickly."

"Remind me to practice with you later," said Willow admiringly."You could teach me a thing or two."

"Sure thing!" Joule replied happily.

Beneath the Jolteon, Leon tried to cup his battered balls, or to draw his legs in, or to do anything that would help him cover up his poor gonads. His mouth opened and closed, trying to make some exclamation of pain or suffering, but try as he might nothing would come out. Every so often a leg or an arm would twitch, but that was more an involuntary reaction than anything -- Leon felt sure that if he wasn't Paralyzed, he'd be twitching quite a bit.

"Anyway, that's all I wanted to do." The Jolteon climbed back to her feet, giving the male's sac one last parting slap as she stood up. "Kara, you wanna go next?"

"Huh?" The Kadabra blushed. "Oh, uh, I dunno. I was thinking I might just watch."

"What?" exclaimed Willow. "Oh come on, psychic-girl, you need the physical training more than any of us." She smirked. "We already know you're good at playing mind games with your men -- now show us what your body can do."

Kara blushed even harder. "Well, if you insist...can you help me pull him up first?"

With that the two female 'mon each hooked an elbow with the fallen Charmeleon, struggling to pull him to his feet. After a few moments the pair succeeded in pulling him upright...but as soon as they let go of his arms, the male slid back down to the ground, his legs too weak to support his weight.

Willow looked down at Leon with a frown. "Well. Looks like you busted him pretty good, Joule."

The Jolteon beamed a satisfied smile.

"Hmm..." Por thought for a moment. "Kara, you could hold him in place with Psychic, right? Even if he can't stand up on his own, that might be enough."

"Hold him and kick him at the same time?" The Kadabra considered the proposal. "That's a lot to focus on, but I suppose I could use the multitasking practice."

"Alright, then," said Joule, folding her arms across her chest, "show us what you've got."

Leon had been slumped on the ground for a minute now, wondering if steel-type males had to deal with this kind of pain, when suddenly an unseen force began to lift him. Judging from the blue glow in his peripheral vision, it had to be Kara using Psychic again -- this time to prop him back up in a standing position. The Charmeleon felt a growing sense of dread as she nudged his legs apart, making sure his balls hung freely in the open.

Some of that dread, however, was offset by an unexpected tug at his member. Leon's eyes opened wide as something wrapped itself around his still-throbbing length, stroking gently from tip to base and back again. The Paralyzed 'mon managed to look down with some effort, trying to figure out who it was that had taken pity on him, but he was surprised to find that there was no one anywhere near him. There'd didn't seem to be anything touching him at all -- except for that soft blue glow, anyway.

Relax, rang out a voice in his head. It's just me. Leon forced his eyes up again in time to see the Kadabra give him a coy smile, just as the unseen force around his cock gave a particularly strong squeeze. A tiny shudder ran through the Charmeleon as she gave his pride a few more quick strokes, the length straining eagerly in her invisible grip. Oh, having her as a girlfriend was going to be fun.

Por interrupted the brief moment of bliss. "So are you gonna kick him or what?"

"Right right," she replied, shaking her head. "Let's see."

Leon felt a sharp pang of disappointment as the sensation around his member suddenly melted away, leaving him throbbing in the open air. That disappointment grew much further as he watched Kara take a step closer, her eyes narrowing as her focus shifted to an even more sensitive part of his anatomy.

Kara stopped and thought for a moment, trying to focus. The Kadabra took a moment to prepare herself -- physical attacks were less than her forte -- then propelled herself forward and let her foot fly up between his legs, her instep striking a glancing blow across his danglers before hitting his inner thigh with a firm

Internally, Leon let out a long groan, his knees quivering at the leaden ache in his gut...though to be honest, it could have been a
lot worse. This wasn't nearly the kind of bone-crunching blow his last two attackers had delivered -- nothing like having his spunk-makers forcibly jammed into his stomach. And of course, it certainly didn't hurt when Kara quickly resumed her stroking of his cock once more, the invisible hand gliding smoothly around his shaft and picking up where it had left off...

Looking up, the Charmeleon managed to lock eyes with Kara, and as soon as he saw the apologetic look on her face he understood: she didn't
want to bust his balls, at least not any more than was necessary. That explained the lackluster kick, as well as the secretive handjob, which was helping to take the edge off the pain. It was awfully effective, he noted. Leon decided that he wouldn't mind getting Paralyzed more often, if it meant that more girls would feel compelled to jerk him off.

Joule wasn't quite as pleased. "Harder!" she urged. "You need practice, Kara -- that barely hit him."

"Alright, I guess." Kara took a step back again. "Sorry -- I don't use my physical attacks very often, so they're not very polished."

Por nodded. "Not a problem. That's what this session is for."

"Exactly," said Joule. "Now focus. For now, you'll want to hit him right in the center of the sac, so that no matter which way his balls go they'll still be trapped by your foot."

Kara blushed. "Is there really that much technique to it?"

"Oh yeah," Joule replied. "If you're really precise, you can even choose whether to attack the left nut or the right nut. It's much easier to take a guy down when you're focusing on just one ball."

"Ah. Well, I think I'll stick to basics for now." The Kadabra took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing."

This time the attack landed much more squarely. Leon felt another jolt of pain rush through his body as she made contact, his balls rolling off in opposite directions to rest on either side of her foot. He felt the nausea rise in his gut for a moment, along with a brief moment of dizziness. That was a good bit more painful than her first kick...but again, it was nothing compared to some of the attacks he'd suffered through earlier. Besides, he was quickly distracted as that invisible something clamped down on his cock again, squeezing the eager flesh as if to make up for the blow to the groin. The Charmeleon shivered slightly, halfway between pain and pleasure. All things considered, this actually wasn't too bad -- this he could live with. For the first time since he'd been Paralyzed, Leon allowed himself to relax. At least he could be sure that Kara wasn't going to break anything.

The other girls, however, were not as pleased with her tactics. "Kara, you've got to give him at least
one real kick," Willow complained. "You're not going to damage your boytoy, don't worry."

"I know, I know," she replied guiltily. "I just don't wanna hurt him any more than we have to, y'know?"

Joule grinned. "Hard to beat the stuffing out the boy you have a huge crush on, eh?"

"Well yeah, that too. He doesn't deserve all this crap."

"Then you'll just have to imagine he's someone who
does deserve a kick in the balls," Willow interjected. "C'mon, I'm sure there's someone out there you'd love to rack. What about that pervy Scyther guy who's always spying on you through the window?"

Kara stopped, turning to face the Weavile. "Wait...what?"

"You know -- that kid in our Hand-to-Hand tactics class who's always hanging out in the tree outside our dorm room. He's been watching through your window every day for the past week. It's kind of cute, in a creepy stalker sort of way..." Willow's voice trailed off as she noticed the look on the Kadabra's face. "W-...Wait, you mean you didn't know?"

"Um, no?! Was anyone planning on telling me?!"

The other three females glanced at each other awkwardly. "We all, uh..." Por cleared her throat. "We all sorta assumed you knew. Particularly given the show you were giving him yesterday."

"You mean someone was..." Kara stopped mid-sentence, blushing furiously as she thought back to the rather intimate session she'd had with her trusty spoon the previous afternoon. She stood there processing for a few moments, mouth hanging open, until suddenly her gaze hardened into a glare, her fists clenching tightly. "Oh that bug is fucking DEAD. Son of a

Meanwhile, Leon had spent the last few minutes trying to get his hips to move, desperate to thrust up against the invisible hand wrapped teasingly around his length. Kara's stroking had gradually slowed, but the male's libido raged on. Her touch was just enough to push him towards the edge, but not enough to push him over it -- instead his arousal just kept climbing, until the Charmeleon felt ready to explode. His tailflame roared as the heat inside continued to grow, his pride throbbing needfully in front of him, his balls boiling with seed despite their recent abuse. All it would take was a couple quick thrusts, or a few more quick strokes -- any kind of friction at all, really.

The overworked male quivered in place, riding on the edge of an orgasm, silently begging for someone to help him over the edge. Despite the agony radiating from his groin, Leon felt ready to blow his second load of the afternoon. He might even have gotten there on his own, if it weren't for the thigh that suddenly came thundering up between his legs, squashing his already-aching orbs up into his pelvis. Leon's eyes shot open in shock, searching for a moment before coming to rest on Kara, the one girl he'd trusted not to break his balls. The Charmeleon gasped wordlessly for a moment before managing a quiet squeak, as if to ask,

Kara just grit her teeth. "Sorry," she growled, before drawing her leg back and slamming it upwards once again. She could picture the perv who'd been spying on her -- hell, they'd fought in a mock battle just a few days ago. Was
that why he'd looked so smug the whole time? The bastard. If they ever battled again, she'd have to be sure to knock his nuts up into his throat -- or maybe just rip 'em off entirely. After crushing them flat, of course. With that thought she brought her knee up one final time, grinding it up into Leon's groin for a moment before letting it drop and forcing herself to walk away.

At the same time the Kadabra let go of her psychic restraints, letting the beaten fire-type crumple to the ground once again. Leon dropped like a stone, still unable to move, even if his body demanded he curl into the fetal position. Instead he just landed flat on his back, taking in shallow gasps of air, his legs still spread and his nutsac still open to whatever the girls had in mind next. Leon couldn't remember ever being in so much pain -- not even the professor had put him through this much agony. And of course, all the while his member continued to stand straight up from his crotch, the pink length engorged with arousal even if his nuts had been bashed to the edge of bursting.

Kara looked down at her boyfriend for a moment, panting with exertion. "
Ugh. Damn Scyther."

"Done?" asked Joule cautiously.

Kara let out an aggravated sigh, turning to face her roommates with an exasperated look. "Yes...but just so you all know, we are definitely talking about this later."

Por nodded quickly. "Sure sure, of course...but how was it? The ballbusting, I mean?"

Kara actually had to stop for a moment to consider the question. "Well...actually, that felt pretty good," she admitted sheepishly.

"See? We told you so," Joule said, looking down at the male lying spread-eagle on the floor. "And he's fine -- hardly a scratch on him."

"Y-Yeah, I guess you're right. I shouldn't be so worried." The Kadabra exhaled, trying to relax after the rush of anger. "Still, I'm surprised he's in such good shape. I got a bit carried away there...I was kneeing him pretty hard. Sorry, Leon."

"I don't think he can hear you, sweetheart," Joule said, chuckling. She bent down to look more closely at the Charmeleon's ballsac. "You'd be surprised how much abuse a guy's testicles can take. I mean, they're needed in order to reproduce, so evolution made damn sure they could take a couple hits and still work."

"Evolution, eh?" Por grinned. "You think we could bust him even harder if he was a Charizard?"

"Probably." Joule poked at the male's swollen sac with a toe. "We'd have a bigger target to work with, anyway."

Willow grinned. "I wouldn't mind bringing a Charizard to his knees. Maybe next semester. For now, though," the Weavile stated, dropping to her knees, "it is definitely my turn. Lemme see these."

Oh Arceus! Leon felt his stomach lurch as the Weavile roughly grabbed his nutsac, pulling the orbs tight in a vicious claw-grip. "You're right, Kara, he's big," she commented, sizing up the male's package. Experimentally she flicked each of his gonads with a claw, the Charmeleon's leg twitching each time she made contact.

This continued for a few moments before Willow let go of her grip on his balls, instead merely hefting their weight in a paw. Leon let out a mental sigh of relief as she finally let go of his damaged dragonmakers -- but only for a moment. Suddenly a blinding agony took over his body as she grabbed him again, this time focusing on just his left ball. The fire-type found himself unable to scream as the Weavile pinched his nut between two claws, the pointed tips almost meeting in the middle of his distorted testicle.

"They're funny little things, aren't they?" she mused, examining the orb. "Squishy."

Leon searched desperately for a way to signal the female to stop, but instead she merely moved on to his other ball, this time using both sets of claws to hold it in place. The Charmeleon teetered on the edge of unconsciousness as she gave the scaly sphere a firm squeeze, stressing it to the breaking point.

"Oh wow!" she giggled. "I felt my claws touch! I didn't realize you could do that without popping it."

"Really?" asked Por curiously. "Hang on, let me try."

A tortured mewl escaped the Charmeleon's throat as the Vaporeon reached over and clamped down on his other gonad, squeezing it brutally between her fingers. Slowly but surely her fingers sunk into the trapped orb, until finally...

"Wow, you're right!" she exclaimed. "It just sort of squishes around your fingers...that's so weird." She glanced up at Leon's frozen face. "Can't imagine this feels too good for you, huh?"

"Oh, he'll be fine," said Joule, arms folded across her chest. "As long as we don't damage anything, anyway. Besides, look at his cock -- he's still hard as a rock."

"Yeah, I guess so." Por took a moment to gaze at Leon's pulsing length, even as she continued to prod at the male's testicle. "Still, can't say I envy him right now -- this has gotta be pretty uncomfortable."

'Uncomfortable' didn't begin to describe it. Leon had never realized it was even
possible to be in this much pain -- between the paws crushing his left nut and the claws digging into his right, it felt like a Snorlax was stomping on his balls. Not that that mental image helped, imagining his balls being liquified by one 'mon instead of two. Oh Arceus, why had he agreed to this; why couldn't he just pass out already--

"I guess that's enough." Por let go of the Charmeleon's tortured nut, the orb reinflating to a distorted approximation of its usual shape. "We don't want to hurt him too bad, after all. Willow, you done yet?"

Willow frowned. "Eh, I guess." She gave Leon one more hard squeeze for good measure, his leg twitching in response to the added pressure. "I feel like I don't have the arm strength for this, though. I gotta figure out a better way to crush 'em. Maybe...hmm. Maybe I could try stomping on them?"

Kara shook her head. "Don't you remember? The professor said that's one of the easiest ways to pop one -- you're only supposed to do it if you really need the advantage."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we promised Leon he'd be leaving with both his balls," Joule added, looking down at the male.

Willow harumphed. "Well that sucks. He can't stand up any more, so I can't kick him..."

"Could you maybe just stand on them?" Por asked. "I mean, that'd give you an idea what stomping feels like, without actually having to do it."

"Are we sure that's safe?" asked Kara hesitantly. "I don't wanna ruin him or anything."

"Oh come on," Willow replied, "they're practically made of rubber -- they can take a little weight." The female weighed the Charmeleon's balls in her paw, giving the twin orbs a rough squeeze. "Besides, you've got a good grasp on Psychic, right? That should let you keep an eye on his balls. You can keep a lookout, and if it gets to a point where I'm gonna break something, tell me and I'll stop. Promise. It'll all be alright." The Weavile smirked. "After all, even if something does happen, it's not like he needs both of 'em."

"Willow!" Kara said, shocked.

"Well he doesn't," she replied matter-of-factly. "Plenty of guys lose a nut in this league and they're fine."

"Well sure," the Kadabra argued, "but that's an accident, not something you go about doing on purpose!"

Willow rolled her eyes. "Anyway, the point is that you can keep a lookout and any time you want me to stop, I'll stop. Deal?"

Kara glanced down at the Charmeleon for a moment, gaze hovering on his already swollen ballsac. "Alright," she reluctantly agreed, "but you have to stop if I say so."

"But of course," she drawled sarcastically.

"This is gonna be so hot," Joule grinned.

Willow took a few steps towards the supine lizard, taking a moment to nudge his legs further apart for better access. She looked down at his scrotum for a moment, examining the twin orbs. "So...which one do you think I should step on?"

"Which one's bigger?" asked Por.

"Good question." She placed her foot atop the male's battered spuds, flexing her toes to better feel their size. "The left one, I think, though it might just be more swollen."

"Well, step on that one. It's biggest, so it can probably take the most weight, right?" Por shrugged. "That'd make sense to me, anyway."

"It's also going to be the nut with the most nerves," Joule noted.

"Perfect!" Willow grinned widely. "Then let's get this party started." Without further ado she positioned herself, resting her foot above the Charmeleon's larger left gonad and beginning to bear down...

Leon's mind was still swimming from the last round of squeezing he'd been put through -- it was hard enough just staying conscious, never mind following the girls' conversation. That being said, he definitely
did notice when something began pressing down on his poor jewels once more, the gentle pressure slowly growing in intensity until alarm bells began to go off in his head.

Unfortunately for Leon, Willow was quickly getting tired of the slow and steady approach. Realizing that at the current rate this would take
far too long, the Weavile suddenly shifted about half her weight onto the scaly egg, sighing with satisfaction as the spud began to flatten accordingly.

Leon's hard skipped a beat at the sudden increase in pressure -- and then a wave of nausea came crashing over him, worse than any other nutpain he'd felt that afternoon. Behind his frozen facade, the Charmeleon was almost delirious with agony: unable to protect himself, he could do nothing but watch as his gonad slowly distorted under the female's weight. The male was forced to lie still as the Weavile continued her work.

Willow, for her part, was reveling in the feeling of the male's nutmeat squishing slowly between her toeclaws, the rubbery orb unable to keep its oval shape under the increasing pressure. "You have got to try this sometime," she said to the other females, a stupid grin on her face as she continued to shift her weight forward. "It feels so good between your toes -- I don't know how to explain it."

"Well then keep going!" Por encouraged. The Vaporeon was biting her lip, obviously quite excited. One of her paws had begun to drift lower, quietly making its way towards her slit.

Leon could feel his world starting to turn black as Willow continued to crush his manhood, her bare foot bringing impossible pain to his bare balls. Somewhere in the back of his mind the Charmeleon wondered how many other males had been through this kind of experience: forced to watch as their testicles were slowly ground to a pulp under a female's foot. Hopefully not many.

Willow continued along happily, continuing to add weight to her victim's trapped spunk-maker, but Kara was beginning to worry. If her senses were right, Leon was starting to get into trouble. "Willow, you're
really close to popping his nut," the psychic warned. "I think you should probably stop."

"Oh c'mon, just a little more?" she begged. "I've got almost all my weight on it, it's just the
tiniest bit more to go."

The Kadabra bit her lip, glancing down at the paralyzed Charmeleon. Already his ball had been squashed flatter than she thought possible. "Well...alright," she relented. "But be careful. Do it slowly."

"Of course," Willow replied, grinning. "I want to savor this, after all."

Leon gurgled as the Weavile continued to shift the last of her weight onto his poor gonad, which by now had begun squishing outwards on either side of her paw. All conscious thought was forced from his mind by the crushing force applied to the most delicate part of his anatomy. Even through his Paralysis, his hips began to spasm slightly, trying to dislodge the female and salvage whatever was left of his dragonhood. And yet despite it all, the Charmeleon's member continued to stand proudly, the stiff length denied too many times to give up now. In fact, he'd even begun to drool a thin stream of precum...though it was hard to say whether that was caused by his arousal or by Willow physically forcing it from his swollen balls.

The expression on Willow's face appeared almost orgasmic as she carefully brought the last of her weight down on Leon's poor nut, the abused orb trembling dangerously beneath the pressure. The female paused for a long moment...then broke into a huge smile. "That's it!" she exclaimed excitedly. "I'm standing on it! I'm standing on his nut!"

"Prove it!" called out Joule.

"Of course," she replied, grinning. "Wait wait, ready? Watch this." There was another moment's pause, and then...

Por whistled. "Nicely done!" exclaimed the Vaporeon.

Leon opened his eyes to a sight he would unfortunately never be able to forget: the Weavile balancing on one leg, his flattened testicle trapped firmly underfoot. His nutflesh bulged obscenely from between her toeclaws, seeking some escape from the ungodly pressure, finding only the bare minimum of space necessary for survival. He could see several of her claws poised dangerously over bubbles of nutmeat, just millimeters from the surface of his ballsac, the razor-sharp tips ready to puncture the bloated protrusions. And as soon as one bubble was popped...well, there was no way his ball would be anything but a mushy mess.

Meanwhile, Willow was busy celebrating her victory. "Oh Arceus," the Weavile gushed, looking down with glee at her toes, "you have no idea how good this feels. It's's really
satisfying, for some reason."

"Resilient little things, aren't they?" commented the Vaporeon. "I'm still amazed they can take that much weight."

"Yeah, well, his ball's
right on the edge of bursting," Kara commented, a mild look of worry on her face. "Willow, if you hadn't skipped breakfast this morning I think Leon might be missing a testicle right about now."

"Well I guess it's a good thing I skipped, then," said the Weavile, grinning. "Although I must say...I am kinda curious how it would feel to have one pop between my toes."

"Willow," the Kadabra warned.

"I know, I know, I wasn't going to. I'm just...curious." She looked down. "Maybe in a battle someday or something. Somebody who doesn't deserve 'em. That Torterra who keeps chatting me up in math class could probably stand to lose a nut or two."

"I look forward to it," Kara replied, still with a tone of urgency in her voice. "Now would you mind getting off my boyfriend's balls?"

"Oh fine." The Weavile flexed her toeclaws one more time, grinning, before setting her other paw down, mercifully taking her weight off of Leon's dragonhood. The Charmeleon was too far gone to even notice as Willow finally stepped away, her weight coming off of his now-flattened gonad. The female frowned slightly as she set her foot back down on solid ground, disappointed at the lack of anything rubbery beneath her toes.

The rest of the group, however, was still focused on the handiwork she'd left behind. "Wow, look at it," whispered Por. "It's so
flat." Sure enough, the Charmeleon's testicle remained paper-thin, the Weavile's three-toed footprint clearly indented in the center.

"Not really a 'ball' anymore, is it?" remarked Joule with a grin. "Willow, you might not have popped his nut, but I've got a feeling Leon here might be shooting blanks for a while."

"Do you really think it's gonna stay like that?" asked Willow, a hint of concern in her voice. "I mean, I didn't mean to crush it or anything. What do we do if it doesn't, y'know...reinflate?"

Kara sighed. "I can fix that," she answered, raising a spoon.

Leon could do nothing except let out a quiet squeak as the Kadabra focused her energy on his gonad, using Psychic once more in order to crush his ball back into shape. Much to Willow's relief, the flattened orb slowly regained its original shape, albeit several sizes larger than it had been before.

"'s really swollen," giggled Por, bending down to hold the oversized nut in her paws. She compared it briefly to its brother, the ball that Willow had spared. "And I thought his nuts were swollen before. Hope that's not a problem."

"Yeah," said Kara, "as far as I can tell everything should be alright. Nothing seems to be broken, just squashed a bit. As long as he rests up, he'll be fine. Of course, that having been said, I think we should probably call it a day...for Leon's sake."

"Sounds reasonable," said Joule.

"Everyone get all the practice they need?" asked Kara

"I'm all set," said Por.

"Same," echoed Joule.

"...I wouldn't mind one more kick, to be honest," said Willow, still looking down at the Charmeleon.

Kara scowled at her.

fine," the Weavile said, relenting. "I guess I'm done too, then."

"Great. Then let's get Leon back to our room where he can rest up." The Kadabra looked up. "Joule, you said you had a Cheri berry?"

"Oh, right." The Jolteon grabbed her pack, rifling through the bag until she came across a container of large red berries. "Here we are -- instant paralysis cure. One should do it. He probably can't chew it, so just drip some of the juice into his mouth and he should start coming around in a few seconds."

"Alright." Kara took the fruit from her roommate, kneeling down beside Leon. Gently she pried his muzzle open, holding the berry about his mouth and slicing it open with a fingertips.

As soon as the first few drops had fallen into Leon's mouth, his body began moving again -- slowly but surely. The Charmeleon instantly began curling into a ball, his claws moving to clutch his tortured ballsac. Unfortunately, the instinctual impulse to collapse into the fetal position did nothing to soothe the apocalyptic agony radiating from his gonads and overloading his nervous system -- though it did help cover them from any further attacks. There was that, at least.

"Heh." Joule chuckled. "That's your standard ballbusted male, alright -- trying to double up and protect the goods. I bet he's been dying to do that ever since we started."

Kara continued to drip berry juice into Leon's mouth, trying to restore more of his mobility -- though the Charmeleon didn't seem particularly eager to leave his current crumpled position. The Kadabra continued to administer the juice for another minute before finally stopping, confident that his paralysis was be mostly gone.

She placed a hand on his shoulder, looking down into his eyes. "Hey, Leon. You alright?"

Leon was far beyond hearing at the moment...though he was trying to say something. At the moment, though, all he could manage was a soft, high-pitched whine

"Leon?" Kara repeated, still searching for a response. She waved a paw in front of his eyes. "Huh. He's not responding."

"He probably just a little overwhelmed," said Willow. "We've gotta give him a few minutes to loosen up again."

"Well, we only have the practice arena until...oh shit," said Kara, glancing at the clock in the corner of the room. "The next group is gonna be here any minute now -- we've gotta get moving. Where should we put Leon?"

"Well," said Por, "we were already planning on inviting him to our room later...wanna just bring him over now?"

Just then, Leon interrupted with a high, pained squeak, rocking over onto his side, paws still clasped tightly between his legs. "
Ohh," he moaned. " BALLS!"

"Yeah," added Joule, largely ignoring the Charmeleon, "if we take him to our room, we can make sure he's alright while he's recovering. That, and make sure no one else hears him squealing about his balls for the next hour."

"Heh. Sounds like a plan -- to our room it is." The Kadabra grabbed her bag, slinging it over a shoulder. "Let's get out of here, then."

Moments later the group was scurrying down the hallway towards their room, carrying a moaning, crumpled Charmeleon between them.

Battle Training (2): Warmup, Rubdown

"Hey, Leon?"

"Hmm?" He glanced up from his review sheet.

"Listen, I...uh." Kara paused for a moment. "I have a big favor to ask."

The Charmeleon nodded. "Sure, what's up?"

"Well, since the Weak Spots midterm is on Monday, my roommates and I were wondering if you could, um." The Kadabra blushed slightly. "If you could help us review over the weekend."

He smiled. "Of course! realize I'm getting like a C in that class right now, right? I'm probably not the best choice in the world to help you review."

The female blushed even harder. "See, that's the thing. We were hoping you could help us with some of the earlier stuff, since you've got a...better grasp on the material."

"A better grasp on what?"

"Uh...remember the first lesson?"

Leon frowned in thought for a moment. "No, actually. Remind me what it was about?"

The Kadabra looked down at her hands. "Um...males."

"Oh." A flash of recognition. "

Kara saw the look on his face and immediately regretted asking. "Yeah, um, I know it's a really awkward request, so it's totally cool if you'd rather not--"

"No, no," the Charmeleon assured her nervously, "it's,'s fine, really. I'd be glad to help out."

"Really?" The Kadabra was doubtful. "Are you sure?"

He nodded. "I mean...we're friends, right? That's what friends do. As long as you're not going to, like, beat the crap out of me or anything--"

"O-of course," she reassured, "I mean, we don't want to hurt you or anything."

"Then yeah." He smiled. "I'm in."

"Cool! Cool. Thanks, Leon." She grinned cautiously. "You're awesome."


"Wait," Leon asked, "how on earth did you manage to get a practice field all to yourself in the middle of midterms?"

"I didn't get it 'all to myself,' there are five of us," the Kadabra countered, unlocking the door. "Besides, Willow works here part-time, so she's got some connections. We pulled some strings and got it for the afternoon."

"Sweet deal." The male followed as she opened the door to reveal a small indoor stadium: a smooth, clay field flanked on either side by a few rows of bleachers. In the middle of the room were a trio of female Pokemon, chatting amongst themselves and stretching to loosen up. Apparently they hadn't heard the door open -- Leon blushed and politely averted his eyes from the Vaporeon still bent over in front of him, reaching to touch her toes and giving him a clear look at her rear in the process.

"Hey everybody," announced Kara loudly, tossing down her bookbag. "We're here."

The three looked up at the Kadabra's words, giving Leon a better look at who he was dealing with. Besides the curvy Vaporeon he'd just been not-ogling, there appeared to be a Jolteon, who was still in the middle of a quad stretch, and a flexible-looking Weavile, who currently had one leg up behind her head. The Charmeleon fought back a blush as the Vaporeon straightened up and started speaking.

"Hey! I'm guessing you're Leon?" The female offered a paw. "The name's Por."

"Por," he repeated. "Cool. Nice to meet you."

"You too," she replied, smiling. "Thanks so much for agreeing to help us out like this -- I know it's kind of an awkward situation, so we really appreciate it."

This time the Charmeleon did blush. "It's, uh, it's no problem. You'd do the same for me, right?"

The Vaporeon cocked an eye at the male's remark, but before Leon had time to think about why, he was interrupted. "Hey there," said the Weavile, who appeared to have untangled herself and climbed to her feet. "Glad you could make it -- I'm Willow."

Leon nodded. "Cool. And you are...?"

"Joule," the Jolteon replied, glancing over her shoulder mid-stretch. "Give me just a sec and I'll be with you."

"Come on, Joule, you can finish warming up later," replied Por. "Come say hi!"

"I said gimme a sec," the Jolteon insisted with a grunt.

"Oh, whatever." The Vaporeon rolled her eyes and gave Leon an amused look. "Forgive her; she's not the politest thing in the world."

Leon smiled. "Heh, it's no problem."

"I heard that," Joule said, finishing her stretches and coming to join the group. "Think you can talk about a girl behind her back, huh?" She mock-pouted. "My own sister bad-mouthing me...I never thought I'd see the day."

Por slapped her lightly on the shoulder. "Oh be quiet, you big whiner."

" two are sisters, then?" Leon asked.

"Yep!" said Joule with a grin. "Twins, as a matter of fact."

"Identical twins, actually," Por continued. "Though it's a bit harder to tell ever since we evolved."

"Heh -- that's cool." The Charmeleon glanced quickly between the two Eeveelutions, trying to spot the resemblance, before Kara interrupted his train of thought.

"Alright," piped up the Kadabra, "looks like we've all met each other now, but just in case: Leon, these are my roommates; roommates, this is my friend Leon. He's offered to help us study today. I know Willow managed to get us the room for the afternoon, but that's still not a ton of time, so we should probably get right down to, business."

"Yeah, um, I was going to ask..." Willow scratched her head sheepishly. "How exactly are we planning to do this? I mean, I've got a lot of...questions, but Leon, I don't want to make you too uncomfortable."

"Right, right," the Charmeleon replied nervously, fiddling with his claws. "Well, uh...we might as well be up front about things, right? No point making this any more awkward than it already is. We're studying groin attacks. I'm here because I'm a male, which means I'm, uh...vulnerable in that kind of scenario." He winced as he spoke, trying not to think too hard about what he was setting himself up for.

"So then, are you okay with us trying some things out?" asked Por. "I mean, I think it would probably be helpful for all of us to get a bit of hands-on experience."

The Charmeleon felt a touch of uneasiness, wondering why exactly he'd agreed to come in the first place. "Maybe. I mean, I knew coming in you'd all probably want to try stuff." He swallowed nervously. "It's cool. Just take it easy. They're...sensitive."

"Of course," Kara agreed, nodding.

"Well...why don't we start by just looking at them?" suggested Por. "I mean, I've never really sat down and examined a guy's balls before."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Kara glanced at Leon. "Cool with you?"

Leon nodded. "Yeah. L-lemme grab a seat and we can go from there."

"Sweet." Kara gestured to the rest of the group. "Come on, let's sit down by the bleachers."

The Charmeleon tried to quickly gather his thoughts as he walked over, the four females following closely behind him. He felt slightly queasy. They certainly seemed like a nice enough was the thought of what they wanted to
do to him that made his stomach do flips. He wondered if there was still time to change his mind and leave. Still, it was Kara who had asked him here in the first place -- the Kadabra girl he'd had a crush on since the first few weeks of school -- and it was hard to turn down that kind of request. Particularly when she gave that cute little smile...he shook his head. Not a time for daydreaming.

Leon took a seat and watched as the others formed a semicircle around him, seated on the floor so as to have a better view of the proceedings. Hesitantly he glanced at Kara -- she flashed him a quick smile of encouragement, and his fear was eased a little.
Well, thought Leon, guess there's no point in backing out now. The Charmeleon took a breath to settle himself, then spread his legs and shifted forward in his seat, exposing himself to the crowd of females. Gently he lifted his cock out of the way, hefting his heavy balls in a paw.

"So uh, yeah," he said, as casually as he could. "Here are my nuts."

"Wow." Willow looked impressed. "They're bigger than I thought."

"Seriously," echoed Por.

Leon blushed. "Yeah, I'm, uh...I got a bit lucky in that department."

"Well, that just makes things easier for us," grinned Joule. "More of a pawful." She glanced up at the Charmeleon, flexing the fingers on one hand. "May I?"

"Hmm?" Leon blinked. "Oh, you mean...s-sure. careful."

"Of course," she assured, slipping her paws around the fire-type's ballsac.

Leon inhaled at the sensation as the female fondled him, gently rubbing the twin orbs. The fire-type was suddenly very glad to be holding his cock out of the way -- it twitched eagerly against his paw, responding healthily to the welcome stimulation despite whatever concerns he might have. He exhaled slowly, trying to calm his libido down. He wasn't exactly sure how his new acquaintances would react to a hard-on -- or for that matter, what Kara would think. No point in making the situation any more awkward than it already was.

Kara noticed the Charmeleon's sudden tenseness. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" she asked. "You seem really nervous."

Leon nodded slowly, hoping the Kadabra wasn't picking up on the real cause of his concern. "Yeah, it''s cool. It's just a weird situation, you know? It's not often you have a roomful of people checking out your junk." He inhaled again as Joule gently adjusted her grip. "Besides, last time I was involved in a demonstration like this, things got pretty painful pretty fast."

Willow frowned for a moment, and then a look of recognition spread slowly across her face. "Wait. You''re not the Charmeleon that the professor demonstrated on, are you? On the first day of class?"

"Y'mean the one who got his balls squeezed?" asked Por.

The fire-type blushed. "Um, yeah, actually, that was me."

wow." The Weavile's eyes widened. "That was pretty brutal -- I'm sure you were too distracted to notice, but a lot of the guys were speechless afterwards. Even a lot of the girls. Your nuts were alright?"

"Yeah...I'm surprised they're not flat," added the Jolteon, still rolling the orbs gently between her fingers.

Leon coughed nervously. "A-after a while, yeah. It hurts like you wouldn't believe, but a guy's nuts are actually pretty tough, when it comes down to it." For a moment the Charmeleon appeared to be thinking about something else, a hint of a grin on his face. "They can, uh...they can get the job done even after something like that."

"Well, I'm glad," Willow said, watching Joule play with the male's ballsac. "I was worried for you."

Por suppressed a laugh. "You? Worried?"

"I was!" the Weavile replied indignantly.

"Yeah right." The Vaporeon snickered. "Interested, maybe. As I recall, that night you gave us all a rather...detailed description of how his nuts must have popped under that Nidoqueen's tail slam."

Willow turned beet red. "We-we were doing the homework! You asked me how much damage an attack like that would do!"

Por rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and then you spent about ten minutes hypothesizing on what it'd be like to be a guy with a scrotum full of mush."

"Well I--!" the Weavile stuttered, flustered. She bit her lip. "I...I was curious, okay?"

"Girls, please," Kara said, interjecting swiftly, "can we stop talking about this? Honestly, he's sitting in the room and you're talking about popping his..." The Kadabra cut herself off, giving the male a look that was equal parts mortification and pity. "Listen, Leon, I'm sorry."

"N-no, no, it's fine," the Charmeleon reassured her shakily, swallowing at the sudden dryness in his mouth. "I mean, I, uh...I kinda thought they had popped too, for a second, so I guess I can...I can understand the curiosity."

"See?" Willow offered weakly. "I wasn't the only one."

Kara shot her an aggravated glare.

"Well, I can confirm that he's definitely got both his nuts," said Joule amusedly, letting the fire-type's testicles slip from her grasp. "Or good prosthetics, at least. Someone else want a look?"

"Don't let Willow take 'em," teased Por. "Unless you want them liquified."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Har har. Don't worry about me; I think I know how they work. Kara, you want a go?"

"Yeah." She looked at Leon, smiling. "Are you cool with me using Psychic?"

The Charmeleon thought of the last time he and Kara had practice-sparred, which had ended with her flinging him psychically into the wall. "Um. Wouldn't that hurt?"

"Oh no no no," she backpedalled, "not like when we battle. I'm not gonna do anything to 'em, it just allows me to get a better look at things."

Leon frowned. "Alright then, I guess."

"Great." The Kadabra held out her trademark spoon, the tip starting to glow with a blue light. "Just relax -- this'll only take a second."

The male had barely opened his mouth to ask what she meant when suddenly he felt...
something unfamiliar downstairs. It was hard to explain -- it felt sort of like someone was groping him, with cold paws that were somehow warm at the same time. Of course, he could guess who was doing it, and a glance at his crotch confirmed that his ballsac was now surrounded by a faint blue glow. He watched for a moment as his nuts were gently moved around, trying not to squirm at the Kadabra's invisible touch.

"Urf," he coughed. "This is...different."

"Just a second," Kara muttered, her eyes closed in concentration.

And then, just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. The Charmeleon let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, a paw moving to rub his balls.

"Thanks, Leon," said Kara, opening her eyes. "Hope it didn't hurt."

"It was, uh, it was fine," said the fire-type, stumbling over his words. He continued to feel himself, trying to shake the bizarre feeling and wondering why it hadn't been more enjoyable to be fondled by his biggest crush.

"That looked fun," commented Joule.

"Yeah, it was interesting." Kara blinked. "They're kinda slimy without the sac in the way, actually."

"My turn!" Por interjected. She slid forward, resting on her knees in front of the Charmeleon, and grinned up at the male. "I've been looking forward to this."

Leon shivered as the Vaporeon took hold of his sac, his skin tingling in response to the water-type's touch.
Damn type weaknesses, he thought, trying not to gasp at the sudden jump in sensitivity. And damn Vaporeon girls for being so hot... His body seemed extra-aware of every move she made, and considering what she was doing...well, the erection he'd been worried about before was definitely back. Once again, he discreetly held it against his stomach with a hand, hoping it wasn't too obvious.

Por glanced up at the male with a hint of a smile as she weighed his balls in her paw, raising an eyebrow at their heaviness. "Man, these things have gotta be
full," she muttered, rolling the twin orbs between her fingers. "You need to get off more often."

Leon blushed and tried to ignore the throb his cock gave in response. This was not the time, the Charmeleon reminded himself. Even if she was attractive. And even if she was technically naked and kneeling between his legs. Even so, he could feel his defenses slowly melting away, the heat from his tailflame increasing with each second. Already there were dirty thoughts swirling around in his mind: the Vaporeon on her hands and knees, or maybe flat on her back...

Just then, the Charmeleon was brought sharply back down to earth as Por gave his nut an experimental squeeze. "Ooogh," grunted Leon, bending slightly at the waist, "that's...mmph...warn me before you do that?"

"Por," Kara scolded.

"Sorry," the Vaporeon replied sheepishly. "Didn't mean to squeeze so hard. How's this?" She resumed her more gentle massage.

Just about perfect, thought Leon as he relaxed once more. Maybe this wasn't such a bad gig after all, not as long as it involved a crowd of female 'mon doing things like this. His eyes slipped shut as she continued her ministrations, his arms drifting lazily to his sides as he resumed his earlier daydreaming. That's right -- the Vaporeon on her back, legs spread, waiting for him. He could almost taste it--

"Well, looks like somebody likes attention." Willow smirked. "Por, you tease."

Leon snapped out of his reverie and looked confused for a moment before tracing the Weavile's look down to the pink length standing out proudly from his groin. Whoops. So much for subtlety. "S-Sorry about that," he stuttered sheepishly.

"Don't be," Por replied, smiling. "It's a compliment. And from the looks of it, a big compliment, too."

The Charmeleon blushed and looked up at the rest of the group to apologize before realizing that no one seemed upset, or even surprised. He turned to Kara with a questioning look, only to get a shy smile and a wink in reply. Willow looked like she'd been waiting for this all along; Joule looked like she was waiting for something to happen next. Leon cleared his throat, trying to gather his thoughts. "Are the rest of you alright?"

Joule grinned back at him. "Of course. Why wouldn't we be?"

"Well, y'know." He winced.

From between his legs, Por giggled. "Leon, I'm fondling your junk -- it's not a problem if you react to it. Like I said, it's a compliment." With that she climbed to her feet, leaving Leon and rejoining the rest of the group.

Despite the embarrassment of the situation, Leon couldn't help but steal another glance at the female's rear as she turned away. "Then, uh...what do we do now? I hate to be rude, but..." He swallowed. "Would you mind if I step out for a minute?"

The girls looked at each other for a moment, silently consulting, and then Joule took a step forward, quickly kneeling down and taking her sister's place. She looked up at the male. "Listen, you wanted to be up front about things, right Leon?"

"Right," he answered nervously.

She placed her hands on his knees, leaning in towards the Charmeleon. "Well then, let's be up front. You're a male and you've got four females who want to check out your junk. We all knew you were going to get hard. That's totally natural. Hell, if you weren't hard I'd be worried -- it'd mean that Nidoqueen
did break your balls."

"I, uh--" Leon stuttered, searching for a response.

"Well, here's the deal," the Jolteon continued, sliding her hands slowly up the Charmeleon's thighs. "Obviously, you're a really nice guy. Nice enough to let us beat up your balls a bit without even asking for anything back, which is a pretty sweet deal for us. But...we talked about this beforehand, and we didn't really think that was a fair trade, so we'd like to do something for you, too."

"Mmm?" The male was sweating now; the female's paws were getting dangerously close to the pole of flesh jutting out from his groin.

The Jolteon looked up at him slyly, clearly enjoying his discomfort. "Well, since we're getting all 'hands-on' with you already, we figured it couldn't hurt to get a little more...intimate, as well. Let's just say this piece of meat is looking pretty tasty..." -- Leon inhaled sharply as she wrapped a paw around his straining length -- "...and the four of us haven't been laid in quite a while." The Jolteon grinned straight at him. "If you're interested in us, we're more than interested in you."

"W-what?" Leon shot Kara a stunned look; the Kadabra simply blushed and looked down at her feet.

"Oh come on," said Por, "you didn't seriously think the four of us could ask you to come let us check out your package without
anything sexual attached to it, did you?"

The Charmeleon tried to process the situation. "S-so this whole thing just a come-on for sex?" he asked, trying keep his voice steady as the Jolteon ran a finger along his throbbing maleness.

"Well...yes and no," Joule replied. "We actually do want to look at your balls to help prep for the Weak Spots final. We just figured that while you were here, we might as well make it an afternoon."

"And night, if you've got the stamina," Willow added.

"...It seemed fair," Kara said, looking up at the Charmeleon with a smile. "I mean, you're doing us all a huge favor, and I'm really--...I mean,
we're all really into you." She blushed again. "We thought maybe we could make the whole process a little more enjoyable for everyone."

It was hard not to get caught up in the sensation of the paw gliding up and down his shaft, but the Kadabra's words and the thought of what he had originally come here to do brought Leon back to earth. " what exactly do you want to do right now?"

"Well," Joule replied, "that's an interesting question." She looked down at the Charmeleon's cock as she spoke, slowly pumping the length in her paw. "On the one hand, I'm already having a pretty good time playing with Leon Jr. here. On the other hand, we do actually need to study your nuts, and we've only got the room for the afternoon. So here's my proposal." She let go of his member for a moment. "First you let the four of us try out some things on your balls -- which is going to be painful, I know. Then afterwards, you come back with the four of us to our room, and we you feel a bit better."

Leon tried to ignore the way his cock twitched at those last few words, or the way it ached for the Jolteon's paw to start stroking again. He swallowed. "What...what do you want to do to my balls?"

"We were thinking some kicks and knees and things," Willow answered. "Enough to see how a male really reacts. None of us have really hit a guy in the nuts before, so we were kind of hoping for some real-world experience."

"We'll play nice," Joule continued, reaching down and hefting the Charmeleon's sack in her paw. "After all, we want to be sure they still work afterwards."

Leon swallowed nervously. "I'm, uh...I'm not sure you all realize how much it actually hurts to get hit down there. I can't just let you whale on me for an hour."

"Of course not," Kara replied. "We know you've got limits -- we'll be careful."

"Yeah," Por agreed, nodding. "Safety first, right? We're not gonna let you get hurt."

The words were reassuring, but the Charmeleon was still less than convinced. "I know, I just..." He bit his lip, hesitating. "I'm still not sure."

"Tell you what," Joule interjected, letting go of the male's sack. "You're dealing with a lot of new information all at once, so it's totally understandable that you're a little confused. On top of which, I imagine this little guy is more than a little distracting right now."

Leon let out a quiet moan as the female's fingers closed once more around his member, the stiff flesh throbbing at her touch.

Joule grinned. "Yeah, I thought so. I think we should probably take care of that problem before we move on to any others. So, what do you say I get you off right now, and then we can discuss the rest of this stuff afterwards?"

"Sounds...nngh...sounds good," the Charmeleon replied breathlessly, fighting the urge to buck his hips as the female tightened her grip.

"Great." The Jolteon glanced over her shoulder at her suitemates. "Is it cool if I take this one?

Kara nodded, still looking a bit flushed at the whole situation. "Go ahead."

"Yeah, I'm enjoying the view from here," chimed in Willow.

"I mean, I could do it better," teased Por, sticking her tongue out.

"Oh shut up, sis, you'll get your chance." Joule looked back to the task at hand, just as Leon groaned and a short spurt of pre coated her paw. "Besides, he seems to be enjoying himself well enough."

"Not as much as he was enjoying my ass earlier," the Vaporeon fired back playfully. "Though really, who could blame him."

really." The Jolteon glanced up at Leon, whose eyes had squinted shut in pleasure. "So you're an ass man, huh? Y'know, Por ain't the only girl in this family who inherited some booty."

If he'd had the spare brain cells to process everything that was going on, Leon would have been blushing a deep red; of course, that blood was diverted elsewhere at the moment. "Uh...w-well," he stammered, forcing his eyes open to look at the female between his legs. "I've never really...
ahhh...never really thought about it."

"Well only one way to find out, right?" Joule grinned, climbing up from her kneeling position. Before Leon had time to respond, she turned and hopped onto his lap, treating the Charmeleon almost like a chair. She sat there for a moment, waiting expectantly.

"Um." Leon blinked.

"Come on, don't be shy." The Jolteon grabbed his paw in hers and guided it to her rear, leaning forward as she did so. "I don't spend so much time on my figure just for battling, y'know. Gimme a feel."

Shy or not, Leon didn't need any more encouragement. Gently he ran his fingers through the short fur, feeling the smooth skin beneath and enjoying the quick bursts of static that crackled between his fingers. He gave the flesh a firm squeeze, his arousal spiking even higher as the female let out a contented sigh.
Arceus,he thought to himself, the girls in Playmon don't even look this good. Soon Leon let his other paw fall to her behind and join the first. He cupped her rear in his claws, tracing all the curves he could see and imagining those he couldn't, wondering how she'd react if he just spun her around and started rutting--

"...yeah, I'm pretty sure he likes it," murmured Por, watching the Charmeleon's dumbly satisfied expression. "I'm surprised he hasn't creamed his scales already."

Joule smiled, her shoulders relaxing slightly as she enjoyed Leon's continued fondling. "Now now, sis, he's a fire-type -- I'm sure he's been through hotter situations. Besides, we're just getting started. Isn't that right, Leon?" she asked, scooting back to rub her ass against the thick length behind her.

Immediately Leon let out a vocal moan, tossing his head back and making a few quick instinctive thrusts against her rear. It took a moment before he could force himself to stop, and by then he was practically trembling, his cock still pressed up against her and sandwiched between her cheeks.

Joule's eyes widened and she stopped for a moment, surprised at the strength of his reaction and the strength of the pulsing she felt behind her. She turned to glance back at Leon. "'re
really close, aren't you?"

"Y-yes," Leon stuttered, fighting the urge to thrust up against the female and just end it. It couldn't take more than a few seconds, and just the thought, spilling his seed all over the curvy electric-type...

"Well, I guess that makes my job easier," she quipped, setting a paw down on his thigh and giving it a friendly squeeze. "Relax, nobody's gonna think less of you if you're quick to blow. We've been teasing you for the last twenty minutes, after all." She paused, glancing down at herself. "Still, I wouldn't mind a little foreplay if you're up to it. Do you think you can hold out for a few minutes?"

Foreplay, foreplay...the Charmeleon forced himself to calm down and focus, despite whatever feelings might be running through his body. "I can try," he replied shakily. "What do you, um...what do you want me to do?"

She chuckled. "Well, what would you normally do with a girl?"

"Uh." Leon ran through his limited list of experiences with the opposite sex, trying to remember what had worked in the past. No one thing really stuck out in particular...but it couldn't hurt to start with the basics, right? They were called erogenous zones for a reason, after all. He detached one of his paws from her rear, moving it to the swell of her hip and continuing upwards.

Joule shivered as the Charmeleon traced a claw up her stomach, taking his time to meander up her rib cage, careful not to scratch her as he continued up the underside of one breast and finally came to a stop at her nipple. She let out a little gasp as he gave it a quick tweak between his fingers, then relaxed again as he opened his palm and cupped her tit in his paw. She inhaled as he gave the mound a soft squeeze, the fire-type's touch hot against her skin. "N-not bad," she admitted. "Not bad at all."

Leon was definitely enjoying himself as well, leaning forward to look over her shoulder at the rack he was fondling. At the sight of the Jolteon's ample chest his cock twitched forcefully, stiffening even further as he continued to play with her breasts. Joule seemed to feel it, too, pressing back against his member in response and earning a short grunt from Leon for her efforts.

It was then, as the Charmeleon tried once again to distract himself from Joule's taut behind, that he suddenly remembered that they were not alone. In fact, the three other girls in the room were still sitting just a few feet away, watching with rather rapt attention. Por had her eyes locked on the pair, her tail occasionally flicking back and forth behind her and her paws folded discreetly in her lap...though from the way she was seated, Leon suspected her fingers were rather busy. The puddle developing beneath the water-type seemed to confirm that. The Weavile, Willow, was a bit more obvious, one of her long claws playing with a nipple. And Kara -- of course, Kara. Even now, Leon felt his heart skip a beat at the sight of his crush. The Kadabra was biting nervously on the end of her trademark spoon, somewhat flushed at the open display of sexuality, but still quite focused on the act.

Just as Leon was considering the romantic repercussions of hooking up with his crush's roommate -- right in front of her -- the two locked eyes. Leon felt his heart plummet like a stone. What was she going to think after this? He opened his mouth as if to say something, then thought wiser of it. What exactly was he going to say, anyway?

Relax, rang out a voice inside his head. Leon blinked once in surprise...then looked down at Kara, who smiled cautiously back up at him. She gave a short wave.Yeah, over here. Listen, I know this is a little unusual, but just enjoy yourself, alright? Me and you'll have plenty of time to fool around later...and I don't just mean tonight.

Leon's pulse quickened. She couldn't mean--

Yes that's what I mean, you silly Charmeleon! She shook her head. I've been waiting for you to ask me out all semester, so I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands. And then my roommates wanted to help, of course...speaking of which, you oughta get back to work. We can talk about this later, alright?

A-alright, thought Leon, unsure whether the Kadabra could 'hear' him. He turned his attention back to Joule, giving her tits another friendly grope and enjoying the feel of the warm flesh in his fingers. At the same time he slid his remaining free paw around the curve of her hip. After a moment he allowed his fingers to begin creeping up along her thigh, moving slowly inwards towards his next intended destination. His member throbbed once again at the thought.

Joule took notice of his renewed attention and glanced up at him with a grin. "Mmm. Go ahead, I'm not gonna stop ya." She adjusted her seat, shifting to give Leon better access.

The male blushed, his tailflame flaring slightly as the Jolteon spread her legs wider for him. From where he was seated, he could see just the slightest hint of her sex, and even that was enough to make his arousal spike once more. He spared a quick glance down at his member, still throbbing stiffly against the Jolteon's ass, and wondered how good it would feel to be inside of her. Just the thought of those tight walls milking his rod, begging for his spunk--

The Charmeleon stopped himself again, shuddering as a short spurt of pre shot from the end of his cock. He had to hold out a little longer, for her sake and for his. Carefully his claws traced along her inner thigh, moving in tentative circles but always moving closer, getting warmer, until finally his thumb brushed against something--

"That's it," Joule breathed, leaning back into the Charmeleon's chest as he brushed lightly against her clit. "See, I knew you knew how to do this."

"Th-thanks," Leon replied, trying not to lose focus again as she shifted in his lap and rubbed against his member in the process. "But I don't know how much longer I c-can...ah..."

"Yeah, I can feel it -- you're hard as fuck back there, aren't you?"

Leon groaned in assent.

Joule grinned. "Well...hang in there as long as you can, but blow when you need to. I don't wanna give you blueballs or anything."

"R-right," he stammered, his words catching in his throat again as his fingers came into contact with her outer folds. The Jolteon was wet -- very wet -- and the knowledge just made him that much hornier. Her sex crackled with electricity as he ran a finger along her entrance, short sparks playing along his fingertips.

"Nnph." Joule continued to melt back into the Charmeleon as he did his work, reaching down with her own paw to assist the male. Gently she spread her lips, inviting the male further inward. Leon needed no further prompting. Joule exhaled happily as he slipped a finger inside of her -- then let out a quiet moan as a second finger quickly followed suit. "You're
hot," she exclaimed, surprised at the heat suddenly filling her.

The Charmeleon was a little too preoccupied for a witty reply. "I-I'm a fire-type, what did you expect?" Carefully he pressed onwards, fingertips stroking along her inner walls, hoping to bring the Jolteon to her peak before he reached his.

Joule let the male work for a minute, watching his fingers work their way in and out of her slit, trying not to squirm at the risk of making the oversexed Charmeleon bust a nut -- though she was more than happy to vocalize, letting out a moan as Leon pinched one of her nipples. The Jolteon found herself burning up much more quickly than she'd expected, and not just because her partner's high temperature. Either Leon had had some practice with girls before or he had one hell of a natural talent.
Or both, she thought, fighting down a squeal as he continued to assault her now-dripping slit. "If you're this good with your fingers," she gasped, "I'd love to s-see what you can do with the rest of your body."

"Yeah, well." Leon panted, both paws working to tease the female into a frenzy. "Maybe later." He ran his clawtips lightly over her bust, starting with the left mound, then dipping down into the valley between her breasts before coming back up to play with the right.

"God, I hope so," she answered, biting her lip at all the stimulation. She shuddered as Leon pushed even deeper inside of her, exploring her inner depths. The Jolteon's pace quickened as he drew close to a particular spot -- a spot she had come to know quite well on her own. Her fingers tightened on the Charmeleon's thigh. "Ah, wait...L-Leon?"

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Go left." The female inhaled sharply as his fingers danced inside of her. "Good. N-now curl upwards a little bit..."

"Like this?" Leon asked, rubbing gently against her wet walls.

Her body tensed in preparation. "Yeah, y-you've almost got it...just a litt-- there,
there! Oh fuck," Joule moaned, her sex clamping down tightly on the Charmeleon's digits. This time she couldn't help but squirm, grinding down into the male's lap as his fingers rubbed across all the right places. "Yes, there!"

Leon groaned weakly at the pleasurable sensation, his focus slipping as she rubbed against his rock-hard erection. At this point he could practically see fireworks going off in front of his eyes -- he felt ready to explode any second. "A-Aah--Joule!"

"Just k-keep that up," Joule replied, her voice almost a laugh due to the pleasure rippling through her insides. "
Mmph. Damn you know how to show a girl a good time."

Leon's heart thumped rapidly, his breaths growing shorter and shallower. He made a few short thrusts against the female, hips bucking as the last of his self-control began to crumble. Another shot of precum fired from his prick as he rubbed up against the Jolteon's behind. "No, Joule, I--" he gasped, "I-...I'm gonna-...!"

Joule felt the length pressed up against her twitch forcefully and realized what was going on. "No no wait!" she groaned, squirming, "wait, but I'm just come here!"

Suddenly Leon felt not just one, but two paws join him between the Jolteon's legs, as Joule put both of her own paws to work. The female moaned as she spread her entrance wide and forced another two fingers inside herself, joining the Charmeleon. Leon did his best to hold back the flood as her paw wrapped around his, guiding him to the proper spot, to the itch that needed scratching...

"Ah!" Joule squirmed in his lap, her walls clamping down on the thick mess of fingers as her body sought the proper touch. "Oh god--that's it, r-right there, you--

Leon knew well enough to expect the sudden spasming of her sex around his fingers, as well as her feverish grinding against his prick as she climaxed. Those sensations alone would have been enough to make the young fire-type blow his load. What he didn't expect was the sudden jolt of electricity she gave off as she came: a massive, pleasurable shock that raced through his system, strong enough to make his toeclaws curl. Instinctively he pushed his fingers deeper inside of her and thrusted up against the female, earning a second, even more powerful wave of electricity. It was too much. Leon cried out and arched his hips as his cock twitched and exploded, a hot rope of spunk firing up the Jolteon's back. The Charmeleon rubbed up desperately against the female in his lap, his pink length jerking violently as he let loose spurt after spurt of seed. He moaned loudly as his orgasm overtook him, gripping onto the female tightly as he rode out his climax.

Joule let out a squeal of her own as her orgasm ripped through her. For a few short seconds her body shook, her fur crackling with sparks as the wave washed over her -- and then it was over, her pent-up energy released in shocking fashion. The Jolteon continued to rub at her slit as she descended from her peak, grinding back against the Charmeleon she'd met only an hour ago. He was good, she had to admit -- Kara had good taste in 'mon. She rumbled contentedly as Leon squeezed her chest and the length pressed up against her throbbed in release. It was going to be a bitch to wash all the seed out of her fur, she thought, but that didn't matter right now. Not when there was so much fun still to be had...

Leon continued to frantically hump the Jolteon for a few more seconds, his hips bucking erratically, before he finally came down to join the female. As he made a few last halting thrusts, he glanced down at his handiwork and gave a tired grin. The small of her back was now painted in his essence, strings of spunk splashed across her yellow fur. Beneath that sat his cock, still stiff and eager between her cheeks, pulsing with his heartbeat. He slid his member up against her rump one more time and shivered, the stimulation too much for his spent dragonhood. Happily he slumped forward and rested his head on the Jolteon's shoulder, taking advantage of the opportunity to give her breasts another gentle squeeze.
After all, he thought, how often does a naked 'mon just jump in your lap?

Joule glanced back over her shoulder and grinned. "You, feeling any better, stud?"

Leon's tongue was hanging out in lazy pleasure; it took a moment for him to summon the energy for a response. "Yes," he panted. "T-thanks."

"No problem," she replied. "Glad I could help." She tilted her head to kiss him on the cheek, smiling to herself as she heard the Charmeleon moan in response and felt one final spurt of seed fire up her backside.

The fire-type blushed at the kiss and blushed even harder at his body's own reaction, but it couldn't be helped. Even now, his member continued to throb against the naked Jolteon in his lap -- though it probably didn't help that she kept shifting her weight and thus rubbing her ass against his needy length. It was more than a little distracting. Already he felt ready for round two.

It looked like things were moving on, though, at least for the time being. "Alright, then," piped up Willow, drawing Leon's attention back to the other females in the room.

"Thanks for the show, you two, but now we need to get some actual work done..."