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Reindeer Games, pt. 1

'Tis the season to jingle some bells...

This little snippet has been kicking around my BB story folder for 2+ years now, so I figured it was about time to get it done and post it. The opening quote may make this seem like more of a castration story than a BB one, but trust me, in the end it's the same kind of nut-bashing that y'all have come to expect from me.

I'm only posting the first half of this now, but the rest should follow by Christmas. In the meanwhile, enjoy, and may visions of ball-busting reindeer dance in your head :P


The very fact that Christmas card artists show Rudolph with his antlers in place may underscore another unfortunate fact, one drawn to my attention by Odd Halvorsen: the Sami mostly use castrated male reindeer to pull or carry loads. Without their equipment, males have an abnormal antler cycle, so they keep their headgear longer than functional males. To keep his antlers for the sake of the Christmas card, Rudolph would have had to be castrated. "This introduces another sad aspect to the story," Halvorsen says.
-The Physics of Christmas, Roger Highfield

"And last but not least, I remind you all to give a very warm welcome to the newest member of the team, Blitzen!"

A round of applause went through the room, and the buck grinned, glancing up at the jolly fat man introducing him. It had been a little intimidating to drop everything, leave his old life behind, and move north, but so far it felt pretty good to be the new kid up north. Everyone had been more than welcoming, and the team had taken him in right away. It seemed like there was always someone around to make sure he was doing alright.

Speaking of which... "Hey -- how you holding up?" Donder clapped a hand on Blitzen's back. "Need anything?"

"Nah, I'm good." The buck smiled. "Just taking it all in, y'know? I mean, I always hoped I'd end up at the North Pole, but I never thought I'd actually be here."

"Heh, yeah, I know what you mean. Trust me, though, you've earned it. And you'll figure out your way around the place soon enough." The veteran reindeer grinned. "If you've got any questions, though, feel free to ask anytime."

Blitzen thought for a moment before remembering the question that he had thought of earlier. "Oh -- one random thing that did occur to me. How do they take care of our antlers? For us guys, I mean."

"Ah." The male's face fell. "Um."

"I mean, because normally they fall off by the end of November." The buck frowned. "Do the males take hormones or something?"

"N-no, not hormones. Hormones don't help." Donder seemed visibly uncomfortable. "Listen, you'll find out how that works soon enough -- just drop the subject for now, alright? We don't...we don't really talk about that."

Blitzen chuckled. "Oh come on, is it some kind of secret? Listen, I don't care if we wear fake ones; it's not gonna spoil the Christmas magic or anything."

"No, it's not that, it's just…uh..." The fellow male leaned inwards, his voice dropping to a whisper. "Listen, if you really want to know--"

"Do I hear someone talking about antlers?" Vixen asked loudly, suddenly entering the conversation. The female turned to Blitzen, grinning widely with a flash of teeth. "I just love a good rack, if you know what I mean."

Blitzen snickered. "Yeah...well, Donder was just about to explain how they take care of our antlers up here."

"Oh really." Vixen arched an eyebrow, her pleasantness suddenly gone as she gave Donder a cold glance. "Is that true, dear?"

The male scrabbled for an explanation. "No, of course...well, I mean...he asked, so I--"

"Mmhmm." The female folded her arms. "Well...I would encourage you not to go ruining the surprise. Blitzen's new here; it's only right that we should give him a proper welcome."

"I...uh...yes ma'am," replied Donder meekly, looking down.

"Again, what's the big deal?" Blitzen folded his arms across his chest. "I mean, seriously -- they're just antlers. What's there to be embarrassed about?"

"Well," Vixen replied, "it's just that some males find the whole thing a little...emasculating."

The buck snorted. "Why? I've got nothing to be ashamed of."

The doe's mouth turned upward in a smile. "Is that so? Well, aren't you a…" -- her gaze flicked downwards for a moment -- "…cocky little fella."

The male smirked. "Oh? Has someone else been talking about me?"

Vixen raised an eyebrow, but her smile grew. "Heh -- nice to see a new guy with some balls. I just hope you can pull a sleigh as well as the big guy says you can. But I guess we'll find that out soon enough." The doe turned away. "Later, boys."

Blitzen watched the female walk away for a moment, admiring the healthy swing of her rear. Yeah, it was good to be the new kid up north.

"You might not want to flirt with her like that," warned Donder. "She can be kind of...intense. Dancer and Comet are a lot nicer, as far as females go."

The buck snorted. "Oh come on, she's smoking hot and she was totally flirting back. Besides, I'm not taking girl advice from a guy who folds like a wet paper bag around women." Blitzen chuckled. "What, has she got you pussy-whipped or something?"

Donder didn't seem quite so amused. "Yeah, well…" he mumbled, cheeks burning as he looked down at the ground.


"Good work today, man." Dasher gave the younger male a pat on the shoulder. "You're doing really well."

"Thanks," panted Blitzen, still dripping sweat from the endurance run he had just completed. His whole body ached with exertion, even muscles that he didn't know he had. Luckily, a hot shower did a lot to ease that pain, and so it was with much relief that the buck tossed his workout clothing aside and stepped into the nice, warm spray.

Damn, I'm tired, the buck thought to himself, letting his body relax as the day's tension slowly ran down the drain. I didn't realize how fast the training ramps up…but then again, I suppose this is the best team in the world for a reason.

Honestly, though, over the past few days the team dynamic had seemed a little…off. When the whole team was out running together, it felt fantastic, but the whole team hadn't consistently been together since the beginning of training. It seemed like every few days a different member was out sick -- first Cupid, then Dasher, today Donder. All males, coincidentally. Blitzen wondered if there might be something more significant going on, but when he asked one of the sick bucks who had returned, all he got was a mumbled response about not feeling well.

Still, there were still several weeks of training left before the big day, and Blitzen felt confident that the team was up to the task. No doubt it would leave them all good and exhausted, but there was a whole year to recover afterwards.

Exhausted and wrapped in his thoughts, the buck didn't notice how much time had passed until the supply of hot water finally began to run out. Geez, he thought, I didn't even hear everyone leave. Blitzen shook his head to gather himself and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and heading towards his locker, beginning to dry himself off as he went.

Blitzen had been buried face-first in towel for several seconds, drying his antlers, when he was caught off-guard by a wolf-whistle from just a few feet away. Pulling the cloth aside, he found himself face-to-face with a post-shower Vixen, wrapped in her own towel, looking down at his endowment with a rather pleased smirk on her face.

"Hey!" the male exclaimed, looking suspiciously at the doe -- though not moving to cover himself. After all, the two had been flirting ever since he first arrived. Maybe it was finally about to pay off.

Vixen glanced upwards. "What, I'm not allowed to admire a nice package when I see one?" The female's gaze drifted back down to the buck's equipment as she folded her arms across her chest, the tops of her tan-furred breasts visible above her towel wrap. "Y'know, females have needs too, honey."

Blitzen felt his cock twitch weakly at the compliment, his arousal no doubt aided by the nearly-nude doe standing in front of him. The male did his best not to stare at her legs as he imagined what lay hidden just above, a slip of the towel away from his eager eyes... "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the view," he answered. "Always happy to help a doe in need. Particularly one as attractive as yourself."

Vixen took a step forward, raising an eyebrow. "You got something in mind, stud?"

"Oh, I've got plenty of things in mind," he replied, moving a step closer himself. "Like getting you out of that towel, to start with."

"Ooh...well aren't we forward?" The doe licked her lips, taking another step so that she was now just inches away from the male. Casually she let a hand slip downwards, her fingers brushing through Blitzen's groinfur and running over his stirring cock before curling around his heavy balls and hefting their weight. "In that case, why don't you slip on over to my place in, say, ten minutes, and we'll have ourselves a bit of fun?"

Blitzen brought a hand to the female's waist, giving a gentle squeeze. "It's a date," he grinned.

"Excellent. I'll be waiting." Vixen pulled away, giving the buck's package a healthy smack as she did so. "And don't be late."

The male let out an 'oomph' of surprise. "Y-yes ma'am."

The doe smiled at him once more, and with that she turned to leave...letting the towel slip from her body as she disappeared down the hallway. Blitzen took a moment to admire the sway of her bare rump before she turned a corner and disappeared, leaving the male alone with his newly-stiff erection.

Score! thought the male. Not that he hadn't been expecting it -- hell, Vixen had been eying his crotch ever since he'd arrived -- but it was a relief to finally get the booty call he'd been waiting for. Hell, he hadn't been laid since he'd arrived at the North Pole, and that was over a month ago. In fact...

Blitzen glanced down at his groin, only to be greeted with seven proud inches of reindeer meat, throbbing in the open air. Impulse told him to jerk off now, while the image of the female's pert rumpcheeks was still fresh on his mind, and the male got as far as wrapping a paw around his thick shaft before he reconsidered. Sure, it'd feel great to just bust a nut here and now…but on the other hand, the whole team had spent the past week doing stamina training, and he wasn't about to lose out on a piece of tail that could keep going all night. Better not to waste a drop.

Reluctantly the male let go of his cock and went back to drying himself off, while images of a naked Vixen slinked their way through his imagination. When he was finished he wrapped the towel around his waist, not bothering to hide the obvious bulge in front, and with a grin stepped out of the locker room.


The door was unlocked when he got there, and the eager Blitzen opened it to find...a room full of black.

"...Vixen?" he asked cautiously. He took a step forward into the darkness, his paw groping along the wall for a light switch. "You here, babe?"

Suddenly the door slammed shut behind him, and before Blitzen even had time to react, there was a paw clamped tightly around his muzzle. Instinctively the buck lashed out, striking blindly at his attacker as his adrenaline spiked…but then he caught a whiff of the wet cloth pressed up against his nose. It smelled kind of...ooh. Kind of nice.

"Ow!" yelped a voice behind him -- a female voice. "Mmph, damnit -- that was right in the tit, you fucker."

Blitzen's mind was already hazy enough that her words passed him right by. What was that? Something about tits? Tits were always good.

"Anyway," the mysterious female grumbled, "you seem docile enough. Are you gonna play nice now?"

Blitzen stood there dumbly for another moment when suddenly there was someone else's bare skin pressed up against his back. The paw clamped around his muzzle trailed sensuously down to his chest, while at the same time another paw slid around his hip to...ooh. A quick tug let the towel around his waist fall to the floor, and then the male let out a quiet murmur as a few soft fingers wrapped around his length.

"That's it, relax," purred the female, giving the shaft in her hand a gentle squeeze. "Nothing's wrong. Not yet, anyway."

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Non-story update: new BB site

Just thought I'd give you all a heads-up about the new project I'm working on: a BB game website based on the Underground League from a few of my stories. It's still under development, but here's a quick peek:


It's similar to my existing Pokemon BB site, but no longer limited to just Pokemon (users can create their own characters), and I'm working on a bunch of other new features as well. It won't be finished for probably another month or so, but I'd love to hear any feedback or ideas about how to make it as awesome as possible, so feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment or an email.

Also: the final chapter of Dragon Slaying is about 70% done. It's coming early next year, I promise.

Also also: I have a Christmas-themed BB story nearly finished (poor Blitzen..), so stick around for that as well :)

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Pokemon Busting: A Routine Procedure

So: I've got another story for you! It's not the next chapter of Dragon Slaying, sadly (though Lia & co. are currently discussing how to burst one of P'oiu's balls), but it is a continuation/offshoot/whatever of the Pokemon story about the Underground League that I wrote a while back, based on my weird little website. It's a little rushed, but I figured it was better to finish something and post it than to keep on waiting.

Anyway, if you like ballbusting, Pokemon, or sexy nurses, hopefully you'll find something to like here. Enjoy!


Ethan looked up from his magazine, glancing left and right to see if there was anyone else in the waiting room, but besides the cute Latias nurse standing at the door and the Dusclops sitting at the sign-in desk, it looked like he was the only one left. The Blastoise set down his copy of Battles Illustrated, climbing heavily to his feet. "Uh...I guess that's me."

"Mr. Pell, is it?" The female smiled warmly. "Right this way, please."

"Of course." Ethan followed the nurse into the hallway, unable to resist a glance at the subtle curve of her rear through her tight white uniform. The Blastoise admired the view for a short moment before clearing his throat, forcing his eyes back upwards. "Listen, uh -- I was told I need to come here, but I'm not sure why..."

"You're new to the League, yes?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

"Yes," he replied.

"Well, before we can accept you into the League, we need to do a quick physical to make sure you're physically fit enough." She turned a corner, continuing her brisk pace. "It's standard procedure."

The Blastoise frowned, struggling a bit just to keep up with the fleet-footed female. "B-but I already brought in my latest documents from the Pokecenter -- I had a physical just last week."

"Ah yes, but the Underground League requires a somewhat...unique skill-set from its participants." The Latias finally came to a stop, grabbing a doorknob. "It's not enough just to be fit -- your body must be prepared for the challenges of an Underground League battle."

"Oh." Ethan scratched his head. "Uh...okay."

Rather than say more, the nurse just opened the door, gesturing inwards. "Now you step inside and strip down, and I'll be back in a minute to start the exam, alright?"

The big Blastoise paused at that thought -- himself, naked, receiving an in-depth "checkup" from the curvy female. And maybe checking out that cute rump in return... "W-wait," he stuttered, "are...are you the one examining me?"

"Along with my partner, yes." Seeing the look on his face, the Latias giggled. "Oh don't be shy, it's nothing I haven't seen before. Just make yourself comfortable and we'll be in shortly, alright?"

"Uh...of course," Ethan replied, quickly stepping inside and closing the door before he could embarrass himself any further.

It only took a few moments for the Blastoise to remove the few articles of clothing he was wearing: his socks and shoes set neatly on the floor, his t-shirt following soon afterwards, with his shorts and boxers completing the set. Nervously the big water-type sat on the edge of the examination table, glancing down at his groin. Not that he was ashamed of what Arceus had given him -- quite the opposite, in fact -- but recently he'd gone through a bit of a dry spell, and that bouncy little Latias chick had already done plenty to get his hormones flowing. Hopefully a nice cold stethoscope to the chest would cool him down a bit; otherwise, things had the potential to get awkward...

The male looked up with a start as the doorknob turned again, the door opening to reveal a new figure...but one equally worrisome. The Blastoise let out an internal groan as the Ivysaur female stepped into the room, her uniform tight around her hips, a clipboard clasped tightly to her chest. And good thing, too -- that clipboard was the only item that stopped Ethan from openly gawking at the grass-type's rather generous rack. Even so, he could feel a pang of desire go through his body, his turtlehood giving a weak twitch at the sight.

Then came the Latias girl as well, turning to close the door behind her, giving him another glimpse of that fine behind through the thin cloth of her outfit. Two bangable nurses? Already the male could feel his limp length starting to stiffen, responding to the welcome sight. Keeping his libido in check was going to be an uphill battle, apparently.

"Well then...Ethan Pell, is it?" The Ivysaur smiled at him. "I'm Dr. Inkberry -- I'll be leading your exam today. Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Dr. Landsinger," piped up the Latias. "We've met already, of course, but nice to meet you all the same."

"Uh...pleased to meet you both as well," Ethan replied. It was a bit of a relief to hear both of the females take on a professional tone. It certainly put his nerves more at ease. Maybe it wouldn't be quite so difficult to keep himself under control after all.

Dr. Inkberry continued, glancing down at her clipboard. "I'm sure you've got places to be this afternoon, so we'll try to make this as quick and painless as we can. Let's see...you've signed the consent forms, so Dr. Landsinger is going to start setting you up on the examination table, but while she's doing that, I'm going to ask you some supplementary questions to fill in the gaps in your physical, alright?"

"Sounds good," the Blastoise answered, trying to relax as the Latias placed a hand on his chest and forced him gently onto his back. It was never a very comfortable place for a turtle to be, but after twenty-odd years of doctor's visits, he knew better than to complain or to panic.

"It looks like we've got most of your basic info already," said the Ivysaur, "but we're going to need more background on your reproductive health -- for legal reasons, mostly. These questions are important, so answer honestly, please."

"Of course," Ethan replied, allowing Dr. Landsinger to grab one of his wrists and extend his arm to its full length.

"Good." Dr. Inkberry looked up from her clipboard, giving the water-type a smile. "Then let me start with the basics...it says here you're clean of any sexual diseases, yes?"

"Yes ma'am."


"As far as I know."

"Any hormone imbalances? Low testosterone, anything like that?"

"Not that I'm aware of, no."

"Good." The Ivysaur set her clipboard down for a moment, sliding her pencil behind one ear. "I'm just going to examine your testicles quickly and make sure there are no unusual growths..."

The Blastoise fought the urge to fidget as the female stepped up between his legs, taking hold of his heavy turtle-makers and weighing them in her palm. He let out a long, tense breath as the Ivysaur examined his orbs, checking for any irregularities. At least she's not feeling up the one-eyed monster, Ethan told himself...even though a small part of him wished that she was.

"Seems like everything's normal," Dr. Inkberry said after a moment, letting the water-type's jewels slip from her grasp. "Nothing to suggest any disease or recent injury."

"Well that's good news," piped up Dr. Landsinger, just as she finished binding the male's left wrist to the table. "I'd hate to see a big guy like you anything less than healthy."

That earned a blush from Ethan, but the Ivysaur just shook her head. "Anyway, continuing...have you ever been kicked, punched, or otherwise hit in the testicles?"

Ethan winced. "Uh, yes."

The Ivysaur ticked off a box on her clipboard. "And what is the most severe blow you have ever taken to the testicles?"

"Um." The male blushed, his legs drawing together instinctively as he thought the question over. "I got kneed pretty hard by a Tyranitar chick once...that was bad."

"How long did that put you out of commission?" asked the Latias, pulling one of the Blastoise's legs aside.

Ethan frowned, looking down at the dragon-type as she bound his ankle to the examination table. "Well, I was down for probably fifteen minutes or so...and then I was pretty achy for a day or two after."

"Mmm." Another mark on Dr. Inkberry's clipboard. "And do you have any history of rupture?"

The male blinked. "Sorry, could you say that again?"

"Have you ever popped one?" asked the Latias bluntly.

Ethan's stomach turned at the thought. "Uh, no. I mean, I have 'em both, don't I?"

"That's true, but just because you've got a full set doesn't mean there hasn't been a rupture." The Ivysaur reached out and took the Blastoise's sac in her hand once more, rolling the twin spunk-makers between her fingers.  "Sometimes a ball can be patched back together after it bursts, assuming it hasn't been totally crushed."

"Oh. R-right." The male looked a little queasy now, and none-too-comfortable with the female examining his heavy pair. "Well that definitely hasn't happened."

"Good to hear." The female let his turtle-makers slip from her grasp. "And how about sexual activity -- you're sexually active, yes?"


"And no sexual diseases, we already went over that..." The Ivysaur frowned. "When was the last time you ejaculated?"

"Uh." Ethan's cheeks burned red. "Th-that's a little personal, isn't it?"

"It's all part of the standard procedure, sir." The Latias nurse smiled up at him. "Don't worry, this is all private -- there's nothing to be shy about."

The Blastoise frowned, watching as the female finished binding his other ankle. "Well then. That would be...last night, I guess."

"With a partner, or solo?"

"...Solo," admitted the male sheepishly.

The Latias looked up, her gaze flicking towards the male's limp length. "Well that's a pity," she murmured. 

Dr. Inkberry just nodded. "No shame in that. And just to double-check: as far as you're aware, you have no fertility problems, correct?"

"No, no issues."

"I should think not, with a big pair of plums like that." Dr. Landsinger giggled as she locked Ethan's right wrist into the last of the restraints. "And you're a water-type, too -- I'll bet your little swimmers are plenty strong."

Ethan blushed brightly at her comment -- and his cheeks weren't the only part of his body suffering from an increase in blood flow. If I get out of this examination without popping wood, thought the turtle,then I deserve some kind of medal. And some alone time with a box of tissues.

But if the two nurses took any notice of the Blastoise's inner conflict, they didn't show it. Instead Dr. Inkberry scribbled a few more notes on her clipboard, then set it aside. "Alright then, we've just got a few more quick tests to do. Jess, the patient is secured?" she asked, moving to examine her male's restraints.

"Yep!" The dragon-type grinned. "Good luck escaping from that without any help."

The Ivysaur let out a little chuckle. "Doctor, you're going to scare him with language like that." She turned to Ethan. "Just lie down and try to relax, alright? This might be a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn't take more than a minute or two."

Ethan frowned. "Sure. Uh...what test is this, exactly?"

"Oh, just a reproductive health examination. An evaluation of sexual performance and a standard test for testicular integrity."

"Uh...'testicular integrity'?" the Blastoise echoed uncertainly.

"Yep! We check whether you've got the balls for the job, basically." Dr. Landsinger grinned, taking hold of his sac. "We need to make sure that your balls won't just explode the first time you take a Mega Kick to the groin."

"A-and how do you do that?" asked Ethan, increasing concern creeping into his voice.

"Well, we usually start with manual examination." The Latias grinned, rolling the male's plump turtlemakers between her fingers. "But that's Dr. Inkberry's area of expertise, not mine, so...Doc, you wanna take over?"

"My pleasure." The Ivysaur smiled down at the male, wrapping her fingers around his left orb. "Now, take a deep breath and think about something pleasant, alright?"

Ethan opened his mouth to make some kind of protestation -- but before he could even formulate the thought, a pair of vines shot out from the grass-type doctor's shoulders, reaching down to encircle his isolated left nut. For a split second the Blastoise felt a shiver of arousal -- the foreign sensation of being felt up by a pair of tentacles -- but only until the female's snug wrap suddenly tightened around its contents.

The male's eyes shot wide open and his body tensed as the doctor bore down on his spud with crushing force. Immediately a high-pitched moan came from his throat, his hips twitching instinctively in an attempt to dislodge the gonad-crushing rip. The rubbery sphere squirmed desperately, seeking an escape from the terrible pressure, but it was surrounded on all sides by the Ivysaur's tightly coiled vines, its contents forced into an ever-shrinking space.

Meanwhile, Dr. Landsinger just chuckled, watching the turtle's facial expression as his eggs were all but scrambled in the name of health. "Ha, look at him! I swear, no two guys make the same face, but they all react like you just stabbed them in the gut with a rusty spork."

"Tell me about it." The Ivysaur's brow was furrowed as she carried out her examination, rotating the water-type's jewel in her grip to examine every side. Carefully she pushed and prodded, poking into the heart of the turtle's testicle and earning a shrill squeal in response. "It's not like we're doing any damage -- they way they react, you'd think it was a Snorlax stomping on their spuds."

"Heh, yeah." Dr. Landsinger grinned. "Speaking of which, did you see that fight last week?"

"The one against the Dragonite? Yeah, I caught the highlights on Jubilife afterwards. If you ask me, the guy was lucky to get out of there with one nut left." Dr. Inkberry shook her head, looking back down at the spunk-filled nugget squashed between her vines and ignoring the twitching, moaning male it was attached to. "Anyway, the left one seems healthy so far. You wanna start checking the right?"

"Sure thing," the Latias replied. Gently she lifted the Blastoise's right nut in her fingers, peering at the plump spunk-maker for a moment, a faint blue glow building up around her hand. "Now let's see..."

Ethan was already lost in his own world of mind-numbing, gut-wrenching pain, his entire universe consumed by the nauseating ache spreading from his mangled left marble...but that did very little to distract him from the agony that suddenly exploded in his right nut. The turtle let out a renewed squawk of male agony as Dr. Landsinger focused her psychic powers on his other gonad, his sizable right nut reshaping itself like putty under the incredible strength of the Latias's psychic examination. Desperately the Blastoise tried to call out, seeking the words to make it all stop -- but even if his vocal cords hadn't already been contorted in a high-pitched moan, the two doctors between his legs didn't seem very concerned about his personal comfort.

"Honestly, he's got a really nice pair," remarked Dr. Landsinger. "Big, plump, healthy. And he's your standard water-type -- he's gotta be producing spunk by the gallon. I mean, these things are full."

"Yeah...that should make the last part interesting." The Ivysaur glanced up. "Do you want to take this, or should I?"

Dr. Landsinger shrugged. "Seems like he's got enough to share. Why not both of us?"

The grass-type thought for a moment, then shrugged in return. "Sure, I don't see why not. After you, then."

"With pleasure." The Latias took on an almost predatory look, grinning down at the Blastoise's groin. "I've been looking forward to this ever since you walked in, big boy..."

In his near-delirious state, Ethan was a bit too distracted to fully process what was going on in front of him, but if he had been paying attention, he might have seen Dr. Landsinger reach out to take hold of his limp length, giving it a few firm strokes. He might have seen her lean in to give a long, slow lick from base to tip, sliding her tongue around the growing beast. He might have seen Dr. Inkberry join in a moment later, watching as she slurped down the first few inches, sucking hungrily on the stiffening rod.

Unfortunately for Ethan, this hardly registered when compared to the most intimate male agony imaginable -- but even if his brain could hardly process the spectacle before him, his body certainly responded, his thick turtlehood responding to the oral treatment despite the hellish nightmare going on just a few inches below. The male continued to frantically buck his hips, letting loose another long moan -- but with so many wires crossed, it was hard to say whether he was reacting to the pain or the pleasure.

Regardless, it was only a matter of moments before the Blastoise's body surrendered to the overstimulation. With an agonized squeal the male exploded, a thick blast of seed firing from the end of his cock to spray over the two females servicing him. His flattened orbs throbbed in agony as their sticky contents were practically squeezed out, shot after shot of baby batter arcing through the air to coat the doctors, the examination table, and everything else within a radius of several feet.

After a few moments (and one final, extra-strong squeeze), the Ivysaur and the Latias relinquished their grip on the male's tortured jewels, allowing the mangled pair to reinflate to an approximation of their usual shape. There was a brief pause as the turtle's member gave a few more twitches, drooling a few last drops of seed, but the silence was interrupted as Ethan let out another ungodly moan, his naked body quivering upon the examination table.

"You--you've got a sample?" asked Dr. Inkberry, squinting one eye shut against the string of seed that had splattered across the side of her face.

"Uh, yeah, I think so," laughed the Latias, using a finger to scrape off some of the thick spunk lying in ropes across the chest of her uniform. "Arceus, he came like a geyser, didn't he? The girls in the stadium are gonna love him."

"Heh...as long as he battles a cocktease, and not a ball-breaker." The Ivysaur looked down at the male's heavy sac. "Though who knows -- with a big pair like his, he might survive for a while before some girl pops one."

Ethan was far too gone to pay attention to what the females were saying around him...but as soon as his limbs were freed, the Blastoise bent double, hands flying to cover his tortured turtlehood. He hardly even noticed as he rolled onto his side and tumbled off the examination table on to the floor, crumpling into the fetal position.

"Ohhhh Arceus," the male moaned, his hands clasped tightly between his legs. "Oh dear Arceus, mynuts--!"

"Heh." The Latias chuckled, watching as the male clutched feebly at his throbbing spuds. "Never gets old."

"Relax," cooed Dr. Inkberry, unable to suppress a smile herself as the Blastoise let out another deep groan. "The first time's always the worst -- it'll get better from here, I promise. Consider that a warm-up for the League."

Ethan just let out another incoherent groan in reply. "Oh god..."

This time the doctor smiled more widely. "Take a few minutes to gather yourself. When you're ready, come down to the receptionist's desk and we'll set you up with your first battle, alright?"

The Blastoise managed a weak nod, his gut still swimming with nausea as the two doctors began cleaning up the examination room around him. After a while the male summoned enough strength to try moving again, and gradually the water-type managed to work his way to a kneeling position, his body still curling forwards in an instinctive attempt to guard his aching groin. Gingerly the male cradled his swollen eggs in his fingers, trying not to cause any more damage to his already pummeled pair.

"Oh, and hey -- one more thing."

With visible effort Ethan forced his gaze upwards, catching sight of Dr. Landsinger just in time to see the blur of the dragon-type's foot come crashing up between his legs. The Blastoise let out a pained squeak and crumpled to the floor once more, the room forgotten as a fresh round of agony rose up from his family jewels. With a dry croak the male folded into the fetal position, clutching his most sensitive organs in a vain attempt to soothe their throbbing ache.

The Latias looked down at him, grinning widely. "Welcome to the League, stud."