Monday, April 19, 2010

Dragon Slaying (11): The Agony and the Ecstasy

Picking up where we left off: a cock-teasing dragoness with a penchant for busting nuts, and a blue-balled dragon who can't seem to keep his pair protected. I'm pretty happy with this chapter, and I hope you will be too :) Enjoy, and comments appreciated! 


After our little argument, my journey with Lia became a bit more tense. Normally the dragoness was a pretty chatty partner -- humming to herself, making small talk, occasionally pointing out random facts about the plant life -- but after our confrontation she clammed up a bit. I guess I'd given us both something to think about.

Of course, pretty much all of my thoughts were focused one thing: the dragoness walking in front of me. Just because the issue was out in the open now didn't make it any easier to distract myself from the sight of that bodacious body. Despite my best efforts, my eyes were drawn like magnets to Lia's backside, her hips rolling with each step, her tail flicking lazily back and forth above her luscious ass. It was enough to drive any male crazy, even one who hadn't been teased for days on end. After Lia's latest round of threats, I'd been quite understandably turned off, but with all those unsatisfied hormones pumping through my blood, it was only a matter of minutes before my now-permanent erection came back, more eager than ever.

That was pretty much how things had been all day, trudging along behind the red dragoness while my libido did its best to drive me mad. I glanced down at my dragonhood with a quiet whine, my aching member bobbing needfully between my legs. After several days of constant tease and denial, my cock felt like it was made of steel, and my balls felt like they were about to explode. What I wouldn't give for for a good hard fuck, or a long, slow blowjob…hell, I'd gladly settle for my own hand, if I thought I could get away with it. Lia had made her position rather clear, though: if I so much as touched myself, she was more than happy to pound my plums into pudding.

Speaking of my plums…I looked past my hard-on for a moment, to the two swollen orbs dangling below. It had been a couple of days now since Lia's last beat-down, which had given my gonads a chance to heal up from the various ordeals they'd been through, but despite that my balls still throbbed with each step. The twin spheres were so swollen with spunk that they were tender to the touch, even without some female trying to crush them into oblivion. Every step felt like another slap as I stumbled along, every bump and jostle sending a little jolt of pain up my spine. My scaly scrotum, normally a healthy green, had taken on a darker hue that corresponded to the horrible blue-balling I'd received.

And it was only getting worse. It was bad enough having to spend all day around a dragoness straight out of my wet dreams, but it was even worse to be stuck with her while she was still giving off pheromones from the last of her heat. Every so often the wind would swing in my direction, carrying with it that tantalizing scent -- and when it did, I swear, it was all I could do not to trip over my own feet. My nuts ached so fiercely that it felt like I'd been on the wrong end of one of her stomps, and my cock was so stiff it hurt -- hell, I'm surprised I didn't pass out from all the blood redirected to my groin. I needed relief now, but Lia estimated that we were still at least two days' hike away from my cave -- which meant that I'd have to wait another 48 hours before getting any kind of release. Assuming I didn't spontaneously combust at some point before then. It was nothing short of torture, but there was nothing I could do but stagger along behind the dragoness, feeling sorry for myself. Why me? Why did I have to be the one stuck traveling with the world's biggest cocktease?

So distracted was I by my internal monologue of self-pity that I failed to notice Lia come to a stop ahead of me in the middle of the path. Something had apparently caught the female's interest, as she bent down to examine the forest floor, letting her bag slip from her shoulder for a moment to rest on the ground. If I'd bothered to look up, I would been treated to a perfect view of her firm behind, the ruby-toned ass I'd been worshipping all week -- I probably could have gotten a good look at her sex, too.

Of course, me being me, I failed to notice until I walked straight into the female. Not that that was such a bad deal either -- suddenly my cock was pressed up against two gorgeous rumpcheeks, the warm flesh rubbing against my length. Before I even thought about it, I pressed myself closer, my instincts telling me to start grinding away--

--but then I heard a gasp of surprise, and with a feeling of dread suddenly I remembered who that ass belonged to. I hardly had time to blink before Lia snapped a back kick up between my legs, her bare heel catching my bruised dragonmakers and slamming them both up into my throat.

My body bent double instantly, the air driven from my lungs as my two most fragile organs were once again crushed into my pelvis. Time seemed to slow down as my spunk-filled orbs were squashed to their limits, already swollen and aching from their denial, now flattened like pancakes across Lia's heel. Despite the utter agony, my member gave a weak, involuntary twitch, firing a short spurt of pre that was no doubt propelled straight out of my poor plums.

With a high-pitched moan both hands shot to my groin, trying to clutch my busted balls but instead finding the female's ankle, her foot still lodged in my groin. For a moment I was frozen in place, my legs trembling beneath me as I stood hunched over the nut-cracking dragoness, but finally after a moment she withdrew her leg and let me crumple mercifully to the ground.

It was several seconds before I could find the presence of mind to put any words together -- and even once I did, it was hardly intelligible. My voice was somewhere between a rooster's squawk and a hummingbird on helium, my muzzle pressed into the dirt as I lay there on the ground, fighting the urge to vomit. I let out a long, low moan, my eyes squinted shut against the nausea churning in my gut. "My--…oh, my balls! Oh god, why did you--…nnrrgh!"

"P'oiu! Oh damnit, I really hit you good, didn't I?" The female crouched down beside me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Shoot, I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to kick you, it was just reflex. You shouldn't have snuck up on me like that."

I was only dimly aware of Lia's presence -- most of my attention was still focused on the ungodly ache coming from my groin. With another agonized moan I rolled onto my side, my tail curled between my legs as I clutched my bruised berries in my claws. The pain seemed even worse than usual…a fact which no doubt had to do with the horrible teasing I'd endured lately. An image flashed through my mind of all those unborn baby dragons, millions of sperm sent flying by the force of that awful foot. "Oh fuck, Lia, my nuts…you just had to kick me in the junk. Nngh--"

"I told you, I'm sorry." Her tone was a little less apologetic this time. "You bumped into me and I was startled, that's all. It certainly didn't help when you started grinding against me like--" A pause. "Oh god damnit, P'oiu, that's gross."

I gasped for breath, nose still pressed into the dirt. "W-What?"

"You…spurted on my tail." The dragoness reached back to wipe the pre from her body, grimacing as she flicked the thin liquid from her hand onto the ground. "What the hell were you trying to do, exactly?"

Uh-oh. Through the haze of agony, I managed to crack one eye open. "N-Nothing, Lia, I swear. It…unngh…it was an accident."

"I hope so, or you deserved a lot harder of a kick than you just got. I could leave a footprint in those eggs of yours." She frowned, climbing back to her feet. "I know you're horny, but please, contain yourself."

"Easier said than done," I groaned. Even with my dragonmakers throbbing painfully, my member was still hard as a rock, giving off the occasional twitch as I lay crumpled on the ground. I cast my gaze up to Lia and felt it twitch again, stronger this time as I tried not to stare up between the female's legs. My cock ached at the sight of that tight, inviting slit...

"Yeah, well." Lia scratched at the back of her neck, looking further down the path. "We're just a day or two from the southern hills now -- once we get to your place you can jerk it 'til it falls off, for all I care. If we get going now and keep a good pace for the rest of the day, we might be able to make it by tomorrow night."

I coughed and rolled on to my back, claws still latched around my badly-busted pair. "Lia, I…ohhh…I don't think I can walk at all right now."

"Oh come on, you wuss, I didn't hit you that hard." The dragoness folded her arms across her chest, looking down at me. "Besides, I know for a fact that you got off easy -- I felt both your boys squirm out of the way before they could really get flattened. There's no fooling a girl when she's barefoot."

My eyes fell to the dragoness's feet, and I moaned aloud at the mental image still fresh in my mind. "That certainly felt like a full-force kick."

"Believe me, if I'd hit you full-force you'd still be curled up and mewling. That, and missing a testicle." She chuckled. "Not that that's an issue for you, Mr. Balls-of-Steel. I could pound on your plums all night and still have something to play with in the morning."

"Please don't," I croaked, my claws tightening protectively around my gonads.

"Aww, it'd be fun! Those little nuggets trapped between my toes…" The dragoness sighed. "Males are so sensitive about their testicles."

"For good reason," I grumbled, mostly to myself.

"Anyway," she continued, "if you really can't walk, I suppose we should try and make the best of it." Lia sat down on a nearby rock, dragging her bag over until it was between her legs. She bent down to rifle through its contents. "You feeling well enough to eat, at least?"

"Uh." I glanced down at myself, my legs spread wide to give my balls some room to breathe. "Yeah, I could do that."

"Alright then, time for an early dinner."

Without looking up, the female tossed a few things my way -- a hunk of bread, an apple, a canteen of water. Carefully I detached one hand from my groin, planting it against the ground and forcing myself up into a sitting position, then reached out and grabbed the apple. I wasn't really hungry, but if it would distract me from the ache in my groin, I was more than happy to chow down.

I sat there for a few minutes with my head down, taking bites from my apple and trying to make sure I didn't somehow hurt myself any more than I'd already been hurt. Thankfully, eating was a pretty safe activity -- as long as I didn't drop anything in my lap, I was fine. Eventually the ache in my sac eased off enough that I could just let my swollen spuds rest on the ground, the heavy orbs dangling in their scaly sac. With both hands free, I turned to grab the canteen beside me, my eyes flicking briefly upwards to glance at Lia--

Oh, wow.

The ruby-colored dragoness had packed herself a similarly simple lunch, with one key difference. Rather than an apple, she had grabbed herself a banana -- and rather than taking bites out of it, she had elected to just swallow the whole thing at once. That's the sight I was treated to: a gorgeous specimen of female beauty, her eyes sliding shut as one end of the banana disappeared between her lips, her tongue coiling seductively around the rest of the fruit as she sucked it deep into her throat. It almost seemed like she was trying to coax an extra bit flavor from her snack, slurping hungrily on the long yellow length, her jaws completely stuffed with banana.

I'd never been jealous of a fruit before, but I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats as I watched the dragoness go down on her meal, giving it the kind of oral treatment that I'd only seen in wet dreams. My god -- where the hell was her gag reflex? If the length between my legs had been eager before, now it felt like a firework about to go off. Just the thought of the female on her knees, grinning up at me, then leaning in to swallow down my stiff cock, cupping my nuts in her claws, her tongue sliding along the underside of my thick shaft--

I had to suppress a moan as my member twitched of its own accord, a thin spurt of pre splashing across my stomach. Already my breath was fast and shallow -- if I continued on this train of thought, I might just cream my scales without even touching myself. And if I came right now, right in front of Lia, while watching her deepthroat her dinner…well, I could only imagine what sort of damage she might do to me. If I valued my dragonmakers, I needed to find myself someplace private, and fast.

"L-Lia?" I stuttered.

"Mmrph?" It took a moment for the female to extract the banana from her throat, the length slipping wetly back into the open air. "Yeah, what's up?"

I tried not to stare at the yellow fruit, still glistening with her saliva. "I-I, uh…I need to go to the bathroom. It'll just take a minute."

The dragoness raised an eyeridge. "I thought you couldn't walk."

"Oh. Right. I'm, uh…I'm starting to feel better."

"Mmm." The female looked back down at her banana, silent for a moment. "Alright, sure. Just be back quickly -- I want to get moving again."

That was all I needed to hear. I dragged myself to my knees and then my feet, biting back a groan as my balls bumped back and forth between my thighs. My cock stuck up like a flagpole, bobbing comically between my legs, almost painfully hard. I thought I saw Lia glance at it, but when I turned my head she was back to sucking down her fruit, a good six inches already down her throat. I felt my knees tremble beneath me -- from the seductive show or from the ache in my gut, I'm not sure.

I managed to stumble maybe 50 yards into the forest before I couldn't take it any more. I leaned back against the nearest tree, digging my toeclaws into the soil as I wrapped a hand around my straining shaft. Immediately I felt the pleasure wash over me, my head rolling back with a lustful moan as I gave myself a few firm pumps. So many days of denial, reversed in a single glorious moment! I almost wanted to cry, it was so good. How had I managed to stay away for so long? I was never going a week without masturbation again.

Normally I might have paced myself, tried to enjoy things a bit more, but I couldn't have held myself back even if I'd wanted to. From the very start my fist was a blur, my dragonhood thick and throbbing, my tongue hanging out of my mouth as my libido went into overdrive. My bruised gonads squealed in protest as they were bounced about by the violent pumping, but I was so lost in ecstasy that I didn't even care. All I could feel was the vice grip around my cock, the veins throbbing in my shaft, the bolts of pleasure shooting up my spine.

And of course, there was the image in my mind. Back at the cave there were a whole range of fantasies I used to jerk off to: trysts with gryphons, wild draconic threesomes, Opal's amazing rack. But at this point, after days of tease and denial, days spent smelling her scent, days begging for release, days stuck behind the same endlessly undulating ass, there was only one thing I could possibly think of: Lia. In my mind she was transformed into a complete nymphomaniac, her every move and touch designed to bring me to new heights of ecstasy. Her tongue coiled around my shaft like a snake; her breasts enveloped my cock like a pair of warm pillows; her sex clamped down so hard around my dragonhood that I swore she was going to pull it off. Every dirty sex move that I had ever seen or dreamed up, she did, fucking me long and hard until my balls were totally drained, gallons of dragonseed splattered across the two of us. 

It was heaven -- absolute heaven. As my strokes sped up even further and my aching nuts began to rise, I could feel the orgasm I'd been waiting for starting to approach. "Oh god, Lia," I gasped, my nervous system threatening to shut down from the pleasure overload. "Fuck -- oh, fuck yes, Lia!"

"You son of a bitch."

And just like that, it all came crashing down. My eyes shot open to find my absolute worst nightmare: the dragoness herself, glaring at me from just a few feet away. And boy did she look upset.

"What the hell," she spat, "do you think you're doing?"

I'm not sure exactly what it was that made me feel so confident -- maybe the spike in arousal from seeing the female in the flesh, or maybe the fact that I was already about to explode -- but for whatever reason, I wasn't scared. I stared straight back at her, continuing to stroke myself as my gaze travelled up and down her body, taking in her curves. "I'm jerking off, okay? Because I'm sick and tired of having these damn blue balls, and I'm sick and tired of listening to what you have to say. If you're going to deepthroat a banana then the very least I deserve is a little release."

"Let me tell you something--"

"No, let me tell you something," I shot back angrily. "I am a fucking dragon, and you are a fucking dragoness who was just in heat. My balls are practically boiling with little unborn dragon babies, because every biological impulse in my body wants me to fuck you, and fuck you hard, until my balls are totally empty and neither of us can see straight. Not only have you not let me fuck you, and not only have you not let me blow at all, but instead you've tried to pop one of my nuts like a fucking balloon and teased me until I'm just about insane from horniness. So I think the very least you could do is let my blow off some steam in peace."

Lia just stared back at me with a cold rage, her eyes boring holes in my skull. "I warned you," she growled, "about what would happen if you tried to sneak away and go jerk off about me. And now I find you standing here, moaning out my name while you pound one out. I don't make empty threats, P'oiu."

"You know what? Fine then. Do what you have to." I spread my legs, one hand still pistoning up and down my cock. "Kick me in the balls. See if I care."

Of course, I didn't expect her to actually do it -- or at least, if she was actually going to do it, I expected her to take a second. But no. Before I could blink, my testicles were painfully reintroduced to her feet, as Lia slammed a kick up at full force between my legs. I froze as the initial shock of pain shot through my groin, my tortured baby-makers flattened across her foot, my mouth opening in some silent exclamation of agony. Any pleasure I'd been feeling was immediately gone, replaced with a white-hot pain that raced up my spine. Why? Why had I just invited her to do that?

But she was far from finished -- before I could answer my own question her leg was drawn back, her muscles tensing as she prepared for another ball-bursting blow. My slow reaction time meant that I got to watch that foot come up again, crashing up into my scaly sac with enough speed and momentum to lift my feet off the ground. This time it was more like slow motion, every agonizing moment drawn out into an eternity. I could see the top of her foot making contact with my dangling testicles, the two orbs rolling to either side in an attempt to minimize the damage -- only to be crushed with ungodly force into the hard bone of my pelvis, my once-proud dragonmakers launched into my throat. My spuds were more like mashed potatoes, losing any and all shape as they deformed around her toeclaws, their contents throughly scrambled by the angry female.

And oh God, the pain. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn she'd just shattered both my gonads -- hell, I wouldn't have been surprised if she'd broken my pelvis with that last kick. But no, my nuts were definitely still in one piece, judging from the waves of nausea that came crashing over me, my mating organs screaming out at their mistreatment. She'd been telling the truth earlier -- that back kick she'd given me on the path was just a friendly poke compared to this kind of abuse. This felt more like a sledgehammer, made of acid, on fire.

There was no way I could stay standing after a hit like that. The ground came up to meet me rather quickly, but even after I'd hit the floor my body was still too busy processing pain signals to curl up and start mewling. My mouth opened and closed a few times before I could form any words, but eventually a single question came:

"What the fuck?!" I squeaked, looking up at the dragoness towering above me.

"I told you!" exclaimed Lia, slamming her toeclaws up into my ballsac once again. I could see her rack bounce from the force of the impact, those two luscious orbs bouncing on her chest. "If you break my rules, then you get my punishment."

It wasn't until the fourth kick that I finally managed to regain my basic motor functions, curling double around the female's leg as she tried her damnedest to grind my jewels into jelly. I let out a high, tortured squeal as she bore down on my twins, the rubbery spheres utterly flattened beneath her bare foot, but miraculously still in one piece. Still, that was little consolation when I could see the bubbles of nutflesh squishing out from between her toes, my spunk-filled stones all but obliterated beneath the dragoness's weight.

"Damnit," Lia grumbled finally, lifting her foot up and letting me crumple mercifully into the fetal position. "You're lucky as hell you're a southern dragon -- if you were a red, I've had made you a eunuch by now. Hell, losing a nut might be good for you -- it'd definitely help your libido problem."

I just remained curled up in a ball, wishing I could will myself to die. The ache in my mangled marbles was all I could think about, all I could feel, all I could imagine. Was there anything in the universe besides this horrible ballpain? Hell, I would let her pop them if it would just stop my suffering.

Lia frowned at my lack of a response, crossing her arms across her breasts. "P'oiu, are you even listening?"

I really wasn't…at least not until she reached in between my legs and seized one of my tenderized eggs between her claws. I was too weak to fight back -- I just gave a moaning cry as she gave it a light squeeze, sending a fresh kick of nausea through my gut.

"Good. Now that I've got your attention…" She rolled my injured nut between her fingers, playing with it for a moment. "You will not cum until we've reached your cave. End of story. Understood?"

I coughed weakly, nodding my head.

"Good. Because next time," she continued, pinching my fat plum between two of her claws, "I might not be so nice."

I whined weakly, trying to show my obedience…only to let out a shrill squeal as she clamped down, digging her fingers into the center of my trapped testicle. My poor ball was like putty in her claws, squishing whichever way she squeezed it, the lumpy orb stressed to its very limits. My eyes rolled back into my head as she tightened her grip, my abused nut trembling between her fingers, right on the edge of rupture. There was pain, and there was Lia, and then there was nothing but blackness.


It was quite a while before I came to, but eventually I did, my nervous system slowly groaning back to life. Gradually I became aware of the apocalyptic ache that was radiating through my entire lower body, centered on those two bloated spheres between my legs. Despite my general wooziness I lifted my head, trying to peer down at my crotch, opening my eyes and fearing the worst--

--but I couldn't see anything. For a split second I thought I might have gone blind, but quickly I spotted the moon resting in the tree branches above and realized that it was just nighttime. Apparently I'd been out for a while, then. My eyes took a little while to adjust to the darkness, but bit by bit my sight returned, the tangle of black dividing itself into trees and bushes, sticks and stones. It looked like I hadn't moved at all since I'd collapsed -- the path was nowhere in sight, and there was no reason to believe Lia had dragged me anywhere else.

Speaking of Lia…I turned my head to the left and came face-to-face with the red dragoness, reclining on her side immediately next to me. I would have jumped in surprise, if I'd had the energy, but as it was I just sort of squeaked, my hands moving instinctively but weakly to cover my groin. I needn't have been concerned, though -- she was sleeping peacefully, head resting on her bag. It looked like she'd been watching over me while I was out, which might have been almost sweet, if she hadn't been the one to knock me out in the first place. Just a glance at her legs sent a shiver down my spine. Well, at least she hadn't just abandoned me in the middle of nowhere with a pair of busted baby-makers.

And busted they were -- oh, my poor testicles. Weakly I craned my head to look down at my groin and assess the damage…and what I saw almost made me do a double-take. Were those my nuts? Those things were huge! Gently I reached down to cradle the massive jewels in my claws, letting out a not-so-quiet moan at the nausea that rose in my gut. It felt like they had doubled in size after their latest thrashing -- and they had already been swollen with seed. It felt like someone had replaced my gonads with a pair of bowling balls. Still, at least they were intact, and at least they were vaguely spherical, and at least the agony in my crotch had died down to a dull roar.

Of course, my balls weren't the only part of my groin demanding immediate attention. My dragonhood was still as hard as a rock, sticking straight up into the air as I lay there on my back…even now I could feel it twitch with my heartbeat, begging for some kind of touch. Lia's punishment had done nothing to help calm my libido -- if anything, my interrupted climax had just made me even hornier. I let my eyes slide shut and instantly my mind conjured a thousand lewd fantasies, each more sinful than the last…and every one centered around the same ruby-red dragoness. Try as I might, I couldn't shake the image of the female's sex squeezing down on my shaft, every last inch of my pride disappearing up her tight slit, every last drop of my spunk blasted up into her womb...

With a ragged groan I looked over at Lia, the female laid out beside me, her tail curled up between her legs. Sex-crazed as I was, I couldn't help but take the opportunity to ogle her body, my eyes tracing her firm breasts, her curving hips, those long strong legs that had caused me so much harm and yet still drove me insane with lust every time I saw them. She wasn't just hot, she was on fire; she wasn't just beautiful, she was gorgeous. I doubted I'd ever see another female so perfectly and completely fuckable.

And here I was, with the biggest hard-on of my life, while she was sprawled out next to me, totally asleep and totally unaware. For once, I had the chance to bust a nut! For once, I had some good luck!

But before I could start pounding one out, I paused to think. Sure, this was an incredible opportunity…but what if it backfired? What if Lia woke up while I was in the act? What if I woke her up with my moaning? What if she found me covered in my own spunk the next morning? She had been angry enough before -- if she caught me now, jerking off while she slept just a few feet away, I was sure she'd go absolutely berserk. Only a miracle would save my dragonmakers from being completely liquified.

Still, it was so damn hard to resist, especially with the object of my lust right next to me. She was asleep! It would be so easy to just reach down and finish what I'd already started. Just a few minutes and it would be over, all that tension released. It'd probably help the massive swelling in my plums, too. After everything I'd been through, didn't I deserve a little relief?

I looked over at Lia one more time, whining softly to myself, then forced my hands to my sides, leaving my member bobbing stiffly in the open air. It wasn't worth the risk. I could hold myself back for another 48 hours…probably.

Not that I could stop myself from fantasizing about all the things I wanted to do to her. "God damnit, Lia," I grumbled plaintively, my eyes tracing along her body once more, lingering at the junction between her thighs. "You're the biggest fucking cocktease I've ever met."


My heart stopped for a moment. Was she awake? Had she heard me? Was in for another round of punishment? But a few tense seconds passed, and I realized the dragoness was just murmuring in her sleep. Crisis averted. Sort of. Because that was the moment Lia decided to roll over on top of me.

I let out an 'oomph' of surprise as the female suddenly pressed herself against the left side of my body, wriggling for a moment to find a more comfortable sleeping position. She certainly was feeling friendly at the moment -- she rested her head on my chest, draping her arm across my body and letting one of legs slip between mine. It wasn't painful or anything, just a bit unexpected. Last time I'd talked to Lia she had tried to pound my plums into pulp, but now she was snuggling up against the left side of my body with a strange sort of affection, almost like I was her…her…

Oh no. Hesitantly I sniffed at the air…only to let out a shuddering moan as my arousal spiked even further. Her scent was strong -- either she was still giving off pheromones from her heat, or she was having one hell of a sex dream. Combine that with the soft, feminine body that was pressed up against me and the pair of scaly tits now smooshed across my chest, and suddenly it seemed a lot more difficult to keep my hands off the foot of dragoncock throbbing in my lap. And as if that wasn't enough, as the female adjusted her position against me, I felt something that I hadn't noticed before: a very definite wetness on my thigh. She wasn't just wet; she was hot, too. I let out a shaky exhale at the thought  -- my cock even gave off a shot of pre, splashing across my chest and the dragoness's lower back.

This was either some cruel joke or the greatest thing that had ever happened, but either way I knew I couldn't hold back any more. As carefully as I could, I reached out with my right hand, grabbing hold of my aching length and giving it a strong squeeze. My whole body quivered at the sensation, and my heart pounded so loudly in my chest that I was worried it would wake Lia up, but she seemed perfectly content where she was, still wrapped up in whatever dream she was having. So I let my hand start to pump up and down, my member spasming wildly in my grip as it finally received some well-deserved attention. My thick shaft drooled an almost continuous stream of pre, my much-abused balls eager to unleash their messy contents.

Looking down at Lia's body I felt a hot shiver run down my spine. Right now I had a girl that could have been a porn star pressed up against me, hot and needy, her body demanding that my cock be inside of her. I wasn't brave enough to actually try that -- as much as I wanted to feel her sex clamping down around my length, I knew that would only end badly -- but on the other hand, if she was going to offer herself up to me, I could at least enjoy it a little bit. She had sort of pinned my left arm beneath her body, but with a little readjustment I was able to reach down, sliding my fingers around the swell of her hip until they rested on the supple curve of her rear. I let out a moan of appreciation as I gave her behind a gentle squeeze, her tail twitching in response. I didn't even mind that her tailtip bumped up against my aching jewels -- that little shock of pain was far outweighed by the surge of pleasure that ran through me from head to toe. I'd spent days walking behind Lia, watching her rear swing from side to side, my balls growing heavier and heavier with unspent seed. Now I finally had her ass in the palm of my hand, and it was every bit as tight and wonderful as I had imagined.

I could feel Lia's body shudder in response my groping, the dragoness grinding her hips against my thigh, a quiet moan escaping her lips. Oh, she wanted it -- she wanted it bad. I could just picture her straddling my lap, both hands planted on my chest as she thumped up and down on my dragonhood. Her sex would be tight and wet, rippling around my thick shaft like; her breasts would be round and firm in my claws, bouncing on her chest as she rode me into orgasm…

Real life wasn't quite that good, but it was plenty good enough. I let my eyes slip shut as my hand continued pistoning up and down my cock, my other hand groping the scaly goddess lying on top of me. I was out-of-control now, pumping vigorously -- so vigorously that I often hit my sac on the downstroke, sending further waves of pain and pleasure through my body. I didn't care, though. I'd been waiting for this for too long, and if Lia wasn't going to give me the orgasm I so desperately needed, then I would just have to take it from her.

"Oh Lia," I moaned, my entire body trembling with ecstasy. I let the hand on her rear drift around the side of her hip, creeping back to her stomach and then down between her legs, fingers searching until they made contact with something different, something warm and inviting. I inserted a fingertip and felt her passage squeeze down around me, the wet walls coaxing me further inwards. The dragoness began to gasp and squirm against me, and suddenly I knew that it was coming for both of us, finally, after days and weeks endless frustration, some fucking release--


Oh shit, I thought, and for a split second I froze, thinking of the kicks and the stomps and the squeezing that had come before, dreading another denied orgasm and another night spent curled in the fetal position.  But no, this time she was too late!  Even as I paused my member tensed, and I could feel my spunk rushing up my shaft, my toeclaws curling in ecstasy as--


--as suddenly there was an explosion of pain, and my eyes flew open to find Lia kneeling over me, her knee planted firmly in my crotch.  The agony immediately ripped through my abdomen, but still, the sight of the naked female crouching over me was enough to make my dragonhood twitch, and I--


--and I let out a squeak as her knee slammed up into my balls once again, crushing the twin orbs against my pelvis.  I could feel my orgasm slipping away, and desperately I grabbed hold of my cock, jerking like crazy in an attempt to make myself cum.  I no longer cared what Lia would do to me afterwards.  I still had a hand resting on her behind and I took full advantage of that, squeezing her scaly rump for all I was worth. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be plowing that ass -- but right now I just needed to cum, needed to blow, needed to bust a nut--

"Stop it.  Stop it right now--"...thump..."--and listen to me."  Lia yanked my hand away from my rod -- I was so hard, so fucking close! -- then reached back to peel my other hand from her crotch.  "You can't do this, P'oiu."

"Noooo," I croaked, desperate to continue.  Instinctively I reached out and grabbed hold of one of her breasts, squeezing the scaly tit in my claws and getting rewarded with another thump for my troubles.

Lia grumbled, grabbing my arm and pinning it to my side.  "Listen...I've been trying to get this into your head for the past week.  So maybe if I can't drive it through your thick skull--"...thump..."--then at least I can drive it--"...thump…"--through your scaly balls, you ass."

Oh god.  One knee from Lia was enough, but this many was just unbearable.  Already it felt like my gut was cannibalizing itself, my eyes watering as the dragoness pulled her leg back yet again.

"You have been ogling me constantly--"...thump..."--ever since we left my cave, and it's not going to do either of us any good.  You need to understand something: I am not--"...thump..."--going to fuck you, no matter what you do.  All you're doing is making it so your balls--"...thump..."--are even more swollen then they ought to be."

...and another thump, my testicles flattened across her knee.  I could barely imagine my poor dragon eggs, scrambled beyond all recognition.  I tried to cry out some kind of plea for mercy, but all I could manage was more of the high-pitched mewling I'd been making ever since she started.

"And you complain that you're 'so frustrated', that you 'need to cum'.  Well fuck--"...thump..."--that--"...thump..."--shit.  I don't care how pent up you are. I was just in heat, but do you see me complaining?"...thump..."I don't care if you have to walk behind me and--"...thump..."--watch my ass all day.  I don't care if you have to lay there at night and--"...thump..."--watch me masturbate.  Do you understand?  You could eat me out for the next week--"...thump..."--and I'd still sooner kick you in the nuts than let you blow a load.  Your balls can explode from the pressure, for all I care.  It just saves me--"...thump..."--the trouble."

I could no longer feel my legs, but I could still see them twitch each time she slammed her knee up into my crotch.  Not for the first time, I wondered if I was going to be sterile by the time Lia was through with me.  For all I knew, just because she couldn't pop my testicles didn't mean she couldn't turn the insides to slush.

"And now I find you--"...thump..."--feeling me up while I sleep?  Not--"...thump..."--cool.  I can understand that you're horny as fuck.  I can understand--"...thump..."--that you wanna 'tap that'.  But it's not--"...thump..."--happening, alright?  You had your chance and you said no, so for now, the only one who touches this dragoness--"...thump..."--is me.  Got it?"

She looked down at me, waiting for an answer.  I looked back up at her, my lips moving silently as I tried to put together some kind of audible response.

"Well?  What do you have to say for yourself?"

" balls..." I croaked finally, fingers twitching at my sides.  "You're...crushing my balls..."

"Yeah, that's sort of the point, P'oiu.  You need to learn to control yourself, alright?"  She glanced down at my bloated ballsac, its contents still pinned beneath her weight.  "Besides," she muttered, "maybe if I bust up your nuts enough they'll stop producing all those hormones that make you go crazy."

I coughed as she brought her knee up one more time, mangling my marbles even further.  To be honest, I could hardly feel the pain anymore -- at least, not the individual blows.  It had all sort of blurred together into a background of nausea.  Hazily I looked up at the naked dragoness towering over me, my cock twitching at the sight despite whatever else might be going on.  God, even now she was hot.  Her position with her knee in my groin meant her thigh was pressed up against my member, the length throbbing desperately against her leg with every tiny movement.  I still felt ready to blow.  My eyes drifted down to her tits as I imagined Lia taking pity on me, lying down, propping herself on her elbows as she sucked me off--

Lia looked at me and followed my gaze back to her own body. "...Aaaand even now, he's staring at my rack.  Come on, P'oiu."  She stopped for a moment, glancing down at her chest and lifting one of her breasts in her claws.  "What is it you want exactly? They're just tits. Nice tits, but just tits."  She gave the flesh a gentle squeeze, murmuring pleasantly to herself. "See?"

The endless frustration, the dragoness openly groping herself in front of me, her thigh rubbing up against my steel-hard member -- I'd been through too much cock-teasing to take it anymore. With a loud grunt I came and came hard, strings of my seed splattering across my chest as I let loose with a week's worth of dragon spunk. The whole world seemed to close in around me as my body unleashed its load, shot after shot arcing through the air, what seemed like bucket-loads of baby batter released from my swollen, permanently blue balls.

Lia looked genuinely surprised, her eyes widening as I suddenly splurted across my own stomach and across hers. She let out a short gasp as one strong shot caught her on the chin, followed by several more ropes of seed that splashed across her chest. The nude female seemed at a loss for words as my length delivered spurt after spurt of stored-up semen, enough sperm to impregnate every female dragon on the continent, my balls screaming in release after a full week of tease and denial.

Eventually, though, my body ran out of fluids, my member giving off a few last shots of seed before slumping exhaustedly to lie against my chest. I groaned happily. Sure, there was still a dull ache throbbing in my groin -- after all, my gonads had just wrung themselves dry -- but gone was the persistent need that had been torturing me night and day, the constant agony of being right next to a sex goddess and being unable to do anything about it. Man, orgasms were awesome.

Not that I could really lie there and enjoy the afterglow -- after all, that sex goddess was still kneeling over me with one knee planted in my junk. I swallowed nervously as I gave a quick glance down her body, my eyes confirming what I already knew: she was absolutely covered in my spunk. There were trails of it running down her stomach, sticky strings splattered across her thigh, great globs dripping from her generous rack…if I didn't know better, I would have guessed there were multiple men involved. But no -- it was just me, one unlucky dragon about to have his gonads ground into goo.

Lia frowned down at me for a long moment, and I tensed expectantly, waiting for that all-too-familiar nutpain as she scrambled my eggs into omelettes. But to my surprise, she broke into…well, not a smile, exactly, but more of an amused look. She reached up with a claw, wiping some of the spunk off of her chin.

"You really were pent up, huh?" she asked, watching the thick dragonseed drip from her finger.

I watched with baited breath, my heart pounding. "Y-yeah," I stuttered.

Lia seemed to consider that response for a moment, looking down at her own semen-soaked chest. "Heh." The dragoness glanced up at me, shaking her head. "You perv."

My body bent double instinctively as the female smashed her knee down into my crotch once more, my nuts flattened agonizingly into the dirt…but then it was over. Lia lifted her knee and my hands immediately shot to my groin, trying to protect my broken balls before the dragoness could change her mind. With an anguished groan I rolled over onto my side, claws latched around my flattened testicles as the pain of her earlier nut-cracking all came rushing back. "Ohhh…" I moaned, clutching the swollen orbs in my fingers, my eyes clenched shut against the pain. "Oh god, my balls…"

I heard a giggle from beside me. "Good night, P'oiu," said Lia, giving my side a friendly pat before crawling a few feet and lying down to get some rest.

I turned my head, cracking one eye open to glance at the female as she curled up to go back to sleep. It was hard to tell in the dark, but I could've sworn I saw a smile on her face…and a hand between her legs.