Thursday, September 12, 2013

MLP ballbusting: Rainbow Dash/Soarin

A quick blurb for the furry ballbusting forum. Go join in and write an MLP snippet of your own!


“Oh come on,” complained Rainbow Dash, pawing at the ground impatiently. “It’s been like twenty minutes – it can’t be that bad.”

“You bucked me in the balls!” protested Soarin. The stallion had managed to uncurl from the fetal position at this point – mostly – but his legs were still like jelly, too weak to support his weight. He groaned at the nausea still crawling through his abdomen, trying to ignore the ache as he lay on the grass.

“I already told you, it was an accident!” The pegasus huffed, half-defensive, half-aggressive. “I was on cloud-kicking duty – it’s not my fault you chose to take a nap on a cloud at the same time. I didn’t even see you! You’re lucky I managed to catch you before you hit the ground.”

“I know, I know, I just…nggha. I feel like I just took a Sonic Rainboom to the junk.” The male closed his eyes for a moment, stifling another groan. “I might need Nurse Redheart.”

Rainbow’s face fell. “I...I didn’t break anything, did I?”

The stallion’s stomach lurched at the thought. “No, no, I...I think everything’s there. It just hurts a lot.”

She let out a sigh of relief. “Good. Er...I mean, not ‘good’, but...y’know.” She peered down at him with concern, trying un-subtly to glance between the male’s hind legs. “Should I go get the nurse?”

Soarin exhaled slowly. “No, I think that’s okay.”

“You want me to take a look at them?”

He blushed. “Honestly, I think I’ll be alright.”

Rainbow looked at him skeptically. “No offense, but you spent a good ten minutes squealing like a filly. If I really rammed your balls into your throat that badly, it seems like someone ought to take a look.”

Soarin’s blush intensified. “Fair enough. Here, just, uh...just be gentle, please?”

Reluctantly the stallion took his hooves away, spreading his hind legs to give the female access. Carefully she stepped forward, leaning in and prodding his sac with a hoof. She rolled the twin orbs around for a moment, earning a quiet moan of both pain and pleasure from the male pegasus.

“Hmm…” she said to herself after a moment. “Weird…”

Soarin’s heart skipped a beat. “What is it?”

“Oh – sorry, nothing. I just forget sometimes how [i]weird[/i] balls are.” The female tilted her head, lifting the male’s stones in her hoof. “Definitely not aerodynamic. How do you fly with these things?”

“Ah!” His voice cracked for a moment as Rainbow gave one of his coltmakers a friendly squeeze. “Careful, they’re…nrrgh…”

“Just making sure they’re in one piece,” she replied, finishing her inspection of the stallion’s other testicle. The blue pegasus gave an embarassed grin as she let go of his ballsac. “I don’t totally know what I’m looking for, but uh, you seem alright. Sorry if that was uncomfortable.”

“Nah, it’s fine.” He let one hoof drift back to his crotch, cupping his nuts in an attempt to soothe the ache. “Glad it all checks out.”

Rainbow looked down at the ground. “And, uh...sorry for bucking you in the groin in the first place.”

Soarin shook his head. “It’s okay. You owe me, though.”

She looked up. “Buy you a pie?”