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Dragon Slaying (13): Decisions, Decisions, pt. 1

Y'know, I really wanted to post this final chapter all at once (i.e. as one chapter), but I reached a point a few days ago where the first half was basically done and polished, and I realized that the last bit of Dragon Slaying was posted over 7 months ago, and I decided I really oughta just post what I have and finish the rest when I can. (Also, posting my last story in two halves seemed to help provide the motivation to actually finish it. I doubt it'll be quite as effective for this piece, but maybe.)

So this is only the first half of the final chapter.

I'll warn you all in advance: I know I've been cockteasing y'all leading up to the main event, and this chapter is still building up towards a crazy ballbusting finale. Still, it's full of verbal threats and dragon sex, and it contains a major plot point that might help explain how the series has managed to carry on for this long. I hope it's an enjoyable read, even if the actual finale ends up delayed for 
another seven months.

Now without further ado, enjoy! I promise, just one more chapter to go after this... (For those who need a refresher, the previous chapter can be found 


So this was what it had come to: a trio of females who literally had me by the balls. My eyes flicked back and forth between the three women, my mind still searching desperately for some last-minute escape plan, but realistically I knew that I was trapped: trussed up, bound to the floor, helpless to defend myself. Even if I could have escaped my chains, it would have been a lopsided fight, given the two inviting targets that hung between my legs. There was no use trying to run -- I had to play their little game. I had to choose a girl.

And if I had to choose just one…well, that was a trickier question than it might have seemed. Sure, Opal was the logical choice -- the little frog just wanted to make me blow a few loads and then leave me be. But that just meant that Kayla would be back sometime later, probably with more of her orca friends in tow, hell-bent on popping both of my plums. I was damn sure that I didn't want that.

So if picking Kayla was out of the question, and picking Opal was risky for the same reasons, then that left one logical choice. Well, maybe "logical" wasn't quite the word for it -- after all, it still involved losing a nut -- but better losing just one than losing the full pair, right? I'd rather be half a man than not a man at all.*

Or maybe I was simply justifying the choice I had already made. As difficult as the decision was on the surface, my subconscious certainly knew what it wanted, if the ever-persistent throbbing of my cock was any indication. All three girls were worthy of my wet dreams, but there was only one female who drove my libido through the roof, who made my balls ache with need every time I looked at her. It maybe wasn't the most logical decision, or the healthiest, but after all the hell I'd been through it was worth a shot. My luck had to change sometime, right?

Otherwise, she was going to be the death of me…or the death of my potential children, at least.

Resignedly I raised my head and looked down between my legs, glancing briefly at my dragonhood before turning my gaze upwards to face my three captors. There was no sense prolonging the inevitable, so I opened my mouth and spoke, crossing my fingers and hoping this wasn't the worst decision I had ever made:

"Lia. I pick Lia."

The dragoness let out a short squeal of joy, raising her arms in triumph. "Ohmygod
YES!* I just knew you'd pick me! Oh, this is so wonderful -- I promise you won't regret it."

I wasn't so sure of that, but I decided to keep it to myself. "Mmph. And, uh, you two…" I looked up nervously at the other two girls. "You two are okay with this, right?"

Kayla grumbled her disapproval, but nodded. "I'm a woman of my word. We're still not finished, drake, but I can respect your decision for now."

Opal was frowning, too, but the little frog didn't seem totally crushed. "Yeah, it's fine. I mean, as long as she leaves you at least one, it shouldn't be that big a problem -- you'll still produce plenty of what I need."

"Good," the dragoness replied, relief in her voice. "I'm glad you girls are okay with this. Because seriously, I cannot tell you how excited I am. This is going to be 
so much fun!"

"Uh, Lia--"

The female turned her attention back towards me, a huge smile plastered across her face. "Oh, I was going to ask you, P'oiu -- is there a particular way you want me to pop your ball? I've been trying to decide myself, but I'm not sure whether you prefer kicking or squeezing or--"

"Actually," I interrupted, wincing at the female's enthusiasm, "before we do anything like that, I was hoping I could ask for one more thing."

"You know, you're not really in a position to bargain," pointed out Kayla, prodding one of my heavy balls with a bare toe.

I swallowed nervously, remembering the damage that the orca's legs had done in the past. "I'm…quite aware of that. But please, at least hear me out."

"Oh." Lia paused. "Well…sure, I don't see why not."

I had half-expected Lia to start pounding away as soon as I picked her -- hell, the way she was eying my sac still made me feel less than comfortable -- but it appeared that she was willing to listen for now. "Well, you see," I began, trying not to sound too pathetic, "it's just…I'm still not sure how I feel about this whole nut-popping ceremony of yours. I know it's important to you, but I…I'm not sure it's really necessary, especially for a green dragon like me."

"Oh come on, you big baby, it's only one nut." Lia folded her arms across her breasts. "Besides, think about what comes afterwards -- once I pop one, you and I finally get to fuck each others' brains out. That'll be worth it, right?"

My member gave a faint twitch at the female's words, my eyes automatically drawn down towards her slit, but I forced myself to maintain focus. "See, that's the kind of thing I mean. Suppose you don't, uh…'succeed' at the ceremony. What happens then?"

"You mean if I can't burst one?" Lia thought for a moment. "Well, technically we still wouldn't be mates, so I guess we'd just have to keep trying or give up. But don't you worry, I'm pretty sure I can pop one. I've been thinking about it, and worst case, if I really bit down on one--"

"--but if you don't succeed," I interjected, cutting the dragoness off before she could get any more graphic, "then we're not mates, correct?"

"Correct," she nodded.

"So I just end up alone with bruised balls? Without a mate?"

Lia bit her lip. "Well…I could maybe take you to the council of elders back north and see if they'd let us be mates anyway, but yeah, that's basically right."

"That's what I thought." I let out a long sigh. "Do you see my problem? We've tried this before, and it didn't work, so why is this time any different? You're just going to spend an hour stomping on my junk, and as a reward I get…what? Nothing? That just doesn't seem fair to me."

"So…what do you propose, then?" asked the dragoness, sitting down on the patch of floor beside me. "Because I'll tell you right now: I'm not going to skip the nut-popping ceremony. It's too important."

"I figured you wouldn't…" I tossed my head back with a groan. "If that's what you have to do, then I guess I don't have a choice, but I just…I wish I could get some fucking 
relief, at least, before you start crushing my balls again. You've been teasing me and busting me nonstop ever since we met, and that whole time I've only been able to cum once. And even then, you were kneeing me in the crotch while I came."

There was a hint of a smile on Lia's face. "Yes, I remember."

"Do you understand, then? For god's sake, I'm a dragon -- I have needs. I just want a few minutes alone with a box of tissues. Is that so wrong?"

"Tell you what," the dragoness cooed, scooting closer to me. She let her hand rest on my thigh, her fingers lazily tracing their way upwards towards my groin. "You've been aching for me to get you off for quite a while now, right?"

"Uh…" Understatement of the century -- even now, the thought made my cock twitch. "Yeah."

"And I know those blue balls of yours are about ready to burst," she continued, her claws coming up to cradle the swollen orbs, "unless you get some relief, fast."

Again, understatement of the century. "Y-yeah," I said, fighting back a moan as she rolled the heavy spheres between her fingers. It felt like there were gallons of spunk stored up in there...

"Well, in that case I'm willing to make you an offer." Lia looked up at me, her hand drifting further northward to curl around my now-throbbing length. "If you let me do this, I'll give you a nice, slow handjob right now, whether I end up bursting your ball or not. What do you think?"

Oh god. I'd thought maybe I could resist the female and her ball-breaking charms, but the sensation of the dragoness's fingers wrapped around my straining shaft was quickly destroying the little resolve I had left. My nuts had given me nothing but trouble for weeks now -- how much did I really need them both, anyway? "N-no funny business?" I asked, my hips already starting to buck of their own accord.

The female grinned. "I promise, no nut-bashing until you've blown your load."

My head rolled back with a groan as she gave my length a firm squeeze, my dragonhood beginning to drool a thin stream of pre in response to her teasing strokes. Already I could feel the ache in my gonads beginning to fade, all those pent-up sperm sensing that they might finally see some release. Still, I wasn't going to give up quite that easily. I forced my gaze back down, locking eyes with the dragoness. "A--…Anal," I stuttered. "Make it anal and it's a deal."

Lia's expression darkened a bit, and her hand slid lower to encircle my scaly sac. "Don't get greedy," she grumbled, a warning in her voice as her grip tightened around the sensitive pair. "I'll make it a blowjob, but that's it."

I inhaled sharply as she bore down on my trapped testes, all too familiar with the damage those claws could do to my aching jewels. I didn't want to get her angry…but on the other hand, she would soon be trying to pop one of my plums whether she was angry or not. And since this might be my only chance… "A titfuck," I gasped, trying to ignore the pangs of agony shooting through my gut.

The female raised an eyeridge, but let go of my dragonmakers. "Fine," she agreed, her hand sliding upwards again to give my cock a friendly squeeze. "I'll give you a titfuck, and then you'll let the three of us girls try to flatten one of your spuds. Deal?"

The way she said it so matter-of-factly sent a shiver down my spine. Was it really that easy? I got to blow a load, and they got to reduce me to half a dragon? Still, I had to admit it was better than being blue-balled for another week, or waiting for some other crazy bitch to come and try to grind both my jewels into jelly. Maybe getting out with one intact wasn't such a bad deal after all -- especially if it meant I could finally tap that dragoness ass I'd been chasing forever.

I gave one last look down at my sac and then let out a long sigh. "…Alright," I said resignedly. "I'll do it."

"What was that?"

"I said I'll do it," I repeated, louder this time.

Lia shook her head. "No no, I want to hear you say the whole thing. Just so we're all clear."

I blinked. "Seriously?"


I gave the dragoness the best pleading look that I could, but she just stared back at me expectantly, waiting for me to finish. Bitch. I took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. A part of me still couldn't believe that I was doing this, but oh well -- there was no use turning back now. "Lia, if you give me a titfuck, I'll let you and the others…I'll let you all…uh…"

All three of the girls were leaning in towards me, waiting for me to finish. "Yes?" said Lia sweetly, smiling the widest smile I'd ever seen.

I swallowed, my throat dry. I couldn't look Lia in the eye as I said it -- instead my eyes fell from her face to her chest, the two bouncy orbs that I was receiving in exchange for one of my own. I just prayed it was all worth it. "I'll let you…pop one of my testicles," I finished, wincing as I guaranteed my own emasculation.

Lia gave a happy little squeal in response and bent down to give me a peck on the cheek. "Now that's more like it." She grinned. "Y'know, I've heard plenty of guys claim that they'd give their left nut to fuck me, but you're the first one who's actually lived up to it. I'm looking forward to this."

"I'm glad one of us is," I groaned.

The dragoness pouted. "Aww, come on, don't be like that. Besides, don't tell me you don't like these."

I went cross-eyed at the fine pair of tits that was suddenly shoved up against my muzzle, but they were only there for a moment before Lia began scooting down my torso, positioning herself for the task at hand. I couldn't help but moan as my cock rubbed up against her stomach for a moment, the throbbing length pressed between my body and hers, so close to that tight, wet slit -- but the moment quickly passed, leaving me dry-humping the air.

Not for long, though. A hot shiver ran up my spine as the red dragoness positioned herself between my legs, propping herself on her elbows. As I watched, the female took a moment to make herself comfortable, sandwiching my member between her supple breasts and grinning down at her prize with an almost predatory look.

She only had that look for a second,*but in that second I*had a powerful moment of deja vu -- remembering the first time I'd seen the dragoness crouched between my legs, with the same hungry look in her eyes, ready to swallow my length. The first time we'd met. It seemed forever ago, after all the madness I'd been through and all the hours I'd spent curled in the fetal position...but in reality, it had hardly been a week. Hell, it had only been two weeks since Kayla had walked into my cave and given me my first real nutbusting. Such a short time...and yet, I honestly couldn't remember any more what it was like to have balls that weren't bruised and blue. Maybe once Lia and I were mates, things would finally return to normal, and I'd never have to deal with such gut-wrenching agony again. Maybe...

But any other conscious thought of mine was cut short as Lia dove upon my cock, wrapping her lips around the thigh length and gulping it down. My eyes rolled back into my head with a moan as she rapidly swallowed inch after inch, sliding her tongue along the sensitive shaft as it disappeared down her throat. Instinctively I bucked my hips, but my restraints limited my movement, and Lia pushed down firmly on my waist, making sure that she could move at her own pace. There really wasn't much I could do except to groan incoherently and stare down at the gorgeous female sucking me off.

And god, was she fun to watch. The dragoness obviously took pride in her work, and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, judging from the intensity with which she attended to my aching member. I watched transfixed as my dragonhood slid between her lips, in and out, the female swallowing me to the hilt for a moment, then pulling back to suckle at just the head, the rest of my rod glistening with her spit and surrounded by the warm flesh of her breasts. I could feel myself melting into the ground as Lia slaved over my pride, licking up one side and swirling her tongue around the tip before teasing her way back down the underside of my shaft. At one point, she even dared to go lower, nuzzling at my scaly sac, then gently sucking on each of my cum-swollen balls, rolling each orb in her mouth for a moment before letting it slip free once again.

In hindsight, I realize Lia probably had some rather interesting thoughts on her mind -- like how for one of my balls, this was the last time*she'd ever suck on the swollen orb before pounding it into paste --*but at the time, the thought of my imminent ballbusting was the very last thing on my mind. Lia was my entire world as she lay there, bobbing her head up and down on my member, flooding my body with impossible waves of pleasure and slowly working me towards an earth-shaking climax.*When she came up for air for a moment, she was grinning, a thin line of saliva running from her lips to the twitching, throbbing cock between her breasts. She shot a seductive smile my way, then looked to the side. "Hey girls," she called out, "enjoying the show?"

In my lust-induced stupor, I had sort of forgotten that there was anyone else in the room (or for that matter, anyone else in the universe). I glanced to my right to find the other two females, one still as composed as ever, the other...a little less so.

Haah." Kayla was leaned up against the wall, one hand kneading at her chest, the other pistoning furiously between her legs. "Fuck, Lia, I'm not even a guy and I'm turned on. Mmnh!" The orca's eyes slid shut as she leaned back further, her mouth half-open in a panting grin.

Opal's reaction wasn't nearly so pornographic, but she still was blushing hotly, and her*sari definitely looked a bit...disheveled. "Y-Yes," the frog stuttered, fidgeting nervously, "you're, uh...you're obviously quite good at what you do."

"Thanks." The dragoness smiled. "I'm certainly enjoying myself -- aren't you, P'oiu?"

I tried to put together an intelligent response, but when I opened my mouth all that came out was a throaty moan. My toeclaws scratched lines into the floor as the female ran her tongue up the underside of my member, earning a short spurt of pre for her efforts.

Lia chuckled, watching my body writhe pleasurably in response. "Yeah, I thought so. Well then, I suppose we can drag this out for another minute or two."

And just like that, the dragoness picked up where she had left off, sucking and slurping at the pole between my legs. Once again, I felt all conscious thought melt away, my entire world reduced to the sexy female whose tongue was currently dancing around my shaft. I couldn't imagine anything better, and so I happily just lay there, moaning my lust as I was serviced by the girl of my dreams.

But of course, all good things must come to an end.*I gladly would have spent forever with Lia slaving over my cock, and*I wish I could have held out at least a little longer, but after all the cockteasing I'd endured, there was no holding myself back. I watched as the dragoness worked her way down my length one more time, working feverishly to swallow every last inch.*I knew that the moment she reached the base, I was going to blow my load --*and sure enough, as soon as she did, I came like a geyser.

To her credit, Lia swallowed down the first shot, which erupted with so much force I'm surprised she didn't have a coughing fit. As it was, her eyes went wide and she immediately came up on my shaft, the thick length slipping from her lips with a wet 
pop*just as another rope of seed fired over her shoulder. The female squeezed her breasts tightly around the twitching length as it spewed a seemingly endless torrent of spunk, coating pretty much everything in the area with a layer of dragonseed, my balls unleashing their genetic gift in copious amounts. After a moment Lia grabbed my twitching rod in one hand and gave it a few rapid strokes, my shaft as stiff as an iron bar in the dragoness's grip.*And me? I just babbled like a maniac, my entire body twitching as I exploded for only the second time all week, my balls emptying themselves until finally my cock slumped exhaustedly between the female's tits.

Lia watched my member twitch and throb for a few more moments, spitting out a few last strings of seed that dribbled down onto her rack. "Well that didn't take long," she said with a smirk, reaching up to wipe a strand of spunk from her face. "Guess I've still got it, huh?"

god, yes."*I happily murmured my agreement, my eyes half-lidded as I basked in a well-deserved afterglow. I could tell the whole area around me was now a cum-splattered mess, and I knew I was just minutes away from more horrible ballpain, but damned if I cared.Man,*that orgasm had been a long time coming -- and holy fuck*did Lia know how to please a guy.

"Wow." Apparently I had even caught Opal in the spray, as the frog was currently standing in a small puddle of the stuff, her sari soaked with my seed. The female didn't seem upset, though...in fact, quite the opposite. "Uh...P'oiu, I don't think I've ever seen you cum so much," she said, chuckling. "There's enough here for a hundred potions, easy. "

"Glad to hear it," I replied, panting. "That...that oughta make up for the week I was gone, right?" Man, I was a fucking 
stud. Not even Lia's constant ball-bashing could stop my spuds from churning it out.

"Yeah, and then some." Carefully she peeled the wet cloth of her wrap away from her shoulder. "I mean, I think my clothes are completely ruined, but I don't even care. That was incredible."

"Y'know, I'm curious -- what exactly do you use his spunk for, anyway?" Lia looked over as the smaller female began to disrobe, unwinding the cum-soaked strip from her body.*"I mean, besides bathing in the stuff."

Opal blushed, brushing a thick glob of my seed from her bare thigh. She watched the gooey spunk drip from her fingers for a moment before she continued her undressing. "Well, it's got really strong medicinal properties -- healing, strengthening, regeneration. Most of it I use for my own potions, but I also resell some of it to other potion makers. Dragons like him are pretty rare nowadays, so people are willing to pay quite a bit for a jar or two."

I had to admit,*I was curious too -- I'd never asked Opal much about her work. Of course, I was also quite interested to see her nude again, and if I kept her talking, she'd probably feel more comfortable stripping down...

"Is it really that great?" I asked, my length giving a post-orgasmic twitch*as I caught a glimpse of the frog's round rear. "People will pay that much for dragon sperm?"

"Green dragon sperm, yeah." Opal turned to glance back in my direction...giving me a wonderful view of her topless chest in the process. Good god, that girl was stacked. "Like I said, it's really powerful stuff...I mean, your spunk is the whole reason your body's so indestructible."

I blinked, forcing my eyes up from her generous rack. "Uh...what do you mean?"

"You know: your toughness, your regeneration, all that stuff." The female saw my look of incomprehension and stopped.*"You...you do know that stuff, right?"

"Um...no. Should I?"

"Seriously?" Opal let out a heavy sigh, shaking her head. "For god's sake, P'oiu -- why did you 
think I was coming by every week to harvest your seed?"

I'd never really considered that question, to be honest -- I was just happy to have a sexy female who wanted to watch me jerk it every week or two. I'd never thought about what was in it for her. "Uh...I guess I just assumed you enjoyed the experience?

Opal rolled her eyes, but smiled a bit. "Well...I do enjoy it, P'oiu, but that's not what keeps my business going. Didn't anybody ever teach you about dragon biology? I mean, I know it's not a common subject in general, but I just assumed that since you 

"Cut to the chase, short stuff." Kayla had apparently recovered from her solo session and walked over to join the other girls, her arms folded across her bare breasts. "Give us the abridged version -- what's so special about him?"

"Mmm," echoed Lia, a genuine look of curiosity on her face. A shiver passed through my body as the dragoness shifted to a seated position, my cock slipping from between her breasts to lie against my stomach.

"Well, it's not terribly complicated," answered Opal. The little frog -- now just as nude as the rest of us -- hopped up and took a seat on Lia's lap, looking down at my scaly sac. "Like I said, his spunk has really strong healing properties, and that has an effect on his whole body. It makes him a lot more resistant to injury, and even if he did get injured somehow, it'd heal really fast. In order to provide that kind of protection, though, his body has to constantly make more of the stuff.*That's one of the reasons southern dragons like him are so damn horny all the time -- their balls are constantly producing spunk in order to protect their bodies. In fact, when a male is attacked, his testicles actually start churning out even more sperm than usual...which, uh, probably has something to do with why you just came so hard, P'oiu."

Kayla laughed. "Wait -- are you trying to tell me that dragon-boy here has magical gonads or something?"

Opal blushed hotly. "It sounds kind of ridiculous when you put it that way, but...yeah, basically. It doesn't make him invulnerable to pain, obviously, but it does make him very resistant to any serious damage." The female glanced down at my junk again. "Honestly, P'oiu, that's probably the only reason your balls are still intact right now, after having them squashed flat so many times. Pretty much any other guy would just have a sac full of mush at this point."

I cringed at that thought -- and at the larger implications of what she was saying. "So...basically the reason I'm so indestructible is because of my balls, yes?"

The frog nodded. "Yes."

"Because my balls are full of some sort of magical spunk."


I let out an aggravated sigh. "Then why the hell is it so goddamn 
painful whenever some chick kicks me in the nuts?"

Opal managed to keep a straight face, but I could see both Lia and Kayla grinning at my question. "Well," the frog answered, "that's just how it is, I guess. Your healing powers won't do anything to stop the pain, but at least they'll make sure that you stay in one piece. That's something, right?"

Well wasn't that just terribly convenient -- no wonder I made such a convenient punching bag for every female I met. I got to experience all the terrible agony of getting my balls blasted with none of the actual danger. And of course, that also explained why a certain female had failed thus far in turning my gonads into goo...

Lia seemed to be thinking the same thing.*"So...does that mean that they can't pop, then?" the dragoness asked, an obvious hint of disappointment in her voice. "I assumed I just wasn't trying hard enough before, but if they're really that indestructible..."

"I don't know, to be honest." The frog frowned. "I mean, they're not totally unbreakable, just...hard to crack. You have to realize, though, it'd be incredibly difficult -- they're probably the most well-protected part of his body."

"'Well-protected'?" I echoed, thinking of all the times I'd been floored by a kick to the groin. "Really?"

Opal smiled. "Well, maybe not the most well-protected, but certainly the most durable. I mean, that's where your spunk is made, and if you've only come twice in the past week, then your balls are probably full of the stuff."

"Even after 
that?" asked Lia. The ruby-colored dragoness glanced down at herself, her tits still splattered with my seed -- not to mention the pool of spunk that was now forming on the stone floor. "I assumed that was all of it."

The smaller female chuckled. "You're good, Lia, but you're not that good. Trust me, if I know P'oiu, there's more where that came from -- and there's no way you'll be able to pop a testicle while he's still pent up."

"What if he wasn't pent up, then?" chimed in Kayla. "What if you emptied his balls first, and then tried to pop one?"

"Huh...that's a good question." Opal thought for a moment. "It would definitely make things easier...like I said, his spunk is the only reason his nuts are still intact right now. If you could make him cum a few more times, it'd certainly improve your chances."

It felt more than a little odd to be listening to the three females as they discussed the logistics of bursting my ball...particularly Opal, who had been arguing to save both my spuds until just a few minutes ago. Lia's oral talents had done a lot to distract me from what lay ahead, but now I found that familiar sinking feeling returning to my gut.*I tried to distract myself by focusing on the array of fine female bodies around me: firm tits and asses, bared hips and thighs...

"Really?!" Lia suddenly sounded a lot more hopeful, the female perking up at Opal's latest comment. "You think there's a chance, then?"

The little female nodded. "Yeah, I think. As long as you can get him to blow his load again."

The dragoness frowned a bit at that suggestion. "Well I mean, I could, but...even what we did just now was a pretty big stretch of the rules. I don't know how things work down here in the south, but in the north a*dragoness isn't supposed to make her man cum until they're mated."

"Well then, maybe Opal can do it." Kayla grinned over at the frog.*"You're a spunky girl, right? Maybe you can make him blow one more time while he's still all there?"

Opal blushed, but didn't reject the idea. "T-that's true, I could. I mean, it's not like I haven't done it before..."

"Great! Then Lia and I can bash up his nut, and P'oiu here will end up with one less testicle." The orca smirked, planting a hand on her hip. "What are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!"

However, Opal still had something on her mind. "Actually, wait..."*The frog glanced up at Lia. "You're only popping one, right?"

"Just one," the dragoness confirmed.

Definitely*just one," I repeated, wincing.

"Huh." Opal frowned. "Well...I'm not sure how it'll work if you leave him one gonad. I mean, his good nut will keep trying to heal his other nut, no matter how hard you try to pop it. You might just not be able to do enough damage.*I know this mating ceremony is important to you, but you should probably keep that in mind."

"Mmm." Lia looked down at me, her brow furrowed in though. "Well, it still sounds like the best option we've got. It's worth a try, right?"

"Agreed." Kayla took a few steps closer, looking at my hefty sac and then glancing down at her own bare legs. The orca drummed her toes against the ground.*"I wanna see one of these suckers pop!"

Opal nodded her agreement. "As long as you both understand that this whole thing is just an educated guess. I could be completely wrong.*It's not like there's a lot of research on ruptured dragon testicles -- this is kind of a first."*The female blushed. "I'm pretty curious to find out what happens, honestly. This should be kinda fun."

"So wait, you 
want*to pop one now?" Kayla grinned. "Had a change of heart or something? I thought you didn't want us to damage your big ol' spunk machine."

"Well, I mean…if you're going to do it anyway, I have always wanted to see one of P'oiu's nuts pop." The frog was blushing fiercely now. "Y'know, for…for research, not because it turns me on. I mean, not that it 
does*turn me on--"

Again, I tried to ignore the terrible sinking feeling in my stomach. 
Tits and asses, hips and thighs...

Kayla chuckled. "Whatever you say, babe. Lia, are we gonna do this?"

The dragoness paused for a long moment, first looking down at my sac, then raising her gaze to meet my eyes, then looking back down at my ballbag once more. Her look grew firm. "Let's do it," Lia confirmed, nodding her head.

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Underground League site: registration now open

It's a little barebones in places, and I'm sure there are still some bugs to be discovered, but:

Registration for the Underground League is now open!

I may write a longer announcement post later, but for now, just go explore the site :P Feel free to ask any questions, and please report any problems. Besides that, have fun!