Friday, November 13, 2009

Dragon Slaying (5): Morning After

When I came to a few hours later, I found myself in a pose that was becoming unfortunately familiar: the fetal position. My claws were latched protectively around my battered family jewels, trying to prevent any further damage; my legs were drawn in tightly, trying to ward off attack. My poor dragonhood continued to scream at its mistreatment, and by this point, it was getting hard to believe that the two misshapen lumps I was clutching had ever felt anything /but/ pain. A quick glance revealed that my ballsac had turned a deep, bruised shade of purple, the skin stretched taut in order to hold its swollen contents. Still, despite my every thought to the contrary, my balls had /not/ been smashed flat; in fact, from the feel of things, they were more or less how I remembered them. The fact that I had my nuts at all was certainly a relief -- as was the fact that I no longer seemed to be chained to the floor. Opal must have set me loose after I had passed out.

Opal! I'd almost forgotten what had happened with the frog, but it all came suddenly rushing back, and /damn/ if it wasn't wonderful. My cock twitched at the memory. I wondered if I'd be able to convince her to play around again some time in the future -- I'd kill for an opportunity with that rack and that ass where I /wasn't/ chained down. Of course, other parts of the memory didn't exactly help with the queasiness I was already feeling. I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to look at the frog's legs again without imagining my nuts being crushed between her thighs, or her foot rocketing up into my crotch. Still, the thought of the naked female was already starting to make me hard, even with my aching dragonmakers telling me I never wanted to see a female again. Despite my better judgment, I reached down to grasp my stiffening member, giving it an experimental pump -- only to immediately let go as my balls squealed in protest. I curled back into the fetal position with renewed purpose, my arousal forgotten. Apparently that would have to wait. 
I just hope I don't get blue balls on top of everything else, I thought ruefully. Damn frog.

Absently, I realized that I had no idea whether the female was still here -- or for that matter, how long I'd been out for. "Opal?" I croaked weakly. I waited for a few moments, hoping for a response, but none came. It looked like she'd cleaned up and left -- at least, that would explain why their weren't any pools of dragon spunk left on the floor from our activities. I guessed that she'd probably taken the cum she'd needed and headed off to get her potion-making done.

Well. If she wasn't here, I'd need to figure out how to take care of myself. As I lay there, trying to get a grip on the nausea swimming up through my abdomen, I still wasn't sure I had the energy to do anything /but/ clutch my gonads, but I figured I'd have to try sooner or later. With a loud groan I rolled onto my back, trying to get my bearings. Slowly I forced my claws away from my groin and spread my legs, swallowing the wave of nausea that came as my nuts slid down my thighs and thumped dully against the cold stone floor. Even that trivial movement sent a shock of pain through my body -- I let out a quiet moan, fighting down the urge to curl up again.

As I lay there for a moment, trying to settle myself down, something beside me caught the corner of my eye. I turned my head sideways to see a make-shift scroll lying next to my head, the words "READ THIS" scrawled lazily across the outside. It seemed like as good a distraction from the pain as anything else. With some effort I reached over and picked the message up, then opened it and began to read:


Morning, sleepy-head! Sorry I had to run, but I've got to start making those potions I mentioned. (Thanks for the load, by the way -- you came almost twice as much as I needed, you stud-dragon you. Enough ingredient for the potions and even some extra for me...)

I took another look at your nuts while you were out, and it looks like everything's still intact -- plenty of swelling, but nothing permanent. They'll probably look a little funny for a while, but they should heal up fine, assuming no one /else/ starts beating the sperm out of 'em. I'll be back in a few days to make sure you're doing alright...and to play some more, if you're feeling up to it.

Missing you (and your cock -- mmmm),

Well, I was glad she'd had a good time, at least, and glad to hear she had enough of her ingredient -- with the way my balls felt right now, I wasn't sure I'd be producing more any time soon.

Anyway, that confirmed my hypothesis: apparently I was alone. It was kind of a relief, actually -- after all, being alone meant I didn't have to worry about anyone else clobbering my poor gonads. All I'd have to do is lie low for a little while, give myself some time to rest up, and wait for Opal to come back and "test the equipment". I mean, there are worse things in life than just lounging around for a few days, waiting for a sex goddess to come service you.

Of course, there was always the chance that someone /else/ would come before Opal. so lying out in the main chamber of the cavern clutching myself wasn't exactly the best plan in the world. I wasn't eager for another angry female to come stomping in and see me like this, so I was probably better off moving somewhere a little more out of sight, like maybe the bedroom, or the kitchen...

...the kitchen. My stomach growled approvingly at the thought, and it suddenly dawned upon me that I hadn't eaten anything for quite some time -- since before the orca came and started this whole mess. I guess the nutpain had been distracting me from the hunger, but now that my nuts were no longer in any imminent danger, I was /starving/. To the kitchen it was, then -- assuming I could walk.

Carefully I rolled onto my hands and knees, cupping my balls in one hand to minimize any jostling before gently letting the two orbs drop and dangle between my thighs. I glanced back between my legs at my own testicles. They hung a lot lower than I remembered -- which I guess would make sense, given how much larger they'd swelled. I watched the two heavy orbs sway for a moment, still unable to believe how much agony they'd put me through.

I tentatively climbed to my feet, one hand going back to my balls for support as I slowly straightened up. My legs felt weak beneath me -- there was still the strong temptation to fall back down to the floor -- but this seemed doable. A took a few experimental steps, wincing. I'd definitely be walking funny for at least a few days, but the pain was manageable, at least for the time being.

My stomach growled again, louder this time, and I began stumbling slowly towards the kitchen. It definitely helped to be holding my family jewels in my claws, making sure they didn't bounce back and forth between my legs as I walked, but even so, short jolts of nausea shot through my stomach with every step. I bit my tongue to keep from groaning any more -- I was gonna have to get used to it, at least for now. It was with some relief that I finally reached my destination, reached for the cupboard, and tore it open to reveal:

Nothing. Hmm. That was unfortunate.

I then checked the pantry next to similar results. Completely empty.

Gah! I began frantically (or as frantically as one can, while cradling his nuts) opening cabinet drawers, searching for something to satiate my hunger. Sure, I hadn't gone hunting in a while, but I had to have /something/ lying around, right? Right?

"Come on!" I roared, banging my head against the wall in frustration. My stomach simply growled again in response.

I took a moment to try to calm down and get myself under control. I mean, I'd just survived two different females bashing my balls halfway to oblivion -- I could handle something small like this, right?

Goddamnit this sucked.

Unfortunately, things were about to get even worse. I opened my eyes and looked at the spot I'd just banged my head against -- and suddenly noticed that something had been scratched roughly onto the wall. Apparently I'd failed to see it when I'd first walked in. Curious, I took a step back and began to read:


You are a scourge on this land and you cannot be allowed to procreate. I know I can't kill you outright, but I will make damn sure you can never use that limp worm of yours on a female if it's the last thing I do. I swear on all that is holy: I am going to pop your fucking balls. Squish.

Enjoy them while they last,
a fishy friend

My hunger was abruptly forgotten. Oh god...the orca. Both hands went right to my scaly sac, trying to soothe the sudden ache in my gut. She was coming back? Oh fuck, she was coming back. I tried to swallow back the slow panic that was rising from my stomach. What was I going to do? Just the thought of what she'd done to me was enough to make me nauseous. Granted, my nuts seemed pretty indestructible by this point, but god knows what'd she'd do /trying/ to pop them.

There was something next to the message, as well -- I peered more closely to make out what else the female had left behind. Scratched onto the wall was a crudely-drawn depiction of...well, it looked kind of like a before-and-after illustration. On the left side was a rather well-endowed male dragon. On the right side...well, let's just say there was a certain orca stomping on that dragon's crotch, and he appeared to have somewhat /less/ than a full set of testes. I shuddered involuntarily at the image, giving my gonads a gentle fondle to reassure myself they were still there.

This was /bad/. I was alone, in no condition to defend myself, and she could be coming back any time. Hell, for all I knew she'd be coming back with reinforcements -- I could hardly imagine what her and a friend could do to me in this state, and I didn't want to find out. The only possible protection I had was Opal, and I decided she must not have seen the note, or she wouldn't have left. Hell, I was the only supply of dragon spunk in a fifty-mile radius; what would she do if some angry bitch came and burst my balls? There was no potion that could fix that, as far as I knew.

Goddamnit, why does the ballbusting bitch of an orca have to target me? I glanced down at my crotch, grimacing as I hefted the swollen orbs in my claws. They still throbbed from what they'd been through, and I could hardly bear the thought of another foot or knee slamming into my groin -- god only knew what would happen if she started stomping on 'em again.

I considered my options.

First of all, I could stay put, and hope that I'd recovered by the time the orca came back. That didn't seem smart for several reasons. First off, she knew that she'd left me crumpled in pain; she'd probably be back any day now, to finish me off while I was still wounded. Secondly, even if I was healed up, all she'd have to do is get in one good hit to my balls and it'd be the same story all over again. Not to mention if she was coming back with company -- I quivered to think about multiple females taking turns with my nuts.

Next I thought about seeking out Opal, but that didn't seem too feasible, either -- I had no idea how long ago she had left, or where she'd gone, and stumbling around looking for her was just /asking/ to attract unwanted attention. Besides, would Opal really be able to protect me? She made fantastic potions, sure, but I was unclear exactly how useful that would be to a male in my situation.

Hmm. I couldn't exactly stay put, at least not if I valued my testicles. I'd have to strike out for somewhere. Where?

Just then my stomach interrupted yet again, with another angry growl -- orca or no, I was still damn hungry. Maybe I'd be best off starting out with a hunt, then figuring out where I wanted to go from there. At least then I'd be thinking on a full stomach. (I tried to not to worry about how I would hunt with both hands wrapped around my nutsac -- I'd figure something out.)

It seemed like as good an idea as any, and with that decided, there was no point in wasting time -- after all, the orca could show up any minute. With a few grunts I waddled my way to the mouth of the cave, balls in my claws, headed for god-knows-where.

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