Friday, October 30, 2009

Help Wanted

Based on a pic by Fellarts :P Enjoy!
It had started simply enough. The Vaporeon had been walking down the street one afternoon when a colorful flyer caught his eye, advertising an opening as a teaching assistant at the Pokemon academy down the street. It was just a few hours a week, it paid well, and the application specifically asked for a water-type. The situation couldn't be more perfect.

The interview was simple -- all pretty standard questions. The previous holder of the position had quit due to exhaustion, they explained, so they were looking for a candidate with stamina, someone able to go the extra mile. The work could be grueling, but very rewarding as well, as long as an employee had the right attitude. He just smiled and assured them as best he could that he was the man for the job, and that seemed to be enough. Afterwards he met briefly with the professor -- a Flaaffy named Ambia, who seemed to like him quite a lot. By the time he left the building, the Vaporeon felt sure he had landed the job.

Sure enough, a few days later the call came. He walked down that afternoon to fill out the paperwork, a happy spring in his step. He was a little surprised at the waiver he had to sign about any potential "damage", but that had to be standard -- he'd probably be asked to battle at some point, and organizations had to cover their asses in case of some freak accident.

He began to wonder though, almost as soon as he showed up for his first day of work. The professor met him at the door of the classroom, dumping a few ropes into his arms. "Here," she said, "put these on, would you?"

"Um...on where, exactly?"

"Why on you, of course." The Flaaffy pointed to each of the ropes he was holding. "Those two are for your arms, those two are for your legs, and 
that one is for your tail. Just slip them on and I'll take care of the rest."

The Vaporeon did as he was told, bending to secure the first rope around his ankle. "What are we, uh...what are we teaching today?" he asked curiously.

She grinned at him, a playful glimmer in her eye. "You'll find out," she replied.

That was how he had ended up where he found himself now: suspended upside-down in an empty classroom, with very little idea what was going on. His tail had been pulled up towards the ceiling with one of the ropes -- they turned out to be restraints, of course -- while his footpaws were now drawn outwards to either side, spread wide and leaving the male rather exposed. Meanwhile his hands were planted against the ground, helping to support him in a sort of assisted handstand.
Lucky I'm a flexible 'mon, he thought, or this would get uncomfortable rather fast.

Still, that didn't explain what was going on -- and the professor had left the room as soon as she'd finished tying him in place, before he could ask her any questions. Normally the male would've have tried to figure it out himself, but it was impossible to think while hanging with his tail above his paws. The Vaporeon winced as the blood in his body rushed to his head -- and to other places, judging from the unintentional hard-on that quickly materialized between his legs. He blushed. God forbid anyone but Ms. Ambia come waltzing through the door -- they'd think it was some kind of bizarre bondage scene.

The Vaporeon had been hanging there for about ten minutes, praying that he hadn't been forgotten, when the professor finally returned, slipping quietly back into the room. This time, though, she came with a friend: a Pichu, who followed happily a few feet behind her. It was hard to tell while looking upside-down, but from the look of things the Pichu was probably a student. The male bit his lip, hoping neither would point out his unfortunate erection, even if he was more-or-less presenting it to the two of them.

Ms. Ambia didn't seem to notice, though -- or if she did, she chose to ignore it. "Ellie," she said, "I'd like you to meet our new teaching assistant. Say hi."

"Hi!" The Pichu's voice was high and clear -- definitely female. "Nice to meet you, sir -- I'm Ellie."

"Uh..." The Vaporeon blinked. "Nice to meet you too, Ellie. My name's--"

"That won't be necessary," the professor interrupted, cutting off the Vaporeon with a wave of her paw. "We're trying to instill the students with a level of professionalism -- for the kind of work we'll be doing, there's no need for her to know exactly who you are."

"Ah." The Vaporeon blinked again. "O-Okay."

"Now Ellie," the professor continued, turning back to her pupil, "our new friend here is going to be your test subject for today. Do you think you're ready?"

The little electric-type looked the Vaporeon up and down for a moment, then nodded her head. "Yep! But he's...kinda tall, isn't he?"

The professor chuckled. "Don't worry, I can help you with that. Here." The Flaaffy reached down, hoisting the Pichu up into her arms, then taking a few steps forward to stand in front of her suspended assistant. "This is a little better, no?"

"Mmm, much. Thanks, professor!"

The Vaporeon watched this all with a curious eye, still unsure of what was going on. The only thing he knew for sure was that with the Pichu lifted up in the professor's arms, the pair were pretty much right on eye-level with his crotch, and only a foot or two away. Absently the water-type wished for something a little less showy than external genitalia -- though it was obviously too late now.

The male was so caught up in his embarassment that he failed to notice what the young Pichu was up to. As soon as she had been picked up, her cheeks had begun glowing with energy. Sparks crackled between her paws as she started to build up electricity. The female was eager to get started -- so eager, in fact, that a burst of static accidentally jumped from her fingers and over to the male's inner thigh, landing dangerously close to his package.

The Vaporeon let out a yelp, leg twitching at the unexpected dose of electricity. "Geez, you two, be careful!" He craned his head, looking upwards to see what was going on, but couldn't tell much from his unique angle. "Hey, what are you doing!? Tell her to stop!"

The professor ignored his comment. "Now Ellie, you remember your lesson, yes?"

"Of course!" she replied excitedly.

"Well then," said the Flaaffy, "why don't we recite the rhyme together, just to be sure you've got it?"


The Vaporeon shook his head, more confused and worried than ever, but he forced himself to calm down and listen as the two female voices spoke in unison:

"Boys have berries,
those berries hang loose,
just shock and squeeze
and out comes the juice!"

"Very good," the professor continued. "I think you're prepared, so whenever you're ready."

The Vaporeon's mouth hung open, his heart skipping a beat. He couldn't have heard correctly. Because if he'd heard correctly, that meant--

The male's thought process was harshly interrupted as the Pichu placed her paws on his testicles and let loose. The Vaporeon let out a surprised squeal as his maleness was flooded with electricity, just as the Pichu's paws clamped down on his dangling plums. His hips bucked instinctively, trying to shake the female's grip as she dug her thumbs into the most sensitive part of his anatomy, but she hung on tight, refusing to let go. The strong current wracked his frame, and his cock bounced stiffly against his belly, the pink length twitching angrily with each wave of energy and drooling a few drops of precum. With his paws bound, the male was hopeless to do anything but writhe as he was taken advantage of in the worst way possible.

Meanwhile the Pichu worked diligently, careful to make sure the male's equipment didn't slip from between her fingers. She continued to squeeze the twin orbs, sending a steady stream of electricity as she juiced his berries for all they were worth. "More?" she asked, turning her head to glance back at her teacher.

"Of course!" the Flaaffy encouraged. "There's no such thing as too much energy -- give it all you've got."

"Alright." The little female furrowed her blow, focusing on the task at hand.

The Vaporeon hadn't realized things could get least, not until the current running through his groin suddenly doubled, and the Pichu's grip tightened even further. It would have been far too much to take even without the type disadvantage -- as it was, the pain of the sharp jolt was further amplified by his natural weakness to electricity, until the ache was the only thing he could feel. What on earth was this teaching? His whole body trembled as the female mauled his family jewels, his already frantic cry rising to an even more desperate pitch with each passing moment.

The Pichu didn't seem too happy either. "It's not working." She frowned. "Why isn't it working?"

"That's because you're not concentrating the energy," the professor answered. "Make sure all your energy is focused, instead of distributed through his whole body. Remember, you've got to shock him into release -- he's not going to let go unless you overload his system."

"Right..." She wrinkled her nose. Control was not an easy thing for a Pichu, but it had to be done. With a deep breath, she tried once again.

By now the Vaporeon had lost all sense of time, and was simply hanging by his tail, fighting just to maintain consciousness. His body tried its best to curl up and protect itself, but the ropes kept him held firmly in place, open to the whims of his female companions. The male felt another even more intense shock go through his system, centered around his aching pair, and wondered if he was going to be sterile before this torment was through. As the pain in his crotch overtook all rational thought, he prepared to simply surrender himself, praying to make it through the afternoon in one piece.

But then suddenly, before the Vaporeon knew what was happening, he felt something within himself: a flipped switch, a strange sensation unlocked deep within his body. All at once his electrified pain became something else entirely: a hypersensitivity, as if he had been brought to the edge and left there, one stroke from fulfillment. It was almost as if his pain receptors had all shut down -- the torturous current running through his body suddenly transformed into a thousand tiny tongues of static, all lapping at his straining maleness. Unbearable agony became unbearable pleasure, threatening to overwhelm the poor male. In just seconds the Vaporeon felt himself slipping, eyes rolling back into his head as the floodgates were thrown violently open...

With a ragged gasp the Vaporeon arched his hips and came, a powerful spurt of seed leaping from the end of his cock to splatter against the classroom floor below. The male jerked forcefully in his restraints, moaning loudly as he continued to be molested by the tiny electric-type. His body shook in its shock-induced orgasm, his balls emptying themselves onto the tile in thick streams of spunk. It was all the male could do not to black out, clinging to a last shred of awareness as his body blew harder than it had ever blown before.

The Pichu hung on doggedly as he spasmed, cheeks sparking as she poured her energy into the water-type's body. She adjusted her grip as well, fingers digging into the male's hefty ballsac, forcing out every last drop as she milked her male.

Ms. Ambia watched with a pleased expression, her body crackling with some static of its own as she held her pupil. Carefully she watched the little female work, observing her student, pausing once to glance down as one of the Vaporeon's orgasmic shots went wide and splashed across her footpaw.

As seconds ticked by the male began bucking even harder, twisting in place as he sought an outlet for the sensations rushing through him. He continued to thrust against the air, his member begging for more attention, still firing long, sticky ropes of cum. Already a puddle was beginning to form on the floor, as the Vaporeon's essence was forcibly extracted from his body. The Pichu just worked on, a satisfied smile on her face as she watched the results of her handy-work.

The professor let her play for a little longer -- until the male was quivering from head to tail, clearly stimulated beyond belief -- then cleared her throat to get her student's attention. "Ellie?"

The female shook her head, as if snapped out of a daydream. "Y-Yes, Ms. Ambia?"

"I think that's enough for now, dear. This is his first day, after all -- we wouldn't want to break him 
too soon."

"Awwww. Okay." Reluctantly the Pichu pulled her paws away, giving her subject one last good jolt-and-squeeze before she let go.

The Vaporeon spasmed in his bonds one final time, gasping breathlessly as his maleness surrendered one more mighty spurt of cream to the female -- and then he was done. The male slumped in his restraints, panting with exhaustion as his groin throbbed somewhere between pleasure and pain. His stomach crawled with the dull pain of ballache, but his member still stood out stiffly, bobbing slightly with his heartbeat. It was strange -- even after coming buckets, the Vaporeon couldn't help but wish for some kind of touch on his neglected cock. If only the Pichu would wrap her paws around it, just for a moment--

His abuser didn't seem to notice his need, however, letting the frustrated male continue to hang helplessly. "How was that?" she asked, looking to the professor for approval.

"Very good!" The Flaaffy smiled, bending to set her pupil down on the floor. "You're a fast learner, Ellie."

"Well," the Pichu squeaked proudly, landing bouncily back on her own feet, "I've been practicing on other boys, just like you told us to."

The professor smiled warmly. "Excellent -- a girl after my own heart. Keep this up and we'll have to start giving you advanced lessons."

Her eyes lit up. "Ooh, I'd like that."

"I know you would. Now, on your way!"

"Yep! Thank you Ms. Ambia!" she said, skipping to the door. She waved back quickly before closing the door behind her, scampering off down the hall until she was out of sight.

The Flaaffy watched her go for a few seconds, crossing her arms across her chest. "Oh, Ellie. Such a sweetheart, don't you think? And one of my better students."

The male coughed weakly.

"Glad you enjoyed it too," she chuckled, striding over to her desk. "Now let's see..." The female picked up a brown clipboard, making a few marks before flipping to the next page. "That's one down, twenty-nine to go. Who's next?"

The Vaporeon groaned, wincing. It was going to be a long day.

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