Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragon Slaying (8): For Her Pleasure (canon version)

It took a moment or two before the scene in front of me really sunk in. "Uh...hello," I said simply, as my brain attempted to process what was going on.

Sitting about ten feet away from me was the dragoness I had been looking for, the female in heat whose scent had been driving me crazy since this morning -- and from where I was, I could see every ruby-red scale on her naked body. She was leaning back against a tree with her legs spread, one hand squeezing and groping a pair of firm, luscious breasts while the other drove an improvised stone dildo in and out of her sex. Already she was covered in a thin sheen of sweat, glistening slightly in the afternoon sun, body splayed out wantonly as she took care of her needs. She continued to pleasure herself even as she looked back at me, grinning as she caught my eye.

My god. My member twitched at the sight -- I'd seen pin-up models that didn't look this good. Granted, it probably didn't hurt that she was the first female dragon I'd seen in months, that she was openly masturbating in front of me, or that she was giving off enough pheromones to keep me horny for the next week, but even ignoring that she was something to see. Exotic, too -- I'd heard of red dragons, but this was the first one I'd seen in the flesh. I must have travelled farther from home than I'd realized.

"Come to join the festivities?" she purred, interrupting my train of thought. Her gaze slipped down to the pole of dragoncock jutting happily from my crotch, and the dragoness licked her lips, sliding the stone dildo from her dripping slit and setting it down beside her. "You certainly kept me waiting long enough..."

My length gave a forceful twitch, beyond stiff at the female's suggestive approach. "I, uh--" I stuttered, searching for a response. "That is--"

"Don't be shy," she replied, smiling. Already she had moved onto her hands and knees, starting to crawl towards me. "All I'm looking for is a fuck."

Oh god -- the smell of her heat got even stronger as she drew closer, until my head swam with the scent. My member 
ached for some kind of touch...but just beneath it my swollen nuts were giving off an even stronger ache, still recovering from the trauma they'd just been put through. If I busted a nut in this condition, I'd probably spend the next week curled in the fetal position. I couldn't do this. Despite every instinct to the contrary, I cleared my throat and tried to decline. "N-no, you don't understand. I, uh..."

But the dragoness wasn't listening -- in fact, she was looking hungrily down at my cock, bending forward and quickly closing what little gap was left between us. She grinned once more, her gaze falling to my groin. "Well 
you look like you could use a hand. Or maybe a tongue..."

Before I even had time to respond, her head was in my lap, her lips wrapped around the first few inches of my pride. I let out a shuddering exhale, the air rushing from my lungs as she rapidly worked her way down my shaft. Her tongue snaked along the throbbing length, my member disappearing down her throat before I could protest. Not that I really 
could protest, given that I was in the middle of a long, lustful moan...I couldn't remember the last time anything had felt this good. The only recent sexual experience I had besides my own hand was my experience with Opal, the frog, but not even having her magnificent rack squished up against my cock could compare to this. I wondered if all females in heat were this good at giving head.

I leaned back, melting into the tree trunk behind me as the dragoness I'd met just a few minutes prior slaved away at my dragonhood. She grabbed the base of my shaft in her hand, and my toeclaws curled as she began squeezing and stroking the length that wasn't already in her mouth. God, I could feel the
heat radiating off of her -- she had to be in the thick of her cycle. No wonder she was so eager to jump my bones. I couldn't help but reach down and place a hand on her head, feeling her rise and fall as she bobbed up and down on my thick length. To think -- had I really tried to turn this down? Sure, the ache in my balls was still there -- in fact, it was there pretty strongly -- but it was more than drowned out by the heavenly tongue dancing around my shaft.

Or at least it 
was drowned out, until my new female companion decided to switch tactics. I didn't initially notice when she hefted my ballsac in her claws, but I definitely noticed when she decided to give me a friendly squeeze. "Ah!" I gasped, bending forward, "ah, not so--not so rough, please!"

My comment actually made her stop, and for a moment I feared that I'd offended her -- especially when she pulled up on my shaft, allowing the length to slip from her muzzle and back into her hand. She gave me an inscrutable look, then began to reposition herself. She had been kneeling in front of me so far, but now she lay down on her stomach, propping herself on her elbows to ensure her tongue remained in range of her target.

One fortunate side effect of this was that I got my first glance at her backside, including the her rear: deep red scales covering taut flesh that looked infinitely squeezable. Granted, the view was partially blocked by her tail, but I could see more than enough to get the idea. Of course, an even 
more fortunate side effect of her new position was that her magnificent rack -- which I'd been a little too distracted to admire so far -- was now pretty much presented for my viewing pleasure. Hell, the girl had tits to rival Opal, and that was saying something. I could feel my length give another strong throb as my eyes traced over her cleavage, imagining the twin mounds wrapped around my rod...

But the position she was in now didn't exactly lend itself to titfucking, and the female had other plans in mind. She craned her neck forward, opening her mouth once more, but instead of resuming her blowjob she went lower, sucking one of my swollen balls between her lips.

For a moment I was absolutely terrified -- fuck fuck fuck, oh god, not those 
teeth! -- but that fear was quickly laid to rest as she continued sucking, rather than chomping down and making me squeal like a hatchling. I watched with bated breath as she rolled the scaly orb on her tongue, trying to force myself to relax. I still wasn't convinced she wasn't about to do something awful, but when she was only a bite away from making me half a male, I wasn't about to argue. Besides, after having my balls bashed up by half a dozen women, it was nice to be reminded that they could be used for pleasure, too. It certainly helped relieve some of the pain from the stomping that hippo had given me just a little earlier. I shivered as she suckled on the oversized egg for a few more moments before letting it slip back into the open air. She then gave my other nut the same treatment, wrapping her long tongue around the bruised spud and gently playing with it. By the time she had finished I was panting, slumped back blissfully against the tree.

"Better?" she asked.

"Yes," I groaned back. Maybe having balls wasn't such a bad deal after all.

"You'd better be," she replied. "You're not getting off that easy."

I didn't have time to consider what she meant before the dragoness suddenly resumed her ministrations on my cock, gulping down the throbbing pole even faster than she had before. I let out a loud, throaty moan, eyes rolling back into my head as her tongue danced skillfully around my shaft. I watched her straighten out her neck to take more of my length as her lips moved down, down, down, until finally her nose bumped up gently against my groin. It was a hell of a sight, watching this goddess of a female go down, working feverishly to swallow down every last inch of my dragonhood, and despite all I'd been through I could feel my balls starting to rise.

I could easily have busted a nut right there, given another minute or two, but instead the female chose to pull back once more. I watched entranced as she slowly came up on my shaft, several feet of dragoncock reemerging into the open air, now glistening with her saliva. I couldn't help but shudder weakly as she gave one more lick along the underside of my length, earning a short spurt of pre in response that splashed across her face. 
God this girl was good. It was all I could do not to just melt into a puddle of hormones where I sat.

Of course, my partner had much more planned. Without another word she turned away, climbing to her knees. For a moment I thought she was leaving -- seriously, after all I'd been through I had to meet a cocktease? -- but no, no, she was just crawling a few feet away, that gorgeous ass swinging back and forth as she moved. I watched her rear sway seductively for a few more seconds before she came to a stop, bending forward to let her upper body rest against the ground, presenting me with a clear view of...oh. Duh.

"Well then." She looked back over her shoulder, tail raised invitingly. "Why don't we get started?"

I knew even at the time that this was a bad idea, with my balls basically broken and all, but I'd challenge any male with a pulse to turn down what I was seeing -- particularly any other male as pent up as me. You have to understand: there are very few species out there in the natural world that are the size of us dragons, and even fewer that are equipped to handle the kind of rod that us male dragons keep between our legs. That wasn't a problem back a few hundred years ago, back before we were an endangered species, but now that our numbers have dwindled, it can be hard for a guy to find a dragoness in need of a fuck. Combine that with an extremely active sex drive and you get an entire race of sexually frustrated dragons, forced to "take matters into their own hands", as it were. I couldn't tell you how many loads I've blown imagining a scene like the one I was in right now.

Anyway, my point is that there are very few females out there who are even 
capable of having sex with me, at least in the traditional sense. I'd gotten my rocks off with smaller fems before -- most recently with Opal, of course -- but never actually, y'know...

So yeah, I was a virgin.

Now you tell me: if you'd never had sex before, and a naked, horny, needy dragoness was begging you for a fuck, you'd do it, right? Busted balls or no, it's not like you see this kind of opportunity every day. Carefully I rose to my knees, trying not to disturb the swollen seedsacks hanging between my legs as I crawled forward. I was a little worried, sure, but what was the worst that could happen? After all I'd been through, getting screwed silly by a female in heat wasn't exactly torture. My balls could take a little long as I was careful, anyway.

I placed a hand on her scaly rump, giving the flesh a firm squeeze, my heart pounding as I settled into position. To think, soon my hips would be slamming up against that ass...I shook my head, forcing myself to focus. I shifted forward a bit further on my knees, one hand reaching down to guide my member, until the tip brushed up against something warm and wet...

I might have savored the experience for a moment longer if I'd had the choice, but the female was eager to get started. As soon as she felt me press against her entrance she pressed back, the first few inches of my length disappearing into that tight slit, 
god. Was this what sex actually felt like? Every instinct in my body told me to just thrust the rest of the way inwards, but I forced myself to calm down, trying to keep a level head. After all, my balls were still throbbing in pain from their earlier abuse -- I didn't want to get too eager and accidentally bust myself. I wasn't about to blow this kind of opportunity. Carefully I continued to push inwards, trembling with pleasure at the smooth walls that gripped my member, until finally my hips met hers, the full length of my dragonhood surrounded by her warm sex.

Beneath me the dragoness let out a pleasurable hiss, her back arching as I sunk slowly into her sex. Her tail curled around one of my legs, trying to pull me in deeper. "Mmm...faster," she moaned, in a voice that made my cock throb.

Oh god, I wanted to, to let myself go and start rutting -- I just wasn't sure if my gonads could handle it after all they'd been through. I had to try, though. I forced myself to pull back out, toeclaws curling from her tight grip around my pole. I paused for a moment to steel myself, then thrust in again, sighing in pleasure -- then cringing as my ballsac slapped up against her and a strong jolt of nausea shot up my spine. I let out a grunt, trying to swallow back the pain. C'mon, seriously? 
Fuck today was not my day. Still, the warm wet tunnel surrounding my cock remained rather compelling, so I pulled back, gritting my teeth as I prepared for another thrust...

Apparently that wasn't enough for the female. "
Faster," she repeated, a little more forcefully this time, pressing her rump back to meet my thrust.

This didn't help my balls, which managed to swing up between the two of us and get squashed uncomfortably between my groin and her ass before they could squirm away to safety. "Oogh," I gasped, my grip on her sides tightening instinctively as I bent over, reacting to the sudden sickness in my stomach. "Nngh, could you...not do that?"

"Could you fuck me?" she hissed back, shooting a deadly look over her shoulder.

She did not look happy. I bit my lip and swallowed nervously as I pulled out once again, still somewhat hunched over the female. I knew what she wanted, and fuck if I didn't want to give it to her, but I also knew there was no way I could pound her without also putting myself in a world of pain. My nuts were giving off a considerable ache even while I stood still. Still, she was waiting...

I was going to be walking funny after this, but I couldn't see any better option -- she wasn't about to take 'no' for an answer. Throwing caution to the wind, I thrust in once more, my toes curling in pleasure at the sensations coming from my cock, then curling in pain as my ballsac slapped up against her. I forced myself to keep going, pulling out and thrusting in and trying to block out the pain, but each thrust was like another slap to my already tenderized testicles. I felt my knees trembling beneath me, fighting to support my weight as the agony grew in my gut. God damn that hippo. I could feel my pace slowing, and sure enough, it was only a few moments before she interrupted yet again.

"I said 
faster!" she shouted, clearly frustrated. "Gods, do I have to do everything?"

I yelped as I felt a clawed hand shoot up between my legs, wrapping around my battered balls. The blood drained from my face as I realized what she was doing. 
Oh no...she couldn't possibly--

Any further thought process of mine was interrupted by the sudden 
yank on my bloated plums. My body lurched forwards to prevent the female from ripping my jewels clean off -- sure, they were low-hangers, but they didn't stretch that far. That, in turn, caused me to slam my cock into her tight slit right up to the hilt...which was of course exactly what she wanted in the first place.

I bent over the dragoness with an agonized groan just as she arched upwards with a happy moan, her sex spasming around my length. "
That's it," she hissed, claws scratching at the earth. "Come on, don't you know how to fuck a girl? Let's try again."

I couldn't do much more than grunt in reply, but I breathed a sigh of relief as she relinquished her grip, letting my mangled marbles slip through her fingers. Apparently she was giving me another chance...or so I initially thought. To my horror, I felt something else curl around the neck of my scrotum, encircling my aching pair and squeezing them down tightly into their pouch. 
What on earth? She'd just let go of me -- I could see her hand now, briefly moving to fondle her tits before she set it back on the ground. How the hell was she grabbing me now? As far as I could tell, her whole body was busy. I could see all four of her limbs, her arms supporting her upper body, her legs on either side of mine, and that didn't leave anything but...ah.

Her tail.

I let out another squeak as I was jerked backwards by my gonads, the scaly spunk-factories squirming but failing to escape from the coils of the female's tail. Instead the two nuggets were squashed together into one enormous mass, trying in vain to escape the ungodly pressure. I squealed as my fragile eggs were assaulted once more, compressed into an ever-shrinking space; the dragoness merely let out another pleasurable rumble as I slid back out of her, my cock prepared for the next thrust.

Of course, now I could see where this was going, but I was nowhere near fast enough (or at this point, strong enough) to stop it. This time the female didn't even both letting go with her tail: she just grabbed my balls themselves, the full-to-bursting lump at the bottom of my sack, and pulled, my nutmeat squishing between her fingers as she propelled me forward. I roared in agony as my dragonmakers were crushed, even as my member disappeared once more, my hips slamming up against her gorgeous ass. Oh god, what I would've given to plow that ass any other time, any time but 
now -- and then I was jerked back again, my roar of pain transitioning to more of a squawk as her tail squashed my poor berries.

Beneath me, the dragoness was having the time of her life. She began to build up a rhythm, using me like some sort of organic dildo, making all sorts of pleasurable noises as she shoved my thick length in and out of her slit. I, on the other hand, was fighting to escape from a world of agony. My poor nuts, already flattened from hippo-stomping, were sending waves of nausea through my body, the slippery orbs unable to escape from her vicious grip. I could just picture them popping in her claws, the scaly spuds unable to take the pressure, and the thought of losing my boys after all we'd been through made me want to curl up and die even more than I already did.

I tried to think of what I'd done to deserve this -- if maybe this was karmic repayment for something I'd done before -- but I couldn't remember a time I'd ever put anyone through this much pain. No, this was just plain sadism. I wondered briefly what merciful god could possibly allow this to happen. Then I pictured Mother Nature, sitting back and laughing her ass off at me. Hell, it was her who designed us guys with our nuts on the outside. Maybe this was her idea of a practical joke.

Anyway, one way or another my family jewels were being crushed, and within a few seconds I had all but collapsed on top of the dragoness. I was draped across her back and writhing in pain, her strength holding up the two of us as she continued to use me as a fucktoy. "My 
BALLS," I croaked, "what are you doing tooooaaAANNNRRGGHH!"

"That's it, moan for me," she grinned, her fist clenching tightly around her badly-busted handful. "Oh 
godthat makes me hot."

I could only screech in reply as my guts continued to turn themselves inside-out. My nuts were putty in her grip, her fingers digging deeply into the center of each orb, the scaly organs quivering on the edge of rupture. If she kept this up much longer, my dragonhood was either going to be reduced to goo or skewered on her claws. Either way I was going to spend the rest of my life in the fetal position, weeping.

I had to make it stop before it was too late. With the small part of my rational mind I still had left, I tried to reason with her. "
Please," I squealed desperately, "you're going to pop my balls -- don't you want to have kids?"

"No, actually," she shot back, "I just wanna get 
fucked. And if you can't do that, maybe I'll find someone with the stones to do the job." She pulled back again with her tail, murmuring pleasantly to herself. I could feel the walls of her passage ripple around my rod, gripping my shaft tightly as it slid out...not that that made up for the stranglehold on my nutsac. And then she was reversing direction, squashing my plums between her fingers as she pulled me back in--

god, the nausea. A dragon's testicles were never meant to be treated like this. I think the only thing that kept me from throwing up is that I was too weak to go through that much effort. I just lay sprawled across her back, twitching weakly as my cock slid in and out of her sex. was still rock-hard, too, even as the rest of my body went limp. I guess the scent of a dragoness in heat was just too much to resist. Pity I couldn't enjoy my first proper fucking.

I was pretty much ready to give up at this point, to let her do what she wanted and just hope I was still in one piece when she finished, but unfortunately it wasn't going to be that simple. All the twitching I'd been doing while draped across the female's back had caused me to slump to one side, leaning towards the right. Thus, when she suddenly squeezed with her hardest squeeze yet -- I guess I'd hit a good spot, because she moaned at the same time -- my limbs spasmed once again, and it was just enough to push me off the dragoness and let me tumble towards the ground.

Before hitting the dirt, though, I came to an abrupt and unfortunate stop. See, just because I'd fallen off the girl's back didn't mean she'd let go of my nuts -- in fact, her tail was still wrapped quite tightly around my ballsac, and as a result I found myself in a rather uncomfortable position. I let out a choked gasp as for a split second my lower body was suspended by my balls, the dragoness refusing to let go, still crushing the rubbery lumps in the coils of her tail...until she released me, allowing me to crash the remaining few inches to the ground.

For the time being I just lay there, too battered even to curl into the fetal position. I couldn't even think with the waves of pain washing over me. It felt like my groin was on fire -- except that fire probably would've hurt a lot less. In my state, having my eggs boiled seemed a lot more pleasant than having them crushed.

The dragoness, on the other hand, reacted immediately...and she was not happy. Her lustful panting turned into a frustrated groan and then into an angry growl as my thick length slid out of her, leaving her empty. She glared back at me over her shoulder, then climbed to her feet, brushing the dirt off her knees. The female folded her hands beneath her breasts as she stood over me, her red scales shining with a light sheen of sweat.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm not done with you yet!"

I let out a low, agonized keen, rocking slowly on the ground. "Oh my 
god," I moaned, claws moving shakily to cradle my nutsack. "You...oh, my balls."

"Oh come on." The dragoness frowned down at me, watching as I tried feebly to protect myself. "They're just bashed around a bit, you're still intact." She placed a foot on one of my calves, sliding it up along my leg until it rested on my upper thigh. She nudged my arm with her toes. "Now come on, move your hands."

I whimpered in pain, refusing to budge. "Oh...oh god," I moaned, claws wrapped tightly around my tortured package. "Oh god, please, no, not...
nmgh...not my balls, not my balls!"

The female scowled at me, placing her foot on top of my hands. "I would advise you to move your hands," she growled softly, "unless you want me to stomp your balls into jelly right now."

I cried out as the dragoness pressed down on my hands, pushing my already tenderized testes into my pelvis. "Alright, 
alright!" I squealed, forcing my hands to my sides, "oh my...ANNgh!"

"Very good." The dragoness poked a bare toe at my scaly scrotum, smiling as my hips twitched in painful response. "I wouldn't want to have to ruin a perfectly good set of dragon testicles." She slid her foot up farther, rubbing it against my limp member. "Especially when they're attached to a cock like this."

Despite the immense pain, I felt some stirring of pleasure in my groin as the female rubbed her sole against my dragonhood, her toes splaying around the head. 
God that felt good -- and despite the pain, I still felt practically ready to blow. If I hadn't been so worried about having her foot that close to my nuts, I probably would've been spurting precum like a blue-balled teenager.

"Now," she continued, speaking very carefully. "Are you going to fuck me, or what?"

I shuddered, trying to focus despite the rubbing at my cock and the nutpain still throbbing in my gut. No...there was no way I could do this, no way I could screw her in this condition. It had been a bad idea from the beginning. I had to get out now, find some medical attention and hope my balls were still functional. Opal was supposed to be nearby -- maybe she'd have a potion that could help.

"N-no," I replied, "I...I wish I could help you, but I can't, I--"

That was not the answer she wanted to hear. I let out a squeak as the heel of her foot came crashing down into my family jewels, my pleasant footjob abruptly terminated.

"Are you kidding me?!" she exclaimed, grinding her foot down into my balls to emphasize her statement. "All I'm asking for is a fuck -- can't you at least give a lady 

I couldn't even string together a reply at this point -- I just lay on my back, gazing weakly at the towering female as I tried not to vomit. Between my legs, my testicles felt like bowling balls, swollen to impossible proportions.

Her expression darkened even further. "I swear, you are the most useless male I've ever met," she seethed. With an aggravated huff she pulled her leg back, then let her foot fly at full speed into my swollen plums. I didn't even have time to react before she did it again, her toeclaws slamming into my bare balls with all the strength of a full-grown dragoness and all the fury of a female scorned.

BALLS!" I squealed, curling double to protect myself -- but she was faster. First she fell to a kneeling position -- her knee landing directly on top of my balls, of course, squashing them into the dirt under her weight. Then, while I was still twitching from that blow, she reached down and scooped my nuts up in her hand, wrapping her fingers around the neck of my ballsac. She fired a punch into my trabbed orbs to get my attention, making me cry out as my body quaked in pain.

"Look at me!"

I cracked open one of my eyes to face the demoness between my legs, her face warped with an almost possessed fury and her claws wrapped oh-so-tightly around my naked gonads.

"Now are you going to fuck me," she growled, "or should I just pop these now?" Immediately she clamped down, my balls losing any sort of spherical shape as my nutflesh squished out sideways between her fingers.

I could feel my reproductive future on the edge of bursting in her grip. "

"That's more like it." She eased off on her grip, my testicles springing back into some semblance of their usual shape. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Just give the girl what she wants and we'll be done in no time."

I couldn't do anything but wheeze for breath as she let my sac slip from her fingers, instead wrapping her hands around my cock and giving the rod a tight squeeze. Apparently she was unwilling to let me rest for even a second, stroking me quickly to bring me back up to my full hardness. What on earth had I gotten myself into? All I wanted to do at this point was curl up and nurse my aching spuds, but despite myself, I couldn't help but throb at her touches, my length pulsing eagerly for the female. I think my gonads had been through too much to know what was going on anymore, and the pheromones still swirling around me were messing with my head -- despite myself, I was feeling hornier by the second. I craned my neck to look down at the naked dragoness and coughed. I wondered if she'd let me keep my balls if I just came on her tits and called it a day.

The dragoness, however, had something else in mind. I watched as she crawled forward a few steps and straddled my waist, my pole pressed up against her stomach as she grinned down at me. She gave the length a few more quick strokes to make sure I was ready, then without any further delay she raised her hips, positioning herself over me. "Ready?" she asked -- but the question was rhetorical. Immediately she pressed down, her hand holding my cock steady as she slid it into her tight slit once again. Dazedly I watched her as she hissed quietly in pleasure, her knees sliding out from either side of my body as she began working her way down my dragonhood. Despite everything, I'd be lying if I said the sight was anything less than sexy.

Of course, once she'd sunk down on the first few inches of my shaft, her hand moved away from the base of my shaft to a much less sexy place. I wanted to weep as I felt her claws encircle my dragonmakers once more, poised to crush away--and sure enough, I felt her fingers begin to tighten, her grip instinctively closing as she let out a moan and her sex rippled around my member.

"Uh, please," I squeaked quietly, "could you just let go of my--"

But apparently she was busy focusing on other things, as just then she decided to spear herself on my length, hips slamming down the remaining foot between her body and mine. The female let out a shuddering gasp as suddenly she was filled with dragoncock, my member buried to the hilt inside of her. I let out a gasp too, as her ass came crashing down in my lap and her fingers tightened even further, both serious blows to my already traumatized testes. The nausea shot through my gut, like something feasting on my insides, and automatically my chest shot upwards, my body trying once more to protect its precious cargo.

The dragoness was having none of it, though -- she just placed a hand on my chest and shoved me back down against the ground. Then with a dreamy sigh she brought her hips up again, her body gripping desperately at every inch of my pride as it slid from her passage. She paused about 2/3 of the way up for just a moment before slamming back down once again, this time letting out an audible cry as she plunged my length back inside of her.

I let out another squeak as my scaly spuds were squashed even further, beginning to lose their oval shape, but there was little I could do as she rose up yet again, even more quickly than before. To my dismay the dragoness began to build up a rhythm, riding my throbbing pole, each bounce in my lap bringing her closer to the orgasm she desperately needed -- and bringing me one step closer to castration. The female wasted no time in ramping things up, and within just a few more seconds she had begun thumping up and down on me with abandon, moaning with lust as she rolled her hips against mine.

Similarly, it was only a few more thrusts until I was squealing as loudly as I had been before, bolts of pain racing up my spine as my eggs were scrambled for the umpteenth time. The dragoness had a death grip around my balls, the poor orbs all but obliterated between her claws as she squeezed away, and my body reacted accordingly. I jerked and twitched madly beneath the female, wave after wave of agony radiating outwards from my groin. I kept trying to curl up or to roll over -- to somehow protect my tortured plums -- but the dragoness just kept forcing me back down, using my body however she wished. Despite my pleas she continued to piston up and down my shaft, her tunnel milking my length like there was no tomorrow -- which there might very well not be, at least not for me. Within a minute or so my gonads were no longer anything but a misshapen lump in the dragoness's fist, crushed beyond recognition. Somewhere in the back of my mind came the realization that I was about to blow my final load: one last shot of spunk before my nuts just caved in completely. At least there was some chance I'd be passing on my genes. I prayed for a daughter -- for her sake.

I bucked desperately as her grip somehow continued to tighten, my poor nuts on the edge of bursting as she continued to frantically ride my cock. I squealed like a hatchling as she threatened to destroy my dragonhood -- squealing an even higher pitch than she was as she sunk down on me once more. She seemed completely lost at this point: her head rolled back in pleasure, groping herself with her free hand, her cunt squeezing around my shaft like she wanted to pull it right off. Even through the soul-crushing pain, there was a tiny part of me that couldn't help but appreciate her looks -- the way her body glistened with sweat, the way her breasts bounced on her chest as she continued to ride every inch of my length. It was amazing to think that I somehow stayed hard through all of this, though I guess on further consideration it wasn't that strange. After all, if you took out the whole 'testicles-being-squashed-like-grapes' thing, this was basically a sex fantasy come true. I tried to focus on the tiny kernel of pleasure that lay beneath everything, even as I was about to black out from the pain.

And that was when I realized it: the one thing that still might let me keep my balls and save me from a life of therapy and testosterone shots. As I had come to realize by this point, this dragoness was fucking insane. Nothing in the world was going to stop her until she got what she wanted -- and right now, all she wanted was more pleasure, no matter what she did to me in the process. Even now she was milking me for all I was worth, her sex spasming around the pillar of flesh between my legs. I would've blown my load in a second, if not for the pain.

So maybe...maybe if I could focus on the good stuff and block out the pain, if I could get her off the way she wanted, then maybe she'd let me go. I mean, she was in heat, and that was driving her body up the wall -- I'm sure she wasn't such a bitch under normal circumstances. I had to assume so, at least, or else me and my balls were 

With what was left of my functioning brain, I concentrated on thrusting, trying to reciprocate however I could. I managed to get my hips twitching in the right direction, at least, jerking upwards to meet her as her perfect behind continued to bounce up and down in my lap, but the dragoness continued to squeeze away, crushing my nuts as if she wanted to grind them into peanut butter. She was so lost in her own world that I don't think she had even noticed my feeble attempt.

Obviously I needed to do more -- to do something that would get her attention. Maybe some groping would do it. Her hips were within arms reach, as were her tits -- and hell, I'd wanted to squeeze those ever since I'd first seen her. I decided to take the opportunity, one hand moving jerkily to the curve of her hip, the other reaching shakily upwards to cup one of her breasts.

My fingers closed around the scaly mound, and immediately I felt my cock throb in response -- how many lonely nights had I spent imagining this, groping some busty female as she rode me into release? Trembling -- with pain or arousal, I'm not sure whice -- I gave the warm flesh as firm a squeeze as I could, fingers sinking into the supple flesh--

Just as I'd expected, that got her attention. On top of me the dragoness's eyes shot open, her body stopping mid-thrust. "Oh!" she exclaimed breathlessly, "

And then -- then she slammed herself back down in my lap, crying out lustfully as her body milked my rod for all it was worth. My eyes rolled back into my head as her sex rippled around my dragonhood, like a million little tongues slurping at my shaft, a dozen dragonesses on their knees with hands wrapped around my throbbing length. This was it -- there was no way I could resist that tight tunnel. I could feel the biggest load of my life rising from my balls, preparing to fire--

Unfortunately for me, her sex wasn't the only thing that tightened. Just as I felt sure that I had passed the point of no return, she let out another loud cry, throwing her head back as she finally reached orgasm. I felt an immense relief as her body squeezed down on mine, her pussy going into overdrive, my gonads ready to surrender their juice -- but then her fist tightened as well, and suddenly I wasn't nearly as joyful. To my horror, her grip grew even tighter around my dragonmakers, the vice closing even further, until her fingers began digging back into her palm, her claws halfway embedded in my balls. I squealed louder than I ever had before, hips bucking with renewed panic, but nothing I did could stop her. She just kept going, the pressure increasing, the tips of her claws digging into my tortured plums.

This was bad -- very bad. My scaly spuds squirmed in her fingers, trying to escape the impossible pressure, but they were trapped on all sides, the walls slowly caving inwards as her grip tightened. The dragoness just continued to bounce up and down in my lap, riding my length without a care in the world, as if she hadn't even noticed my mangled marbles about to burst in her clenched fist. "Oh 
god yes," she gushed, her sex squeezing tightly around my rod, "oh, fuck me!" Her hips rose once again before slamming back down into my lap, my pole swallowed to the hilt by her eager sex.

Beneath her I cried out, desperate to get the female's attention 
now, before it was too late. In any normal situation I'd think that my frantic squealing would be enough to catch her notice, but she was almost completely gone, her eyes rolling back into her head as she continued to thump up and down on my engorged length. My hand was still resting on her chest -- I tried giving her tits a more forceful grope in order to get her attention, but she just let out another blissful cry, squeezing my balls even harder. I immediately let go, letting out a strangled sort of squawk as both hands instinctively went to my groin, my entire body shaking at the level of pain. Oh, my nuts--!

But I had to keep trying to get her attention -- not that that was easy, with my arms and legs twitching uncontrollably and with my nervous system on the verge of shutting down. It took all the concentration I had to even move, trying to hit her or push her off of me -- but in my condition, I basically just flailed at her body, landing a few ineffective blows on her side as she continued to gasp in pleasure. Her face didn't register anything but pure joy as she rode my staff, her inner walls clamping down hungrily around the thick intruder. Despite everything, I could feel a moan bubbling up in the back of my throat, my tortured body still eager to deliver its gift to the female...if only she would give me a chance!

Another flailing blow slid uselessly down her side, and I could feel the world starting to close in on me. I knew it wasn't working, but I had to try once more. With a final surge of adrenaline I struck at her one more time, throwing all my strength behind my flailing arm and praying that it would catch her attention.

Of course, in hindsight it might have been a good idea to 
aim where I was hitting a little more carefully. As it was, I ended up delivering a firm spank to her rear, my open palm landing on the one of the globes of her ass with a fleshy smack.

Three things happened as a result.

First of all, the dragoness on top of me arched her back, cried out, and came, the extra bit of rough play just too much to handle. She writhed atop my prick, her entire body contorting in ecstasy as her heat-stricken body finally got the relief it needed. Her inner walls squeezed desperately around my length, milking the thick intruder like her life depended on it, trying desperately to make me blow my top.

And so of course, I followed right after her, blasting my load up into her inner depths with a roar. I couldn't stop my hips from jerking, my cock twitching frantically as I fired thick shots of dragonseed, rope after rope of semen. It was relief of a sort, but none of the usual bliss that came with busting a nut -- after all, her fingers were still clamped around my dragonmakers, the rubbery orbs squished nearly flat between her fingers. She was squeezing the juice straight out of my scaly spuds, like a pair of overripe oranges, crushing my dragonhood until there was nothing left but pulp. Still, she had already hit her peak, and I'd given her what she wanted -- it couldn't get any worse from here. Right?

Oh, if only. Apparently I had forgotten the first thing about a dragoness in heat: that her body will go
crazy for a dragon's seed. In fact, as soon as I let go with the first jet of my spunk she let out a scream of pleasure, her muscles tightening even further as her body demanded every last drop of my cream. Around my cock, it felt amazing, but elsewhere, I could feel her claws tighten one final notch, and I knew that something terrible was about to happen. I opened my mouth to squeal, to scream, to do anything I could to make her stop...but before I could speak, there came a very audible crunch from my groin.

Pain. It felt like a million knives jabbed into my gut, like some essential part of me had been forcibly ripped from my belly. All I could do was lie there, eyes frozen open in shock as the female continued to bounce up and down on my shaft, completely oblivious to what was going on around her. It couldn't be. There was no way, with just her bare had to be--

Suddenly I felt incredibly woozy. The darkness that I'd been fighting off for the past few minutes crashed over me, my vision clouding as my body gave up on twitching and instead just went slack. The last thing I heard before slipping into unconsciousness was the dragoness crying out unintelligibly, her body tensing once more as she passed into another shuddering climax.


  1. You deserve more comments! This story is really good. :D

    1. I'm glad you like! There aren't too many people out there looking for stories about a dragon getting his balls bashed in, so it's always nice to hear that someone found and enjoyed my stuff :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the series, too!