Friday, November 13, 2009

Pain, Personified (2): A Will and a Way

So my story about Deke wasn't enough to scare you off, huh? Strange people, you are. Not that I mind, of course -- I'm happy to talk about a subject like this all day.

Anyway, where was I...oh right, after the "accident". Lemme tell you, as far as accidents go that was probably the best one I ever made. Sure, I'd basically ruined my boytoy, and I was a little disappointed about that, but the knowledge I'd was pretty stimulating, to say the least. I spent pretty much the entire day after it happened locked in my room, frigging myself silly, imagining those big balls of his flattened between my toes. Then that night my mother and I had a nice long talk about the first guy she'd ever popped -- apparently some drunken turtle guy came home with her after a frat party, expecting to get lucky, and ended up going home with less than he bargained for. It was more good bonding time.

Of course, once my initial horniness from the experience started to wear off, I had to start looking for someone to replace Deke -- someone new to bust. Otherwise, until I found a new boyfriend I'd have to get my kicks elsewhere. As a result, the month or so after Deke and I broke up was pretty rough on the local male population. I'd gotten quite used to having a pair of nuts to bust whenever I wanted, and that wasn't about to change just because he was gone. Instead I took it out on just about anyone with testicles. I sent more than few people home with bruised balls, I'm sure. It was fun to be back on the market for a while.

I was a little worried, though -- a girl can only bust so many people in one village before the word gets out, and sure enough, within a couple of weeks I had started to build up a reputation. I caught at least a few boys my age purposefully shying away from me, and even the ones still willing to talk to me got a lot more careful: keeping some distance, standing at an angle, making sure that if I 
did hit them it wasn't likely to crush anything. One guy got so worried he started wearing a cup -- which I only discovered by slamming my knee up into his groin. (Of course, he hadn't put it on correctly, so I still managed to drop him to his knees...)

The pickings got slimmer by the day. Once in a while I'd manage to rope a guy in for a night of sex, then spend the evening making him squeal, but it got progressively more difficult to hook people as my reputation spread. Apparently even the promise of a nubile young orca gal wasn't enough to convince a male to put his nuts on the line. I mean, I still managed to get in plenty of kicks and knees walking around town, but I started to worry that I'd never find another male like Deke, someone to play with for hours on end. Until I met Will, that is.

I was down on the docks picking up some fish for dinner one night when I first ran into him. He was this skinny little dolphin kid around my age, a bottlenose, just lounging around and wasting time. That wasn't so unusual -- there were plenty of people who hung around the dock -- but what caught my eye was what he was wearing. I guess he must have been jogging earlier or something, because he was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts that didn't leave much to the imagination. My gaze was immediately drawn to the two sizable bulges that were his testicles, parked beneath an equally-impressive bulge that could only be his cock. He certainly wasn't shy about his equipment -- and why would he be, with tackle like that?

I licked my lips. Of course, being the girl I am, I had an appreciation for a fine pair of balls, and I couldn't very well leave without giving 'em a quick feel...or a kick. He was by himself, fortunately, so I snuck up behind him as quietly as I could and tapped him on the shoulder. "Um, excuse me?" I asked, putting on my most innocent look.

"Yeah?" He turned to face me, legs wide open...perfect. Before he had a chance to do anything else, I slammed my knee up into his crotch, pulverizing that tight package. It was a great hit -- he was completely unprepared, and I got him just right, hitting so hard that I lifted him into the air. I felt the twin orbs flatten against my thigh and gave myself a mental pat on the back -- he'd be hurting for a 
while from that kind of a knee. He let out a startled "oomph" at the blow, his body tensing, and his eyes went sorta unfocused...pretty typical stuff for a guy who's just been racked. I waited until he locked eyes with me, then pulled my knee back in order to let him fall, waiting for him to crumple onto his knees. But he didn't.

At first I was confused -- maybe I hadn't hit him as hard as I thought? -- but when I looked down, his legs were quivering, barely supporting his weight. I'd definitely busted him good, but somehow he was staying upright. He wasn't even hunched over! Any guy in his right mind would be holding his balls, at least trying to protect himself, but he was just standing there like I hadn't even hit him. I could still see those two lumps in his shorts -- rearranged a bit by my knee, but otherwise as plump and healthy-looking as ever.

Finally the dolphin seemed to gather his thoughts, a pained but amused look spreading across his face. "Is that all you got?" he asked, grinning.

I was too stunned for a response, so I just did the first thing that came to mind: I hauled off and kicked him in the dolphinmakers, as hard as I could. I was in bare feet, and all he had on were those tight-fitting shorts, so I could 
feel his nuts as I made contact. I knew I'd caught 'em both, slamming them up into the pelvis, following all the way through with my kick to make sure his eggs were nice and scrambled. It was a textbook ballbust, the kind my mother would be proud of, and the look on his face said the same thing -- score one for Kayla. I held my foot there for another moment, juggling his balls with my toes before pulling back to let him drop to the ground.

I watched him struggle with himself for a moment. His eyes were bugged out just a bit as his body tried to process the pain coming from his groin, the flood of signals racing up his spine. He started to bend over, knees buckling -- then stopped and began straightening again, slowly but surely. From the way his body shook, he was obviously in agony, but somehow he managed to hold it together, his legs still spread.

Well. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed -- I hadn't met the male yet who could stay standing after a kick like that. And he still wasn't even covering himself! His fins twitched, obviously eager to cover the twin orbs between his legs before I could crush 'em again, but he managed to keep them to his sides, leaving his hefty nuts open to whatever torture I had next. Almost like he wanted me to kick 'em again. The idea was tempting.

Mmmgh." He gasped, still grinning despite the obvious pain. "C-Come on, you can do better than that."

I had to laugh. He had guts, if maybe not brains, and I liked that. "Are you 
looking to get your balls popped?"

"Depends," he grunted, still fighting to maintain his balance. He gave me the best sly look he could, given the circumstances. "Will you be doing the popping?"

Y'know, it's strange -- I got compliments from guys all the time, on things like my looks or my personality, but they rarely affected as much as his little remark did. I felt a blush rising to my cheeks, which was only aided by the sight of the bow-legged dolphin boy in front of me. Damnit, he was so 
cute trying not to buckle over! I couldn't take it. Without another word I turned away, preparing to leave -- but not before flicking my tail up sharply between his legs, my flukes striking his ballsac with an audiblesmack.

That, apparently, was enough: the male lost all pretense of composure and toppled to his knees, fins moving to cup his battered groin. "Oh 
fuck," he groaned, curling up on the ground.

I smiled to myself and left.

That was our first encounter, and it was enough to keep me thinking about him almost non-stop for the next week. I went back to the dock a few times, hoping to bump into him again, but he was never there, so I had to content myself with the memory...which was more than enough to fuel a few late-night masturbation sessions. After a few days I started to fear that maybe I wouldn't see him again, but then one sunny afternoon we ran into each other in the center of town. I was out with some girlfriends to take advantage of the weather, and when I looked up, there he was, sitting on a bench and reading a magazine. I managed to excuse myself from the group and walked over to join him, scoping him out before he had a chance to notice me. I noted the crotch of his rather baggy shorts with some disappointment -- it was impossible to make anything out, even though I knew what lay just underneath.

I didn't have much time to be disappointed, though, as just then he looked up, glancing around for a moment before catching my eye. I'm sure he recognized me right away, but for whatever reason he chose not to say anything about our last encounter. Instead he just waved me over, gesturing to the empty seat beside him. He set his magazine aside as I took a seat.

"I'm think I may have seen you around here before," he started, smiling. He held out a fin. "I'm Will. Nice to meet you."

"Uh...Kayla," I replied, grabbing and shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you too."

That was how it all started -- we got to talking, and talking led to flirting, and we ended up hitting it off surprisingly well. I have interests outside of ballbusting, of course -- writing, gymnastics, swimming -- and as it turned out, we happened to like a lot of the same things. It was wonderful just hanging out and getting to know each other, swapping stories and experiences. We even got into a pretty long discussion about Eel Gaiman's latest book. Still, it was hard to focus with him sitting like he was, his legs spread, practically inviting another nutcracking. Every couple minutes I would steal a glance at the crotch of his shorts, imagining those plump spuds of his beneath my foot, or between my teeth, or squashed slowly by my fingers...

Eventually I realized that I had been sitting there for quite a while -- long enough that my friends had given up on waiting for me and left. In fact, judging from the grumbling of my stomach, it was about time to head home for some of my mother's cooking -- that or get grounded for breaking curfew.

"Listen," I said, "it's been fantastic talking to you, but I've gotta go -- we should hang out again sometime soon."

"Of course, I'd love to!" He grinned. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Sure! That sounds great." I smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow, then." With that I climbed to my feet, preparing to leave, but as I turned to walk away I caught a glint in his eye that I hadn't seen before -- the same amused glint that I'd seen when we'd first met. I paused, looking back at him one more time.

He looked straight back at me, still grinning. "Seriously?" he asked.

I blinked. "Sorry?"

He chuckled, folding his arms across his chest. "It's haven't tried to bust me once this entire conversation. I assumed you'd be all over me given the chance -- is something wrong?"

I couldn't help but laugh. It was so forward, after we'd both spent the entire afternoon tiptoeing around the topic -- but it was just what I'd been waiting to hear. "You mean you didn't get enough the first time?" I teased, looking down at his crotch. "I assumed the boys'd still be swollen about now. Besides, it seemed to me like a couple kicks were 
more than enough."

"Oh, I don't know that I could ever get enough of those legs of yours," he replied smoothly, eyes drifting downwards. "Wanna show me what else you got?"

I didn't need a second invitation. I took a step towards the dolphin, leaning in to whisper in his ear and placing a knee on the bench for support. Of course, I made sure to plant that knee in a very specific place, finding his balls in those baggy shorts and shifting my weight forward until they began to pancake outwards beneath me. I could feel the twin globes squirm, trying to escape the pressure, and -- oh god, I hadn't squashed a pair of nuts this good since me and Deke were still together. I could imagine his dolphinmakers distorting under my weight, those spunk-heavy nuggets flattening until they were ready to burst.

"How's this?" I asked, pressing down to accentuate.

He took a moment to respond, the look of pained shock on his face gradually turning into a pained smile. "G-good," he stuttered, glancing up at me. "Oh...oh 
god, you really know your way around a pair of nuts. Ohhh."

"Why thank you," I replied, smiling sweetly. The dolphin let out another "oof" as I bounced in his lap, grinding his balls against the wood of the bench.

It was only then that I noticed something poking insistently against my thigh, something thick and...throbbing. I'm not sure how I had missed the massive tent in his pants before, but it was more than obvious now, rubbing up eagerly against my leg. I wasn't sure if he was hard because of all the flirting we'd been doing, or if it was actually because I was kneeling on his nuts, but either way, he certainly wasn't getting any softer. I figured an erection was invitation enough. Without a word, I reached down, wrapped my fingers around the straining bulge in his pants, and gave it a few quick strokes.

The dolphin tensed and, to my surprise, exploded, his cock leaping in my grip and firing thick shots of spunk into his shorts. I could feel his member twitch as he blew his load, the cum forming a huge wet spot on the front of his pants. Will bent forwards with a quiet gasp, burying his face in my chest as his body shook and surrendered its spunk. I let him stay that way for a few more seconds, moaning out his pain and pleasure as he came down from his peak. It wasn't the smoothest thing in the world, to be sure, but it was flattering in a way.

I watched him twitch for a few moments longer, resisting the urge to slip a hand beneath my own waistband. God knows I was wet enough, but that could wait. First things first.

"Tomorrow, yes?" I asked, looking him straight in the eyes.

Will forced his gaze upwards to meet mine. "It's a date," he panted.

I leant back, taking my weight off his groin, and immediately he curled up, nursing his flattened spuds. I smiled, bending to give him a quick peck on the forehead before I turned and walked away, mind full of ideas for tomorrow.


  1. I would love to see more of these two going at it

    1. I have some (very) early drafts of the next chapter of this, but it's never quite come together, at least not yet. I'd definitely like to write more of Will and Kayla in the future, though!