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Battle Training (1): Lesson One

Tired of running around with lazy trainers, clueless Pokefans, and ten-year old idiots who don't realize Grass is weak against Fire?

So are we.

The Independent League.

Bring it.

"Leon! There you are." The Growlithe smiled as he spotted his roommate exiting the lecture hall.

"Hey Griff," the Charmeleon answered. "What are you doing here?"

"Thought I'd find you before your next class. How's your first day been?"

"Surprisingly good, actually." The Charmeleon grinned. "I mean, it sounds like training for the Independent League's gonna be as hard as I thought it was gonna be, but everyone seems really nice so far. What about you, how's your day been?"

"Good, good," he replied, hoisting his bookbag up onto his shoulder. "I won a mock battle in Hand-to-Hand earlier today, so that was an ego boost. It's a little weird, fighting without a trainer, but I like it. Hey," he continued, raising an eyebrow, "you're taking Weak Spots, right?"

The Charmeleon nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"I've, uh...I've heard some interesting things about it."

"Why, bad professor or something?"

"Something like that."

"Eh." Leon shrugged. "Well, it's my next class, so I guess I'll find out soon enough,"


"Obviously," the Nidoqueen continued, "it's important to know your opponent's weak spots in a battle. This knowledge is often the difference between winning and losing, so you would do well to pay close attention. Now, there are obviously a number of techniques that can be applied to various kinds of weak spots. Some techniques can be applied to almost any opponent. Others are specific to a single type of Pokemon. We'll be learning a number of both kinds, but we will begin with a technique that is effective against almost half of all Pokemon, regardless of species: attacking the testicles."

Leon's mouth hung open in disbelief: it widened even further as the instructor advanced to the next slide. Blown-up on screen was a picture of a female Charizard, her footpaw rocketing into the crotch of a male Blastoise. The Charmeleon unconsciously moved a paw to protect his groin, his own balls aching in sympathy at the sight of the poor water-type.

"Males," the Nidoqueen continued, "are often the toughest opponents in terms of sheer brawn, for a number of reasons. On the whole -- and this is a generalization, mind you -- males tend to be both more muscular and more aggressive than females, due to the production of testosterone by the testes. They are simply biologically predisposed to fighting, and this can make full-grown males very difficult opponents. In certain circumstances, however..." -- here the female tapped the screen, drawing attention again to the photo -- " may be able to use their malehood against them. Now, this isn't easy. Virtually any male you face will have been hit in the testicles before, and understand how important it is to protect themselves. If you find yourself in the right position, though, you can deal very significant damage with even a fairly weak attack."

Leon's mouth felt dry. He'd assumed there was some sort of courtesy rule for things like, he hadn't even assumed, hadn't even considered it. Weren't low blows

"Now of course, Pokemon are fairly diverse, so one of the first things you'll need to learn is: where are a male's testicles? Well, in most bipedal Pokemon, like Blastoise here, the testicles are located at the crotch, hanging outside the body in a sac of skin called the scrotum." The Nidoqueen tapped the board and up came a close-up of a Blastoise's ballsac, the turtle's heavy jewels hanging loosely in their sack. "This is great for reproduction -- it keeps the testicles from 'overheating', and allows the male's sperm to develop healthily. On the other hand, it leaves the testicles very vulnerable to attack, particularly because they're so fragile. A mild hit to the groin will stun most males like this, and a solid blow may end the match entirely."

She tapped the screen again, bringing up the Charizard femme. "Take this fight, for example. Several years ago in the Kanto semifinal. Both trainers were down to their last Pokemon, and the Charizard was obviously at a disadvantage type-wise. She kept fighting, though, and in the end she managed to dodge Blastoise's attacks until she could hit him in the testicles with a Mega Kick." The female tapped again and the board showed a follow-up picture, the Blastoise crumpled on the ground, clutching his balls in agony. The Charizard stood calmly next to him, her arms folded beneath her breasts. "As you can see, " the Nidoqueen continued, "she completely disabled her opponent and actually won the match, despite the type disadvantage."

"Excuse me?" A Vaporeon near the back of the class raised her hand. "Can you use other attacks on a male's testicles than just kicking?"

The Nidoqueen smiled. "Of course. The simplest techniques are kicking and punching, but if you're in the right spot, you can tail whip or bite as well. In some situations you can squeeze the testicles, which is extremely effective, but is also fairly difficult unless you're squeezing with vines or the like, as it's rather easy for a testicle to slip between your fingers. What else...if your opponent is stuck on the ground, stomping or jumping can do a lot of damage. Oh, and further along in training, some high-level psychic-types are able to crush an opponent's testicles without even attacking head-on."

The Vaporeon giggled. "Ouch...really? That must hurt."

"I would imagine so, but I couldn't tell you." She shrugged. "Now, before we go any further talking about testicles, I think it's important that you all, especially the females, have a chance to examine a real pair. So with that in mind, I'm going to need a male volunteer."

By this point the Charmeleon had his head down on his desk and his paws between his legs, trying not to visualize the awful things the Nidoqueen was saying. He rubbed his balls gently in an attempt to soothe their phantom pain.


The fire-type looked up, startled. "Wh-what?"

"Would you come to the front of the class for a demonstration?"

His face went white, "B-but I...I mean, I, uh--"

"Don't worry," the Nidoqueen reassured him, beckoning for him to come forward. "This part is entirely safe."

"I..." The Charmeleon blinked a few times. "O-...okay. Okay."

"Very good." The Nidoqueen smiled. "Now, if you could come sit on the desk, please, and spread your legs."

Leon blushed, but padded slowly toward the front of the classroom, stopping in front of the Nidoqueen's large, oaken desk. He turned and hoisted himself onto the top, hesitating for a moment before drawing his legs apart.

"Thank you," said the Nidoqueen, crouching down beside him. "Now class, as you can see..." -- the male inhaled sharply as she took his balls into her paws, gently lifting his dragonhood out of the way -- "...Leon here has a very normal, very healthy set of testicles. Right now, the scrotum is somewhat tight, and they are very close to his body. This is a natural defensive reflex -- the testicles will begin to withdraw into the abdomen if the body thinks they are in danger, or if the temperature is very cold. If the male is relaxed, however, they hang much lower in the scrotum."

The Charmeleon shivered; the Nidoqueen had begun massaging his testicles over the last few sentences, slowly coaxing them down into his leathery sac.

"Here we are." The Nidoqueen held the Charmeleon's testicles so that the class could see them. "Leon here isn't /totally/ relaxed, but you can see that his scrotum is much looser, which allows his testicles to hang lower and makes it /much/ easier to examine them. You should be able to see the pair of orbs very clearly right now, but keep in mind that most Pokemon's testes will be smaller than this. One of the reasons I chose Leon is that he has an unusually large pair of gonads for a Pokemon his size, which makes all this much easier to demonstrate."

A light titter went through the classroom; Leon blushed for a moment, somewhat pleased, until an adjustment of the female's grip brought him back down to earth. The Charmeleon grunted and felt his leg muscles tighten as she lightly pressed into his testicle, her thumb just barely indenting the scaly sphere. He rolled his head back with a soft moan as the Nidoqueen adjusted her grip, the agony slowly spreading from his kidneys.

"Right now," the female continued, "I'm hardly exerting any pressure on Leon's testicle -- about as much as it would take to squeeze a new tube of toothpaste. Leon, however, is already in considerable discomfort. If he were standing right now, he would probably still be able to keep his balance, but he would be noticeably shaky."

Leon had recovered enough to look back down at his own crotch. The sight of the Nidoqueen carelessly manipulating his balls in her paw was almost as bad as the nausea crawling through his abdomen.

The Nidoqueen was looking down at his testicles, too; she gave his nut a light pulse, earning another moan from the fire-type. "Also, at the moment, I'm only squeezing one of his testicles, between my finger and thumb. This is not a great technique for two reasons. First: it only attacks one of a male's testicles. Second: it is not a secure grip. As I mentioned earlier, it's rather easy for a male's testicle to slip out from between your fingers, especially if your opponent is not as cooperative as Leon here. So..."

Leon exhaled as the Nidoqueen let go of his one ball, but his chest tightened again as she wrapped her paw around his entire ballsac, trapping its tender contents in her fist. He let out a louder, shuddering moan this time as the female tightened her grip, causing a few in the class to giggle quietly.

"This way, both of the male's testicles are trapped in your fist, which makes it very easy to apply pressure. If the male tries to squirm away, a quick yank will usually stop him, but don't try too hard: a light pull is usually sufficient."

The Charmeleon felt sick now. The Nidoqueen's fingers were digging into his balls, prodding the trapped testes and sending stabs of pain into his gut.

"If you manage to get to this point, though, you ought to be squeezing away." The Nidoqueen adjusted her grip, and Leon's hips gave an involuntary jerk as she pressed down again. "A male in this state is extremely vulnerable, and a hard squeeze should provoke intense pain and a strong this."

Leon hardly had time to register the Nidoqueen's comment before she clamped down, his testicles squishing out from between her thick fingers. The Charmeleon let out a squeal, paws flying to his crotch, trying to dislodge the female. "My balls!" he shrieked, tail thrashing behind him. "MY BALLS!"

"As you can see," the Nidoqueen shouted, "he's completely helpless while I squeeze his testicles. And now, once I let go..."

Leon collapsed to the floor in the fetal position, clutching his ballsac in his paws. "My baaaalls," he moaned loudly, rocking gently on the floor. "Oh my god, my...annngh..."

The Nidoqueen folded her arms across her chest. "As you can see, he's completely incapacitated. If for some reason he tried to get up and fight again, I could do something like this."

The female spun around prepared to strike, and the Charmeleon was in too much pain to defend as her tail came crashing down between his legs, crushing his nuts against the floor. Leon squawked in agony, another spasm of gutpain shooting through his body. He tried desperately to curl up and protect his poor gonads, but before he could do so the Nidoqueen delivered another tail slam, flattening his aching balls. Leon could only gurgle as she placed a footpaw on his ballsac, pinning the spheres in place with her massive weight.

"Clearly, any fight would be over at this point," the Nidoqueen continued nonchalantly, flexing her toes atop the Charmeleon's scaly scrotum. "If, through some miracle, he was still able to battle, from this position I could easily bear down and crush his testicles beneath my paw until he surrendered."

The room was uncertain of how to react; the students had fallen into an awed sort of silence after watching such raw brutality unfold in front of them. Fortunately, they didn't have to: at that moment the bell rang, mercifully interrupting the display of pain.

"Already?" the female rumbled, surprised. "Well, alright. You've seen enough of a demonstration for today. Dismissed."

The roomful of students quickly began filing out, grabbing bookbags and pushing in chairs. "Remember your homework!" she shouted over the noise. "Chapter 8 and the handout I gave you at the beginning of class; they'll go into more detail on what we discussed today."

Several students paused on their way out to glance at Leon, who was still writhing at the front of the classroom. A few females giggled; a few males looked somewhat queasy. The last one to exit, a Lapras, stopped at the door. "Um...?" she asked uneasily, biting her lip. "Is he going to be alright?"

"He'll be fine," the Nidoqueen reassured. "I'll see to it personally that he's taken care of."

"A-alright. See you in class tomorrow, professor," said the Lapras, exiting the classroom and leaving the two Pokemon alone.

The female sat down on the front of her desk, folding her arms in her lap as she watched the fire-type writhe beneath her, still crumpled on the floor. She listened to his agonized groans for a few minutes before prodding gently at his side with her toe. "So, are you doing?" she asked tentatively.

"My nuts," the Charmeleon croaked, doubled over around his aching crotch. "Oh my god, what did you do to my nuts?"

"Yeah, listen," the Nidoqueen said sheepishly, scratching at the back of her head, "I'm sorry you had to go through that, but it's important that the class see a genuine reaction from someone who isn't expecting to be hit. For learning purposes and all. It happens every year, you just happened to be the unlucky male this time around."

"Oh /god/, why me," Leon wheezed. His claws were still wrapped protectively around his testicles, which judging from the feel had swollen to at least twice their normal size. "This is sick."

"It's a legitimate part of battling in the Independent League," she countered, watching the male curled up at her feet. "If you're going to be battling in the League someday, you need to know what you're up against and you need to be ready for it. Also, for what it's worth, this whole thing was safe -- I've never actually popped anyone's balls. Er. Well." The Nidoqueen blushed. "I've never popped somebody during that demonstration, anyway."

Leon simply groaned in response.

"Hey," the Nidoqueen continued after a moment, climbing down from her desk, "I, uh...I imagine you're not particularly fond of me right now, but I need to take a look at you and make sure everything's alright, okay?"

"/Mmrrgh/," he grunted, "please, no."

Her eyes softened. "Really, I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm just trying to make sure you're alright. If there /is/ something wrong, we need to find it now or you're going to be in trouble."

The Charmeleon was still less than thrilled to be letting the female have at his balls again, but he saw her point. Reluctantly -- and with great effort -- he rolled onto his back, slowly forcing his paws away from his crotch.

"Thank you," said the Nidoqueen, smiling as she dropped down the floor to join him. "I promise I'll make this as pleasant as possible."

Once again, the male shivered as the Nidoqueen lifted his dragonhood out of the way, and let out a deep, tense breath as the female gently cupped his nuts in her paw. This was probably going to hurt. He tried to ignore the small pangs of pain running through his torso as the female began to roll his balls between her fingers, her hot breath on his groin, her thumb rubbing in slow circles against his cockhead...

"W-what are you...?" he stuttered confusedly, craning his head to look down at the female, her paw wrapped firmly around his shaft.

"Hmm?" The Nidoqueen looked up from his crotch and grinned. "Ah. Well, I figure you deserve some kind of reward after what I put you through, and seeing as how I need to make sure everything's still working down here anyway, I might as well make it enjoyable, right?

"B-but whaaaaaoooohhhhhh," the Charmeleon moaned, caught by surprise as the female ran her tongue up the underside of his stiffening member, the length giving a healthy throb in response. "Fu...fuuuuuuuck."

"Relax," the female purred, giving the Charmeleon's length another gentle pump with her paw. "Your body's been through a lot recently -- it doesn't know what's going on right now. Give it a minute to adjust."

Leon started to protest but was interrupted by another slow, meandering lick up the side of his cock, the Nidoqueen's tongue sliding along the sensitive flesh. His head dropped back to the floor as she gave his straining rod a few short strokes, squeezing the length between her fingers. The Charmeleon shivered and let out a quiet groan as the female took him briefly into her muzzle, suckling on the tip of his cock for a moment before letting it slide from her mouth.

"Now," the Nidoqueen asked softly, pausing. "Feeling any better?"


"Should I keep going?"

"Please," Leon moaned. He shivered again as the female ran her tongue along his shaft once more, coating the rod in a layer of saliva. He could feel the Nidoqueen's hot breath on his cock as she gave him another long stroke, her thick fingers brushing against his balls at the base.

"Y'know, I wasn't lying earlier," she grinned, looking up briefly from the fire-type's throbbing member. "For a Pokemon of your size, you're hung."

"Th-thanks," Leon stammered, fighting to keep his tone steady as the Nidoqueen continued to slowly jerk him off. His cock twitched needfully in response to the female's strokes, unaccustomed to anything but the Charmeleon's own paw. Leon gave a quick glance down at his groin and gave a shuddering groan at what he saw: the female gazing hungrily at his crotch, one paw fondling her heavy breasts as the other continued to pump his impressive length. He tossed his head back and growled ferally as her tongue played across the end of his shaft, his body spasming in response.

However, the Charmeleon was brought quickly back to Earth as the Nidoqueen wrapped her fingers tightly around his ballsac. He let out a startled yelp as she gave the twin spheres a rough squeeze. "Oh fuck be careful with those," Leon groaned, an all-too-familiar wave of nausea rising in his gut.

"Oh stop complaining, they're just fine," she replied teasingly, rolling his nuts in her palm as she gave his shaft another lick, this time earning a small spurt of pre for her efforts. "Besides, here's something to make them feel better."

The Charmeleon inhaled sharply as the Nidoqueen took his nuts into her muzzle, sucking gently on the swollen orbs. Carefully she lifted one on her tongue, pressing it lightly to the roof of her mouth before repeating the action with the other testicle. Leon let out a throaty moan as she worshipped the twin spheres. In contrast to the agony he'd been through earlier, this treatment seemed almost unbearably pleasurable.

The female continued to suck for a few more moments before letting his nuts slip from her muzzle with a wet pop. "Did that help?" she purred, rubbing her nose up against his scaly balls.

"Yes," answered Leon dazedly, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth.

The Nidoqueen smiled. "I'm glad," she breathed, leaning in to swallow the dragon's shaft once again.

Leon had been fighting the impulse for a while, now, but couldn't resist any longer: a paw strayed to the back of the Nidoqueen's head, resting behind her ear as she serviced him. The female rumbled approvingly around the cock in her muzzle, sending a pleasant wave of vibration back to the Charmeleon and eliciting another shot of pre from the male.

The female pulled back for a moment to catch her breath and looked up at Leon, smiling. "Y'know," the Nidoqueen said, a hint of amusement in her voice, "there's nothing I'd like more right now than to ride the fuck out of you, but I think your balls have probably taken enough abuse today without my heavy ass, huh?" She stuck her tongue out. "Ah well. Maybe some other time."

"It's a daaaaaaaaaate," moaned the Charmeleon, arching his hips as the female slurped at his shaft again, licking from base to tip.

"I'll hold you to it," she replied with a wink, before moving to suck on one of his nuts again. She rotated the orb in her mouth, coating it with saliva before letting it fall out into her paw. She gave it a light pulse, earning a soft groan and a shot of pre that splattered across her muzzle.

Leon could feel an orgasm starting to approach: even with all his balls had been through, he felt ready to blow. The feeling intensified as something warm but unfamiliar enveloped his shaft: he looked down to find his cock sandwiched between the Nidoqueen's tits, her tongue still wrapped around the head.

"Lyke whachou see?" she mumbled around her mouthful, grinning.

"Ohhhhhh god yes," he groaned, head falling back to the ground as she began pumping in earnest. His rod slid smoothly between her mounds of flesh, his spurts of pre and her own saliva lubricating the passage. Gently he guided the female's head, bobbing up and down on his aching cock. He was close to the edge; any second now...

The Nidoqueen too could sense that he was close: with each stroke she felt his shaft /throb/ between her breasts, threatening to explode. She redoubled her efforts, gripping her generous melons around the rock-hard flesh. "Come on," she growled playfully, spitting on the Charmeleon's cock, "we don't have all day." Again she took him into her muzzle, suckling on the end of his length.

"Fuuuuck," the fire-type moaned, head rolling back in pleasure. "I...I'm gonna--"

"/Mmmmm/," rumbled the Nidoqueen in response, sucking hungrily on the Charmeleon's throbbing member and stroking that which remained outside of her muzzle between her breasts.

"I...oh god," Leon panted. "Ahh...ahhhhh...ANNNGH!"

Leon's hips spasmed as his cock let loose, firing spurt after spurt of red-hot ejaculate down the Nidoqueen's throat. The female wrapped her tongue around the rod and gulped down the first few shots as the Charmeleon moaned something unintelligible, his paw gripping the female's head tightly. The Nidoqueen continued to suck for a few moments before letting the length slip from her muzzle and back into her paw, continuing to pump the rod as another several ropes of the Charmeleon's cum splashed across her chest. With her free paw she rubbed the warm seed into her tits, leaning in to lick up what had dribbled down Leon's cock.

The fire-type moaned softly as he fired off a few more weak spurts, painting the Nidoqueen's muzzle with his spunk. His eyes were wide open, unfocused, staring at the ceiling as the female lapped at his member. Her tongue sent post-orgasmic shivers through his body, his toeclaws curling at the sensation.

The Nidoqueen rumbled pleasantly as Leon's cock continued to spasm weakly in her grip, the male stiffening slightly with each contraction. She looked down at herself and grinned at the Charmeleon's load splattered across her chest, slowly dripping downwards towards her already dripping slit. "Now," she asked, taking a moment to lick the cum from the back of her paw. "Feeling any better?"

Leon simply groaned in response, torn between the lazy bliss of afterglow and the residual ache still lingering in his balls.

The Nidoqueen smiled. "Yeah, I know they still hurt. It takes a while, unfortunately."

The two rested in silence for a few moments, the female content and the male exhausted. The Nidoqueen lay down alongside Leon, her breasts pressing up against his side, her slit rubbing wetly against his thigh.

"Listen," the Nidoqueen said, finally. Her paw continued to drift up and down slowly, absent-mindedly stroking the Charmeleon. "I know you're in no condition to move yet, and I don't have anywhere to be, so why don't you just...hang out here, for the time being?"

"Sounds...sounds good," panted the Charmeleon, still quite dazed and disoriented from his experience.

The Nidoqueen smiled. "Good. And besides," she added playfully, shifting closer, "I believe we have a date..."

Leon let out a moan as the Nidoqueen's muzzle closed around his cock once again...

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