Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dragon Slaying (12): Home Is Where the Hurt Is

P'oiu's ordeal is finally drawing to a close, and miraculously, his balls are still in one piece. Before he can rest up those swollen nuts of his, though, he's got one last decision to make -- and the choice is up to you! 
As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy :)

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead."
I groaned to myself, squinting my eyes against the morning sun. My head throbbed. Where was I? And why did my whole body feel like it had been run under a steamroller?
"Seriously, P'oiu, wake up. I'm not kidding." The feminine voice sounded a bit impatient. "Don't make me do something you're gonna regret."
"Mmrgh?" I mumbled, tempted to ignore whoever it was and just go back to sleep -- until I felt a light weight come to rest between my legs. Suddenly the previous day's events came rushing back: the whirlwind of pleasure and pain, the lingering ache in my groin, and the dragoness that was responsible for it all. My eyes shot open only to find my torturess standing above me, her hands planted on her hips.
Lia smiled down at me warmly, her foot placed carefully atop my aching plums. "That's more like it. You awake now?"
"Y-yes," I stuttered. Despite the danger of the situation, I found my gaze torn between her generous rack and her sculpted, deadly legs. Stupid libido. Was it even possible to look at her without being turned on?
If she noticed my ogling, though, she didn't show it. "You remember what we talked about last night, yes?"
"And you're going to listen to me this time."
A shiver of fear went up my spine as she drummed her toes on my ballsac, poised to crush my scaly spunk-makers at a moment's notice. "O-of course. I'll listen."
"Good." Lia lifted her foot away, grinning down at me. "Because I'd love to make some good progress today, and that'd be hard to do if I had to spend all morning stomping on your spuds. As much fun as that might be."
I winced, a hand moving to protect my groin just in case the female changed her mind. "Y-yeah, I just want to get home. The sooner the better."
"Sounds good to me." The dragoness stepped over to her pack, bending down to rifle through it. "I'll get a meal ready -- there's a stream about a hundred yards to the south, if you want to go wash up. Which you probably should, since you're still covered in your own spunk."
It took a moment to process her words -- I was a bit preoccupied staring at the round, ruby-colored ass that Lia was currently presenting to me. "Uh...right." I glanced down at my chest, where the remnants of last night's activities were still covering my stomach, and where my cock was already starting to twitch back to life. "I'll...go do that."
Lia watched me as I climbed cautiously to my feet, taking a quick moment to fondle my battered equipment before turning and tromping off into the forest. "Remember," she called after me, "no jerking off! Unless you want scrambled dragon's eggs to go along with your breakfast."
I shuddered, cupping the swollen spheres in my claws in an attempt to soothe the phantom ache in my groin. "No thank you," I mumbled, trying not to imagine how the dragoness would go about turning my eggs into omelettes if she caught me again.
From there, the journey home was pretty uneventful. It was more of the same for both of us: Lia leading the way, making the occasional observation or flirtatious comment, and myself following behind, trying not to spend all my time dwelling on the female's perfect posterior. I have to admit, it was a good bit easier now that I'd released some of the tension that had been building up in my system. Then again, Lia was certainly doing her best to drive my arousal back up -- the swing of her hips seemed even more pronounced than before, and I still found myself unable to tear my eyes away from all of her smoothly sloping curves. The ache in my groin wasn't quite as agonizing as it had been before, but it was safe to say I still had a pretty powerful case of blue balls.
Luckily for me (and for my battered baby-makers), I was able to contain myself without too much difficulty. Sure, I had a pretty much constant hard-on, and I regularly found my thoughts drifting to sex-starved fantasies -- most of them involving a very horny Lia -- but I knew better than to give in to my urges, especially since we would soon be arriving at my cave. I contented myself with the knowledge that once I got home, I could spend all day just lying around and jerking off, releasing all the pent-up dragonspunk that had been accumulating in my gonads over the past week. I grinned at the thought. Finally, a chance to unwind and blow a load without worrying about my favorite dragoness trying to grind my nuts into peanut butter.
Then again, home had its dangers, too. My ordeal with Lia over the past week had been exhausting, sure, but that didn't mean I'd forgotten the threat I'd left behind: the orca who had attacked me and started this whole ball-busting mess. The warning she'd left scrawled on my wall was what had forced me to leave my cave in the first place, worried that she would come back and try to finish the job before my mangled marbles had the time to recover. I had no idea where she was now, but unless she'd had a change of heart, there was still an orca chick out there who was hell-bent on popping my plums, whether they were indestructible or not.
And then there was Opal -- the friendly frog who had been visiting me regularly for about a year. She was a potion-maker and quite an attractive little nymph, who would stop by any time she needed a male dragon's special "ingredient" to complete one of her various elixirs. Generally it was more than a pleasure to see her, for obvious reasons, but on her most recent visit she'd been so "enthusiastic" in her collection that she'd accidentally pounded my dragonmakers just about flat. Of course, she'd also made me cum like a geyser, so I suppose she was still pretty okay in my book. She usually stopped by the cave once every week or two to gather more dragonseed for her potion-making, so it was possible that she might be waiting at the cave as well.
Of course, ideally there would be no one there at all. All I really wanted was to be left alone for a while, to spend some time on my own while my swollen sac returned to its normal size, but I doubted it was going to be that simple.
I managed to survive the day without Lia bruising up my basket any more than she already had, and by the time we stopped for the evening, I could actually recognize the area we were in. It was a huge relief to know that I was so close to home -- especially since it meant that my long ordeal with Lia was almost over. I was tempted to tell her that she could leave right now, since I could make it the rest of the way by myself, but something told me she wouldn't respond well to that kind of request, and I really didn't want to risk another evening curled up in the fetal position, or another night getting my nuts kneed into my throat. Besides, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy staring at her body all day. Those luscious tits, an ass you could bounce a quarter off of...she could stay as long as she liked, I decided, as long as she kept her word and let me blow my load as soon as we got back to my cave.
The next morning, Lia and I woke up bright and early (this time without Lia threatening my manhood), and the two of us set off on the last leg of our journey. We were only a couple hours away from my cave, so this time I allowed myself to gawk at my partner's backside a bit more openly than usual. Sure, there was always a chance that she'd flick her tail up between my legs and give me a warning smack, but I could deal with that now that my destination was just a few miles ahead. Besides, we dragons were so rare -- when was the next time I was going to see a dragoness at all, let alone one so drop-dead gorgeous? I wanted the image of her rumpcheeks burned into the back of my brain.
Eventually we got close enough that I had to take the lead, guiding the two of us along the last few trails that led to my cave. I tried to make some smalltalk as we approached my home, but my mouth was pretty much on autopilot -- my brain was already occupied with other, dirtier thoughts. With relief so close, my cock was almost painfully hard, and my balls were already churning in anticipation. I just needed to get back into my bedroom, lie back, and let myself cover the ceiling in dragonspunk.
And then -- finally! My heart leapt (as did a much stiffer part of my body) as the entrance to my cave came into view. Oh, home sweet home. I couldn't imagine any place I'd rather be. I was about ready to burst into song as we stepped into the mouth of the cave and on into the entrance room, all my worries forgotten as I thought about spending the next few hours alone with a box of tissues...
But I wasn't alone just yet. "So this is the place, huh?" Lia asked, stopping and folding her arms across her chest as we entered the main chamber. "Not bad. Though I pictured it a little...bigger, I guess."
I glanced around the room, relieved at the sight of the familiar furnishings after the week I'd spent away. "Well, I like to keep things simple, y'know? Besides, it's more than enough space for a guy living alone."
The dragoness nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean. My place always feels really empty without another dragon around. Kinda lonely. I really don't get much company..."
There was a hint of...something in the female's voice, but in my current state, with my length begging for attention, I was a little too distracted to dwell on it. "Listen, uh, Lia..." I turned to look at the female, and, uh...buh...
The female frowned. "What is it, P'oiu?"
My cock gave off a throb as I gawked at her chest for the umpteenth time, but eventually I managed to tear my gaze from that gorgeous pair of dragontits and look her in the eye. "Um...oh, right." I shook my head, gathering my thoughts once more. "Listen, feel free to make yourself comfortable and to stay as long as you'd like, but you'll have to excuse me for a little while. I've got some, uh...some rather urgent business to--"
"P'oiu?" interrupted a new voice. "Is that you?"
I started a bit at the unexpected interruption, a quick thrill of fear going down my spine at the thought of yet another unwanted female visitor...but I recognized that voice, and it wasn't one to be afraid of. I turned toward the source of the sound, my eyes scanning the room for a moment before settling on the short green amphibian standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her body wrapped in a familiar red sari.
"Opal!" I exclaimed.
The female smiled widely, stepping forward into the room. "There you are, you silly dragon! Where on earth have you been? I've been trying to find you for a couple days now -- I was beginning to wonder if you had disappeared entirely or if...uh..." The frog stopped mid-sentence, her eyes widening.
For a moment I wondered what was wrong -- and then I realized I hadn't introduced the dragoness standing right next to me. "Oh, I'm sorry," I apologized, shaking my head. "I should introduce you two. Opal, this is Lia. She's a, uh...she's a friend."
"Pleasure to meet you," said Lia with a grin.
Opal still seemed dazed. "N-Nice to meet you too, but that's not what I'm--...I mean--..." The little female blushed, shaking her head. "Excuse me for asking, but my god, P'oiu, what happened to your balls? They're huge!"
"Huh? Oh." I glanced down at my scaly sac and its two rather large occupants. Between the many rounds of ballbusting I'd suffered and the many days of blue balls I'd endured, I guess I'd gotten used to my testicles being about twice their original size. "Oh, yeah. It's been,'s been an interesting week."
Opal hardly seemed to be listening, though. Instead she stepped up between my legs, choosing to examine the battered orbs herself. She seemed to be in disbelief as she lifted one of my nuts in her hands -- which was understandable, given that my gonad was now a good bit larger than the little frog's head. "I...I've honestly never seen a pair so swollen. Who did this to you? It can't have been that orca..."
I shook my head, shivering at that painful memory. "No, I haven't run into her again. This is mostly herfault," I said, pointing a thumb back towards Lia.
"Yeah, about that..." The dragoness scratched her neck, looking a bit sheepish. "I may have kneed him a few...dozen times. Trust me, though, it wasn't anything he didn't deserve."
"Good god, P'oiu." Opal frowned, still running her hands over the surface of my massively swollen package. "I know you're good at making enemies, but I thought you were smart enough to stay away from the big girls, at least. It's a wonder she didn't rupture anything -- I'm surprised you've got anything left at all."
Lia laughed at that. "Don't be too surprised," she said, some obvious enjoyment in her voice. "They're rugged little nuggets -- they can take a whole lot of abuse before they break. And believe me, I've tried."
I groaned quietly to myself, trying to shut out the mental image of the dragoness stomping my balls into the dirt. It wasn't as if I had asked anyone to try grinding my gonads into paste, but females just kept inviting themselves to have a go...
"They're fucking heavy, too," Opal commented, still examining my aching plums. "Not just swollen, butfull. If I didn't know better, P'oiu, I'd say you hadn't cum for weeks."
"Yeah, about that." I let out a tense breath. "See, I'd really love to catch up, Opal, but right now I've got the worst case of blue balls a dragon has ever had, so first I need a good hour alone in my bedroom to blow off some steam. Alright?"
I expected a quick confirmation from the spunk-loving frog, but instead the female's face fell. "Uh -- I really don't think that's a good idea right now," she replied, biting her lip. "There's something I need to talk to you about--"
"Yes, later," I interrupted. "But right now I need to jerk off. I'll be back soon -- why don't you two get to know each other?" And with that I turned on my heel, starting a brisk walk towards the hallway, towards my bedroom, towards some damn release...
"But P'oiu--!"
"Not now, Opal! You're welcome to come help if you want, but I need to cum right now, and nobody's stopping me."
"Wait!" she shouted after me. "I need to talk to you before you go in there!"
But I was already there: my room just steps away, my length already throbbing in anticipation. Gleefully I turned the corner, stepping through the doorway, ready to plop down on the side of my bed and start stroking--
--but there was already something in my bed. Something smooth and shapely, a slick black body punctuated by patches of white. Not just something, I realized, but someone. With a growing sense of dread I watched the shape yawn and stretch, uncurling from its sleeping position to reveal an aquatic female form -- one I remembered all too well.
The female blinked once or twice before breaking into a wide grin. "Well hey," said the orca. "If it isn't just who I wanted to see."
I tried to say something -- to call for help, or maybe beg for mercy -- but I was too terrified to form the words. Instead my mouth just opened and closed silently for a moment, like a fish gasping for air. All I could think of was the last time I'd seen the female, standing above me, raining down stomp after stomp on my poor plums, determined to reduce them to paste. Suddenly blue balls seemed like the least of my worries.
I tried to back away, but stumbled and fell flat on my ass. Still I tried to scuttle further away, pushing myself backwards on shaking arms and legs, but almost immediately I bumped into something that stopped my progress.
"P'oiu?" asked Lia, looking down at me as I tried to squirm between her legs and back into the hall.
"P'oiu?" rang out Opal's voice from further down the hallway.
I was trapped -- and I could feel the room starting to go dark around me. Without any other options, I curled up on the floor, wrapping my claws tightly around my dragonmakers in order to protect them from any more abuse. As consciousness slipped away from me, I just prayed that my testicles would still be there when I woke up...
"So let me make sure I've got this all straight. You want to pop both of them, because he needs to be punished for what he's done to your village."
"And you don't want to pop either of them, because you need his spunk for your potions."
"And meanwhile, I want to pop just one, so that we can be mates." A sigh. "Man. Normally I'd suggest some sort of compromise, but it sounds like that's not really gonna work here."
"Yeah...and that's assuming we can pop them at all. If a dragoness like you can't crush one of his balls, I'm not sure how someone like me could do much better..."
I groaned quietly as the room began to come back into focus. The last thing I remembered was walking into my room and finding...finding something surprising. Now I was lying down, apparently. The voices around me sounded familiar...
"Well, to be fair, I didn't try much besides stomping, and if there's one thing balls are good at, it's slipping out of the way of a female's foot. I'll bet if you really trapped one, you could get it to burst. I'd love to get one right between my claws and just squeeze..."
Yeah, I definitely knew those voices -- and even if I was woozy, I definitely knew what they were talking about. Weakly I raised my head, looking towards the source of the sound.
Standing at my feet -- or more accurately, between my legs -- were Lia, Opal, and that damn orca, the three females who had probably done the most to tease me, torture me, and break my balls over the past week or two. Opal, always the modest one, was wearing her usual attire, but apparently Lia and the orca had both opted for the nude. It would have been quite the sight, if my dragonhood wasn't in danger...but from the sound of things, I suspected they weren't done abusing me just yet.
That suspicion was confirmed when I looked down at my own body. Apparently I was lying flat on my back -- not in my bedroom anymore, but in the main chamber, the same place where Opal had had her way with me several weeks ago. And just like that time several weeks ago, my wrists and ankles had been chained and pulled away from my body, and my tail bound to one side such that my heavy sac now rested on the hard stone floor.
I trembled at the thought: myself, tied-up and spread-eagle, and three ballbusting females, all willing and able to pulverize my plums. I had to convince them to untie me, or I knew my marbles were as good as mush. Cautiously I cleared my throat, the trio turning to look at me as I began to speak. "Um...could someone please take these chains off of me? I don't--"
"Be quiet while the ladies are talking," Lia interrupted, a bit of an edge to her voice.
I opened my mouth to reply, but before I could say anything, the dragoness repositioned her foot between my legs, catching my left nut squarely beneath her heel. I exhaled with a groan as my gonad flattened slightly beneath the female's weight, my scaly spud throbbing in protest as it began to lose its oval shape.
This was definitely not what I wanted. "Fine, fine," I coughed. "I'll be quiet, just don't step on--"
"We said we're talking," Opal repeated more forcefully, shooting me a warning glance.
And just like that, the frog planted her foot on top of my right nut. Even if Opal was a lot smaller, it was still less than pleasant to have half her weight pressing down on one of my jewels. I let out another agonized groan as the nausea clawed its way through my stomach, my head rolling backwards to lie flat against the ground. God, why couldn't they just leave my fucking balls alone--
"--Anyway," the orca continued, "I hear what you're both saying, but I still think the best option is to burst 'em both. Opal, I know you need his spunk for your potions, but if Lia's telling the truth than I'd be surprised if he's not shooting blanks already. And Lia, if you want to crush one of his nuts for your mating ceremony, you can still do that -- I'll just pop the other one afterwards."
"No, no, that won't work at all!" said Lia, frowning. "He's hardly any use to me if you pop both of them. What am I supposed to do with a dragon who has no balls?"
"Yes, please," said Opal, nodding her agreement. "We've got to leave him at least one -- I know he's been bashed up a bit, but the dragonseed I gathered from him last time was still Grade A stuff, and that was after you tried to stomp his nuts into peanut butter. Otherwise I'll have to start importing dragon spunk from the Northern Reaches, and that stuff costs a fortune. And it's lower quality. No offense," she finished, glancing up at Lia.
"Oh, none taken," the dragoness replied. "I'm surprised our guys have any functioning sperm left at all, given how much we abuse 'em." She sighed. "It's just so hard to resist squashing those big scaly eggs. I remember this one male who had the nicest pair -- I used to squeeze his nuts so hard that--"
The orca cleared her throat, mercifully interrupting Lia before she could get any more graphic in her reminiscing. "Well, look at things from my perspective. I've got a whole village full of people who are demanding some sort of justice -- in fact, most of the town would rather kill him, but I convinced the council that if I castrated him that would be punishment enough. If I can't do what I came here to do, then they're probably just going to come up with something even more painful."
"Couldn't I just promise not to bother you anymore?" I asked cautiously -- earning another warning stomp from Lia and Opal.
"We told you, we're talking," said Lia, not even bothering to look down at me.
I let out another moan, my freshly-flattened jewels sending a sharp wave of nausea through my gut. "B-...but that's not fair!" I protested. "Don't I get any say?"
Lia huffed. "Really, P'oiu, I don't think that's--"
"No, no, let him speak," interrupted the orca. "This affects him as much as it affects any of us."
No, really? I wanted to say, but I bit my tongue rather than risking more abuse to my already aching sac. "Ugh...thank you, uh...orca-lady."
"Kayla." The orca cracked a smile. "The name's Kayla."
"Kayla, right." I exhaled, trying to gather my thoughts...but finding it hard to focus with the weight still squashing my nutsac. "Well...first let me say, I'd really appreciate it if you'd step off of my balls for a moment. Please?"
Opal did as I asked, lifting her foot and setting it back down on the stone floor. Lia frowned, but quickly followed suit, taking her foot away and letting my squashed jewel reinflate to its usual round shape.
I let out a sigh of relief as the agony in my abdomen faded to a dull throb. "Thank you. Now if you don't mind me asking -- how long have I been out for?"
"Only half-an-hour or so," answered Opal. "We were going to let you wake up before we did anything permanent, so we were just talking."
"Ah." I winced. "And you were discussing...what to do with me, right?"
Kayla nodded.
"Okay. Well,'s the thing. I understand that you all want things to me, but what I'd really like right now is just to be left alone. I've been beaten up pretty much non-stop ever since I met you, Kayla, and all three of you have had a turn making me miserable, so now I really just want some time on my own to recover. Alright?"
"...but we all know that's not going to happen," said Opal. "I mean, we've got you chained up on the floor -- I guarantee you at least one of us is going to get our way before we let you loose."
I groaned. "I'm aware of that, but please, can't you respect a dragon in his own house? I mean, do you even hear yourselves talking? You're talking about...popping my testicles as if I were some kind of toy or something. You can't just go about flattening a guy's gonads without asking permission first."
"Oh can't we?" asked Lia mischievously, drumming her toes against the stone floor.
I swallowed nervously, the female's foot still just a few inches from my scaly nuts. I was well-aware that she could probably just stomp my spuds into pancakes even if I tried to stop her, but I had to stand my ground. "No, you can't," I answered, doing my best to hide the uncertainty in my voice. "They're myballs, goddamnit, and you've all had a turn thrashing them flat. This time, I think I should get to decide what you can and can't do, alright?"
"Fine then." The orca looked down at me. "You decide."
Oh thank god. I hadn't expected the orca to be the most rational female of the three, but apparently she was my savior for today. "Well, great then! You can start by untying me--"
Kayla shook her head. "No, no, silly dragon -- I don't mean you can decide on your own. I mean you can decide between us."
I blinked. "Uh...what?"
"You know what each of us wants to do to you, right?" The orca took a few steps forward, prodding at my ballsac with her bare foot. "Well, you decide who gets their way. I think that seems fair. You'd be fine with that, right girls?"
"Uh...I suppose that works," said Lia. "Sure."
Opal nodded. "I don't see why not."
I was still less than comfortable with that idea. "So...I have to choose between you three?"
"Yep," said Kayla, still toying with my nutsac. She pinned my left nut underfoot for a moment, squashing it briefly and sending a quick jolt of pain up my spine. "Just pick any one of us, and that girl gets to do whatever she wants. Me, Opal, or Lia."
"Uh...can I choose 'none of the above'?" I asked hesitantly.
All three of the females turned to scowl down at me.
"Sure," said Lia sarcastically, "if you don't mind being tied down with your legs spread while we all use your ballbag as a hackysack, then be my guest."
I winced, my stomach turning at just the thought. "No, that's okay, I'll pass. In that"
"Need some time to think?" asked Opal.
What I really needed was a chance to escape...but that didn't seem likely at this point. "Yeah," I answered, hesitant. "It's just, uh...kind of a big decision."
"Well, take your time," said Lia, grinning down at me. "It's not like we're going anywhere."
And neither was I, not while my body was chained to the floor. As much as I hated to admit it, it looked like I really didn't have a way out of this one. I gave a worried glance down at the two swollen orbs between my legs, wondering how I could get out of this mess with my tackle intact. Maybe it was best just to make a choice and pray for the best.
Of course, there was one choice that probably would get me out of here in one piece: Opal. After all, all she really wanted to do was drain my balls, and that was something I was planning to do anyway -- hell, I'd gladly welcome a bit of help. She might be too small to actually fuck, but she certainly was a nice piece of eye candy, and she could still find some clever ways to put her body to use. Knowing Opal, she'd get a little overenthusiastic and thump up my nuts a bit in the process, but I doubted the little frog could pop one even if she tried.
On the downside, though, if I picked Opal I'd end up with two other pissed-off females in the room, both of whom were eager to burst my berries. For all I knew, they'd just push the frog aside and do whatever they wanted. I shuddered to think what the two could accomplish by working together...
But what if I picked Lia? Yes, she'd put me through absolute hell over the past week: pounding my balls flat on several occasions, then teasing me until they were just about ready to burst. Yes, she had put me through some of the worst agony in my life, and still wanted to pop one of my plums. Yes, she was definitely a bit of a bitch. On the other hand, she was also just about the sexiest thing I had ever laid eyes on -- and the only dragoness I'd come across in quite some time. There was nothing in the world I would rather do than fuck her brains out...and if we were mates, I could tap that ass over and over, until my balls were sore for an entirely different reason. Just the thought made my member twitch.
First, though, I'd have to let her carry out her barbaric little nut-popping ceremony. Of course, she'd tried that before, and we'd both come to the conclusion that it was impossible: my testicles were as indestructible as the rest of my body. So either she would find some new way to crush my dragonmakers -- which would be agonizing -- or she would just spend hours trying -- which would be agonizing. If she failed, she probably wouldn't even let me fuck her...I'd just be left in the fetal position, clutching my poor plums while she taunted me with that sexy body.
And then there was Kayla. My instinct was to stay as far away from the orca as possible...but maybe that was an overreaction. Sure, she scared the bejeezus out of me, and I remembered all-too-clearly the terrible things she'd done to my jewels when we'd first met, but right now, she seemed like the most rational female in the room. Maybe if I picked her, I could get her to listen to reason and let me go. We could find some other punishment for the things I'd done, something that didn't involve pummeling my jewels into jelly. And hell, even if I couldn't change her mind, how exactly was she going to pop my nuts? She was half the size of Lia -- if Lia couldn't scramble my eggs, then how could she? Maybe she could use that thick tail of hers...or that round ass...or those nice firm tits...
I shook my head, forcing my gaze away from the orca's bare breasts. It was far too easy to be distracted with so many shapely female bodies in the room. Even Opal, with her sari wrapped around her, was enough to make my heart race. I could still remember how she looked with that sari tossed aside, a playful smile on her lips, bending over to show off her every curve...
"Done thinking yet?" asked Lia, interrupting my daydream.
I let out a quiet groan, my member throbbing with need even as I considered the destruction of my spunk-makers. "Are...are you sure you wouldn't rather have an orgy instead?"
Kayla chuckled. "I think I'd rather have an answer."
I glanced between the trio of females one more time. "Ugh...alright, then." It was such a difficult decision, when all I really wanted was to be left alone...but I knew my answer. I took a deep breath, trying to steel my nerves for whatever came next. Regardless of who I chose, something told me this was going to get messy.
"I pick..."

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