Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scraps: Charizard v. Nidoqueen

Second in a series -- more ballbusting snippets drudged up from an old hard drive. This selection is about a Charizard v. Nidoqueen battle, which eventually (much later) morphed into the first chapter of Battle Training. There are two different versions below, pieces of which may sound familiar if you've ever read my rhino/dolphin story :P Anyway, enjoy!
Nidoqueen bent over, hands on her knees, chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Not bad," Charizard huffed, a bit short of wind himself. "I can see why my trainer wants you."

"Shut up," she spat back, wiping the sweat from her forehead. "This ain't over yet. I'm not losing this battle if it kills me!"

The dragon smiled, showing a glint of his pointed teeth. "Oh, you'll give in."

"Charizard!" the trainer shouted. "You've got her now! Body slam!"

Nidoqueen heard the command and started to move into a block--

--But was knocked back as the fire-type slammed into her startled frame, catching the female unprepared. She gasped as a jolt of pain shot through her upper body, her hands moving instinctively to protect her ample breasts.

She let out a low moan and opened her eyes to find Charizard standing over her, a smug grin plastered across his face.

"Well?" he asked, placing his paws on his hipps. "How are the twins?"

Nidoqueen's jaw dropped. "You-- you targeted my chest on 

The dragon grinned again. "Yeah, what of it?"

" bastard!" she yelled, trying to ignore the ache spreading through her upper body. "You -- 
aanngh -- what the fuck!?"

"Sorry, babe." He shrugged. "All's fair in love and war."

She was shocked silent for a moment before her nostrils flared in anger. She wanted to get up and beat the stuffing out of the dragon, hit him so hard he couldn't stand up for a week -- and then something caught her eye. The male was standing with his legs slightly spread, the female's legs beneath him, perfectly placed for a hard kick in the--

"Oh really?" she countered, slowly drawing her legs back, rearing to strike. Her eyes hardened. "Then you won't mind this!"

Charizard had only a moment to be confused before her feet slammed up into his testicles, crushing them against his pelvis. His eyes flew open as his hands instinctively went to his crotch, only to find the Nidoqueen's powerful legs pumping upwards.

"Oh...oh gods!" he finally managed to squeak, body shaking in pain. "My balls, my 

"My balls," the female growled, gritting her teeth as she pulled her feet back and launched them into his jewels again. She could feel the dragon's orbs against her feet as she made contact: could feel the nutflesh squish between her toes as she mangled his dragonhood.

This time the dragon let out a long, keen wail, desperately clutching Nidoqueen's calf as her toes scrambled his eggs. "My BALLS!" he screamed, clawing at her legs. "My 

The trainer watched in shock as the wild Nidoqueen pulverized his Charizard's testicles: he cringed at the male's frantic screams, unable to avoid the mental image of the dragon's scaly testicles popping beneath her feet.

That thought had crossed Nidoqueen's mind as well. By now she was fondling herself while the male suffered, one hand cupping her generous tits and the other moving slowly toward her slit. Nidoqueen bucked as she moaned in pleasure -- Charizard letting out a shriek as her legs stretched, threatening to pop his defenseless gonads.

"How does it feel?" she taunted, flexing her toes and watching the fire Pokemon twitch in response. "Which one do you think I should pop first?"

Charizard's face was completely white as he let out a ghastly shriek, paws pulling frantically at the female's foot -- and then he froze, completely still, as a sickening crunch came from his groin.

Nidoqueen giggled. "The left one, apparently."

Charizard let out a pathetic-sounding mewl, his eyes rolling back into his head.

Charizard whirled, ready to strike, and--

--And stopped, a look of absolute shock on his face, as he felt Nidoqueen's foot come down to rest on his unprotected balls.

"Wha--!" he stuttered, jerking instinctively backwards only to stop with an unintelligible squawk as she bore down harder on his jewels, pinning them underfoot. His balls were stretched painfully from his crotch, nearly halfway to his knees, forcing the dragon to scuttle forwards to relieve the tension.

Nidoqueen watched with an amused smile, appraising the Charizard's package with her foot as he struggled for composure. Her smile grew wider as she realized how well he had been endowed. 
That only adds to the fun, she thought to herself.

"Well," she stated, looking down at the supine lizard. "What have we here?"

The male fought to control both the anger and the fear in his voice as he replied. "What the hell," he spat, "are you doing?"

She grinned. "We're in the middle of a battle. What does it look like I'm doing?"

The dragon snarled. "Listen, bitch, get your pa
aaaaangh!" he cried out as the female pressed down, sending a wave of pain through his gut.

She scowled down at the Charizard. "Listen, punk," she growled menacingly, "if you want me to pop 'em right now, just call me 'bitch' again."

The dragon looked up at the busty female, fear slowly spreading across his muzzle. "But you -- you can't--"

"Oh can't I?" She grinned down cruelly at the male, flexing her toes atop his scaly ballsac. "I'm wild, honey. I can do whatever I damn well want, and that includes busting your sorry balls." The Nidoqueen folded her arms across her chest. "Hate to break it to you, Char, but you're fucked."

Charizard tried to slow his speeding heart; he could feel the cold sweat forming on his body. "You -- you don't have the guts!"

Nidoqueen snorted. "I didn't survive this long by playing clean, bucko." She caught the quick look of shock that flickered across his face. "Yeah, I've done this before. Usually just kicks and knees, but sometimes, well...let's just say you wouldn't be the first male I've ruined."

The Charizard's eyes grew wide. "No -- no, please," he begged, trembling beneath the female. "Oh gods, please, you wouldn't!"

The female laughed and leaned over, offering Charizard a perfect view of her generous tits. "Oh," she half-growled, half-breathed, staring directly back at him, "oh, I would."

"They're my testicles!" he cried, desperate, trying to ignore the foot resting on his groin. "You can't, please! You're not male -- you don't understand the pain!"

The Charizard's trainer watched silently, frozen as he watched the wild Nidoqueen threaten his pokemon's masculinity. The fire-type seemed to be begging for mercy, but judging from the female's smug smirk, he wasn't getting anywhere.

"You know," she remarked, rolling his nuts beneath the sole of her foot, "it's funny. These little things are the source of all your strength, and yet they're so--" Nidoqueen paused and felt his nuts for a moment, playing with the twin orbs. She stopped. "So vulnerable," she finished with a grin.

"Oh go
aaggh!" he choked, doubling over in pain as the female applied pressure to his unprotected dragonhood. Instinctively he reached for her calf, trying to pull her leg from his groin.

Nidoqueen laughed again as Charizard wrapped around her tree-trunk leg, letting out an agonized moan as her toes splayed around his nuts. She savored the feeling of his gonads for a moment before increasing the pressure, causing the male to release a keener, higher-pitched wail.

"My baaalls!" he squealed, his tail whipping back and forth in agony. "No no please anything just no

The trainer watched in horror as Nidoqueen bore down on Charizard's testicles, flattening them beneath her foot. With obvious relish she flexed her toes, reaching up to fondle her breasts as the male screeched in pain.

"I can feel your gonads," she told him, feeling his nutflesh squish between her toes. "Your big, heavy balls. Your dragonhood. Everything that makes you a fire-type, everything that makes you a male, under my foot." Her other hand found its way to her slit, slowly stroking along the swollen folds. "Mmmmmm yes," she breathed, slipping a digit inside. "Oh, I am going to castrate you, big boy."

Drool dripped from the corner of Charizard's mouth as his body spasmed, trying to find a way to dislodge the massive female.

"They're going to pop," she continued, roughly grabbing her own tits. "They're going to 
explode. Just like Venusaur's. Just like Rhydon's. Just like Scyther's and Nidoking's and Blastoise's and every male," she smirked, "who's ever tried to capture me."

The dragon's leg twitched once, twice, and then jerked straight, his jaw going slack as the female's weight suddenly shifted to one side.

"Oh." The Nidoqueen smiled, showing her teeth. "There goes one."


  1. Lol Charizard Just Should have Burned the Nidoqueen great story

  2. Yeah if Charizard had Blaze Or had Used Overheat she would be dead lol Awesome Story!