Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dragon Slaying (9): Culture Shock

Pain. Lots of pain.

Normally I think of unconsciousness as an escape from reality -- a way for the body to cope with whatever horrible things might be happening to it, by pushing those bad feelings aside and retreating into darkness. That would have been a welcome relief, after the thrashing my gonads had just received...but unfortunately, the agony in my groin was just too much to be ignored. Instead of dreaming of a pleasant blackness, I dreamt about my balls, squished between the toes of orcas and frogs and hippos and dragons and every other species my subconscious could think of. I could pictures scores of women, all lined up to take a turn pummeling my poor plums. At one point there was an elephant, using my nuts like a Stairmaster, each step bringing me further into a world of pain, until finally I heard a distinct 'pop'--

--And my eyes flew open, my heart pounding in my chest. Immediately I glanced around, preparing to defend myself from the next female in line, but after a few tense seconds I realized that I was alone. Quite alone, in fact. Currently I was reclining in the middle of a large stone room, big enough to hold a small gathering of dragons, but there wasn't another being in sight. For a brief moment I thought I was back home and the whole ordeal had been a bad dream, but a second look around confirmed that it wasn't my cave, and a quick glance down confirmed...

...well, it confirmed that I still had balls, at least, which was a huge relief. My scaly sac was now tinged a shade of purple, and my bruised plums were now even more swollen than they had been before, but at least I was intact -- and with both balls, too. That was the important thing. Cautiously I reached down, gently lifting my package in my claws and trying to ignore the sickness in my stomach. I gave each orb a quick one-over to check for ruptures or anything of the sort, but it seemed like I was okay, at least as far as I could tell. Of course, that didn't change the fact that it hurt like 
hell, and I was unable to stop myself from letting out a series of long groans as I examined my family jewels, turning the broken baby-makers in my fingers. So much pain from such little organs...although on second thought, I suppose with all the swelling they weren't so "little" anymore.

I tried to keep the moans to a minimum -- more for pride than anything else, really -- but apparently I was still loud enough to attract attention. I became aware of the clack of approaching claws on stone, but I couldn't summon the energy to look up and see who it was, at least not until--

"Oh hey, you're awake," said a female voice.

The blood drained from my face. I knew that voice far too well, and a pair of toned, red-scaled legs only confirmed it. Immediately I tried to scoot backwards, away from my captor -- only to come to an abrupt stop as my oversensitive nuts thunked back to the floor, sending another shock of pain through my gut. I doubled over once again with a squeak, hands going back to my groin.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down!" the dragoness urged, crouching down in front of me. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Y-Yeah right," I gasped, claws still clasped tightly between my legs. God damnit, just what I needed. How long did I have now until my testicles were mush? A minute? Thirty seconds?

"Seriously, you can relax. I'm helping you." She placed a hand on my shoulder. "Who do you think's been icing your nuts for the past day?"

Yeah right, like I was gonna believe -- oh. Wait. Actually, now that I looked, there were several discarded ice packs sitting on my left, and another held in the female's hand. And come to think of it, my balls were drawn in pretty close to my body, though that may have had less to do with feeling a little chilly and more to do with a fear of an imminent nut-cracking.

Despite my lingering terror, I forced myself to face her. "But you--" I coughed, fingers still cupping my aching junk. "You were trying to crush them. Why would you help now?"

"Yeah, uh, about that..." She scratched her head sheepishly. "I can get kinda crazy when I'm in heat...I got a little carried away with your balls, I guess. Almost popped 'em. By the time I wore myself out and realized what I'd been doing to your tackle, you were pretty fucked up."

I let out a low groan -- 'fucked up' didn't begin to describe it. By now my testicles had returned to a mostly spherical shape, but I could still remember how they looked crushed between her claws, the walls caving inwards. "I...I thought you'd burst them both. I remember hearing a crunch."

"Huh? Oh, right -- I broke a nail from squeezing too hard. That's probably what you heard -- it was right around the time you passed out." She glanced down at her hand, spreading out her fingers to examine them. "Like I said, I got a bit carried away."

bit carried away'? I thought she seemed oddly casual about the whole "almost reducing my dragonhood to paste" thing, but then again, after the revolving door of women who had brutalized my berries over the past few days, I guess that seemed almost normal. She seemed sincere, at least. Otherwise, I assumed I'd already be squealing for mercy.

Seeing me calm down a bit, the nude female continued. "Anyway, I think we got things started on the wrong foot. Er." The dragoness looked down at her toes self-consciously. "Bad choice of words, maybe."

I winced. "Yeah."

"What I mean is...I think I gave you a pretty bad first impression, so let's start over." She held out a hand. "I'm Lia."

"Uh...P'oiu," I replied cautiously, reaching out to shake her hand. I forced my gaze upwards to meet hers...though it took a moment to stop staring at her generous rack and actually look all the way up at her eyes. "Nice...nice to meet you, I guess."

If she caught me looking, she didn't call me out on it. "Nice to meet you too," she answered, smiling. "I promise, I'm really not as evil as you think. Heck, I dragged you back to my cave to take care of you, didn't I?"

I was hardly about to compliment her for helping me after the hell she'd put me through, but I had to admit, she did have a point. Maybe she could be trusted. "Yeah, I s'pose so. How, long have I been out for?"

"Overnight. I brought you back here yesterday evening and set you up with some ice to help the swelling." She knelt down in front of me. "Speaking of which, let me see those nuts of yours, would ya?"

My first impulse was to scramble backwards again, but I managed to stop myself once I realized what she intended to do and what she was holding in her hand. "Oh, right, the ice pack. Uh...sure."

"Thank you," she replied. Gently the dragoness reached out and took a hold of my ballsac, hefting the twin spheres in her claws. With her other hand, she pressed her ice pack up against the scaly orbs, trying not to jostle them any more than was necessary.

Still, I couldn't hold back a grunt -- at this point, even a careful touch felt more like a slap. The ache wormed its way through my gut for a moment, followed shortly by a colder sensation that began radiating through my groin. I shivered. As long as it would help the swelling...

"So how do they feel on your end?" Lia asked, glancing up.

"My balls?" I groaned. "Well, it feels like they've been run under a steamroller, if that's what you mean."

She shook her head. "No no -- I mean, do you think there's damage? I tried to take a look at 'em while you were passed out, but they were too swollen to really make out much."

"Oh. Uh...maybe. They feel pretty bad." I let out another pained groan. "God, I don't know if they even 

"Hmm. Well in that case, I should probably check 'em out." The female set down her ice pack for a moment. "Relax, this shouldn't take too long."

I watched as Lia took my nutsac in both hands, examining the swollen spheres. She started with my left nut, rolling the bloated orb between thumb and forefinger for a moment before giving it a quick squeeze. Instantly the pain shot through my abdomen, my body curling forward in an attempt to protect itself. "Oh-...ah, my nuts--"

"Relax," the female purred, placing a clawed hand on my chest and forcing me gently back down to the ground. "I know what I'm doing, now let me do my work." After another moment she moved on to my other nut, beginning the same examination.

My stomach churned to see my balls once more between her fingers, with memories of her vice grip still fresh in my mind. Still, despite the overall unsexy-ness of the situation -- a sharp-clawed dragoness checking to see if she'd burst my balls -- I couldn't help but appreciate the scene a little. After all, she 
was a naked chick fondling my junk...and from the current angle, she was giving me a fantastic view of her breasts, two ruby-red spheres that bounced pleasantly on her chest with each movement. Part of me wanted to reach out and give her a squeeze, but another part of me worried about what she might squeeze in response. Instead I contented myself with just looking, and trying to selectively remember all the good moments from last night...

"You seem alright," Lia murmured. "No ruptures, no leaks, nothing serious..."

I heard her, but only dimly -- I was still busy imagining the female in more compromising positions. Sure, the first time we'd fucked hadn't worked out so well, but now that she had calmed down a bit I could picture her bouncing in my lap again, my thick pride buried to the hilt in her tight passage. Actually, screw that -- I wanted to be the one in control this time. I imagined her flat on her back, her legs up over my shoulders, moaning out my name as I slammed into her sex...

It was only when I heard a quiet giggle that I realized quite how off-track my mind my mind had wandered. I blinked, only to realize that Lia had stopped examining my nuts and was now looking with some amusement at the pole of dragoncock jutting proudly from my crotch. "Uh...sorry," I grumbled, hoping she wasn't offended.

"Oh no, don't worry," the dragoness replied, smiling. "It's a compliment. Besides, it's probably my fault -- I'm still in heat, after all. You helped take the edge off, definitely, but I'm still giving off a ton of pheromones." She looked up and grinned. "Hell, I'm surprised you didn't bust a nut while you were unconscious -- you looked about ready to explode all night."

I couldn't help but turn a bit red at that comment, imagining how I must have looked while I was passed out: a throbbing cock and balls to match. Not the most dignified thing in the world. Still, I tried to push that thought aside as she resumed her fondling of my junk. There were more important things to be worried about than embarrassing myself in front of a female, even if she was the first dragoness I'd seen in years...and even if she was a fine piece of tail...and even if she'd stopped examining my balls now and had a clawed hand wrapped around my length.

"...Lia?" I asked cautiously. "What are you--

"You like that?" she said teasingly. Gently the female rubbed her thumb across my cockhead, giving the rest of the meat in her hand a firm squeeze.

I inhaled sharply. "Uh, y-yeah. But...why are you--?"

"Shh," she interrupted, gently coaxing me to be silent -- though I couldn't help but groan as she gave me a few long strokes, her fingers dancing around my dragonhood. She waited for me to quiet down before she continued. "I want to propose something to you."

I shuddered, resisting the urge to thrust up between her fingers. "I-I'm listening."

The female blushed, biting her lip. "Well you see, like I said, I'm still in heat. Which means I still have a...very strong urge to mate." Her gaze fell to my cock, the scaly length pulsing needfully in the open air. "Until now I've been able to satisfy myself for the most part, but now that you're here, it's getting a lot...harder. I can tell my scent is having a strong effect on you, too."

Mmph," I grunted, trying to focus despite the continuing distraction. "Yeah, it''s definitely getting harder. Very hard."

"Mmm. Well then," she continued, "if you're willing, I'd love to...relieve those urges again, if you know what I mean."

yeah," I blurted out loudly, just as a spurt of precum leapt from the tip of my cock to splash across the female's fingers. Oh, I would gladly do it -- I would fuck this girl so long and hard she didn't know which way was up. I could imagine slamming into her from behind, my cock swallowed up by her tight tunnel--

The female smiled, giving my length another friendly squeeze. "I thought you might be receptive. There's just one thing I've got to ask you, then."

Despite the rapidly growing need to get my rocks off, even I could hear the change of tone in her voice. That combined with the lingering mental image of my balls trapped inside her fist was more than enough reason to make me pause. "Uh...what is it?"

"Well, see..." She blushed, letting go of my member and looking up at me. "I've never met a green dragon before -- you're from the southern ranges, yes?"

I nodded. "Yeah, that's right."

"Okay. Then I should tell you that here up north, mating is sort of a serious deal -- you're not allowed to have sex with just anybody. When red dragons mate, they mate for life."

"Oh. Uh...okay." I frowned. "But wait, we...we already had sex. Are you saying that means we're already mated?"

"Oh no no," she backpedalled quickly, "no, there are some exceptions to the rules. A female can mate to satisfy her heat, for instance." The dragoness chuckled, reaching down to roll one of my balls gently between her fingers. "Otherwise, I'd already have a couple mates by now."

"Ah." I blinked, trying not to squirm as the female fondled my sac. "So then what's the problem? Why don't we just 'satisfy your heat' some more?"

Lia smiled, but shook her head. "We've already done that. Trust me, if I was still in my full heat, I wouldn't bother asking permission. No -- if we were to do it again, we'd have to do it as mates."

It took me a few seconds to put it all together. "Wait. Are...are you asking me to be your mate, then?"

She nodded. "Bingo."

"Uh..." I stuttered for a moment, trying to figure out an appropriate response. "I...I'm flattered, obviously, but...we only just met. I mean, I barely even know you."

"True," she admitted. "But think about it for a minute. When's the last time you saw another dragoness?"

"Um. About...two or three years ago, I guess."

"See? Two or three years. There aren't very many of us dragons around any more. I'm not saying we're a perfect match, but I think we gotta grab each other while we have the chance, y'know? I could certainly use the company."

She did have a point. It could get pretty lonesome, just living in the cave by myself for weeks at a time...and I was getting pretty tired of jerking myself off every night. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a female around.

Lia grinned, watching as my member gave a short twitch. "I can see you're thinking about the other perks, as well." She curled her fingers around my length again, giving it a few short pumps. "You know...I'd love to just wrap my tongue around this monster and suck you off until your balls were dry." She looked back up at me. "But I can't do that unless we're mates."

Just the way she was talking had me ready to cream my scales again, but I tried to keep my voice steady as best I could. "Well then, uh...l-let's do it, I guess."

Her eyes lit up. "Really? You want to be mates?"

It was crazy decision, sure, but when was an opportunity like this going to show up again? "Uh...yeah. I would be happy to be your mate." And happy to fuck her silly for the next month...

"Oh that's great!" The dragoness beamed, leaning in to plant a quick kiss on my cheek -- then another kiss on the head of my cock. "Thank god -- I was starting to wonder if I'd have to wait until my next heat to be properly fucked again."

I let out a quiet moan as she nuzzled briefly at my rod. "Y-yeah. Listen, I don't know about you, but I'm horny as fuck already -- you wanna be on top, or on the bottom?"

"Uh." She paused for a moment, letting go of my shaft. "Well, technically we're not mated until the mating ceremony is done..."

I groaned -- I wanted to get off, the sooner the better. "What do we have to do?"

"Well, traditionally the female is supposed to put her male through quite a bit before accepting him as a mate..." -- Lia glanced down at my swollen ballsac -- "...but I think I've done enough to you already. I'd rather just get this over with."

"Me too," I replied.

"Good then, we're agreed. In that case, I think I've probably done enough damage downstairs, eh?" She smiled, rising to her feet. "Here, spread your legs for me."

I wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do, but if the handjob she'd been giving me was any indication, it was gonna be good. I put my hands behind my head and lay back, closing my eyes and waiting for whatever was next...

Stupid dragon.

The next thing I felt was something slamming down onto my right testicle with so much force that my nut had to be absolutely liquified -- or at least it would've been, if it hadn't managed to slip out of the way at the last second. My eyes shot open in shock to find a scaly red thigh in front of my face, which I quickly followed upwards to find Lia. She was frowning down at my ballsac, a look of concentration on her face.

"Dammit, sorry," she mumbled, raising her foot again.

Before I could do anything, the female stomped down even harder than she just had, and this time my gonad wasn't so lucky. Instead I felt the full force of her heel come slamming down onto my right nut, crushing it against the stone floor with a gut-wrenching 

My eyes immediately rolled back into my head with the force of blow. It was impossibly painful, like a bolt of lightning ripping through my gut, like every unpleasant experience I'd ever had combined. Nothing had ever felt like this -- oh god, how could one person inflict so much 
pain? I kept waiting for the initial jolt of agony to subside, to turn into the duller ballache that I'd grown so familiar with, but instead it continued to surge through my body, filling every inch of my being with horrible, unfathomable nutpain. I fought just to stay conscious as Lia ground her foot against the ground, crushing my spud like a discarded cigarette against the stone floor. Every nerve ending in my groin screamed at me to do something, at least if I wanted to stay male for more than a few more seconds. Instinctively my hands shot to her leg, trying to pull her off, but the dragoness continued to bear down, my scaly egg nearing the breaking point--

What the fuck are you doing?!" I shrieked.

The dragoness cocked an eyebrow. "I'm popping your nut, what does it look like?"


"It's the last part of the mating ceremony. Everyone knows that." The female had yet to take her weight off of my poor gonad -- the tortured orb continued to squirm beneath her foot, seeking an escape from the ungodly pressure. "Why, what's the matter?"

If I wanted her off my nut, I had to keep stringing together complete sentences; if I didn't get her off my nut soon, it was going to be nothing but jelly-- "
What the hell are you talking about?!"

She sighed, giving me a look that was half pity, half scorn. "It's a customary part of the courtship ceremony for 
the female to pop one of the male's testicles. I mean, my dad's only got one, and my brother got one of his squashed when he was mated..."

That's insane!" I squealed, still fighting feebly to pry her leg from my groin -- but time was up. I couldn't take any more. Say goodbye to Righty, I thought, preparing myself for the inevitable.

"Wait, really?" The dragoness seemed surprised, leaning back onto her rear foot. "Do they not do this where you come from?"

That shift in weight was enough to save the doomed jewel, at least for now. I could feel it reinflate slightly, sending another wave of nausea through my stomach as its crushed contents began shifting back into place. Of course, I still had most of the weight of a dragoness focused on the most sensitive part of my male anatomy -- the second she decided to lean forward again, I was sure that nut was mush.


With a small frown she lifted her foot, allowing my trapped testicle to finally squirt out to freedom. Immediately I curled into the fetal position, claws flying to my ballsac to ensure that my nut was still there. Which it definitely was, judging from the unimaginable pain gnawing its way through my gut. It wasn't as round as before, maybe, but it was still intact, and that was the important part.

Above me the female stood with a confused look on her face, her arms folded beneath her breasts. She watched me rock back and forth on the ground for a moment, tapping her foot against the floor as she waited for me to stop gasping for breath. "So wait," she began slowly, "they really don't do this where you come from?"

"No!" I exclaimed loudly, still fighting the urge to vomit. Oh, my poor 

Lia frowned. "Weird. I assumed everybody did it, but maybe it's just a northern dragon thing." She raised an eyeridge. "What do 
you do for the mating ceremony, then?"

I groaned, both hands still clasped tightly between my legs. "I-I make some vows, that's about it. It's not...'s not very complicated."

"But no nut-popping?"


"Really? That's so 
weird." She snorted. "So what, all the males where you come from have both their nuts?"

"YES!" I shouted, incredulous at what I was hearing. "We're born that way; why wouldn't we have two nuts?"

"Because one is supposed to be popped by your mate," she replied, the tone of her voice suggesting that this was the most obvious thing in the world. "That's why you have two: one for your mate, and one for your children."

"That's completely insane!" I repeated, still crumpled in the fetal position. "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

"Calm down," she replied patiently. "It might seem a bit strange to you as a dragon from another culture, but it's tradition -- we've been doing it this way for centuries."

I was still in disbelief. "And what, the men just 
let you do this to them?"

"Oh yes -- quite willingly." She met my skeptical look and chuckled. "What, you don't believe me? Like I said, it's tradition. It's considered an honor to be popped by a female -- a real moment of bonding between mates, a symbol of the male's devotion to his chosen life partner--"

"So you're telling me," I interrupted, feeling sicker by the moment, "that every mated male dragon in the Northern Territories has had one of his balls crushed."

"As far as I know, yes."

I groaned. "Oh my god, no wonder we're going extinct as a species."

Lia frowned. "Actually, you only need one to--"

"I know how it works!" I snapped, still curled up on my side. Gently I prodded at my swollen testicles, the aching pair cupped gingerly in my claws. I could still picture my nut trapped beneath the female's foot -- I shuddered to think what might happen if she pressed it any flatter than she already had. How could any male willingly put himself through that kind of torture?

Then again, maybe it was a relief. One less nut to be punted and pummeled, stomped and squeezed, flattened until you were hoarse from squealing...I shook my head. What the hell was I thinking?

"Why do guys need two of 'em, anyway?" Lia asked, interrupting my train of thought. "It's redundant, isn't it?"

I coughed. "Then...then why do females have two breasts, huh? Answer me that."

The dragoness rolled her eyes. "For symmetry, obviously. If you took away one of a girl's breasts, it would just look weird. When you take away one of a guy's nuts, on the other hand, it looks so much more natural -- he's left with one big ol' nut in the middle of his sac."

"You're insane, you know that?"

Lia ignored my comment. "Besides, in the end it's the same deal. One for your children..." -- the dragoness reached up to her chest, hefting one of her perfect tits in her claws -- "...and one for your mate. Like I said, it's all tradition."

I grunted, forcing myself back into a seated position. "Well I'm sure that all sounds fine and great to you, but we are 
skipping that part of the ceremony, thank you very much."

"What? No!" The female was indignant. "The nut-popping in one of the most important parts of the ceremony!"

come on! It's barbaric!"

"It's part of the ceremony!" she repeated, folding her arms across her chest. "It's a very important moment in a dragon's life, male or female. You'll always remember losing a nut to me, and I'll always remember taking it."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You...this is sick, you know that? You can't just...I mean, you practically popped them already! Doesn't that count?"

"No, because I didn't 
actually pop one." She frowned. "Listen, if you want to be mates you can't keep both your balls. You do want to be mates, right?"

I looked up at the female. She was standing with one hand on her hip, looking down at me with an eyebrow raised. Despite myself, my gaze began drifting slowly downwards: from her face to her neck, then down to the two luscious breasts that stood out proudly on her chest, tits that just begged to be groped and squeezed. I looked at her torso, covered in smooth red scales, sloping outwards into a pair of shapely hips that I knew supported a sinuous tail and a gorgeous ass. I continued my journey downwards, lingering on the hint of a slit nested between her strong thighs before moving on to her sculpted calves. And then finally, there were her feet...capped with deadly-looking claws, of course.

I swallowed nervously. God -- even now, when she was threatening to half-castrate me, she was making me hard. Did I really want to be mates?

Listen: just say no. All you have to do is say no, and she'll leave you alone.

Aww come on, man, how could you say no to that? Look at that body! Imagine coming home to that every night!

Yeah, or imagine that stomping your nuts into paste. Come on, you don't want to be mates with her. Just say no, that's all you have to do.

Or you could say yes, and spend every evening for the rest of your life screwing her silly. Seriously, look at her! Imagine sliding your cock between her tits, or shooting your spunk all over that rump...

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and said:

"Y-Yes. I want to be mates."


She smiled. "I thought so. I'm glad. Now again, spread your legs for me."

"What? No!"

Her gaze hardened. "If you want to be mates, then you're going to have to trust me. Now spread your legs."

"No!" I yelped. I scurried backwards to the best of my ability, which was difficult with one hand still clutching my groin and legs too weak to support my weight. "Stay away!"

"Relax," she replied, taking a step towards me. "Let's just get this over with, yeah?"

"No no no," I said quickly, "I--I changed my mind! You don't have to--"

But the dragoness already had her mind made up. "Calm down, this shouldn't take long." She nudged my legs apart, then leaned in to grab my arms. Almost gleefully she pulled my hands aside, took one look down at my swollen sac, and brought her foot down.

Lemme tell you: no matter how many times it happens, the sensation of having your testicles forcibly flattened beneath a female's foot is 
not something a guy gets used to. It's one thing to have 'em pummeled like a punching bag, or knocked up into your throat with a vicious kick, but it's another thing entirely to watch them slowly flatten like pancakes, your nutflesh squishing out between your attacker's toes.

So it was that I watched my scaly green dragonmakers -- the spuds I used to be so proud of -- losing their shape beneath Lia's foot, spreading outwards as she bore down on the rubbery twins. Immediately I was wrapped around the female's leg, gasping and moaning as she tried to scramble my eggs underfoot. My stomach churned from the nausea, spots dancing in front of my eyes as wave after wave of agony washed over me. Even through the haze of pain, I could tell she was focusing most of her weight on my right nut, the same one she'd been trying to crush earlier. Not that she was sparing my left nut, though -- I could see the swollen orb trying to squirm out of the way, but it was currently speared on one of her toeclaws, the nail digging viciously into the center and pinning it in place.

Lia seemed to be enjoying herself, though. I let out some kind of a squawk as she raised her foot a few inches and stomped down once again, flattening my testicles into the stone floor. I'm pretty sure I heard her giggle in response, though it's possible I was confusing my own high-pitched squeaking for her voice.

The crazy thing is that even as all this was going on, my member remained hard as a rock, blissfully unaware of the torture going on just below. Her heat was still getting to me -- hell, with my face pressed up against her thigh, I was pretty much inhaling her pheromones, staring right at her sex. I could imagine how much better her feet would feel if they were caressing my cock, rather than bashing my balls -- could imagine her toes wrapped around my length, and me, shooting my cream in long ropes onto her calves. Of course, I could also imagine myself trembling and blowing a huge load all over her legs just as my poor testicle finally burst. That mental image was...more arousing than it should have been, actually.

Lia seemed to have a similar idea. The dragoness lifted her weight from my balls once again, this time moving her foot so that it pressed my cock flat against my stomach. She paused there for a moment, the sole of her foot rubbing up against the underside of my member, and briefly I thought that she had taken pity on me: that she had seen how much pain I was in and changed her mind about her torturous mating ceremony. That hope was squashed, though -- literally -- as she set her heel down squarely on top of my right plum, immediately transferring her weight to the fragile egg. I let out another squeal as she resumed her assault of my groin, two of her toes splaying around my shaft as my testicle began to splay out beneath her heel.

Despite all the noise I was making, though, the dragoness was less than satisfied. "This doesn't seem to be working," she said after a few seconds, frowning down at her foot. She gave a few quick heel-stomps in rapid succession, each earning a loud cry of pain from my writhing body. "I expected your ball to be jelly by now."

I could only moan in response, struggling feebly at her leg in an attempt to cover up. "Please stop," I croaked, praying for some kind of mercy.

"I guess you've just got a tough little pair." The dragoness rolled my nuts beneath her toes for a moment, assessing the swollen orbs. "Hmm...or maybe I'm just not heavy enough. What if I tried something a little more forceful...?"

My muzzle contorted in agony and I let out a gurgle as the female literally hopped onto my ballsac, my scaly orbs flattening beneath her bare feet. I could feel my brain slowing down, unable to handle the flood of pain signals coming from my mangled marbles. I was now carrying the entire weight of a full-grown dragoness on my testicles -- I couldn't believe they didn't just give up and burst. They probably would have, if she'd managed to balance all her weight on just one at a time, but by now she'd stopped focusing on my right nut and was just pounding the spunk out of my entire package. I guess at this point she no longer cared which nut she popped, as long as she popped one.

"My..." I gasped, unable to finish the thought. "My..."

Damn." Lia looked down at her feet and the distorted dragonmakers she was standing on. "You've just got balls of steel, don't you? Although I guess they're kinda squishy to be steel." She adjusted her stance, my nuts rearranging themselves around her toes. "Rubber, maybe?"

By now I'd managed to weakly grab the dragoness's legs, my arms shaking with the effort required as my nervous system tried to shut itself down. "
Please...get off..." I whispered, gripping Lia's ankles as tightly as I could and trying not to imagine what my gonads looked like just below.

She looked down at me with a sympathetic smile. "I know it hurts, P'oiu, but just wait 'til I pop one, okay? The right one feels like it might go soon. Though I'm surprised you're not a eunuch by this point." She reiterated her point with a quick stomp. "Most guys can't take nearly this much -- I'm beginning to wonder if they'll ever pop."

Her words echoed in my mind for a moment, as I lay there mewling in pain -- and it was only then that the terror of the situation fully struck me. All this time I'd been worried that my nuts were about to crack, about to explode beneath Lia's onslaught...but what if that wasn't the problem? What if they 
didn't pop?

You see, as I've mentioned before, in the past we green dragons were renowned in the south for our strength and our imperviousness to attack. Our teeth, our scales, our claws: they were all indestructable. As far as I knew, that indestructibility extended to my internal organs as well -- and as far I knew, that included the dragonmakers hanging between my legs. Sure, they could be squashed or flattened, but I'd had my balls bashed up half-a-dozen times in the past few days, and they still seemed to be working. Hell, they'd been overproducing ever since I'd met Lia -- even now, I felt ready to paint the ceiling with my spunk.

But the red dragons from the north were different. They were supposed to be faster, sleeker, more athletic -- sexier, quite frankly. I'd always assumed that they'd been just as "indestructible" as us green dragons, but then again, I'd never actually 
met a red dragon before Lia -- and she'd broken a nail just squeezing my balls. Maybe...maybe the reason this barbaric nut-crushing thing existed in her culture and not mine was because it wasn't possible in my culture. It just couldn't be done.

In a way, that thought was a huge relief -- my gonads weren't goners! -- but in another way, it was a terrifying idea. It was bad enough to lose a ball to some crazy dragon, but it was even worse to think that the ballbusting might never stop. If my nut never ruptured, Lia would probably just ballbust me until my whole body shut down. And who knew what she would do 
trying to make it burst?

As predicted, Lia still wasn't making any progress. "God, I didn't think it'd be this hard to pop one," she grumbled, turning away from me and lining up her heel with my right testicle as she prepared to jump aboard once more. "Maybe if I add a little twist as I land."

My leg was twitching, my body shaking as my nut was compressed to about a quarter of its usual size. "L-LIA!" I shouted in as normal a voice as possible, resisting the urge to squeal her name several octaves higher.

"Relax, P'oiu," she repeated, gaze directed at her feet. "Try to ignore the pain and enjoy the view, okay? Just think about all the fun we're going to have later." The female lifted her tail, leaning forward slightly in order to show off more of her scaly rump.

It was a nice ass, I have to admit, but it was overshadowed a bit by the whole 'soul-crushing agony' thing. "LIA!" I shouted again, this time reaching up to grab hold of her tail. I gave the length a short yank. "LISTEN TO ME!"

"Ow!" The dragoness quickly pulled her tail from my weak grip, spinning on her heel to face me again. For the first time in what seemed like hours, Lia looked away from my swollen balls and looked up at me. "Hey, what was that for? Jerk."

"Just listen for a second," I croaked. "Please."

Lia looked at me suspiciously for a moment before giving a short nod. "Okay, I'm listening." The female folded her arms across her breasts again, waiting for me to start speaking -- though she still had most of her weight perched atop my groin.

I tried to swallow the ache radiating up from my gut, my toeclaws still clenching and unclenching outside of my control. "Lia..." I coughed. "Lia, what if...what if my balls don't pop?"

"What do you mean, 'if they don't pop'?" The dragoness chuckled. "Of course they pop -- crush 'em flat enough and they can't take it anymore, they explode. I mean, us girls have been doing that to you for centuries."

"No..." I groaned, "not...
oh god, nnrgh...not green dragons. We're d-different." It was taking every ounce of my concentration to form coherent sentences, rather than just pass out. "Our internal organs don't...ah...d-don't rupture."

Lia frowned down at me for a moment before a look of comprehension spread across her face. "Oh! Oh that's right, isn't it? You're a green, so you're 'indestructable' and all that, right?"

"Right," I gasped. "And that means my balls...don't...pop."

The dragoness had to think about that for a second, and even once she was finished she shook her head. ", that can't be right. They're so squishy! I mean, they feel just like any other pair I've stomped on."

I paled even further, if that was possible. "H-How many other balls have you stomped on?

"Enough to be knowledgeable about these things." She grinned, taking her weight off my balls to roll them beneath her toes for a moment. "C'mon -- I guarantee you one of these spuds is about to give."

"No it's not!" I yelled. My muzzle contorted in pain as the female leaned forward once more, squashing my plums into the stone floor. "What can I do to -- oh 
god! -- what can I do to convince you my nuts don't pop?!"

"Hmm." The dragoness paused in thought, my gonads still crushed beneath her foot. "You know, there is one thing."

"Do it," I coughed. "Anything."

"Alright then." The female took a step back, allowing my flattened testicles a brief moment to reinflate. "Spread your legs."

Despite the overwhelming urge to curl into the fetal position, I forced my hands to my sides, spreading my legs as wide as my weak body would allow and looking up at the dragoness. I let out an internal groan. I was not looking forward to seeing those toeclaws smash into my balls yet again, but if it convinced her that this was over--

But to my surprise, the female did not pull her leg back for a kick, but instead knelt down -- no, actually 
lay down flat on her stomach, propping herself on her elbows. She looked at my package, eyes tracing over my still-throbbing length before settling on the two busted balls just below. Lia tilted her head sideways and licked her lips before taking ahold of my right nut, giving it a quick but brutal squeeze between two of her claws.

I let out a ragged gasp, but it was hardly the worst pain I'd felt today. "Is that it?" I asked. "A squeeze?"

"Oh no," she replied, giggling. "Squeezing's fun, but I've got something else in mind. Something I've wanted to try for a long time..."

I watched with a mix of curiosity and fear as she leaned in closer -- so close now that her warm breath blew across my crotch, making my member twitch with anxiety. Hell, she looked ready to give me a blowjob -- had she changed her mind about this whole ballbusting thing? Lia opened her mouth, and for a moment I expected to feel her tongue wrapping around the base of my shaft...but then I saw the flash of fang, and suddenly understood. By then it was far too late.

I let out a shrill squeal, my hips shooting off the ground as the dragoness bit down into the center of my nut. I may have actually squashed my other nut between my groin and her muzzle, but I was far too distracted to notice anything but the screaming, throbbing ache in my gut as she attempted to skewer my right ball on her fang. All conscious thought left my mind as the female bit -- no, not just bit, but chewed on my poor testicle, the abused orb squashed, squished, and distorted as it was crushed again and again between her vicious teeth.

I could feel Lia trying to suck my spud deeper into her mouth, her tongue coating the orb with saliva even as her incisors attempted to reduce it to jelly, but I tried my best to resist, bucking frantically in an effort to shake loose. After a few more seconds my hands found their way to her muzzle, trying to pry her jaws open, but I had lost any and all strength long ago -- I was completely at her mercy at this point. I let out another high, keen cry, babbling in some unknown language as the female did her best to scramble my scaly egg, the slippery orb squirming desperately to escape.

I don't know exactly how long this all lasted -- it's hard to judge time when you're barely clinging to consciousness -- but I do remember how it ended. Once I had stopped resisting, the dragoness decided to suck both my balls into her mouth, positioning one beneath each set of molars before chomping down with all her might. Strangely enough, I hardly even remember the pain -- what I remember is the dribble of dragonseed that began running down my length, my spunk forced straight from my balls as Lia ground them between her teeth. Lia just grinned at me.

Somehow, though, I survived intact -- though I certainly didn't 
feel like much of a male at this point. Even though my cock was still bobbing at full-mast, I couldn't summon the energy to curl into the fetal position, never mind to sit up or to speak. I must have laid there for a good couple of minutes after she finally gave up her biting, because she eventually got tired of waiting for me to respond. So of course, she used the best attention-grabbing method she knew:


I let out a quiet squeak and immediately bent double around the female's foot, claws moving shakily to cover my groin.

"Alright, I believe you. I can't pop your nut." She frowned, nudging my hands away from my groin in order to look at my lumpy ballsac. "Hell, maybe you green guys evolved indestructible balls because us girls kept stomping on 'em so much."

If that was true, I silently thanked the generations of males who had gone through this before me.

"You could have told me that before, though," she continued, climbing to her feet again. "It would've saved me a lot of trouble."

There was nothing I could do but croak wordlessly in response.

The dragoness exhaled loudly, planting her hands on her hips. "Anyway. This failed pretty miserably, huh? All that and we're still not mates."

My heart skipped a beat. She couldn't be serious. All that torture and she 
still wasn't going to let me tap that ass? What the fuck?! I gave a plaintive whine in her direction, hoping she wasn't really that cruel.

The dragoness turned to face me again, unable to repress a smile at the sight of me crumpled on the floor. "I'm sorry, P'oiu, but the nut-popping is important -- I don't think I could really be mated with you if I can't pop one of your balls. I'll just have to take care of my own needs, I guess."

"Oh come 
on," I coughed, fighting the urge to vomit. "We both want it. Just one good fuck."

"Not unless we're mates," she repeated. "You wanna try the nut-popping one more time?"

Immediately I shook my head.

"You sure? I mean, I haven't got a ton of nut-crushing experience, but I still think one might be about to give."

I felt myself get even queasier, if that was possible. "No, I...oh 
god...I'm done."

The dragoness looked disappointed. "Aww. Alright, then, I'll give you a little while to pull yourself together and then we'll figure out what to do from here, alright?"

This whole discussion was infuriating, but at this point, I thought it best to just cut my losses. With some effort I forced myself to my hands and knees, trying to ignore the gutache as my balls hung between my thighs. "F-Fine," I replied. "We'll talk about this la

My world exploded once more as something came flying up between my legs, smashing my defenseless nuts up into my pelvis for the umpteenth time today. I had just enough time to process the image of a red-scaled foot buried in my groin before I was writhing on the ground again, both hands between my legs.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I squealed, crumpling once more. The 
pain. It was like a dozen knives stabbing me in the gut, on top of the several hundred knives already there -- more insult than injury, to be honest, though at this point the lightest of taps probably would've sent me to my knees. "Oh fuck, my balls!"

"Oh come on, it was worth one more shot," Lia said with a chuckle, watching me curl up on the floor. "You never know, that could've been the kick that popped 'em. Or it could be the next one. You wanna find out?"

"NO!" I answered. I was tempted to follow up that exclamation with some more colorful language, but given how well that had gone in the past -- I thought back to the hippo -- I decided to bite my tongue and stay quiet. "Just -- oh 
god -- just please, leave me alone!"

Lia was silent for a moment, then took a few steps towards my crumpled form. I could sense the dragoness bending over me, and I tensed, fearing the worst--

"Sorry about that," she murmured, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Listen, I'll be back soon -- you rest up for a while, okay?"

I relaxed slightly. "Yeah," I croaked, opening my eyes and catching a glimpse of her naked form. I sighed inwardly as the female turned to walk away, admiring the perfect roundness of her ass and the seductive swing of her hips.
Damn it. I had been this close to shacking up with a Playdragon model, a gorgeous specimen of the fairer sex. She almost seemed nice, even, if it wasn't for the damn obsession with crushing my nuts.

Lia paused at the door, shooting a glance back my way. "Hey -- if you change your mind, I'd be happy to stomp your spuds some more. Just gimme a shout, alright?"

I groaned, squinting my eyes shut again.

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