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Dragon Slaying (8): For Her Pleasure (non-canon ending)

An alternate, non-canon ending to chapter 8 of Dragon Slaying, in which the dragon loses his nuts. Painfully :P This picks up from about 2/3 of the way through the chapter.


And that was when I realized it: the one thing that still might let me keep my balls and save me from a life of therapy and testosterone shots. As I had come to realize by this point, this dragoness was fucking insane. Nothing in the world was going to stop her until she got what she wanted -- and right now, all she wanted was more pleasure, no matter what she did to me in the process. Even now she was milking me for all I was worth, her sex spasming around the pillar of flesh between my legs. I would've blown my load in a second, if not for the pain.

So maybe...maybe if I could focus on the good stuff and block out the pain, if I could get her off the way she wanted, then maybe she'd let me go. I mean, she was in heat, and that was driving her body up the wall -- I'm sure she wasn't such a bitch under normal circumstances. I had to assume so, at least, or else me and my balls were 

With what was left of my functioning brain, I concentrated on thrusting, trying to reciprocate however I could. I managed to get my hips twitching in the right direction, at least, jerking upwards to meet her as her perfect behind continued to bounce up and down in my lap, but the dragoness continued to squeeze away, crushing my nuts as if she wanted to grind them into peanut butter. She was so lost in her own world that I don't think she had even noticed my feeble attempt.

Obviously I needed to do more -- to do something that would get her attention. Maybe some groping would do it. Her hips were within arms reach, as were her tits -- and hell, I'd wanted to squeeze those ever since I'd first seen her. I decided to take the opportunity, one hand moving jerkily to the curve of her hip, the other reaching shakily upwards to cup one of her breasts.

My fingers closed around the scaly mound, and immediately I felt my cock throb in response -- how many lonely nights had I spent imagining this, groping some busty female as she rode me into release? Trembling -- with pain or arousal, I'm not sure whice -- I gave the warm flesh as firm a squeeze as I could, fingers sinking into the supple flesh--

Just as I'd expected, that got her attention. On top of me the dragoness's eyes shot open, her body stopping mid-thrust. "Oh!" she exclaimed breathlessly, "

And then -- then she slammed herself back down in my lap, crying out lustfully as her body milked my rod for all it was worth. My eyes rolled back into my head as her sex rippled around my dragonhood, like a million little tongues slurping at my shaft, a dozen dragonesses on their knees with hands wrapped around my throbbing length. This was it -- there was no way I could resist that tight tunnel. I could feel the biggest load of my life rising from my balls, preparing to fire--

Unfortunately for me, her sex wasn't the only thing that tightened. Just as I felt sure that I had passed the point of no return, she let out another loud cry, throwing her head back as she finally reached orgasm. I felt an immense relief as her body squeezed down on mine, her pussy going into overdrive, my gonads ready to surrender their juice -- but then her fist tightened as well, and suddenly I wasn't nearly as joyful. To my horror, her grip grew even tighter around my dragonmakers, the vice closing even further, until her fingers began digging back into her palm, her claws halfway embedded in my balls. I squealed louder than I ever had before, hips bucking with renewed panic, but nothing I did could stop her. She just kept going, the pressure increasing, the tips of her claws digging into my tortured left nut -- and then suddenly it gave way. Even through her cries of pleasure, I could hear the quiet *pop*, the sudden explosion of pain that rocketed through my gut as half of my dragonhood was reduced to pulp between her fingers.

I froze mid-grope, my mouth opening and closing silently as I tried to find the words to express what had just happened.

Not that I had time to think, or to mourn the loss -- with half of my tackle gone, suddenly all the pressure came bearing down on my one remaining nut. The scaly spud squirmed in her fingers, trying to escape, but it was trapped on all sides, the walls slowly caving inwards as her grip tightened. The dragoness just continued to bounce up and down in my lap, riding my length without a care in the world, as if she hadn't even noticed my mangled marble burst between her fingers. "Oh 
god yes," she gushed, her sex squeezing tightly around my rod, "oh, fuck me!" Her hips rose once again before slamming back down into my lap, my pole swallowed to the hilt by her eager sex.

Beneath her I cried out, desperate to get the female's attention 
now, before it was too late. In any normal situation I'd think that my frantic squealing would be enough to catch her notice, but she was almost completely gone, her eyes rolling back into her head as she continued to thump up and down on my engorged length. My hand was still resting on her chest -- I tried giving her tits a more forceful grope in order to get her attention, but she just let out another blissful cry, squeezing my ball even harder. I immediately let go, letting out a strangled sort of squawk as both hands instinctively went to my groin, my entire body shaking at the level of pain. Oh, my nut--!

But I had to keep trying to get her attention -- not that that was easy, with my arms and legs twitching uncontrollably and with my nervous system on the verge of shutting down. It took all the concentration I had to even move, trying to hit her or push her off of me -- but in my condition, I basically just flailed at her side, landing a few ineffective blows on her side as she continued to gasp in pleasure. Her face didn't register anything but pure joy as she rode my staff, her inner walls clamping down hungrily around the thick intruder. Despite everything, I could feel a moan bubbling up in the back of my throat, my tortured body still eager to deliver its gift to the female...if only she would give me a chance!

Another flailing blow slid uselessly down her side, and I could feel the world starting to close in on me. I knew it wasn't working, but I had to try once more. With a final surge of adrenaline I struck at her one more time, throwing all my strength behind my flailing arm and praying that it would catch her attention.

Of course, in hindsight it might have been a good idea to 
aim where I was hitting a little more carefully. As it was, I ended up delivering a firm spank to her rear, my open palm landing on the one of the globes of her ass with a fleshy smack.

Three things happened as a result.

First of all, the dragoness on top of me arched her back, cried out, and came, the extra bit of rough play just too much to handle. She writhed atop my prick, her entire body contorting in ecstasy as her heat-stricken body finally got the relief it needed. Her inner walls squeezed desperately around my length, milking the thick intruder like her life depended on it, trying desperately to make me blow my top.

And so of course, I followed right after her, blasting my load up into her inner depths with a roar. I couldn't stop my hips from jerking, my cock twitching frantically as I fired thick shots of dragonseed, rope after rope of semen. It was relief of a sort, but none of the usual bliss that came with busting a nut -- after all, her fingers were still clamped around my last remaining nut, the rubbery orb squished nearly flat between her fingers. She was squeezing the juice straight out of my scaly spud, like a big overripe orange, crushing the last of my dragonhood until there was nothing left but pulp. Still, she had already hit her peak, and I'd given her what she wanted -- it couldn't get any worse from here. Right?

Oh, if only. Apparently I had forgotten the first thing about a dragoness in heat: that her body will go
crazy for a dragon's seed. In fact, as soon as I let go with the first jet of my spunk she let out a scream of pleasure, her muscles tightening even further as her body demanded every last drop of my cream. Around my cock, it felt amazing...but elsewhere, I could feel her claws tighten one final notch, and the impossible agony that ripped through my stomach told me there was nothing left I could do. With a wetsquelch my second nut went, the scaly orb collapsing under the impossible pressure -- and this time, the dragoness definitely noticed. On top of me she shuddered as my gonad gave way, crying out unintelligibly as it slipped through her fingers, a mangled mess of the proud orb it used to be.

Gone. My dragonhood, gone. It felt like a million knives jabbed into my gut, like some essential part of me had been forcibly ripped from my belly. All I could do was lie there, eyes frozen open in shock as the female continued to bounce up and down on my shaft. Rather than stop, the female just kept riding me, her fist tightening even further, trying to squeeze out whatever spunk might be left in my otherwise empty sac. She continued for another minute or so before starting to slow down, gradually coming to a stop.

She just looked down at me for a few seconds, with the most satisfied look on her face that I had ever seen. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath, one hand drifting downwards to rub idly at her clit. She shifted in my lap and let out a happy moan, her sex rippling weakly around my length, still buried in her to the hilt.

"You..." I squeaked quietly. "My..."

The female grinned and glanced back at my ballsac, lifting the scaly bag in her hand for a moment before clenching it in her fist once more. I could feel one last kick of nausea as she squeezed, letting the slosh that had been my testicles just a few minutes ago squish between her fingers.

She turned back around. "Was it good for you too?" she asked, grinning down at me.

I blacked out.

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