Monday, November 23, 2009

Dragon Slaying (7): Heat Wave

I managed to make good time for most of the afternoon, thanks to whatever it was the tiger had given me. It was nice to not have to spend all my time worrying about my package. By sundown, though, the effects of the medicine had started to wear off, and the pain started catching up to me. Walking gradually went from uncomfortable to painful to downright gut-wrenching. I struggled onwards for a few more minutes before deciding to call it a day.

I picked out a spot to sleep just off the edge of the path, behind a few bushes, and made sure it was hidden enough that a passing traveler wouldn't be able to see me in the evening light. I was still rather wary of what might happen if a certain orca found me asleep in the woods, plums ripe for the popping...I wanted to wake up still a male, after all. In the end I wound up sitting with my back against a tree, looking up at the stars as I finally settled down for some rest. This was the first time I'd voluntarily gone to sleep in the last few days, so my body was more than happy to oblige, and within a few minutes I had nodded off.

Now, my subconscious had quite a bit to work through, of course. I was expecting to have some kind of twisted nightmare involving dolphins, amphibians, and a scaly creature with a big pair of...well, y'know. Things did start that way, actually, but before anything too rough could happen, my thoughts spun off in an entirely different direction, much to the joy of my libido. Lemme tell you, I'd had sex dreams before, but this was...damn. I didn't know my imagination could could be so inventive -- or so stimulating, for that matter. I could have sworn I was back on the cave floor, with Opal wrapped around my cock. (Minus the ball-crushing, of course.) Needless to say, I was a rather happy dragon, and somewhat disappointed when I finally woke up.

Upon opening my eyes, I immediately realized several things. First, that my dream was just a dream, and that there was still an orca out there who wanted to pop my balls. Second, that that orca had not snuck up on me in the middle of the night and left me a eunuch. Third (and lastly), I realized that I had several feet of dragon meat throbbing in my lap, oozing pre in a puddle onto the ground.

Morning wood? Really? I mean, not that it was all that unusual for a single dragon like me, especially after a dream like I'd had, but given the state that my junk was in, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting...particularly not like this. I couldn't remember waking up this horny since I was a teenager. Despite myself I couldn't help but thrust lightly against the air, hoping for any kind of friction against my needy length. Even a breeze would do, at this point.

I knew from previous experience back at the cave that trying to masturbate was rather painful with my half-broken balls, and I jerking off probably didnt anything to help them heal, either. At this point, though, I was so needy I didn't even care. I had to try, at least. Carefully I wrapped a hand around the pulsing length, giving it an experimental stroke--

Holy shit!

Apparently I was even more turned on than I realized, as that one stroke was just about the greatest thing I had ever felt -- so great, in fact, that my cock tensed, twitched, and exploded, sending me into an orgasm before I even knew what was happening. I gasped, moaning loudly as my member pumped out its seed, thick white ropes of cum splattering across the ground in front of me. My eyes rolled back into my head as I came, my body spasming in pleasure. 
Gods! Nothing had ever felt this good -- or was it just that it felt good in comparison to everything else I'd been through lately? Either way, I just groaned and enjoyed the ride, just trying to stay conscious.

I can't have been more than a few seconds, I'm sure, but what felt like hours later I finally came back to my senses, hand still wrapped loosely around my member. I sat there for a moment before realizing, with some joy, that I wasn't curling up into the fetal position and clutching my balls. They ached a little more, sure, but nothing as bad as the last time I'd cum. (Granted, at that time Opal had been 
sitting on them, but still...) It seemed like that medicine had done some good -- maybe they were finally starting to heal up. I gave my left nut a gentle squeeze to check--

Oh no. Nope, not healed yet.

After spending a few more minutes doubled over holding myself, I was finally able to straighten myself out and climb to my feet. I glanced down at the path, which was now haphazardly covered in my spunk -- and when I say covered I mean 
covered. Carefully I tried to step around the long strings of dragonseed, wondering how exactly I'd managed to spurt all the way onto the other side of the path. Well, I thought,comforting to know that my balls still work, at least.

With that I was off, headed north once more, leaving the strange events of the morning behind me -- or so I thought. After a kilometer or two, though, I came to the realization that my hard-on wasn't going away. In fact, despite having just blown my load, I was still stiff as a board, raring for another round. So of course, I did what any male would do: I stopped and blew another wad into the bushes, just as hard as the first time. Even after that, though, I felt ready for more -- eager, even. I couldn't very well keep stopping, though, not if I ever wanted to find Opal, so I decided to ignore it and just keep going. It was a bit awkward, to be walking around with my cock just jutting out for anyone to see, but the way I saw it I didn't have much of a choice, so I just kept moving, erection and all. That is, until--

hello there..."

I started at the sound of a distinctly feminine voice. I turned to find a hippo lying down on a rock a short distance away, looking back at me with a grin. She was stretched out comfortably, belly-down, dressed in only a bikini -- sunbathing, clearly. She had propped herself up on her elbows to talk to me, her ample breasts sandwiched beneath her as she soaked up the sun's rays.

"Ah! Hi," I replied quickly, claws instinctively moving to cover my crotch. The last thing I needed was another female taking interest in my balls...

The female giggled. "Don't be so bashful, boy -- there's no need to hide."


"Your cock. It's not like I haven't seen one before."

"O-Oh." That's right -- I was still hard, wasn't I. Very hard, In fact. Even with my hands crisscrossed in front of my groin, there was a good foot of dragoncock left in plain sight, bobbing slightly with my heartbeat. "Sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it," she replied amiably. "Nothin' wrong with a dragon being naked. I can't imagine they make clothes in your size anyway."

"Yeah." I bit my lip sheepishly, continuing to hide my crotch. "Still, I'm not usually so..."

"Excited?" she finished. "Hey, it's spring -- I'm not gonna fault a male for being a little eager. Besides, I could use a little eye candy from time to time." The hippo grinned again, lying back down on her stomach. "Now go on, then, your girl's in need of a good screwing."

Oh, if only. "Heh. I, uh...I don't have a girl, actually."

The female raised an eyeridge. "Really? What about the dragoness who passed by here a few minutes ago?"

I blinked. "I'm sorry, what?"

"The dragoness who passed by a few minutes ago -- a little shorter than you, ruby red. She's your mate, isn't she? Dragons are so rare in these parts, I just assumed you two were together." The hippo exhaled. "Poor thing -- I don't know if I've ever seen a female in that strong a heat."

And with that, everything clicked into place. Suddenly it all made sense...there was a dragoness in heat, somewhere nearby, right now! No wonder I'd been horny all morning -- I'd been breathing in pheromones ever since I'd woken up. In fact, now that I thought about it, there 
was sort of a strange scent in the air...a rather pleasant one, actually, no doubt some cocktail of chemicals designed to make my body go crazy. Any worries about Opal or the orca were driven away by that maddeningly sweet smell. I could picture her body, her curves, her soft moans giving way to louder squeals as she was impaled on my cock. Oh gods, what I wouldn't give to get a piece of that tail--

"You, couldn't show me which way she went, could you?" I asked, a new tone of urgency added to my voice.

She frowned. "I thought she wasn't your girl."

"Not yet, no, but damned if I'm gonna miss an opportunity like this."

The hippo looked at me for a moment, then broke out into a laugh. "Ha! I like the way you think. Come on, then, let me show you where she went."

I watched eagerly as the female hopped down from her rock, walking over to join me. Now that I got a proper look at the rhino standing up, I could see that she didn't look half-bad herself -- strong thighs, wide hips, and a rack to rival Opal's tied back behind that bikini top. If I hadn't known there was a dragoness in the area, I would've been more than happy to sit down right here and relieve some tension.

The hippo was doing some appraising of her own, as well, wolf-whistling as she drew close to me. "You've got something to be rather proud of downstairs, don't you? Come on, give me a proper look."

"Uh..." I had yet to fully lower my hands, but at her insistence I let them drop to my sides, blushing as I exposed myself.

Her eyes widened. "Well, my stars." She gave my shaft a gentle poke, earning a healthy twitch in response. "I'd say you'll be making a certain dragoness 
very happy, if you know what I mean."

"Thanks," I said, thoroughly embarrassed. Still, it's not everyday you get those kinds of compliments, so I let her look for a few moment longer.

"And my god, I've never seen balls that size -- you've got so much spunk stored up in those nuts of yours they look like they're ready to burst! What are you waiting for, go out and get 'er!" The hippo grinned widely, accentuating her remark with a heavy slap to my swollen balls.

Of course, my balls were swollen for an altogether different reason. I paled as I felt the ache start in my groin, my legs quivering in an attempt to keep me upright. It was useless, though. I slid to my knees with an agonized groan, my claws latched around my poor balls once again.

"Nnnrggh...why would you...
nnnrgh!" I moaned, squinting my eyes shut against the wave of nausea spreading through my abdomen.

The female looked surprised. "Well gosh. Never realized males get so sensitive when they're all pent up." She frowned concernedly. "You oughta jerk it once in a while, let some tension outta those swollen nuts."

"That's not why they're swollen," I groaned in reply, trying not to completely lose my composure. I cradled my busted junk, trying to soothe the pain. So many conflicting my balls were telling me to get in the fetal position and start rocking back and forth, but my nose was still telling me there was a horny, fuckable female somewhere in the area. My member continued to throb, drooling precum. Add it all together and my groin didn't know /what/ was going on.

The hippo looked confused for a moment as she watched me struggle to stay upright, but a look of understanding slowly spread across her face. "Ohhhhh," she replied, with a quiet giggle. "I see. I'm not the first to smack me some dragon junk today, huh?"

I just groaned in reply. 
Great. Laugh it up. Nngh, my fucking nuts...

Gently I forced my claws away, leaning forward onto my hands and knees. I sucked in a deep breath, forcing myself to calm down and focus. It was just a slap, nothing like the other stuff I'd been through. I could handle this.

"If you don't mind me asking..."

I looked up to see that a look of confusion had returned to the hippo's face -- she seemed fairly deep in thought, gazing pretty clearly at my crotch. "What?" I grunted, still rather distracted.

"Oh, it's're a pretty big fella. I can't imagine many people could get the best of ya so easily." She laughed again. "I imagine it takes a lot of time and effort to squash a big ol' pair of dragonmakers like that."

"And that's funny?"


Suddenly I was starting to like this new 'friend' a lot less. "So what, if I stomped on your ovaries that would be funny too?"

"There's no need to be bitter." The hippo rolled her eyes. "Besides, in case you haven't noticed, mine are on the inside. I was just curious what girl's been busting you -- I might have to ask her for some tips."

For a moment I had a mental image of Opal, demonstrating the proper way to crush a dragon's eggs without breaking them outright. "Oh fuck you," I growled, turning away from the female. "Why does every girl I meet have to be such a psycho? Haven't I been through enough?"

"Relax," she replied, "I'm just asking a question."

"Well then allow me to ask you a question: why are you such a bitch?"

The hippo harrumphed, folding her arms angrily across her chest. "Fine then, asshole, don't tell me. You can take of your little problem by yourself."

"Fine." I just focused on the ground beneath me as she stomped off, disappearing from my line of vision...which is why I was unprepared for what happened next. I didn't see the female stop behind me, nor did I see her foot coming up between my legs, but I most certainly felt the impact. I pitched forward with a frantic squeak as the hippo slammed a kick up into my nutsack, crushing my spuds into my pelvis. Oh 
fuck. I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could even get any sound out she followed up with a knee, squarely pinning the two nuggets against hard bone before drawing back and kneeing me once more for good measure. She held her leg there, grinding her bare thigh into my trapped testes for a moment before finally letting the scaly orbs squirm away to freedom. Only then did I finally manage to get my claws around my freshly-flattened balls, tumbling onto my side with a wail like a banshee.

It's amazing how no matter how many times you've been bashed in the ballsac, each time feels like the worst pain you've ever experienced. I know that a kick and a couple of knees wasn't much compared to the original beating the orca had given me, or compared to how Opal had practically popped them when she was riding my cock, and something like this shouldn't have even 
registered on the pain-scale after the virtual nut-piercing my tiger friend had given me. That didn't matter so much to my body, though -- all my body knew was that someone was trying to turn my nuts into peanut butter, yet again. I lay there shrieking like a female, clutching my wounded dragonhood and trying to soothe the endless agony radiating out from my mangled jewels. It felt like my groin had exploded -- the only reason I didn't think my nuts had burst was that they were now too enormous to miss, swelling ever larger from the abuse. I rolled onto my back with a tortured moan, spreading my legs to give my aching pair some room to breathe. "Oh, my balls, my fucking balls!--"

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I do that?" The hippo gazed down at me for a moment, grinning as she watched me jerk and twitch. "Couldn't help myself. Y'know, being female and all that."

Fuck you!" I squeaked, voice several octaves higher than normal.

She frowned. "Well that's not very nice. Good luck getting any dragoness tail with /that/ kind of attitude. Not that it really matters." I spasmed again as she bent over and gave my gonads a hard slap, the twin orbs jiggling with the momentum. "I doubt these guys still work anyway."

I looked up and opened my mouth to respond just in time to see her foot fly into my sack once more, sending me back into the fetal position with a squeal. I writhed in place, my body seeking an escape from the agony as the nausea in my abdomen continued to spread. I wrapped my claws tightly around my gonads, trying to protect them as the hippo launched a few final kicks and stomps at my groin, succeeding in crushing my right nut several times in a row before finally backing off. "My 
balls!" I squeaked, tumbling back onto my side. "Oh my...annnngh...!"

The female watched me for a moment before spitting on the ground beside me. "Good luck getting it up. Asshole." And with that, she walked away.

I lay there crumpled up for a good fifteen minutes before I managed to open my eyes and confirm that the hippo had left. It took at least another thirty before I could sit up and breathe again, and even then it continued to feel like my testicles were being put through a meat grinder. They were both still there, though -- as always, for better or for worse. I was starting to wonder if it was a curse or a blessing that they wouldn't just pop already. At least then I wouldn't have any balls to bust.

Of course, even while I was rocking back and forth and trying not to vomit, the dragoness continued to dominate my thoughts. I'd gone soft for a minute or two while my eggs were being scrambled, but once the hippo had left, it hadn't taken more than a few moments before my prick was standing at attention once again. Right now it was as hard as it had ever been, more than ready to perform its duty. As I looked down at the pillar of flesh sticking up between my legs, I could almost picture the dragoness sinking down on my cock inch by inch, her sex clamping down hungrily around the thick intruder--

No, no, no. Every instinct told me to go to the girl and screw her brains out, but my brain knew better. There was no way I could have sex like this -- I could barely stand, never mind fuck. I just needed to drag myself somewhere secluded for the night, forget about the dragoness, and start looking for Opal again tomorrow. And maybe jerk off a lot in the interim, if my nuts could handle it, or else I was going to wake up tomorrow with the worst case of blue-balls the world had ever seen.

With some effort I hoisted myself to my knees and then slowly to my feet, trying to cushion my testes as much as possible. I glanced around and spotted a small, somewhat overgrown path branching off of the main path -- perfect for my purposes. Carefully I waddled forwards, focusing on my feet and resisting the urge to just fall back to the ground and hold myself. Luckily the path was fairly short, and I managed to struggle onwards to the end, where it opened up into a small clearing. I staggered a few more paces before finally depositing myself at the foot of a large tree.

I let out a loud sigh, looking down at the heavy orbs cupped in my claws and wondering what I'd ever done to deserve this. My balls had been kicked, kneed, squeezed, stomped on, and now they were stopping me from having sex with a horny dragoness. Great. I shook my head and looked up--

--only to lock eyes with possibly the most attractive creature I had ever seen, her scales a deep red, one hand groping her breasts while another thrust a makeshift stone dildo in and out of her dripping slit.

"Why hello there," the dragoness purred.

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