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Dragon Slaying (3): Enter Opal

Bah! I sort of abandoned this place, didn't I? Well then, let me start posting my backlog of stories :)

A small change of pace here -- this chapter starts building up to some actual 'normal' sexual stuff (I know, right?). Of course, there's plenty of nutbusting along the way :P Dragon's gonads gotta be sore by now, huh? Ah well, just another day in the life.


Again, I'm not sure exactly how long I spent knocked out, but I know it spanned at least several hours. When I came to, it was dark, and I found myself curled in the fetal position, clutching the swollen, misshapen bulge that was my groin. I looked around briefly to see if the orca was still here, but it seemed she had left for now, though not without doing a number on my jewels. I wondered absently how much time the orca had spent trying to pop my balls: they seemed significantly larger even than after her kicks, and my right ball seemed to have a very definite footprint in the center, as if she had tried standing on it. The thought made me even more queasy than I already was, but her failure to complete her task seemed like a small victory, at least.

I expected the ache in my balls to slowly fade over time, as a dragon's rapid healing ability kicked in, but instead I felt something terrifying: a pain that continued to grow, spreading even further through my gut and my body. It was unimaginable. I moaned and groaned in anguish, trying to ease the torture in my gonads, but it was useless. For hours, all I knew was the throbbing agony between my legs, the twin spheres that made me male, crying out in pain and suffering. Until...

"P'oiu, what are you doing?" said a familiar voice.

I opened my tear-soaked eyes to see a young, graceful-looking frog peering down at me, her eyes full of concern. I knew her already -- she was a local, a healer by the name of Opal, who had come to my cave before. Quite a few times, in fact. You see, Opal was renowned for her potions, which often included rare and hard-to-find ingredients. Luckily for me, she often needed one ingredient I was particularly good at producing: dragon cum. She'd stumbled up the mountain and into my cave only a few days after my initial arrival there. At the time, I was so eager to fight off my first challenger that I'd almost killed her before she could explain what she wanted, but once I understood what she was after, I was much more willing to cooperate.

It was a mutually beneficial relationship, if a somewhat odd one. I gave her an endless supply of her ingredient -- well, as long as she wasn't asking for too much at any given time. A dragon's got limits, after all. In return, I had a friend, a messenger, and a female who consistently wanted to see my cock -- a big deal for a dragon, solitary creatures that we are. We dragons usually only go looking for mates a few times in our lives; now I had an audience every other week, begging me to pull it out. Sometimes I found it hard not to blow my load just thinking about it. (Sometimes, I actually
did blow my load thinking about it.)

Still, as sex-centered as our activities were, I never got a chance to see much of
her. She saw me naked on a regular basis -- and not just naked, but leaning against the cave wall, stroking my cock until I spurted my hot cream into the air. I, on the other hand, had never seen her in less than what she was wearing right now: a long, flowing sari, hiding most things but giving me a glimpse of a firm, smooth stomach. She was hot, all right -- she could have been a goddess in porn, if she'd chosen to -- but she hid it, silently, taunting.

She'd touched me just once, on a particularly difficult day, when I was having some trouble -- rubbed my balls, to help me get over that last hump, and I'd come gallons, easily twice as much as I ever had before. After that, she'd started teasing me more actively, licking her lips, talking dirty, although she'd never actually touched me again, and the sari stayed tightly wrapped around her body. Still, she could work me into a frenzy with her words, and my balls started working overtime to produce for her.

Today, however, I met her in quite a different predicament. "O-Opal," I choked, almost delirious with agony, "oh god, Opal, my

Her gaze drifted down my body and settled on my groin, her eyes widening in shock. "Oh gods," she muttered under her breath, moving closer. She took a step forward to get a closer look at the swelling between my legs, and somehow I summoned the willpower to pull my claws away and let her see. My left nut was relatively normal, actually: since yesterday's beating, it had started to shrink down to its usual size, and that side of my sack had begun returning to its usual scaly green. My right nut, on the other hand, had continued to swell even larger than it was when the orca left, until it seemed ready to burst from my scrotum. The entire right half of my ballsac had become a dark, foreboding purple, echoing the ungodly ache of the gonad inside.

"What happened to you?" the frog asked worriedly, looking away from my mating organs.

"A...a knight," I croaked slowly. "O-orca. Female. First she...with a mace...and then she...she kicked...stomped...oh God, she just kept

Opal winced at my description, biting her lip, but shook it off when she saw me looking. "Shhhh," the female whispered consolingly, "alright, alright, let me take a look, relax." She got down on her hands and knees, looking carefully at the swollen orb but not touching it.

Anngh," I cried, a tear slipping down my cheek. "Oh God, Opal, my balls, my balls..."

The frog was biting her lip again, gazing intently at my gonads. From the way she focused, I could tell I was in good hands -- after all, she was a healer. She had studied the body backwards and forwards, and besides, damned if anyone knew my balls better than she did.

After a pause she rose, setting her hands on her hips. "Okay, here's the deal," she said, exhaling slowly. "I think I know what's wrong -- it looks like you've got a twisted testicle, which means that while that orca was busting you, she accidentally spun one of your nuts around and cut off its blood flow. It's a very painful freak accident that can happen when a male's testicles take a beating like that."

I moaned piteously -- the image alone made me want to puke.

"Now, there's good news and bad news," she continued, eying my sac as she spoke. "Fortunately, I've seen this kind of thing before in smaller species, and assuming that dragons work the same way, I should be able to fix it and heal your nut. Unfortunately, it's probably going to hurt a lot, given what shape your balls are in, and with all the pain you're in, I'm worried that you're going to flail around and injure me by accident. So...I'm going to run back to my village to get some sleeping potions, put you under, and then I'll fix your nut, alright?"

"Oh no please,
please," I groaned, tears slipping from my eyes, "you can't leave me like this any longer. It feels like I'm going to die. There's...anngh...there's got to be something else you can do."

"I...I don't know, P'oiu. I know it hurts, but if you accidentally hurt me than we'd
both be helpless." The frog glanced around for a moment, surveying the cave, her eyes coming to rest on a length of heavy chain. Suddenly her eyes lit up. "Wait a minute," she said. "I have an idea."

"Anything," I moaned. The ache in my gonad was still gnawing away at my gut, chewing away at my sanity.

"Your cave is full of these chains," she continued, hefting up a link in her arms. "If you let me chain you down, I can immobilize you, and that way I can fix your testicle without you hurting me."

Oh God, anything to make the ache go away. "Okay," I agreed, claws between my legs, "okay, okay, do it, do it now, please!"

Despite the gravity of the situation, the frog couldn't help snickering at me. I imagine it was a little pathetic to watch: a dragon of my size, crumpled on the floor, clutching his gonads. "Alright," she said, grabbing her first length of chain, "then spread your legs as far as you can for me and I'll start tying you down."

Slowly, I drew my legs apart, whimpering loudly as my aching ballsac slid down my thighs to the cold stone floor. I could hear Opal holding back another snicker as she looped the chain around my left leg, drawing it tight around my ankle. Gently I tested the chain, and found my leg completely unable to budge.

Suddenly, a terrifying thought shot through my brain: what if she and the orca were somehow working together? What if, once she tied me down, she simply started torturing my nuts again? Why on earth was I letting her tie me up?

"Wait! Wait!" I shouted in a panic, startling the poor frog. "How...how do I know you're not tying me up just so you can hurt my balls more?"

The frog glanced up at me, disbelief painted across her face. "Seriously? Listen: I come here so I can harvest your sperm, right? Then why on earth would I want to damage your balls?"

Ah. Hadn't though of that. She had a point. "True," I coughed, letting my head come back down to rest against the floor. I felt her at my opposite ankle, now, attaching another restraint. Sure enough, my legs were immobile. The frog walked up to my head.

"Do you trust me?" she asked.

"I...I trust you," I replied.

"Good," she said, smiling. "Then stretch your arms up above your head -- I need to chain them down too."

Slowly I raised my arms, fighting every instinctual impulse to defend my dragonhood. Opal gently grabbed me by the left wrist, wrapping it in chains and binding it down, then repeated the process with the right, leaving me completely tied down and at her mercy. Quickly she climbed back to her feet, and knelt down between my thighs to inspect my package.

I have to say, if it hadn't been for the persistent ache in my balls, the scenario would've been pretty fucking hot: myself, tied down, with Opal crawling up between my legs. Even in the throes of agony, I could feel my cock twitch faintly at the image, and again as the frog's head appeared at my groin. Unfortunately, my horniness was cut short by the frog's next statement:

"I'm going to start checking out your ball -- this might hurt a lot, but just do your best to bear it and things should be okay in the end."

Oh God. Oh God oh God oh God. "Su-...nngh...sure, Opal."

"Alright then, here goes nothing," I heard her mutter to herself -- before she suddenly lunged at my gonad.

I screamed louder than I have ever screamed before or since as Opal
grabbed my testicle and starting twisting it, throwing her whole body behind the action. I'd never felt such agony before, even with the orca -- it was like she was wrestling with the scaly egg, trying to pin it down or make it surrender. In hindsight, I suppose she needed a decent grip in order to manipulate my nut, but in the moment, it just felt like she was squeezing the life out of me, crushing my already tenderized gonad between her fingers.

She'd been right to tie me down, as well -- I was shaking, spasming uncontrollably in my bonds. My body was desperate to cover my balls and curl into the fetal position, but no such luck -- my hands were chained over my head, and all I could do was watch the frog have at my dragonhood. By this point, my scream had passed out of the audible spectrum, and I was left silently shaking in agony as the female frog mauled my defenseless nut. I thought for sure something was about to explode, either my gonad or my brain, I just wasn't sure which. The pain seemed to be getting worse, not better -- if was growing, expanding from my gut to my whole body, my whole being, swallowing me alive--

"Oh...fuck," Opal muttered, pausing in her work. "I've been twisting your nut the wrong way, P'oiu. Sorry about that."

All I could do was squeak as she adjusted her grip on my nut and started spinning it the other way. The agony, again, was horrible -- but this time, rather than getting worse, it seemed to slowly get better. I still squealed, thrashing about in my chains, but I could feel some of the pain slipping away, even as I felt the awful pain of Opal squeezing my poor testicle.

"Done," she said finally, letting go of my gonad. I let out a huge groan of relief, still writhing in the chains as the residual nutache spread through my body.

"Now," the frog continued, stepping back from her handiwork, "we just need to give the blood a few minutes to work its way back into your testicle."

I wasn't sure exactly what I was waiting for, but within a few seconds it became fairly obvious. If you've never had a nut untwisted before (which I hope you haven't), well, let me tell you, it feels mighty strange. You know when an arm or a leg falls asleep, and it feels like pins and needles as the blood starts flowing again? Have you ever tried that with your balls? For that matter, have you ever tried that after a psychotic orca kicked, kneed, and stomped your nuts to the edge of bursting? My nuts had been substantially abused in the recent past, but this was a whole different brand of pain: like something was kicking me from
inside my balls. One of the strangest things I've ever felt. Made me want to puke my guts out.

Anyway, this involved some more groaning and moaning over the course of several minutes, trying to ignore the horrible ache in my nut as the blood started flowing again. Sadly, I was so busy fighting down nausea that I wasn't able to appreciate Opal massaging my ball, helping the blood get going. Within a couple of minutes, the strange sensation had more or less stopped. Already, the right side of my sack was looking considerably more healthy, starting to shift from its dark purple back to green.

"Feeling any better?" the frog asked gently.

"Oh gods, yes. Thank you," I choked, completely exhausted from the ordeal. "I don't know how I can ever repay you."

"Well." Opal giggled. "Actually, I can think of one thing."


"I mean, there's a reason I'm so interested in keeping your balls intact," she said, grinning. "I just got an important order for a certain potion, and I could really use a couple loads of cum right now. I think that'd be a fair repayment."

Seriously? Fuck. I mean sure, I wanted to, but I was in no shape to pound
one out right now, never mind several in a row. "Oh...oh fuck, Opal, I'd love to, but I really don't think my nuts could handle that right now. Maybe in a couple of days?"

The frog frowned. "I really need it right now, P'oiu."

"I'm sorry, I can't. My balls are
really sore."

She raised an eyeridge suggestively. "Y'know...I could rub your balls some more, if you'd like, help things along."

I wanted to. Oh God, I wanted to. Tied down, naked, Opal's hands all over my balls, weeks' worth of splooge built up, hell, I felt ready to paint the
ceiling in my spunk -- but I knew my balls couldn't take it. My poor gonads had seen enough action for one day. "I...I can't," I croaked, looking longingly at the frog. "I can't."

"But I need this. I need it
now," she said, her tone growing more forceful.

"I'm sorry."

"What?!" The frog was incredulous. "But I...I just saved your testicle! If it weren't for me, God knows how long you would've been curled up on the floor wishing you were dead. And have you even thought about what might've happened if another knight found you before I did? I save you from all that, and you can't even masturbate for me? Come on, you've got to be kidding."

"I'm sorry," I grunted, still preoccupied with the pain in my balls, "I'm...I'm in a lot of pain still. My balls couldn't take it."

Now she was furious, steaming from the gills. "Bullshit. You're just pissed at me because that hurt, even though I fucking warned you it was going to. Or let me guess, you've been jacking off too much lately, haven't you?" She glared. "Not enough left in your nuts for me, huh?"


"Come on!"

I was tired of this. My balls had been screaming all night, I hadn't slept, my balls still hurt, and...well, I just wasn't thinking. "Just fuck off, bitch," I snarled, glaring at the female.

As soon as the words had left my mouth, the frog had turned to leave, angrily pulling her sari tight around her shoulders. I thought that was the end of it, but first she stopped and looked over her shoulder, and then...well, let's just say she decided she had to give me a parting blow before she left.

Have you ever been kicked in the balls by a frog? Well let me tell you, those webbed feet don't miss anything. The orca's kicks had been strong, sure, but at least then my nuts had a chance to slip out of the way, toward the opposite side of my sack or between her toes. Opal, though -- the shape of her foot left nowhere to hide. And her kick, well...all that hopping about makes a frog's leg muscles fucking
strong. As her toes sunk into my ballsac, I felt my nuts flatten, the twin eggs squashed grotesquely into my groin by the frog's webbed foot. And the ache: the agony, the agony--

"My...my BALLS!" I squealed, thrashing desperately in my chains. "Oh God, my
BALLS!" (Seriously, how many kicks can one dragon take?)

Opal looked supremely satisfied for a moment, drumming her deadly toes against the stone floor as she watched me writhe in pain. There was a satisfied grin on her face...but I saw her expression suddenly fall as she realized what she had done. "Oh...oh gods, P'oiu, I'm sorry," she said hurriedly. "Oh gods I'm so sorry."

Annnngh, my baaaalls," I moaned, fireworks still exploding in my head. My instincts told me to cover up and crumple, to protect the delicate orbs between my legs, but the restraints kept me from doing anything. I groaned as another wave of nutpain washed over me -- Opal's apology didn't do anything to soothe the nausea that was eating away at my insides.

"Here, let me help," she continued, moving closer once again. To be honest, that was the last thing I wanted after the blow she'd just given me, but I was still tied down, in no position to argue. I could feel myself starting to panic as she knelt back down between my legs, reaching out towards my groin -- what was she going to do? Punch them? Squeeze them? But no: I felt her hands once again, rubbing gently, trying to soothe my aching babymakers.
Why can't she do that when I'm not in excruciating pain?, I thought dimly to myself. I appreciated the thought, at least.


I moaned out something unintelligible to show that she had my attention.

"Listen, I'm sorry for doing that, and I know it probably hurt a lot, but...I still need you to cum for me."

Oh God. What was she going to do now? "Please,
please," I retched, "don't hurt my balls anymore--"

"I'm not going to, P'oiu. I can help."

"No you can't," I moaned, "no you


I let out another agonized groan, tossing my head to the side, and suddenly I felt Opal stop rubbing my balls. Without the frog's blissful touch I felt the urge to curl into the fetal position redouble, but I was still bound in place.
Nnnngh. I wanted her to let me go, to leave me to myself while I recovered. After all, she was female -- there was no way she could understand the sort of agony I'd been through. My poor balls needed some time to heal.

From between my legs, I heard the soft rustle of Opal's sari. Was she finally leaving? Hell, she wanted me for my nuts -- if I couldn't produce, maybe she'd go looking elsewhere. Find a dragon with some working testicles.

Look at me."

Exasperated, I opened my eyes to look at the frog and my jaw dropped. There, standing before me, was Opal, completely naked, her sari at her feet, staring straight back at me. The specimen I'd been lusting after for months, in the flesh. She was every bit as hot as I'd imagined, at least what I could see of her...which at this point was basically from the waist up. Oh man. Her tits alone were enough masturbation material to last me for the rest of my life.

Only the profound agony my gonads had been put through over the past 24 hours kept me from creaming my scales right then and there -- as it was, I could feel my cock spasm, lying limply on my chest. Hell, this almost seemed worth the kick in the balls she'd given me. ('Almost,' of course, being the operative word.)

"P'oiu?" she repeated softly, one more time.

"Mmm?" I mumbled, suddenly much more interested.

She smiled. "Listen...why don't you let
me handle this," she said, reaching up towards my cock...

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