Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dragon Slaying (4): Relief?

Aaaaaaand there's sex in this one! In fact, the entire thing's one long, drawn-out sex scene. I figure P'oiu should be able to get his rocks off once in a while -- assuming they still work, of course. The usual warning for ballbusting, which there's still plenty of in this chapter. Enjoy!


The whole situation was like something out of a wet dream: me, chained to the floor, with the sexiest female I'd ever laid eyes upon standing in front of me. I was almost too busy staring at the newly-nude Opal to notice her approaching my crotch -- but that quickly changed.

fuuuuuuuuuck," I groaned, in pleasure for once, as the frog took my limp member into her hands. I inhaled sharply as she gave it a long, slow stroke, the length throbbing eagerly in response, stiffening quickly in her grip. Oh god I needed this. I needed this bad. Between the much-needed stimulation and the much-appreciated naked female doing the stimulating, I was rock-hard within seconds, several feet of dragoncock jutting up vertically from my crotch.

Opal, from what I could see of her, looked rather pleased. I watched as she squeezed experimentally around the middle of my shaft, both hands not coming close to encircling the thick length. My view was now somewhat...impaired by the pillar of flesh standing between the two of us, but still, I could see more of Opal at the moment than I'd ever expected to actually see. Her body was somehow even better than I'd imagined -- I'd jerked off to her dozens of times, if not hundreds, but fantasy-Opal paled in comparison to the real thing. As she stroked me once again, she seemed to be glowing with lust, her whole body glistening with just a hint of sweat. I could see her tits bounce ever-so-slightly as she moved, finally released from their cloth prison and enjoying every second of it. God, I'd never felt so horny. Sadly, the legs and ass I'd spent so much time admiring were hidden from sight for the time being -- I could only pray for a better look at what lay below the waist. Right now, though, her upper body was more than enough.

As I looked down my torso at the frog attending to my neglected cock, though, I was struck with a rather unfortunate realization. This might've been the first time I'd ever regretted being as well-endowed as I was. Size differential was gonna be a problem here -- I was easily twice as large as her, on top of which I was rather 'gifted' downstairs anyway, even for a dragon. No matter how much I wished it, there was no way in hell
that was ever going to fit in there, at least not without me splitting poor Opal in half.

Still, if the slow, pumping strokes the female was giving me now were any indication, it wasn't like I'd have any trouble enjoying myself. I let out a rumbling groan as the frog ran her fingers up the length of my shaft again, the pleasure threatening to overwhelm me. My member throbbed with her touch -- despite her earlier accusation, I really had been saving it for her, and now my body was desperate to give her the present it had been building up. Despite all they'd been through, my balls were quickly transitioning back into spunk-and-fuck mode, unable to pass up such a valuable opportunity.

"Well," Opal finally said, breaking her silence. The frog licked her lips, gazing directly at my cock. "That seems to have changed your mind."

She grabbed the base of my member and squeezed, earning a moan and a shot of precum that fired into the air before splashing back down across her chest. The female rumbled contentedly as a hand strayed back to her breasts, rubbing the spunk into her skin.

The sight of the frog covered in my seed just spurred me on even further -- my dragonhood throbbed again in her grip, firing another spurt onto the naked female. Already, I felt ready to explode: I could feel my heart racing, my balls churning, my claws scratching at the ground in ecstasy. It was actually kind of embarrassing...it had been what, a minute, maybe two, and I was about to blow my load? I was hoping I might be able to hold out a little longer for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this, but well, it's hard for a male to see something he's been fantasizing about for months and not get a little over-eager. Besides, my poor nuts still had no idea what was going on.

I let out a throaty moan, my hips doing what little they could to thrust against Opal's strokes. Another shot of precum fired into the air, my member throbbing in tortured excitement. Finally I could feel it coming, after all this time, release...

"Opal," I panted, my body shaking, "I...I'm about to...!"


The orgasm I'd been waiting for was cut off suddenly as something
thudded into my nut, sending a new wave of nausea through my torso. My cry of pleasure suddenly became a choked cry of pain as my body spasmed in place, still bound by the chains at my hands and feet. Oh god, that pain...I'd already forgotten how bad it could be. What the hell had happened? Despite the agony, I managed a confused glance down at my crotch to see what was wrong -- only to see Opal, her fist buried in my left gonad.

"Ooaaaannngh," I moaned piteously, squirming in pain. "Opal, why would you...oh god, my

The frog looked somewhat apologetic. "Sorry," she explained, "but I can't have you coming that quickly. We both know I'm only getting one load out of you, so I need to keep you going until I'm sure that load's big enough to make the potions I need."

Ennnnngh. "O-Opal, I...nnnnrgh...please, why are you doing this?"

She chuckled. "I just told you why, P'oiu."

"Oh god, my balls--"

"I know, I know," she replied, rolling her eyes. "Try to control yourself and I'll try to go easy on you, alright?"

I just groaned in response. My eyes were squinted shut, trying to escape the dull ache radiating through my body. Bitch! I was lucky I still
had nuts, after all I'd been through -- she should be happy with whatever she could get.

"Besides," she added, "this should distract you from the pain."

My eyes shot back open with a gasp as something wet and slippery slid across my cockhead, my hips jerking upwards at the unexpected sensation. I quickly looked down to see Opal, eyes closed, her long tongue dancing around my shaft.

Oh god, that
tongue -- long and flexible, now wrapped around the top of my member, milking me for all I was worth. She slurped noisily at my straining member, her tongue curling to lick me from every side. I was being stroked from about eight angles at once, and my brain didn't know what to do with all the sensation. Hell, my mind was being blown just as much as my cock.

Before I had a chance to pass out from pleasure, though, Opal pulled back for a quick breath, her hands taking over and absently stroking the pillar of flesh. The frog paused to size up the thick length, pondering for a moment before taking the tip into her mouth, sucking eagerly on what she could swallow and wrapping her tongue around the rest.

My body quivered in pleasure, and my hips bucked in place. "Oh god," I groaned, the image playing happily in my head as I closed my eyes and let the female do her work.

"Hmmm?" Opal rumbled amusedly as she suckled at my member. The added sensation made me groan again -- my nuts still ached from the female's punch, but damned if this blowjob wasn't the best thing I'd ever felt.

Unfortunately, it was then that I noticed a rather unfortunate drawback of the frog's position. In order to make herself more comfortable, she had taken to kneeling, her knees planted on either side of my ballsac, so she could focus on the shaft in front of her. This had two disadvantages. First, I was still aching for a glimpse of that lower body -- hell, I'd wanted a piece of that frog's ass since I'd first laid eyes on her, and that wasn't about to change. I sure as hell couldn't tap it, but the least the female could do was let me see it.

More importantly, though, was the way she was kneeling, with my balls barely fitting between her thighs. I would've given anything to cram my cock up between those toned, sexy legs, but my balls...my balls were a different matter. Every time she moved, my nuts were uncomfortably squashed, sending quick jabs of pain into my gut. Opal didn't seem to notice -- whenever she moved I'd grunt, but I guess she couldn't distinguish the painful groans from the pleasurable ones. It wasn't that bad, though, all things considered. Any nutpain was more than drowned out by the expert job being done on my cock.

Opal seemed to be enjoying herself, as well. She was still pretty damn focused on the task at hand, but one hand had drifted back to her breasts again, playing with those gorgeous tits as she sucked me off. It was a hell of a sight, when I could summon the energy to lift my head up. Opal had managed to get pretty far down my shaft, at this point, and was sucking away eagerly, using her other hand and her tongue to stroke at what wouldn't fit in her mouth. She seemed surprisingly eager to make me blow my load, given the warning she'd just given me a minute ago. I guess she'd just gotten into the whole thing.

I had no idea just
how into her work she was, though, until the frog let out a long, low moan, her body tightening as she climaxed.

Her orgasm caught me by surprise -- I had no choice but to moan in response as her legs tightened around my ballsac, squeezing the traumatized orbs within. At the same time, I felt the part of her tongue wrapped around my member squeeze tightly, begging me for my seed. The twin sensations were overwhelming -- my nuts crushed agonizingly between Opal's thighs, sending waves of nausea through my abdomen, as my cock throbbed in arousal, firing a long spurt of pre down her throat.

Luckily, it was over almost as quickly as it had started. I let out a deep groan of relief as she relaxed and the grip around my gonads loosened, leaving me only with a dull throb in the pit of my stomach. My shaft, on the other hand, ached at the loss of sensation. It was like my body could tell the frog had orgasmed, and my cock was upset that it hadn't been invited to the party. Still, as Opal came back to her senses and began sucking again, I was quick to drop any complaints.
That tongue!Sure, my nuts had seen better days, but right now I cared about one thing and one thing only: getting my goddamn rocks off.

Opal, for her part, was panting heavily in the wake of her first orgasm -- I could the juices from her now-soaked sex dripping onto my scaly sac as she continued to suck at my shaft. If anything, she was even more eager than before, shoving her body up against my cock. I felt a thrill run through me as the frog's tits brushed against my length, my dragonhood pulsing at the unexpected stimulation.

The female pulled away for a moment to catch her breath, my cock slipping from her lips with a wet slurp. "Fuuuuck this is good," she moaned, giving my shaft a slow pump with a free hand. She took a moment to regard the thick length, then glanced past it to my head, catching my eye with a grin. "Hope you're enjoying yourself up there, big boy. Hold out a couple more minutes and I think I'll be ready to let you blow."

Words were well beyond me at this point -- I merely groaned in response, the comment earning another spurt of pre from my all-too-willing member. Opal was pretty soaked in the stuff, by this point, which she seemed to be enjoying quite a bit. (I'm pretty sure she can't use pre in her potions...I guess she just likes the stuff.)

The frog seemed anxious to return to work, and I wasn't about to protest. She leaned in to lick at the base of my shaft, wrapping her tongue around the length and giving a nice strong squeeze. Slowly she began working her way upwards, licking and sucking all the while. My claws scrabbled for a hold on the smooth stone floor, seeking some way to anchor myself against the sea of pleasure that was washing over me. My cock felt like it was made of iron -- I'd never been this hard before. Opal just kept slurping away at my member, bringing me to levels of pleasure that I'd never known existed. I had to glance down at my crotch every few seconds to make sure this was really happening -- and each time I did, the image of the frog slaving away at my cock made me even hornier.

Still, I was worried. The frog was moaning lustily around my member, her eyes closed, and from the way she was suckling at my dragonhood, she sure seemed awfully excited. "Opal--" I began worriedly, but again, I hadn't realized how worked up the female was. I was cut off by the frog's own cry, her body spasming as she went into a second orgasm.

This time my moan was considerably higher-pitched as my gonads were squished once again between the female's legs. I let out a gurgling groan as my testicles flattened between her strong thighs, the twin spheres distorting under the heavy pressure. This orgasm was stronger than the last one, and my poor balls were definitely the worse for it. On the other hand, Opal had thrown herself against my cock as she came, wrapping her arms around my shaft for support, and was now moaning pleasurably into my member. Unfortunately, I was a bit too distracted to enjoy the feeling of the frog's tits squished up against my dragonhood. "My balls!" I squeaked softly, but Opal was far too lost in pleasure to hear me.

Finally, I felt the death-grip around my nuts loosen, and the frog gave a dazed, happy groan as she fell back into her normal position. I let out a long groan of my own, more relieved than anything as the female took me into her mouth again, but that did little to help the lingering ache in my battered balls.

"Opal," I moaned, squirming in my bonds, "oh god Opal, my baaaalls..."

The frog shot me a confused look, her lips wrapped around my cockhead. "Hrmm?"

"Your...your legs..."

"Mrphlrgs?" she repeated around her mouthful, allowing the tip to slip from her mouth and back into her hands as realization dawned upon her. "Oh.
Oh. Shit, sorry. Damn. I forget how easy it is to crush those things when you're not paying attention."

Great. "Nnnnrrrrrgh," I groaned, letting my head drop back to the floor.

"Just stick with me, P'oiu, alright?" she continued, pumping at the length in her hands. "You can cum in just a minute -- I know you want to."

She was right. The pain in my poor nuts was getting worse by the minute, but my cock was still throbbing with every lick, eager to unload on the willing female. And we had been at it for a while, now -- she had to let me cum soon.

"Besides," she said, "I know how to keep you interested." Her hands dropped to her breasts, lifting the heavy orbs before placing them on either side of my member. I rumbled pleasurably as she squeezed my shaft between the two, my cock surrendering yet another shot of pre at the welcome stimulation.

"See?" Opal grinned, licking slowly across the bottom of my dragonhood. "Now, everything alright up there?"

My attempt at an intelligible response was interrupted as she resumed suckling at the tip of my cock, rubbing her tits up and down against the base. Her tongue snaked down to fill in the gap, sliding sensuously around my aching member, which seemed to be throbbing even harder now than it had been before. "Oooooppaaallll," I moaned, lost in the sudden sensation. "Oh god,

The frog murmured her approval around the end of my cock, fighting to swallow down my torrent of precum. My member twitched frantically in her grip, arching eagerly at the female's touch and sending shocks of pleasure down my spine. The pain in my balls was washed away once more as Opal slaved away at my dragonhood, stroking, sucking, teasing, building me up higher and higher until I was so horny I thought my cock was going to burst.

Oh god...I'd never felt something like this before. There was nothing I wanted more than to feed this female my seed, to shower her in my spunk, to finally just let go and bust a nut all over the two of us. Any moment now -- I could feel my pulse quickening, the room seemed to be spinning, hell, I'm pretty sure I couldn't see anymore. I glanced down one more time at the frog sucking my cock, my whole body shivering with pleasure as she slurped away. I was close...so close...so...goddamn...

Unfortunately, once again I had been neglecting to pay attention. Opal was even closer. She threw her head back with another lusty cry, eyes rolling back into her head as she slipped into her third climax.

This was definitely the frog's strongest orgasm yet -- I let out a strangled yelp, my arousal forgotten as my gonads were scissored brutally between her thighs. "My
balls!" I squealed, spasming in pain as Opal tried instinctively to bring her legs together. "OH GOD, OPAL, MY BALLS!"

But Opal was elsewhere again, moaning into my cock as she rode out her climax. She failed to notice the pair of dragon testicles unceremoniously crushed between her thighs, or me squealing in agony as she flattened my gonads. In fact, Opal merely squeezed tighter, my balls distorting grossly as she spasmed in pleasure. I spasmed even more than she did, shaking against my restraints as she mauled my defenseless nuts.

My body had no idea what was going on. I had been on the brink of orgasm, ready to blow the biggest load of my life, only to have my balls squashed between the sexiest pair of legs on the planet, legs I'd masturbated to at
least several dozen times. What's a dragon supposed to make of that? All I could do was squeal in pain -- or mewl, once the pain became too much and my nervous system started shutting down.

By the time the female finally came back down from her high, I was in absolute agony, my entire being focused on the mind-blowing pain coming from my crotch. My body shook randomly, still processing the massive dose of nutpain. My cock had gone almost completely limp, and was now slumped exhaustedly against the dazed-but-happy Opal. So much for release.

Slowly Opal came to her senses, first licking lustfully at end of my member and then backing away when she realized I was no longer hard. "Wait," she asked confusedly, "did you cum? But there's no..."

I squeaked something unintelligible, my legs quivering.

Again, that slow look of recognition. "Oh fuck, did I do it again?" she muttered, looking down at my ballsac. "God, it's so easy to hurt these things. Let me take a look and make sure everything's alright."

Y'know, after your balls get clobbered, the impulse to double over and
protect your damn gonads is pretty strong. At the moment, I would've liked nothing better than to curl up into the fetal position, clutching my balls in my claws. Of course, my hands and feet were chained to the floor, and so you could say I felt a littlebit vulnerable as Opal bent down to take a look at my nuts. I had to take a moment to remind myself she was a healer, even if she had just been crushing my poor balls.

She turned the orbs in her hands for a moment, inspecting each of my nuts. "Everything's cool," she reported finally, climbing to her feet. "Testicles are good with squeezing and stuff; they're fine."

What I wanted to say was something about how my gonads were most definitely
not good with squeezing: how having my balls crushed between her damn legs felt like my insides were going cannibalistic and eating themselves. Unfortunately, what I managed to get out was more like a chicken squawk, so I think most of the impact was lost.

Opal looked at the twin spheres for a moment longer before gently placing them back down on the ground. "Well then," she continued, "if everything's in working order, I think I've teased you more than enough, so I guess I should just bring you up and let you blow now."


"No sense leaving the job unfinished, P'oiu." She chuckled to herself. "Besides, if I gave you blue balls after all you've been through they might just explode for all I know."

I didn't find that as funny as she did. "Opal, I -- nnnnnnrrgh -- I'm not sure this is a good idea," I groaned, continuing to squirm in place.

"Sure it is!" the frog countered. "You were just about to cum, weren't you? All we have to do is get you hard again and I can take it from there."

"And how...
aannnnngggrrrh...how am I supposed to get hard after that?"

The female grinned. "All you need is some motivation."

I groaned again, letting my head fall to the floor. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to continue through so much nutpain -- my entire lower body was still throbbing with that awful ache in the gut that only males can experience. In the past day or two I'd had my balls bashed more times than I could count. Couldn't she just leave me alone at this point?

Suddenly, I felt a light weight climb onto my lower chest -- it only took a moment for me to realize it was Opal, standing on my stomach. I felt her take a few steps and then stop.

"Open your eyes, P'oiu," the frog said.

Nnnnnnrrrgh. "Please just leave me alone," I moaned. The throbbing in my nuts--

"C'monnnn," she teased in a sing-song voice. "I promise you'll like it."

With an aggravated groan I lifted my head and opened my eyes to see...well, something I did in fact like. Opal was standing on my chest, as I said, but with her back to me...and bent over.

My jaw dropped. Her legs -- well, her legs I was tempted to ignore, after what they'd just done to my nuts, but god if I hadn't spent more than a few pleasurable evenings fantasizing about them, imagining myself cumming all over those sculpted calves. Of course, my eyes were quickly drawn upwards to the luscious, juicy rump that was swaying in front of me, firm and perfect...which once again made me curse having a cock about three times too big. I could just imagine gripping that toned ass, shoving my dragonhood up into that tight slit, fucking the frog until my balls had given up every last load they could produce. Oh god, if only. For now I'd have to settle with the image in front of me, the frog's sex dripping with arousal, my own shaft throbbing in response...wait, throbbing?

I quickly glanced around the frog to see my cock jutting out proudly from my groin, looking as ready for action as it'd ever been. Well what do you know. My nuts still ached from their recent ordeal, but apparently I wasn't done yet. (I gotta give my sex drive some credit; it takes a lot to bounce back from something like that.)

"Hmm?" asked Opal, drawing my attention back to her naked form. Her head was down between her legs, staring straight back at me as I took in her curves. "Like what you see?"

"Yes," I mumbled dumbly, still stunned at the view.

The frog cracked a smile. "Good," she replied, reaching with one hand to stroke at her swollen slit. "After all, I don't show this off to just anyone. Now...what do you say I get you off?"

Opal didn't wait for an answer; instead she simply straightened up and walked the short distance to my cock. I inhaled sharply as she placed a hand on the head, giving it a gentle squeeze. Mmmmm. From this perspective, the size comparison was even more striking than before: my length stretched all the way up past her waist, the tip rubbing eagerly across her belly button.

"Now I just gotta figure out the best way to approach this monster," she grumbled to herself. She pondered for a moment before dropping down to her knees, absently pumping the length as she thought. "Hmm...maybe if I..."

I rumbled contentedly as she pressed her upper body against my shaft, once again enjoying those generous tits rubbing up against my dragonhood. The joy was short-lived, however: Opal quickly backed off again, shaking her head.

"No, that won't work. Hmm." She glanced up at the ceiling for a moment, thinking, until her eyes suddenly lit up. "Ooh...what if I..."

I watched with interest as the frog climbed back to her feet, using my cock to steady herself. I let out a happy murmur as she crouched and wrapped her arms around the top, once again squeezing her breasts up against me.

"P'oiu?" Opal glanced back at me. "I'm gonna try something...I'm pretty sure I'm light enough for this to work, but let me know if it's comfortable, alright?"

Uh oh. "Please, not my balls," I pleaded.

She rolled her eyes. "I know, P'oiu, this has nothing to do with your balls. Just wait and see, alright?" With that, she turned back to her work. She gripped tightly around the thick length before sliding sideways, turning 180 degrees until her whole body was pressed up against the underside of my length. The frog gave me a quick grin as she clung to my dragonhood, giving it a teasing lick. Finally she crossed her legs, squeezing the base of my shaft between her thighs as she let her weight rest on my cock.

"Well?" she asked. "I'm not too heavy hanging off you like this, am I?"

I had winced in expectation as she moved, expecting something awful, but...nothing bad happened. Sure, the female was pulling down on my dragonhood a bit, but I was so hard and she was so lightweight that I hardly even felt it. The only thing I really noticed was Opal staring right at me, her naked body wrapped oh-so-snugly around my throbbing length.

"Yeah," I answered, "it's fi

The frog grinned as she licked at my cockhead, squeezing the rest of her body around my length. I shuddered at the sudden tightness gripping my member, in combination with her tongue dancing across the sensitive flesh. "Oh
fuuuuuuck," I moaned as the female slid down around my shaft, my hips thrusting feebly as I fired yet another shot of pre into the air. Oh god this was good -- how was she doing this? It felt like my entire shaft was enveloped by the frog, my member sliding slickly against her tits, her legs, even her warm slit, pressed eagerly against the base of my length. My cock had been begging for a proper grip ever since we'd started -- this was more like it.

"Good," Opal continued, straightening back up and earning another moan from me in the process. "It feels pretty --
mmmm -- pretty damn good for me too." The female's eyes were halfway closed as she rubbed her sex up against me, a light shudder running through her body. "Hell, can't fuck ya, but -- nnrph! -- this works pretty well."

"Glad...glad to hear it," I groaned, shivering in response to the frog's ministrations. I watched with growing arousal as she gyrated up and down against my length, taking the opportunity to admire her nude form once more. I traced her body from the feet up, at least what I could see: her strong legs, her slim waist, her wonderful rack squished up against my dragonhood. She was soaked in my precum at this point, which only helped to lubricate her now as she ground against my throbbing shaft. My head rolled back with a pleasured rumble as she slurped on my cockhead, the rest of her body working in unison to pump at my engorged length. I was getting there, and fast. At this rate, she'd have me blowing my wad in under a minute -- god knows I'd been waiting to cream for long enough now. I was content to lay back and enjoy the ride...at least, until something brought me rather sharply back to the present.

As I said, the position Opal was in was a little unorthodox. She had her arms and legs wrapped around my shaft and was moving quite a bit, her hips sliding up and down as she rubbed herself against the base of my shaft.
Fuck if it didn't feel good, and she seemed just as into it as I was. Now, however, she was getting a little too into it -- she was sinking so low that her ass was bumping against my balls as she came down. At first it was almost nothing -- enough to get my attention, but nothing more. Unfortunately, I could feel it get stronger over time, the frog dipping deeper with ever stroke, until my gonads started to ache from the repeated blows. "Opal, my -- nngh! -- Opal, my nuts," I gasped, trying to catch the female's attention.

She didn't seem to hear me, though. Instead she just continued to squirm against my cock, rising back up...before slamming back down onto my balls once again. "My
nuts!" I squawked, arching my back at the sudden stab of pain in my gut.

That seemed to get her attention, at least. The frog pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet
smack, panting. "I know they're hurt," she groaned back, "just...hang in there, alright?" She slurped hungrily at the underside of my shaft for a moment, her tongue -- that tongue! -- playing across what wouldn't fit in her mouth. "Mmmrph...goddamn it, I'm going to get you off if it's the last goddamn thing I do!"

I could certainly believe that: the female was working overtime, grinding every part of her body against my member as she oscillated up and down, and fuck if it didn't feel amazing. I couldn't help but moan as Opal slid against me again -- and then came down on my nuts, much harder than before. I glanced pleadingly at the frog to try to catch her attention, but she was engrossed in her work, her eyes closed as she sucked away. She didn't seem to realize what she was doing to my balls, and still chained down to the floor, I was helpless to stop her. I tried to call out again, but succeeded only in letting out a few grunts and groans as she kept pummeling my gonads. My brain was already busy trying to process all the signals coming from my groin, unable to handle the combination of pleasure and pain.

This was bad. I could tell she was getting hornier, and as she did her strokes kept getting stronger -- heaven for my cock, but hell for my poor testicles. What was I supposed to do? On the one hand, she was physically bouncing on my balls with every stroke: that firm, gorgeous ass coming down and crushing my nuts with her weight. Oh fuck. I might have been able to take it, if I hadn't already been through so much, but with my balls already traumatized, I felt like I was about to die.

On the other hand, the sensation coming from my cock was the most pleasurable thing I had ever experienced. Opal was wrapped in a vise grip around my dragonhood, her entire body begging me for my seed. She was sucking desperately at the tip, her breasts and the rest of her upper body pressed tightly against the middle, and her wet, hot sex rubbing frantically against the base. Combined with the female's shuddering moans and groans, it was amazing that I hadn't come already -- as it was, my cock was spurting pre like a fire hose, even with Opal flattening my gonads with every stroke.

aaaAAAHHHhh," I squealed as the frog came down again, my cry of pleasure transitioning into a cry of pain as she squashed my testicles into the stone floor. The frog remained blissfully unaware of the damage she was doing to my poor defenseless nuts -- with each downstroke, that shapely ass smashed into my junk, the twin orbs pancaking out beneath her body weight. With each upstroke, though, my arousal soared to new heights. I had to be the horniest dragon the world had ever seen -- after all, the female of my dreams was riding on my member like her life depended on it, desperate for me to soak her in my spooge.

By this point, I was caught somewhere between moaning and gurgling, my body arching in pleasure each time the frog went up and arching in pain each time she came back down. Oh god. The feeling of the female sliding up and down on my dragonhood made my claws curl. With each stroke I felt ready to explode -- until Opal came down on my balls, anyway, which brought me back down
just far enough to stop me from exploding. I was teetering on the point of no return, torn between the pleasure coming from my cock and the agony coming from my nuts, and the result was driving me fucking insane. I didn't want to know what my gonads would look like in the morning -- right now I didn't care. I just wanted to cum, damnit, to bust a nut, to fucking blow--

aaAAALLL!" I managed to cry, the name catching in my throat as she flattened my nuts once again. I hardly knew what was going on anymore -- my body jerked frantically in some combination of agony and ecstasy, unable to handle the sensory overload. Opal just kept hammering up and down, bringing me to undiscovered levels of pleasure and frustration with her unintentional teasing. So...goddamn...close! Each time her ass crashed down it felt like a sledgehammer coming down on my nuts, the twin orbs threatening to burst, but through it all I could feel my cock twitching, throbbing, pulsing, begging--

Just then, Opal went into yet another of her climaxes. I gasped for breath as she spasmed, squeezing my dragonhood for all she was worth, rising up once more.

"Cum already!" she screamed, slamming down on my balls.

I roared -- in pleasure or pain, I'm not sure which -- as my cock exploded, sending a thick rope of dragon seed straight up to the ceiling. My entire body shook as I finally unloaded, my hips jerking chaotically, my nuts churning, pumping out every drop of semen I could possibly produce.
Oh goddddddd! I struggled to stay conscious as my claws scratched scores into the ground, searching for something to hold on to as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm me, gallon after gallon of spunk spurting from my member. In the back of my mind, I was dimly aware of Opal still bouncing, forcing every last drop out of my swollen balls as I came all over her and everything else in a ten-foot radius.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, the contractions began to grow weaker. I shivered as my cock throbbed, giving up its last few spurts of dragonseed, my hips slowly sinking back to the floor. Ohhhhh thank god. That had easily been the best orgasm I'd ever had -- I doubted I'd ever be able to blow that hard again. In fact, it had taken a lot out of me. My head fell slowly back to the stone floor, my eyes sliding contentedly shut as I began drifting into the greatest afterglow of my life...

...followed immediately by an
excrutiating ache in my gut. I let out a tortured squeak as my body started shaking again, trying to process the pain as my nuts began screaming at me full-force. Oh my god -- how had I not noticed that? My torso rippled in agony as I tried desperately to curl into the fetal position, wanting nothing more than to clutch my balls and squeal like a hatchling. It felt like someone had run my testicles under a steamroller -- they had to be crushed flat.

Somehow I summoned the ungodly energy and the focus to look down at my groin and survey the damage, praying that I was somehow still male. And what do you know -- thank god I'm a dragon. Despite everything they'd been through, my nuts were definitely still there, two distinct-if-rather-grotesque-looking lumps in my scaly sac. That was the good news.

The bad news was that Opal, in her post-orgasmic haze, was sitting on them.

"O-Opal," I croaked, twitching weakly.

The cum-covered frog grinned up at me dazedly, still panting heavily. "See? Told...told you I'd get you off." She licked a glob of my seed from the back of her hand, moaning happily to herself as her other hand rubbed lazily at her slit.

my N-NUTS."

Opal giggled. "Heh...you must be sore, huh? But I knew there was a decent load in these." She accentuated her statement with a friendly slap, my balls jostling with the impact.

And that was all that my poor brain could handle. I gazed weakly at the spunk-soaked female for another moment before finally -- mercifully -- passing out.

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