Friday, October 21, 2011

Dragon Slaying: snippet from the final chapter

Hey all! I promise I am still working on this...just very slowly. Sorry.

As a bit of proof, here's the very beginning of the final chapter. It's not much, but better than nothing :) Enjoy.

In any other situation, I imagine I would have been thrilled to have three gorgeous, naked women all so focused on my groin. Hell, I'd fantasized about scenes like this since I was teenager...and the particular selection of ladies in front of me had the kind of curves that made my balls ache with need.

Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I knew my balls would soon be aching for a much less pleasant reason.

"So." Opal looked a bit nervous. "Uh...what's the plan, exactly?"

"What's there to plan?" Kayla asked, sauntering up between my legs. The orca glanced down at my scaly orbs for a moment before giving a half-hearted kick -- practically a gentle nudge, by her standards, but still enough to make me grunt in pain. "We drain 'em, we pound 'em, and we pop 'em. It's not complicated."

"We pop one," Lia corrected, stepping forward herself. She flicked my sac with a toeclaw, earning another involuntary grunt as the ache shot straight to my abdomen. "And even popping just one of his balls is going to be a hell of a lot of work. The stubborn little things might as well be made of rubber."

Another toe-flick from the ruby-scaled dragoness sent a third jolt of nutache through my body. This time the pain throbbed in my gut for a moment before fading away, and I exhaled tensely, fighting back a quiet groan as my stomach tightened and relaxed. I shot Lia an exasperated look, hoping for some sympathy from my potential mate-to-be, but the mischievous grin that I got in return told me that the female intended to toy with me as much as possible.

Stupid sexy Lia.

"Well then, how exactly are we gonna do this?" Kayla planted a hand on her bare hip, looking up at the dragoness. "I get that Opal's on cock-sucking duty, but what about us -- you wanna take turns stomping one into jelly? Use his sac as a punching bag? Squeeze the spunk out of one, maybe?" The female looked down at my groin. “I mean, I doubt I’m big enough to get a grip on his stones, but with those claws of yours you could have him squealing soprano in no time...”

If Opal's face was red from the cock-sucking comment, mine was twice as green from the list of nut tortures that followed. As Kayla rattled off a list of potential plans for popping my plum, I felt myself grow increasingly nauseous, each treatment worse than the last. The look on Lia’s face didn’t help, either. I could see a hint of a smile gathering at the corners of her mouth, and after a moment she shifted her stance, now drumming her toes atop my soon-to-be-doomed dragonmakers. It was hardly the first time Lia had been poised to flatten my nuts, and yet I had never been so acutely aware of the practiced ease with which she pinned my orbs to the floor. I tried not to imagine how many other males she'd teased into a frenzy and then stomped into oblivion…how many scaly spuds had been ground into goo between her claws…how many dragon testicles had already burst between her toes. Dear god, why I had I ever agreed to this?

"Ooh, or maybe some tail-busting! Slam that thing up between his legs, see if anything breaks. I used to love doing that to my boyfriend. Er, ex-boyfriend." The orca glanced back at her tail flukes, smiling nostalgically. "Ex-boy, actually. Anyway, with an ass like yours, I'm sure you can crack that thing like a whip -- I'll bet you could shatter his nut like it was made of glass."

That mental image was enough -- my stomach crawled at the thought. "Are you seriously going to discuss all this right in front of me?!" I blurted, staring wide-eyed at the trio of females. "You realize I'm right here listening, right?"

"Well, yeah. Why wouldn't we discuss this around you?" Lia rolled one of my dragonmakers beneath her foot, putting a little weight on the fat sphere and making me groan involuntarily. "I mean, we're going to be doing all these things to you in a minute anyway -- you might as well know what's coming."

"Urrgh." I let out a tense breath, fighting the urge to groan again as the dragoness continued toying with my nutsac. "I really just want to get this over with."

"Hey -- I'm not the one with balls of steel. If it was up to me, we'd be done already." The red female shifted her weight for a moment, earning a wheezing gasp from me before she lifted her foot away entirely. "But if it makes you feel better, we'll discuss it in private." She grinned. "That way it'll be a surprise."

"Great," I answered sarcastically. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

"Before that, though, I've got to ask you one more question." The dragoness knelt between my spread legs, planting one hand on my thigh to ease herself to the ground, and her eyes flicked upwards to meet my own. In any other situation, the predatory look on my mate-to-be's face would have been an incredible turn-on. As it was...well, it was actually still pretty sexy, but that was negated by the shiver that ran down my spine as she took hold of my scaly pair.

"Alright, stud, moment of truth." The dragoness hefted my swollen spunk-makers in her claws, rolling my marbles between her fingers for a moment and feeling their weight. "Which should I pop, lefty or righty?"

"Uh…" I had no idea. Was there a difference? "L-Lefty, I guess."

The female grinned. "Righty it is," she replied, delivering a friendly flick to the now-doomed gonad before letting my sac slip from her fingers.

I groaned weakly at the burst of pain that spread through my gut, my head jerking upwards for a moment before falling back to the ground once again. Dear god -- if this worked out, it was going to be one hell of a marriage. At least I'd be saving some other poor dragon from getting his stones pounded to a pulp.

Lia gave my thigh a reassuring squeeze, then climbed to her feet, turning to face the other girls. I tried to enjoy the view, my eyes tracing the sexy curve of her rear, but when I reached her tail I could only imagine it snapping upwards between my legs, crushing my balls into my pelvis. I felt nauseous for a moment, remembering some of the warning tailflicks she’d given me on the long journey home, and imagining how much worse a full-force slam would have been. Sure, my terrible case of blue balls might have saved a rupture, but just the thought...ugh.


  1. So do you have a general time for us?

  2. No particular time frame, unfortunately :/ If it's not done by the end of the year, I'll probably starting posting more mini-updates like this until I finish the damn thing.

  3. Man i cant wait for the end of this chapter. It's a great story and i cant wait to read the end. Do you an estimate on when we can expect the next snippet or the rest of it??