Friday, October 21, 2011

Dragon Slaying: snippet from an alternate ending

At one point I was planning to write an alternate ending for each of the three girls (Lia, Opal, and Kayla), but I'm not sure if that will actually happen at this point. Still, I at least wrote this snippet for Opal's ending. It was a good excuse for dragoness-on-dragon nut-bashing :) Enjoy!

"I just have one thing left to say to you, so listen up."

Lia accentuated her remark the best way she knew how: by bringing her foot crashing down between my legs. I let out a long, high-pitched moan as the female focused her attention on my left nut, setting her heel on top of the poor sphere and bearing down with what felt like a thousand pounds.

That alone was enough to make my eyes water -- but then the dragoness spun on her heel, and my brain just about exploded. I hardly managed a quiet squeak as Lia pivoted on my tortured testicle, scrambling its contents even further. I tried to shoot a pleading glance towards Opal, but the frog was just watching Lia, a hint of a smile playing across her lips. Didn't she care that my spunk-makers were being squashed into pancakes? I had picked Opal in the hopes of saving my spuds, but hell, too much more of this and Lia might just burst my ball anyway.

"P'oiu? P'oiu!" The female was none too happy with my wandering gaze. "Look at me, damn it."

My nervous system squealed in protest as the dragoness delivered another brutal ballstomp, my left orb distorting further from the force of the blow. Despite the pain I forced my gaze forward, obeying her command in the hope of earning some mercy from the female. Apparently that heel-spin on my bloated ball had actually served a purpose -- Lia had in fact spun 180 degrees, turning around in order to show off her backside. And god, what a display. Now she was bent over, flaunting the smooth-scaled ruby-red behind that I had been worshipping for the past week.

Lia looked back at me from between her legs. Her generous breasts hung down in front of her, but the female had folded an arm across her chest, holding her tits back so that she could stare me straight in the eye. "See this?" The dragoness slapped her own rear, her tail raised high. "You see this ass?"

In fact, it was difficult to look at anything but Lia's ass -- it seemed like my entire field of vision was filled with the female's luscious derriere. Weakly I groaned, my stlll-stiff member throbbing at the sight even as the dragoness ground my testicle into the floor like a discarded cigarette. "Y-…yes," I croaked, my stomach churning as my gonad was flattened to its rubbery limits. Oh, my poor unborn children...

The dragoness scowled back at me. "Well, I hope you get a look at it, because you know what? You will never, ever get to tap this. You're gonna spend the rest of your life alone, wishing you could find some dragoness tail, fantasizing about the week you spent lusting after that smoking hot chick named Lia. Meanwhile I'll be somewhere out there, quite happy, getting fucked silly every night by some other dragon who's got the balls to be my mate."

Somehow I doubted that any future mate of hers would survive their courtship without getting his plums pounded into pulp, but I held my tongue -- not that I could have formed a full sentence if I'd wanted to. The agony in my groin continued to grow, multiplying with each passing second. I was convinced I could feel something breaking, or cracking, or splitting open.

But if Lia felt one of my dragonmakers starting to rupture beneath her foot, she didn't show it. "You know, I can't believe I ever liked you. You spend half the time ogling me, and the other half of the time complaining that I give you blue balls. Not to mention the time that you felt me up while I slept and then blew your wad all over me."

"I'm sorry!" I gasped. My legs twitched with each subtle shift of the female's weight, my gonad rearranging itself in a vain attempt to squirt out from under her heel.

"Sorry isn't good enough, P'oiu." The dragoness twisted her foot a few degrees, earning another shrill squeal as she flattened my nut by another few millimeters. "I should have left you tied to a tree with your legs spread and a sign saying 'scramble my eggs'. Or maybe just brought you back home and made your sac my personal punching bag. Whatever. It doesn't matter. Now I guess you'll just spend the rest of your life alone, jerking off for some cum-thirsty frog slut who's half your size." She looked over at Opal. "No offense."

"None taken," the frog replied, rolling her eyes.

"Point is, you'll never get any dragoness tail ever again. I'm telling every female I know to kick your balls into your throat on sight.” Lia snorted angrily. “I’d pop your scaly nuts myself, if I could, but at least I know you’ll never get to use your dragonmakers with an actual dragoness.”

I wanted to point out that I’d already used my dragonmakers on her, but that didn’t seem wise with one of those dragonmakers currently compressed to the bursting point.

“So again: take a good look.” She slapped her ass once more, the firm flesh rippling slightly from the blow. I felt my member twitch in appreciation. “You better burn this into your memory, because this is as close as you’ll ever get to fucking a dragoness. Ever. Again!

The last of the air rushed from my lungs as her other heel came thundering down into the center of my right nut, the spunk-filled orb ballooning outwards beneath her weight. All the air in my lungs rushed out at once, my hips bucking off the ground, my gut exploding with an impossible wave of nausea, my cock throbbing and firing a mighty spurt of pre that splashed across the female's backside. I squealed in agony and tried to cover up, to remove Lia's foot from my poor nuts before she could grind them into peanut butter, but the chains around my wrists and ankles held strong, leaving me spread and exposed as the dragoness brought down her full weight on the scaly orbs.

Lia felt the splash of liquid across her behind and blinked. For a moment, I feared for my dragonhood...but then to my surprise, she broke into a smirk. "Heh…well, I guess that's as close as you'll ever get, anyway." She twisted her heels sharply once more, grinding my jewels further into the floor.

The shriek I gave would have put an operatic soprano to shame. It felt like someone had shoved my plums in a blender and set it on “liquefy”. Even as she lifted her heels and stepped away, I half-believed that my gonads had been reduced to a gooey paste. Only when my flattened balls began to reinflate, sending a horrible wave of nausea into my stomach, did I come to the conclusion that I’d survived intact.

“Done?” asked Opal, watching calmly.

“Almost.” The dragoness scowled down at me. “A few more kicks for the road.”

Her foot slammed up between my legs with the force of a freight train, crushing my aching pair up into my pelvis. Before I even had time to process the pain, she had unleashed a second kick; this time my left nut slipped free, but my right nut was caught squarely by the top of her foot, pounded paper-thin in an instant. For a split second, the poor orb squished outwards between her toeclaws like a water balloon, abandoning any semblance of its usual shape in an attempt to escape the terrible pressure, but it remained trapped in place until Lia pulled her foot back. Then the mangled sphere flopped back down into my sac, and an earth-shattering agony exploded in my brain.

When she kicked for a third time -- delivering the exact same blow, this time to my left nut -- I realized that she must have had a lot of practice. My squealing climbed yet another octave as my ball flattened across the top of her foot, a blow that by all rights should have left me as half a dragon. Dimly I wondered how many dragons she had kicked into sterility while perfecting her technique, and I almost felt the urge to ask until she pounded my jewels for a fourth time, her breasts bouncing with the force of the impact.

On the fifth strike, though, my twitching, contorting body finally scored a small victory. As Lia’s foot hammered into my spuds, my body strained desperately to cover up and protect itself, every muscle struggling against my restraints...and then suddenly, my right arm was free! I hadn’t managed to break the chain, but I had managed to rip it from the ground where it had been anchored. Instinctively my hand shot towards my groin, desperate to pry the female’s foot away and clutch my battered balls, even if that would do nothing to soothe their apocalyptic ache.

To my pleasant surprise, Lia immediately stepped back, pulling her foot away sharply . To my unpleasant surprise, the loose end of the chain came whipping around, with a sizable chunk of the stone floor still attached to it, and smashed into my ballsac, utterly pulverizing its contents.

I froze. My freed hand trembled in mid-air, my mouth opening and closing silently as my brain sought some way to express the impossible levels of agony that were flooding my body.

Opal looked shocked, but Lia just laughed out loud, her face lighting up with a genuine smile. “Hahaha! Wow. You don’t even need a girl’s help to scramble your eggs, do you?”

All I could manage in response was a high-pitched whine. My hand shook as it slowly moved towards my groin, still trying to protect whatever was left of my balls.

The dragoness beat me there, nudging the chunk of rock aside with her foot. Casually she brought her foot down on top of my nutsac -- more of a step than a stomp, but even if my jewels hadn’t been trampled into pancakes, it would have been enough to make me squeak. As it was, I froze again, letting out a tortured, guttural moan.

“Quit your whining,” the female replied, rolling my nuts beneath her foot...or at least, attempting to do so. The two nuggets were anything but round at this point. “Don’t worry, they’re both intact. I don’t know how, but they are.” She frowned. “I swear, if they weren’t so squishy I’d think your balls were made out of steel.”

That good news was enough motivation to shake me out of my stupor. Weakly I grasped at Lia’s ankle, trying to pry her foot from my balls. “Please,” I croaked, my voice as high-pitched as a female hatchling.

Lia looked up and met my eye. “Fine.” She frowned. “Goodbye, P’oiu.”

My gut exploded in fresh pain as the dragoness gave me one more parting stomp, mashing my dragonmakers into the stone floor before pulling her foot away. Immediately I clutched at my mangled testicles, cupping the two swollen, misshapen lumps in my claws, confirming for myself that I was still in one piece.

I was too busy moaning in agony and cradling my much-abused spuds to appreciate one last look at Lia, her hips swaying seductively as she made her way to the exit.


  1. I haven't read much of the series yet (focusing on the pokemon stuff currently)

    But it's nice to see that you were able to complete what appears to be a very long story. =]
    Will you be writing any more stuff like this?

  2. Glad you like! I actually still haven't finished Dragon Slaying -- there's one final chapter left to write, which I've been struggling to finish all year -- but otherwise, it's basically a BB novel (~70K words). I'm rather proud of it :P

    I haven't been writing very much in the past year or so, but I do hope to occasionally post new stuff here. I doubt I'll write any more massively long stories, but things currently in my drafts folder include: the last chapter of Dragon Slaying, another Pokemon Underground League one-off, some MLP stuff, and even a bit of Pain Personified (which I haven't updated forever). Is there anything in particular you want to see?

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the Pokemon stuff, or on Dragon Slaying when you get to it. Otherwise, hope you enjoy!

  3. Sorry for the late reply. :[

    The pokemon stories are very well done. Some of the best ballbusting stories I've read. I particularly like the female persona's. You're able to portray them as playful and cruel, but always entertaining and unique.

    Hmm, if you're going to do more pokemon themed work, I suppose it'd be rather neat to focus on some of the legendary-pokemon.

    Perhaps a team of 2-4 going against someone like Groudon? His balls could be the ultimate prize. :]

    Another idea would deal with illusions/nightmares... perhaps something from Gardevoir or mistrevious (sp?) going around and toying with males in their sleep. If the story takes place mostly in a dream you could use it to up the ante on just how much pain the boys can go through.

  4. Glad you like my Pokemon girls -- they're some of my favorites. One of the reasons I love Pokemon BB is that the females are all fighters, so they've probably been casually dishing out low blows for years. It lets me write fun and varied characters, without having to explain why they all go for the balls.

    I've played with legendaries before...I have the outline of a story where Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina get frustrated with Arceus, and team up to show him that he's not as invincible as he thinks. But it sounds like you're thinking about a group of "normal" females working together to bring a super-powerful male to his knees. I like that, too :P (Also, I believe pretty much all the legendaries are included in my Pokemon BB game:, if you haven't seen it already. And the Underground League:

    The illusion/nightmare idea is pretty hot, too. Kind of reminds me of some Psychic-type busting ideas I've had in the past. (If I ever keep going with Battle Training, I'd love for Kara to make a guy squeal from across the room.) I can imagine a whole team full of males, and one kinky Gardevoir toying with them all while they sleep, maybe doing a bit of damage to their actual gonads, too :)

  5. Definitely agree with you on 'dishing them out for years'
    When I read the stories it doesn't feel like the busting is forced. It seems like something that could conceivably happen given the setting.

    Both settings sound nice (normal females and legendary ones) if you do go with palkia/diagla could you provide pics on what they should look like for the story? ;]
    I'm having a bit of a hard time picturing them in an attractive way. :P

    I'd definitely love to read more battle training if you continued it. I think there's only 3 stories so far? I'm on the third currently.

  6. Yeah, Battle Training stalled after chapter 3. Chapter 4 was supposed to be a big Leon-centric orgy -- it wouldn't have had much explicit ballbusting, besides maybe a bit of rough handling by Willow, but the Charmeleon's nuts still would have been aching pretty horribly. I also had a story in progress where Kara and Leon were in class together, and Kara spent the whole time psychically teasing him until he was ready to explode. And then there were a bunch of ideas for other stories at the school: a one-off where my Nidoqueen teacher met with a Lucario to give him some "extra credit", Kara getting revenge on that peeping Scyther, a M Blastoise/F Raichu couple that did some electro-BB, etc. I'm not sure if/when I'll ever get back to writing in that universe, but I do love the idea :)

    Mitsozuka started a spin-off story in the same universe with some of the same characters, which might be worth checking out. It's got some decent BB in it:

    As for Palkia/Dialga: they're not exactly my first choices for sexy 'mon either, but it was a friend's suggestion :P I suppose they might look something like this?

    I'm also curious to hear your reactions to the Underground League stories, since they're more or less an offshoot of the Independent League in Battle Training. I've got plenty of ideas for that universe, too :)

  7. Another huge fan here of your writing Poiu!

    You do amazing work emphasizing such a strong sense of sexual tension even in the midst of such extreme busting sessions!

    I couldn't help myself commenting on this as you were talking about potential plans with battle training/underground league stories, as i've always wanted your opinion on an idea i had for a story premise - using a 'mon's sperm count as a "hp bar" of sorts where the female 'mon wins only once the male can fire nothing but blanks from his berries. I always thought it might fit in well as a continuation on leon's predicaments with the girls, or as a new class the nidoqueen taught; or maybe a new "total domination" fad that springs up in the underground league around your warren character!

  8. Oh man -- that sounds /really/ hot. As you noted, I really like writing BB stories with sexual tension, so I often like to have my male 'mon cum while they're getting pounded...but that doesn't mean their stones are still functional :P I know I've played with the idea of BB as a birth control method in some unpublished scraps, but I can't remember if that ever crossed over with my Pokemon stuff. Maybe something Leon and Kara would try out as they got more serious?

    Is this something you're considering writing yourself? If so, I'd love to see your take on it -- feel free to work with any of my characters. I might also play with the idea myself, but I've hardly been writing lately, and there are a few things I really ought to finish (DRAGON SLAYING!) before I dedicate more time to my Pokemon stuff :)

  9. Ha, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm afraid not. I'll leave the idea up to experts like yourself, as I can't say I'm much of a writer. Your writing is what got me so very much into BB in the first place, and I'm dying to see more from you. (*Cough* Dragon Slaying Finale *Cough*). But, don't take this comment as more pressure on you. As an artist myself, I also know how difficult it is to produce creative work continuously without losing out on the quality you want to give your pieces.

    Take your time and keep up the amazing writing :)! (Though in the mean time, treat us to some of those unpublished scraps ;)!)

  10. hey poiu, i'm a huge fan of you dragon slaying stories, i've read all of them about 3 times! especially chapter 11, as big of a fan i am of ballbusting i also find tease and denial very sexy. i'd love to see that idea that you had about kara teasing leon in class. but i'd also love to see a sequel series about poiu and lia's marriage. also i found kayla to be a very interesting character, though i felt she wasn't in it as much as the other two girls, will she being doing any thing with poiu's cock? or just his balls? and will we see her alternate ending? yeah i have a lot of questions, lol, any way keep up the good work!

  11. Evermoon: Ha, understood :P If you ever do try your hand at it, I'd love to see it! And in the meanwhile, I'll try to keep posting the occasional scrap or chapter.

    hdom8: Glad you like! 11 is one of my favorite chapters, too. I've got some fun ideas about P'oiu and Lia as a married couple...I'm not sure it'd be enough for a whole series (especially given how slowly I've been writing lately), but I can definitely imagine a couple more stories of P'oiu getting his plums pounded.

    Kayla definitely isn't as featured as Opal or Lia (that's mostly true for the final chapter, too). Originally I had a lot more plans for her and P'oiu, but she's not really into the teasing/sexual aspect of BB, and that's become one of my favorite parts. She doesn't do anything with P'oiu's cock (at least not so far), but she'll definitely make his balls ache. And if I ever get around to her alternate ending (unlikely, but it could happen) then she'll really bash up those dragonmakers to their very limits :)

    Questions are good! I like talking about my characters, and it's good to know that people still read my stuff after such a long hiatus :) Now if only I could force myself to be a more productive writer...

  12. haha ok, i'm looking forward to see how it ends. and if you make then spin off, it would be nice to see kayla or opal visiting during there married life, coming in for a good ballbust, cock tease, or orgy (if lia would allow that). i'm glad that you appreciate questions, i'll be sure to ask when i have more :)

  13. hey poiu, now normally i'm a very patient guy but this is really killing me! are you still working on it, i mean i would just like to here from you or something, just to know that in the future we will still see the ending. but i'm not trying to rush you or sound rude, just would like to be updated again soon.

  14. Anonymous: Sorry! I know I really should have finished this a long time ago. I promise the ending is going to be posted someday, and hopefully someday soon. I actually finished the "climactic" scene a few days ago...there are still some earlier sections to fill in and some editing to do, but it's getting closer to complete.

    Besides the snippet that I've already posted, I have another 5000 words already written. I think there's probably 2000-3000 words to go. So hang in there! Maybe I'll start posting more snippets as I get them done, just so people know Dragon Slaying isn't totally abandoned. For instance:

    "I swear," Lia grumbled, frowned as my rubbery nut squished outwards beneath her heel, "I am going to pop one of these plums if it's the last damn thing I do. Such stubborn little things…"

    If I had been able to string together a coherent sentence at this point, I probably would have been begging her for mercy -- but what do you say to a girl who's determined to grind one of your gonads into goo? My whole body shook as the dragoness bore down on the center of my scaly ball, the tortured sphere warping under the terrible pressure, but refusing to simply burst and be done with it. Instead my poor nut squished between the female's toeclaws like some kind of water balloon, reshaping itself around Lia's foot with each agonizing stomp.

    Even if Lia's assault left me speechless, Opal could see the vacant look in my eyes. "Uh, Lia?" The frog glanced behind her, wincing as the larger female's foot came slamming down once again. "You know, I may not be a guy, but I imagine it's pretty hard to blow a load while your balls are being stomped flat."

    "Heh -- you'd be surprised." The dragoness smirked, but her grin faded after a moment. "Why, you think I should ease up?"

  15. haha! you my friend, are a true writer! glad to know that your still alive! now i am even more eager! once again sorry if i sounded rude, i was just a bit nervous for the series, i hate it when things don't end. (Soprano's) >:( but as long as your still working, i will wait! and the snippets are an excellent idea! keep up the good work.

  16. Not rude at all! Hell, I'm actually really flattered that people still care about Dragon Slaying when I've been working on one chapter for over a year. Thanks for being so patient :)

  17. you dont need to post chunks of the story if you dont want to spoil everything bit by bit but it would certanly be nice if you popped in every once in a while to leave a comment or an update on progress so we do indeed know you havent gone off and died or something

  18. wow this is great. a little off topic but i have to say, in battle training two, i loved the assjob. it was also hot on your busted spuds blog. i would love to see more of that in your future stories ;)

  19. Glad you liked it, 123! That scene was a hell of a lot of fun to write. There's something about a girl squirming in your lap...especially when you know she'll be pounding your balls flat a few minutes later :P

  20. hell yeah, and being an ass man, that has got to be one of my favorite chapters. not many people even know what an assjob is, but i'm glad you do, you don't see it very often. i also love the teasing mixed with the ballbusting, there should be more righters like you. and once again you should defiantly make another grinding seen in the future! :p

  21. oh yeah and when you are done with dragon slaying, will we say the orgy for battle training 4?

  22. I'm honestly not sure if I'll write more of Battle Training -- all I can guarantee is that I'll finish Dragon Slaying. Beyond that...well, I've hardly written anything in the past year. I'd like to think I'll still post the occasional story, but I also might just stop :/

    1. That would be most unfortunate, your a great author. we would all be very sad :(