Friday, June 10, 2011

Preview: another Pokemon Busting story

Hey y'all! Quick update.

I'm slowly working on Dragon Slaying (I know I've been saying that for six months now...) plus a new Pokemon Underground League story. The former is more than halfway done now, and I'm hoping I can just sit down and power through the remaining chunk sometime in the near future. The latter is only about a quarter done, but I figured I'd share a snippet of it here, since I haven't shared anything in months and months. Hope you enjoy.

Also, here are some pics to assist your imagination:
Laura (Luxray)
Kelly (Kangaskhan)
Emma (Espeon)
Blaze (Blaziken)
unnamed opponent (Nidoking)


"Well hey -- can't say I recognize you. You new here?"

Laura turned around to reply -- and found herself looking at the largest pair of breasts she had ever laid eyes on. The Luxray blinked once or twice, struck momentarily dumb, before taking in a bit more about the massive female before her: a smooth tan belly, wide brown hips, a thick tail that curled around behind her to rest on the floor. The woman was built like a tank. A very, very attractive tank.

"Uh...hi," Laura replied hesitantly, her eyes still tracing the larger girl's curves. "Yeah, this is my first day."

"My eyes are up here, sweetheart," rumbled the Kangaskhan, a hint of amusement in her voice.

The Luxray looked up with a start. "S-sorry! I didn't mean to gawk, I just--...I'm kind of new to this." She blushed. "I'm not really used showers."

The larger female chuckled at that. "Relax, honey, you're not doing anything wrong. We're all ladies here. 'Sides, the whole stadium gets to see me in the buff every time I battle -- I'd better be used to it by now." She held out a paw. "Name's Kelly."

"Laura," replied the Luxray, shaking it. "Nice to meet you."

"Same." The Kangaskhan took a step back into the shower spray, continuing to face the newcomer as the warm water ran down her back. "Your first day, huh? Who are you fighting?"

With that question, the Luxray felt some of her earlier doubt return. "I-I'm not sure, actually. I wasn't scheduled to fight until next week, but somebody else cancelled and they needed a sub, so here I am."

"Really! And they didn't even tell you who you're up against? Well that ain't a proper introduction at all." Kelly frowned for a moment. "Still, I s'pose the basic strategies are the same no matter who you're facing." The big female grinned. "You more of a ballbreaker, or a cocktease?"

For the second time in as many minutes, Laura froze. "I-I beg your pardon?"

"Y'know -- when you're fighting a guy, do you scramble his eggs, or beat his meat? Or both, for that matter." Seeing the Luxray's somewhat stunned expression, a concerned look spread across Kelly's face. "You do know what this league is mostly about, don't ya?"

"O-of course," she replied quickly, "I just...I guess I haven't thought it out that much. I don't really have a strategy. Like I said, this is all a bit last-minute."

"No strategy?" interjected the Espeon showering on the opposite side of Kelly. She left her own shower and took a few steps closer, joining the conversation. "Dear, you can't enter a battle without knowing what you're going to do. That's just asking for defeat."

"Now now, Emma, give her space -- she's still figuring things out, and just because you're the master strategist doesn't mean you've got all the answers." The Kangaskhan smiled. "As I recall, even you were a little nervous before your first fight."

Laura took a moment to size up this new acquaintance -- a lithe, long-legged feline, her shape much sleeker than Kelly's sturdy build. Probably a cocktease, going by Kelly's categorization. "Honestly?" said the Luxray, fidgeting nervously. "I'd love to be a...a 'ballbreaker', if I had the stones myself, but I'm not sure if I can go through with that. I mean, what if my opponent's a nice guy? I don't wanna leave him sterile."

"Hey -- that's a risk they signed up for."


"Oh fine." The Espeon let out a sigh. "Well, if you're a newcomer, they probably won't put you against anyone you'd be weak against, so at the very least it'll be an even fight. If you're really feeling uncertain, you could just fight like it's a regulation battle, but believe me, you'll want to get in a nutshot or two if you can. Or some heavy petting, if you prefer."

"Whatever feels right," said Kelly.

The Luxray nodded slowly. "I think I understand."

"Just make sure to take advantage of any openings -- hesitation will kill you out there." Emma shook her head. "And try not to get too squeamish if things start getting messy."

Laura was about to ask the Espeon for clarification when a loud noise at the opposite end of the showers interrupted her. All three females turned to see the 'mon who had just come in -- a sweating, panting Blaziken with her feathers askew and a wild look on her face.

The Luxray was a bit taken aback by the bird's ragged appearance, but it didn't seem to faze either of her new friends. "Heya Blaze," said Kelly cheerfully, smiling at the fire-type as she entered the locker room. "How did the match g--"

"Two minutes!" gasped the Blaziken, scrambling forwards into the showers. Hastily the fire bird pushed past the other naked females in the room, making a beeline for one of the private stalls against the rear wall and closing the door behind her with a none-too-gentle SLAM.

As the female whisked past, Laura had to stumble several steps just to keep her balance -- a move which brought her careening into the wet, naked Emma. The Luxray let out an "eep" at the unexpected sensation of bare fur on bare fur, blushing fiercely as she scampered away from the nude Espeon. "S-sorry!" she stuttered immediately.

"It's fine," said Emma, a hint of amusement in her voice.

Kelly just chuckled. "Good heavens, girl, you've got to learn to relax." The Kangaskhan wrapped an arm around Laura's shoulders, pulling the skittish newcomer a bit closer. "I mean, honestly -- if you're that tightly-wound around a man's meat and potatoes, I dunno how you're ever gonna win a match in this league."

"H-heh, true..." The Luxray tried not to think too hard about the other naked female body she was now pressed up against...or the unknown opponent that she was scheduled to fight in under an hour. Unfortunately, that just conjured the image of those two nudes together: Kelly pounding the spunk out of some poor 'mon's basket, the unidentified male crumpling to his knees as his nuts turned to peanut butter--


The sound was a quiet one, but it was enough to snap Laura out of her rather vivid daydream. The Luxray cleared her throat awkwardly, blushing once again, and then turned her attention to the source of the new noise: the private stall where the Blaziken had disappeared just moments ago. "Um...was that other girl alright? She seemed pretty frazzled when she came in."

"She's fine," answered the Espeon calmly. "Just give her a few minutes."

"Heh -- yeah, don't worry about Blaze." Kelly shared a knowing glance with Emma before turning back to the new recruit. "She just needs some cool-down time. Girl has a tendency to get a bit...excited after her matches."

Laura frowned. "Excited? Why would she--"


This time, the sound that came from the stall was so clearly, loudly, and unabashedly a moan of pleasure that Laura initially assumed it was a joke. That is, until a second moan followed, even more powerfully than the first, so shamelessly lustful that it almost made the Luxray's own toeclaws curl.

Laura felt her cheeks turning red. "She's not...?"

"She is," the Kangaskhan confirmed, blushing a bit herself. "As I said, Blaze is very...passionate about her matches."

The Luxray turned to Emma, still somewhat convinced that it was all a joke, but the Espeon just smiled silently back, even as another fevered cry came from the Blaziken's stall. Laura's ears flattened against her head, a mix of emotions jumbled up in her chest as the bird's pants and moans grew louder and more frantic, building to one prolonged, orgasmic squeal before finally fading back down to nothingness.

In the silence that followed, the Luxray could hear her own heart pounding, her own breath a bit shorter and shallower. There was a long and awkward pause before the shower stall burst open once again, the door crashing into the wall with another indelicate WHAM. Inside stood a very soaked but very satisfied bird, her breasts still heaving with each breath as she stumbled happily out into the common area.

"Oh fuck, that was the best battle I've had in months," breathed the female, her body still flushed with exertion. "Kelly, you have to watch the replay for this when it airs -- they paired me up against this Nidoking, balls like canteloupes, and I just destroyed the guy. Double pop and everything! Oh Arceus, that was good." The Blaziken planted her hands on her hips and panted for a moment, still short of breath from the ordeal.


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