Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dragon Slaying (14): Decisions, Decisions, pt. 2

Hey! Remember that time I wrote a story about a dragon with very, very achy balls, then left you all with a cliffhanger for over a year? Well cliff-hang no more! Here’s the final chapter of Dragon Slaying -- all 11,000 words of it.

A quick reminder of where we left off:

  • P’oiu has agreed to be mates with Lia the dragoness
  • Before they can be mates, Lia insists on popping one of P’oiu’s balls -- part of her culture’s traditional mating ceremony
  • Unfortunately, P’oiu’s nuts are virtually indestructable -- they’ve been kicked, kneed, squeezed, and stomped flat a dozen different times without permanent damage
  • Opal, the potion-making frog, has just taught everyone about the regenerative properties of green dragon spunk, which rapidly heals and protects from injury
  • Since Lia’s been teasing and blue-balling P’oiu virtually non-stop, his balls are absolutely full of seed; thus it’s no wonder they’ve been so damn durable
  • Lia, Opal, and Kayla the orca hatch a plan to drain P’oiu’s dragon-makers, then smash one into goo, so that dragon and dragoness can live happily ever after (minus a nut)

Got it? If not, feel free to re-read the previous chapter, or even to start over from the beginning. There’s some good stuff in there -- if you like ballbusting, anyway :P

Sorry for the extra-long delay! Please enjoy, and definitely let me know what you think. I’m still debating writing another series with some of these characters...


In any other situation, I imagine I would have been thrilled to have three gorgeous, naked women all so focused on my groin. Hell, I'd fantasized about scenes like this since I was teenager...and the particular selection of ladies in front of me had the kind of curves that made my balls ache with need.

Unfortunately, given the circumstances, I knew my balls would soon be aching for a much less pleasant reason.

"So." Opal looked a bit nervous. "Uh...what's the plan, exactly?"

"What's there to plan?" Kayla asked, sauntering up between my legs. The orca glanced down at my scaly orbs for a moment before giving a half-hearted kick -- practically a gentle nudge, by her standards, but still enough to make me grunt in pain. "We drain 'em, we pound 'em, and we pop 'em. It's not complicated."

"We pop one," Lia corrected, stepping forward herself. She flicked my sac with a toeclaw, earning another involuntary grunt as the ache shot straight to my abdomen. "You only pop one ball for the mating ceremony...and even popping just one of his balls is going to be a hell of a lot of work. The stubborn little things might as well be made of rubber."

Another toe-flick from the ruby-scaled dragoness sent a third jolt of nutache through my body. This time the pain throbbed in my gut for a moment before fading away, and I exhaled tensely, fighting back a quiet groan as my stomach tightened and relaxed. I shot Lia an exasperated look, hoping for some sympathy from my potential mate-to-be, but the mischievous grin that I got in return told me that the female intended to toy with me as much as possible.

Stupid sexy Lia.

"Well then, how exactly are we gonna do this?" Kayla planted a hand on her bare hip, looking up at the dragoness. "I get that Opal's on cock-sucking duty, but what about us -- you wanna take turns stomping one into jelly? Use his sac as a punching bag? Squeeze the spunk out of one, maybe?" The female looked down at my groin. “I mean, I doubt I’m big enough to get a grip on his stones, but with those claws of yours you could have him squealing soprano in no time...”

If Opal's face was red from the cock-sucking comment, mine was twice as green from the list of nut tortures that followed. As Kayla rattled off a list of potential plans for popping my plum, I felt myself grow increasingly nauseous, each treatment worse than the last. The look on Lia’s face didn’t help, either. I could see a hint of a smile gathering at the corners of her mouth, and after a moment she shifted her stance, now drumming her toes atop my soon-to-be-doomed dragonmakers. It was hardly the first time Lia had been poised to flatten my nuts, and yet I had never been so acutely aware of the practiced ease with which she pinned my orbs to the floor. I tried not to imagine how many other males she'd teased into a frenzy and then stomped into oblivion…how many scaly spuds had been ground into goo between her claws…how many dragon testicles had already burst between her toes. Dear god, why I had I ever agreed to this?

"Ooh, or maybe some tail-busting! Slam that thing up between his legs, see if anything breaks. I used to love doing that to my boyfriend. Er, ex-boyfriend." The orca glanced back at her tail flukes, smiling nostalgically. "Ex-boy, actually. Anyway, with an ass like yours, I'm sure you can crack that thing like a whip -- I'll bet you could shatter his nut like it was made of glass."

That mental image was enough -- my stomach crawled at the thought. "Are you seriously going to discuss all this right in front of me?!" I blurted, staring wide-eyed at the trio of females. "You realize I'm right here listening, right?"

"Well, yeah. Why wouldn't we discuss this around you?" Lia rolled one of my dragonmakers beneath her foot, putting a little weight on the fat sphere and making me groan involuntarily. "I mean, we're going to be doing all these things to you in a minute anyway -- you might as well know what's coming."

"Urrgh." I let out a tense breath, fighting the urge to groan again as the dragoness continued toying with my nutsac. "I really just want to get this over with."

"Hey -- I'm not the one with balls full of magical spunk. If it was up to me, we'd be done already." The red female shifted her weight again, earning a wheezing gasp from me before she lifted her foot away entirely. "But if it makes you feel better, we'll discuss it in private." She grinned. "That way it'll be a surprise."

"Great," I answered sarcastically. It was a small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

"Before that, though, I've got to ask you one more question." The dragoness knelt between my spread legs, planting one hand on my thigh to ease herself to the ground, and her eyes flicked upwards to meet my own. In any other situation, the predatory look on my mate-to-be's face would have been an incredible turn-on. As it was...well, it was actually still pretty sexy, but that was negated by the shiver that ran down my spine as she took hold of my scaly pair.

"Alright, stud, moment of truth." The dragoness hefted my swollen spunk-makers in her claws, rolling my marbles between her fingers for a moment and feeling their weight. "Which should I pop, lefty or righty?"

"Uh…" I had no idea. Was there a difference? "L-Lefty, I guess."

The female grinned. "Righty it is," she replied, delivering a friendly flick to the now-doomed gonad before letting my sac slip from her fingers.

I groaned weakly at the burst of pain that spread through my gut, my head jerking upwards for a moment before falling back to the ground once again. Dear god -- if this worked out, it was going to be one hell of a marriage. At least I'd be saving some other poor dragon from getting his stones pounded to a pulp.

Lia gave my thigh a reassuring squeeze, then climbed to her feet, turning to face the other girls. I tried to enjoy the view, my eyes tracing the sexy curve of her rear, but when I reached her tail I could only imagine it snapping upwards between my legs, crushing my balls into my pelvis. I felt nauseous for a moment, remembering some of the warning tailflicks she’d given me on the long journey home, and imagining how much worse a full-force slam would have been. Sure, my terrible case of blue balls might have saved a rupture, but just the thought...ugh.

I was so busy visualizing getting my walnuts cracked that I almost didn’t notice as Lia and Kayla began making their way to a far corner of the room. My eyes were unconsciously following the hypnotic sway of the dragoness’s hips when Opal climbed up on to my stomach, grabbing my attention.

“Opal?” I asked, blinking. “Uh...why aren’t you with the other girls?”

The little frog looked up at me, planting a hand on her hip. “Because it’s my job to make you blow, not to make you pop. Remember?” The female turned to face my groin, stepping towards my half-hard cock. “Seems like a shame to ruin such a nice matching set...but if you’re gonna lose a spud, at least we get to have one more round of fun first.”

I could feel myself starting to stir as Opal placed a hand on my dragonhood, giving the thick length a friendly stroke. “Isn’t there something you can say to them?” I let my eyes fall to the frog’s wonderful ass, appreciating its luscious curves. “You’re smart -- they’ll listen to you.”

“Are you kidding?” As my length stiffened the female pressed her body up against it, earning an involuntary twitch from the pole of flesh. “Maybe you didn’t notice, but I’m a bit out of my league here. That girlfriend of yours is like five times my size. Besides, they’ve both got legitimate reasons to want to scramble your eggs.”

Legitimate? Really? “But I don’t want to lose a nut,” I whined.

"Well then you should have picked me," the frog replied, a touch of testiness in her voice as she grabbed my shaft and gave it a squeeze. Her hands didn’t even come close to encircling the thick length, but it was enought to earn another healthy throb. “Look -- I realize this is tough, but you knew exactly what you were getting into when you picked Lia. If you really want to be her mate, you have to let her pop one. Now be a man about it. Half a man. Whatever.”

That was not the kind of sympathy I had been hoping for. Still, it seemed odd that Opal was so willing to just stand by and let this happen -- for business reasons, if nothing else. “They’re taking away half of your spunk supply,” I pointed out, shivering as I reached full hardness.

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” Opal pressed her breasts up against my cock and slid her body down my length, grinning at the spurt of precum that splashed across her bare chest. “From what I’ve seen, Lia seems to be a master at blue-balling. I’d say she makes you cum twice as hard as I should still have plenty of material for my potions.”

I felt pretty sure that it didn’t work that way, but before I could open my mouth to protest the frog had wrapped both arms around my dragonhood. I let out a low moan as the little female moved up and down in slow, pumping strokes...and a second, louder moan as she gave a lick up the underside of my shaft.

Opal planted a wet kiss on my cockhead before wrapping her lips around as much of it as she could, her long tongue playing across the part that wouldn’t fit in her mouth. She suckled at the tip for a moment before letting it slip free from her mouth with a quiet pop. “You like?” she asked playfully, rubbing her cheek up against the thick pole of flesh.

I growled, thrusting my hips up in response. Not for the first time, I cursed the size difference between us. I could only imagine what it would feel like if she could swallow down my entire length, or if I could sink myself into the hot, wet slit between her legs...

"Mmmph.” I moaned as the healer planted another kiss on my dragonhood. “God, what I wouldn't give to just be a frog."

Opal chuckled at that, pressing her bare body closer. "I think I prefer you just the way you are, big boy."

I shivered at the sensation of her warm skin rubbing up against my most sensitive organ (well, my most pleasurably sensitive organ, anyway). In the past, I had emptied my balls dozens of times to thoughts of Opal: firm tits and wide hips, gorgeous curves that drove my libido through the roof. The frog probably could have been a porn star, if she’d wanted. Instead she’d dedicated her life to healing...and to making me blow my load. Lucky me.

This time was no different. Despite the titfuck from Lia just a short while ago, it was only a matter of minutes before I found myself approaching the point of no return. I let out a throaty moan as the frog gave up on standing and instead wrapped her legs around my shaft, her whole body squeezed wantonly around my dragonhood. My cock gave a mighty twitch as she slid down on my length, her rack squished up against the pillar of flesh, her thighs tight around the shaft, her own wet sex rubbing against the base of my member.

Nngh!” The little female let out a moan of her own as she ground against my rod, her whole-body strokes lubricated by each new spurt of precum from my twitching length. “Oh P’oiu...ah! Show me what you’re storing in those big balls of yours!”

“Oh Opal,” I groaned, my head rolling back with pleasure. My heart was pounding, my hips thrusting of their own accord, the nude and nubile Opal sliding up and down my length. Each pump brought me closer to the edge of ecstasy, my eyes rolling back into my head, my toeclaws curling as I felt that wonderful feeling rising in my groin. I’d shot my wad for Opal dozens of times -- but usually I just stroked myself off while Opal stood by and grinned, then collected the spunk afterwards for her potions. If I was lucky, she’d flash me her tits, or maybe rub my balls. But the way she rode me now, pressing her slick skin against mine, shuddering with arousal, clutching desperately to my dragonhood--

With a grunt of exertion the little frog increased her pace, sliding up and down, up and down, each stroke pushing me closer. There was no stopping it now. “O-Opal!” I panted raggedly, thrusting up against the female as her whole body worked to get me off. “I--!”


I knew what had happened before the pain even hit. Of course.

“Eep!” Opal tensed, clinging tightly to my cock. “Watch your foot!”

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t gonna crush you,” said Lia reassuringly. “Just his nut.”

This was not the first time I’d had my right nut pinned beneath Lia’s heel...but it was possibly the worst. Half a stroke from orgasm, and I had the entire weight of a full-grown dragoness dropped on my gonad. My cock gave a mournful twitch, and I let out a long, low, defeated groan, slumping in my chains as a fresh ache spread through my abdomen...

...but that did nothing to stop Opal. After a moment to settle her nerves, the little healer resumed her gyrating, grinding feverishly against my prick, doing her best to finish the job and make me blow. And somehow, despite the crushing weight on my testicle, she succeeded.

Thud. A second blow -- this one from Kayla’s mace -- came crashing down on poor righty just as a thick rope of spunk erupted from the tip of my member, arcing high into the air before splashing down on my bare chest. I squeaked something unintelligible as a sharp spike of nutpain laced through my gut and a second blast of dragonseed shot from my cock, spraying forcefully across my stomach. (In my pain-addled state, it almost seemed like my sperm were trying to flee from my flattened ball. Smart sperm.)

For a split second, Lia seemed surprised -- I guess she hadn’t realized just how close I was -- but almost immediately, that was replaced with an expression of glee. “He’s coming! Oh my--...Kayla, get out of the way! I’m gonna try to pop it!”

“Aww, but I only got one hit!” complained the orca...but she must have moved aside, or else been crushed by the scaly foot that came thundering down several times in rapid succession. I let out a series of squawks and squeals as Lia delivered stomp after stomp to my swollen testicle, pounding it into the stone floor as my cock spat out a few more strings of dragon batter. Every instinct in my body told me to double up and clutch myself, to do whatever was necessary to protect my unborn children from this barrage of brutal blows…but all I could do was spasm in my restraints, and watch as Lia's leg moved up and down, up and down.

"Mmrgh...come on! I swear," Lia grumbled, frowning as my rubbery nut slipped out from beneath her heel, "I am going to pop one of these plums if it's the last damn thing I do. Such stubborn little things…"

If I had been able to string together a coherent sentence at this point, I probably would have been begging her for mercy -- but what do you say to a girl who's determined to grind one of your gonads into goo? My whole body shook as the dragoness bore down on the center of my scaly ball, the tortured sphere warping under the terrible pressure, but refusing to simply burst and be done with it. Instead my poor nut squished between the female's toeclaws like some kind of water balloon, reshaping itself around Lia's foot with each agonizing stomp.

For a while, there were only two sounds: the repeated impact of foot on balls, and my own broken mewling. It was Kayla who finally spoke. "I, uh…I don't think it's gonna pop, hun," she said, watching my swollen spud bounce around in my sac with each blow. "He finished blowing his wad a while ago, and his nut's still in one piece."

If anything, Kayla's words made Lia even more determined. "But it has to pop!" she exclaimed, gritting her teeth as she ground my gonad into the floor. "We made him cum twice! His balls must be almost empty!"

"Almost empty, but not totally empty." Opal was still clinging to my half-hard cock for balance, wincing each time the larger female's foot came slamming down beside her. "I think we might need to make him come a third time. And, uh….I may not be a guy, but I imagine it's pretty hard to blow a load while your balls are being stomped flat."

"Heh -- you'd be surprised." The dragoness smirked, but her grin quickly faded as my ball squirted out from underneath her foot, still frustratingly intact. "Damn it!" she growled. "I just can't…grr!"

In a futile expression of fury, Lia cocked her leg back and rocketed her foot up between my legs, not bothering to discriminate between my left and right orb as she drove them both up into my pelvis. Only the chains around my ankles kept me from skidding several inches with the force of the kick. In most circumstances, that kind of blow would drop me to my knees like a bag of bricks…but it didn't seem quite so bad when compared to a ball-stomp mid-orgasm. If anything, I was almost glad to have my left nut absorbing half of the impact.

Lia stood there for another moment, sweat glistening on her heaving chest, before sighing heavily and finally stepping away. That gave my half-crushed dragonmakers a few moments’ respite, and a chance to reinflate to their usual round shape. Er...well, sort of. Even without looking, I knew my right plum had to be twice the size of my left one, and somehow I suspected that it was less a ‘ball’ at this point than it was a ‘grotesquely swollen lump’. It was still in one piece, yes, but I wouldn't have been at all surprised if the poor thing only shot blanks from now on.

The three girls seemed to be talking, but I was having trouble focusing on the words, given the terrible nausea churning in my gut. I could tell that Lia was aggravated from the tone of her voice (and from the flurry of ball-blows I'd just received), but Kayla and Opal seemed to be calming her down a bit, doing their best to take the edge off of the female's frustration. Opal murmured something sympathetic, and Kayla said something about gonads that earned a laugh. I even heard the words "try again later," though the dragoness didn't seem very pleased with that idea.

"But we're so close! All we need to do is make him come again--"

"You're trying to get a third consecutive orgasm out of a guy after stomping on his balls?" Kayla chucked. "Yeah, good luck with that."

Opal scratched her head, frowning. "I'm with Kayla -- I've never seen P'oiu blow three times, and that's practically my job. I'd be surprised if you can even get him hard."

Lia opened her mouth to argue -- then looked down at me instead. A look of determination crossed her face. Suddenly the dragoness was down on her knees, leaning over me to look me in the eye.

"Hey." She gave me a little smile. "I know you've been through a lot, but…think you can get it up again?"

"No," I croaked.

"Told you so," said Kayla.

Lia shot the orca an annoyed look. “Okay. Well,” she asked, running a hand across my chest, “ it okay if I try?”

I opened my mouth. Closed it. Opened it again. Yes? No? My brain had shut down at this point. All I could manage was an exhausted groan. Do what you want.

Without another word, the dragoness slid down my torso and wrapped her lips around my cock.

Part of me was just tired. Part of me just wanted to pass out now, even if it meant I might have to suffer through another attempted nut-popping when I came to.  Hell, I could hardly feel anything below the waist besides a haze of nausea and pain.

But despite everything, my limp dragonhood began to respond, slowly stiffening between the female's lips. Her tongue curled around my thickening length, one hand stroking at the base, the other playing with my sac (gently, for once). Weakly I lifted my head to watch and caught Lia grinning up at me, her head bobbing steadily up and down, coating my shaft in a glistening layer of saliva. I was totally spent, my balls practically empty, and yet I felt my pride give a faint twitch of arousal, struggling back to life. I don't know where I got the energy -- but then again, I'd suffered through a week of blue balls following Lia around, desperate for the chance to give her my seed. I’d spent countless hours with my dragonhood like a bar of iron, silently imagining what it would be like to fuck her brains out. If she was going to suck me off, then god damn it, I was going to give her a mouthful.

That didn't seem to be Lia's plan, though. As my cock approached full hardness, the dragoness pulled herself away with a wet slurp, leaving my stiff rod bobbing needfully in the air.

"Damn." Kayla wolf-whistled. "Girl's got skills."

"Why did you stop?" asked Opal, confused.

The dragoness looked up at me again, her eyes aflame, and suddenly I realized just how aroused she was. And surprisingly, how aroused I was. "Because," she panted, moving to straddle my body. She turned to face away from me, her tail thumping down on my chest. "I want him here."

I gasped weakly as the female wrapped a clawed hand around my shaft -- then moaned loudly as she impaled herself on my rod. My hips bucked in surprise, unable to resist the sudden burst of pleasure. Her body gripped at every inch of my pride as I entered her, inch after inch sinking into her warm depths. The sensation made my head spin. Her sex was tight, snug around my shaft, and wet, so wet--

I wasn't the only one having a moment. “My god you’re thick,” Lia groaned, eyes sliding shut as she worked her way down the last few inches of my dragonhood. "Oh fuck. Mmmrph."

Oh, how I wanted this. For a moment I was so overwhelmed that it was all I could do to just admire the view. I let my eyes trace the curves of the dragoness's back, following the angle of her shoulder blades, out to the swell of her hips, then back to the luscious curve of her rear. My shaft twitched inside her and I felt her body squeeze back in response, milking me for my genetic gift. God, this was heavenly. Lia was fucking me. Lia was fucking me! And any second now, she would start bouncing away, riding me to the best orgasm of my life…

"Kayla?" The dragoness fought to suppress a moan, grinding down against my lap. "L-like we discussed."

The orca cocked her head to the side. “But I thought you were planning to take it in the ass for this.”

Lia shook her head. “Changed my mind. I want him inside me when it...ohhh! Ohh, that’s nice.”

"Um...‘like we discussed’?" asked Opal, confused. "What did I miss?"

Kayla smirked, hefting her mace onto her shoulder. "Just follow my lead. I'm sure you can find something to do."

A stab of panic went through me as I felt claws wrap around my sac, isolating my right nut once again. Oh no. Please no. We could do this later. Couldn't I just blow my load in peace?

Lia craned her head around to face me, giving me a smoldering look. “Now -- you are going to blow your fucking load, and I am going to pop your fucking ball," she purred, sliding her sex up my shaft until only the tip remained inside her. "Understood?”

My cry of protest immediately became a squeal of pain as the dragoness clamped down on the center of my nut, the poor orb losing any semblance of its usual spherical shape as it squished out between her fingers. At the same time Lia slammed her hips back down, her rear striking my stomach with an audible smack as she took my dragonhood to the hilt. She only stayed there for a moment, my shaft stretching her wide, before she rose once again with a happy groan, rolling her hips to start a steady rhythm.

My body bucked desperately in response, torn between two competing instincts. On the one hand, I had the irresistable urge to meet the female's thrusts, to fuck her hard and fill her with my spunk. On the other hand, I was also trying to fold double and protect myself before the dragoness could grind my gonad into mush between her claws. For a few seconds, I found myself unable to respond to either demand, frozen in place as the dragoness ravaged my junk.

And of course, I was completely ignoring Kayla and Opal, too. Even when Lia took a moment to carefully adjust her grip, pinching my nut straight down the middle so that it bulged out on either side, I didn’t understand what was going on -- at least not until Kayla’s mace came pounding down on one of those bubbles of nutflesh.

“My nut!” I squeaked, finally finding my voice again. “Oh god, my nut!

“Ha!” Kayla’s laugh rang clear as a bell. “I guess he felt that. You got the other side?”

“Uh, sure,” replied Opal, sounding not-at-all sure. “How should I...?”

“I dunno. Just pound on it!”

“Your legs,” gasped Lia, looking down at the two smaller females as she continued to ride me. “U-use your legs!”

I felt the jolt of pain as the frog gave me a firm kick, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the blow from Kayla. Apparently Kayla agreed. “No no no,” she scolded, “not like that. Your thighs are so strong -- you gotta use all that power! Use your feet like a battering ram!”

“Hmm.” Opal thought for a moment...then took a seat on the floor, hugged her legs to her chest, and rolled back in order to lift both feet off the ground. “You mean something like this?”

What followed was an mini-explosion of pain as the frog launched both her feet up into my testicle, all that raw power uncorked into the center of my big, scaly nut. "Oh fuck!" I squealed, my hips bucking off the floor even despite the weight of Lia sitting on top of me. "Holy fuck, my nut!"

Kayla laughed again, louder than before. “See? Nice strong legs like yours -- you’re practically built for kicking balls.”

“Ha, thanks,” replied Opal, no doubt blushing. “That was actually...kind of fun.”

“Shows off your ass, too,” the orca added.

Opal had no further response except to slam her feet into my ball once again -- or rather, into the big bubble of ballmeat squishing out from the left side of Lia’s death grip. I let out a plaintive wail as Kayla’s mace crashed down on the opposite site, further scrambling my trapped egg.

The sad thing is, under any other circumstances I'm sure I would have been left slack-jawed by the sight of the dragoness thumping up and down on top of me, my length swallowed by her tight sex, her head thrown back in ecstasy. My cock was still as hard as iron, still twitching eagerly with each thrust...but with my spud under assault from three different sides, that pleasure was all but forgotten. I tried to focus on the two round globes of the female’s behind, in the hope that it might spur my arousal and help drown out the agony...but the ripples that ran through her ass cheeks with each bounce just reminded me of a slap to my own orbs.

Lia was having no such trouble enjoying herself. “Oh fuck,” she groaned, her pussy clenching tightly around my throbbing length, her juices dripping down my shaft. The dragoness let go of my gonad with one hand in order to rub frantically at her clit. The adjustment in her grip sent a sharp jolt of pain into my gut, just as she arched her back with a throaty moan of pleasure. “Oh my god, nngh--

I squealed back something much less intelligible, my body twitching beneath hers as my defenseless nut was stressed to the breaking point. I could hear all three of the girls making noise: Lia's ragged moans and the wet slap of her hips against mine; Kayla's grunts as she used my poor ball for mace practice; the dull thud of Opal's feet slamming into the opposite side of my aching spud. My body jerked with each blow, helpless to shield my swollen spunk-maker.

Earlier, when I’d first come to and found myself chained to the cave floor, I’d come to the realization that my nuts might have only hours to live -- but even then, it hadn’t quite felt real. After all, I’d had my balls busted a dozen times and always survived intact (albeit with plenty of swelling). In fact, each of the girls in the room had already taken a serious crack at my nuts: Kayla had tried to kick them into paste, Opal had practically pounded them flat beneath her rear, and Lia...well, Lia had attempted to pop one in a variety of ways. But only now, with Kayla and Opal assisting Lia in trying to smash my spud, did I fully understand just how fucked I was. How, in a few minutes, I might permanently be a nut lighter.

Like it or not, I’d imagined this scene quite a few times by now -- often in nightmares, sometimes in daydreams (daymares?), and of course, pretty much any time a female slammed her foot up between my legs. In my mind I’d lost my balls a dozen different ways: pounded to paste across some girl’s knee, or squashed to oblivion between her fingers, or even chewed to mush between her teeth. In my imagination it had always been a split-second thing: my twin orbs trembling on the edge of rupture, compressed to their very limits, fighting valianty to stay alive until they suddenly burst like a pair of water balloons. In one moment, mind-blowing testicular agony; in the next, a sac full of goo and merciful unconsciousness.

But now that it was actually happening (oh dear god, this was actually happening?!), I realized that reality was not nearly so kind. As Lia dug her claws into my right gonad, I could feel the orb starting to cave. Drained of almost all its spunk, the swollen spud kept trying to slip out from the dragoness’s unyielding grip, but she held on, her grip leaving deep dents in the rubbery sphere. I had the distinct sense that my ball was about to split along the seam, like some overstuffed beanbag.

If Lia could tell that she was getting close, she didn’t show it. The dragoness was bouncing up and down like a jackhammer, panting and moaning and gasping with pleasure, her rear pounding into my lap with each thrust. In my near-delirium I tried to crane my head, to catch one final glimpse of my sac before I became half a dragon, but my view was obscured by her tail and by the otherwise-heavenly sight of my shaft buried in her sex. Occasionally, as Lia rose to the very tip of my cock, I would catch a glimpse of something through her legs, scaly flesh squishing out from between vicious claws -- but even with the apocalyptic pain in my gut, it seemed impossible that my poor right nut could be that swollen or that distorted.

At some point I became aware of a shrill, high-pitched squealing, so sharp that it almost hurt to hear. (Maybe it would have, if every pain receptor in my brain hadn’t already been engaged elsewhere.) Even with my mind in a jumble, it sounded strangely familiar...but it wasn’t until I felt Kayla’s mace slam into the side of my nut again and heard the squeal jump another half-step higher that I realized I was hearing myself. With my testicle on the verge of extinction, I hardly sounded like a dragon at all -- and closer to a female than a male.

Still, even if I sounded like a hatchling on helium, I fought for some control of my voice. “Lia,” I managed to squeak out, my words warbling as Opal delivered another devastating kick, “o-oh god, Lia, m-my--!”

Oh!” There was a pleading edge in the female’s voice -- a wild, desperate tone that sent a shiver up my spine. “Oh P’oiu, please! Cum, you stud, cum!

I had just started formulating the words to tell Lia that cumming was the absolute last thing on my mind -- but then suddenly the dragoness’s hips were a blur, her body clenched like a vice around my throbbing length, and I was no longer so sure. My mind went blank as the female redoubled her efforts, every motion and muscle coordinating to coax one more load from my overworked orbs. Somehow, despite everything, I felt myself start thrusting back, fighting back my involuntary spasms to match Lia’s frantic rhythm. My shaft twitched inside her, rapidly approaching the edge of yet another orgasm even as my gonads screamed in protest. The urge to procreate overrode everything else: this dragoness needed my seed. Nothing in the world was as important as giving her whatever was left in my balls.

Oddly enough, it was a fresh twinge of ache in my left nut -- the one that the girls were purposefully leaving alone -- that brought me back to the present. For a moment, I thought that something had been clamped around my spunk-maker...but by now, I was quite familiar with what it felt like to get one of my testicles slowly flattened, and this was somehow different. A duller pain, and deeper. In a strange way, it reminded me of all the times that Lia had left me terribly blue-balled, my nuts filled to bursting with unspent spunk, except somehow...opposite. Like my ball was being wrung dry instead.

It took a few seconds for that thought to fully sink in...and for me to realize just how close I was to blowing my load. A load that might cost me my right nut. Even then, I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting, even with all three girls pounding on my defenseless dragon-maker, doing their best to reduce it to goo. Half of my mind was lost in pleasure; the other half was insane with agony. I swear I could feel my nut starting to crack as it prepared to unleash its last few drops of spunk, the only thing that had kept it intact through weeks of testicular torture.

Lia could feel it cracking too, apparently. “It’s--it’s gonna pop!” she gasped. Her pussy rippled around my dragonhood, squeezing, squeezing. “It’s gonna pop! Oh, P’oiu!

Several things happened at once.

Kayla’s mace came thudding into the gap between Lia’s fingers.
Opal’s long, lithe legs slammed forcefully into the opposite side of my ball.
And on top of me, Lia tossed her head back, her mouth opening in a lustful cry, her whole body quivering, her claws tightening one final notch...

I exploded.

Lia’s hips slammed into mine just as my cock erupted with a torrent of spunk: shot after shot of dragonseed blasting into the female’s sex, my balls wringing themselves dry in one last attempt to pass on my genes to a new generation. I came like a geyser. If it weren’t for the dragoness in my lap, I think I could have sprayed the ceiling with spunk -- but that wouldn’t have been one-tenth as satisfying as burying myself inside of Lia, feeling her tightness around me as I blew my load. For a split second, I forgot everything I’d been through in the past few weeks: every trial and every trauma; every ache and every pain; every kick, knee, slap, squeeze, and stomp that had left me doubled over in the fetal position. There was nothing in the world but my cock, and Lia, and pleasure.

And then I felt Lia clench around me, her back arching in orgasm, and it was over. The world came rushing back just as my poor, poor testicle finally gave in, the tortured orb trembling for an agonizing moment before suddenly disintegrating between the female’s fingers. I felt my gut do a backflip as the dragoness’s claws finally closed around my ruptured nut, the once-proud orb splitting open, its contents squishing outwards from the busted seam of my busted spud. For an instant I had half a gonad, a chunk of testicle still mostly intact -- then Lia’s grip shifted, and that too was nothing but mush.

I heard a gasp from Opal; a sharp laugh from Kayla; a shuddering moan from Lia. I felt the familiar wave of nausea rise in my stomach, multiplied by a thousand times. My body gave a forceful twitch. And yet even as the incredible ache spread through my abdomen, and as my vision began to fade, and as Lia sunk down once more on my shaft with the most satisfied groan I’d ever heard, somehow it almost didn’t seem real.

I guess I’d always expected to hear a “pop”.


You know, despite my thorough familiarity with getting my balls flattened, I had never really thought about what would happen after I lost a nut. Hell, I think part of me expected I'd just give up and die after having one of my dragon-makers ground into goo.

But when I regained consciousness, much later, I felt oddly...calm. (Not what you’d expect, after losing a spud.) I remembered what had happened in full detail, of course -- it was hard to forget, given the nausea still pulsing in my stomach and the images burned on my brain -- but now that it was over and done with, I felt strangely relaxed. After all, the damage was already done. One of my balls had burst, and it had been incredibly painful, but that was it. I hadn't died; I hadn't gone crazy; the girls hadn't rebelled and decided to pop my other nut, too. Here I was: still P'oiu, still (mostly) male, still in my own cave, still surrounded by same company -- still chained to the ground, even. It was exactly as I'd agreed upon, and even if I wouldn't normally volunteer to have one of my gonads reduced to a fine pulp, it was at least nice to wake up and find that my captors had stuck to their promises.

The three girls seemed to have cooled down from their earlier ball-bursting frenzy. Opal was back in her usual outfit, seated cross-legged between my spread legs, her feminine curves concealed behind a modest red sari as she scribbled something down in a notebook. From time to time she would move to get a better look at my battered ballbag, or give my heavy left nut a quick feel, but for the most part she just sat and wrote. I'm not really sure how my poor, broken dragon-makers could be the impetus for so much text, but judging from the endless scratching of the little frog's pen, I guess there was plenty of interesting information to record.

Kayla was lying off to the side, napping peacefully, her mace set down a few feet away. Apparently the orca had decided to put some of her clothes back on, but whatever she was wearing, it was still rather minimal -- just enough to cover the essentials, though most of her body was still bared to the world. As I watched she stretched in her sleep, arching her back until her breasts seemed about to slip free of her top, then folded back in on herself, curled up with her hands between her legs. "Mmm...P'oiu," she murmured, a grin on her face as her thighs squeezed tightly together. I'm uncertain exactly what she was dreaming of, but I can't imagine it was anything good, at least not for me.

And as for Lia -- well, Lia was as nude as ever, of course. At this particular moment she was straddling my chest, facing away towards my groin, idly stroking my shaft with one hand. She seemed to be watching Opal's examination, peering down at my swollen left nut and whatever remained of the right. Her tail lay across my chest and curled around beneath my head, providing a nice make-shift pillow and propping my head at just the right angle to admire the curves of her backside. Groggily I took in the view, eyes tracing downwards from her bare shoulders, lingering on her curvy hips, finally arriving at her round, ruby-colored rear. I could still picture my shaft buried to the hilt in her tight slit, her body clenching down around me, the dragoness crying out my name as her claws tightened that final notch and she claimed me as her mate--

Her mate. I was her mate now. That was a crazy thought -- we'd only known each other for what, a week and a half? -- but it actually made me feel quite happy. Sure, Lia was a little crazy at times, and yes, she was a terrible cocktease, and admittedly, she seemed to have a straight-up fetish for flattening my balls -- but just one glance at her body had me ready to blow like an over-sexed teenager. And she knew how to use that body, too...she was like a goddess out of some fevered wet dream. Who could say no to that? Besides, now that her heat had ended and her horrible little mating ritual was over, she seemed a whole lot less threatening. Caring, even, if you judged from the way she was sitting over me, watching Opal tend to my tortured testicles. Only time would tell if I'd made the right choice, but for now, the thought of fucking Lia senseless helped to ease some of the ache in my abdomen.

And even if I was still too weak to move, the lewd fantasies running through my head definitely roused a certain part of me to life. My thick length had already been fairly stiff from Lia's slow strokes, but when it began twitching more forcefully the dragoness took notice. She craned her neck around, looking down at me and smiling when she saw that my gaze was locked on her ass. "Hey, stud," she teased, "my eyes are up here."

I glanced up and opened my mouth to respond, but only managed a pained groan as Opal nudged around the contents of my ballsac. "Oh fuck--"

Her expression softened, a tone of concern entering her voice. "How are you feeling?"

I coughed weakly. "Like I was hit in the groin by a sledgehammer. popped it, right? "

"He's awake?" Opal climbed to her feet, leaning to the side to peer around Lia's torso. "Oh thank god. I was starting to think we'd put you in a coma, P'oiu."

"It's definitely popped," Lia confirmed, a grin playing at the corners of her mouth. "You were great -- it was even better than I imagined."

"Mmrgh." I tried not to picture the red dragoness fantasizing, jilling off to the thought of crushing my scaly nut... "How, long have I been out for?"

Lia turned to face me, taking a seat beside me on the stone floor. "Almost a full day. We thought about moving you to another room, but Opal was worried we'd accidentally do more damage, so we decided to leave you here. And she wanted to keep a close eye on your sac while you were out, so she said we should keep you spread out -- otherwise you'd just curl up in the fetal position and she wouldn't be able to help."

"I've been keeping a close eye on things," chimed in Opal. The little frog had climbed up on to my abdomen, and I finally had a good luck at her now that Lia had moved aside. "It's really quite fascinating -- we still know almost nothing about reproductive anatomy in green dragons, so this was an incredible opportunity, even if the process was a little unorthodox. I got a chance to examine some of the pieces of your nut before Lia finished stomping it down -- it was a lot more dense than I thought it'd be. I guess that explains why you've always had such a heavy pair." She tilted her head in thought. “Might explain why they’re so sensitive, too, though we’d need to do more trauma studies to confirm that...”

I was somewhat distracted by my view of Lia's rack, now that the dragoness had moved to sit beside me, but after a moment I managed to process the frog's words. "Uh...what do you mean, 'before Lia finished stomping it down'? What happened after I passed out?"

"Well," said Lia, "first of all we checked to make sure that you were okay...I mean, besides the popped nut, of course. Then Opal wanted a few minutes to examine the chunks, so while she did that Kayla and I went off and, uh...worked out some of our excess energy." The dragoness blushed. "Anyway, once she was done I came back and finished the ceremony -- nothing unusual."

"How do you finish the ceremony?" I asked, not certain I wanted to hear the answer.

"Nothing complex. I say a few vows accepting you as my mate while I make sure that your testicle is totally smashed -- no chance that it might still work. It's more dramatic if the male is still conscious for that part, but I understand you've been through a lot." She frowned. "And I guess it doesn't matter that much anyway, since your nut is already starting to recover."

That, too, took a moment to sink in, while I imagined the dragoness stomping the pieces of my nut into even smaller pieces -- but then the full meaning of her statement struck me. "Wait...y-you mean my ball is healing? It's alright?"

Opal chuckled. "Calling it 'alright' is a stretch, but yeah, it's starting to heal. You can check it out for yourself. Just be careful, okay? I shouldn't have to tell you this, but your balls are very fragile right now."

I watched the frog as she hopped down from my chest, walking to the end of one of my outstretched arms. She fiddled with the restraint around my wrist for a moment before the cuff unlocked with a quiet click, allowing me to move my arm for the first time in quite a while. I was surprised that my muscles didn't cramp as soon as I moved it...but then again, I'd been slumped on the ground unconscious for almost a full day, and my muscles had probably been relaxed for most of that time.

So carefully I reached down my body towards the swollen scaly sac that I could just make out between my legs, behind the stiff pole of dragoncock that Lia was still stroking. Slowly and carefully I hefted my ballbag in my claws, wincing at the brief wave of sickness that washed over me. My left nut was impossible to miss -- swollen almost three times its usual size, so big that my scrotum was stretched taut around the oversized egg. It had obviously seen its fair share of abuse, and I could feel its ache still radiating outwards from my groin. Still, at least it was in the proper oval shape, and overall it seemed just fine -- or at least, no worse off than the last dozen times I'd had my gonads stomped flat.

As for my right nut...I'm not sure what I expected to find, exactly, but the reality surprised me. It took a moment of searching before I found the small, lumpy orb, and even then I wasn't sure I had the right thing -- until I gave it a tentative squeeze, and a kick of nausea instantly hit my gut. I couldn't help but let out a pained moan, my body tensing at the agony that churned in my stomach.

"Found it?" Opal asked, grinning as she watched my face contort in pain.

"Yep," I coughed, wincing. Very, very carefully I began to examine my formerly-liquified nut, turning the sphere in between two claws. It was only a fraction of its normal size, completely dwarfed by its larger twin, and instead of feeling smooth like a marble, it felt bumpy and irregular. Perhaps more importantly, rather than being plump and firm like my swollen left ball, it felt soft and squishy...a bit spongy, even. "This does not feel right," I croaked, trying not to groan as another wave of nutpain washed over me.

"Give it time," replied Opal. "Right now your nut is still mostly mush -- it's going to take a while for your body to put all the pieces back together again. Especially after Lia spent all that effort stomping it into paste."

"It's gonna be pretty delicate for a while, huh?" asked the dragoness.

The frog nodded. "It's healing rather quickly, but it's still very fragile. At the moment it's not much stronger than an eggshell -- a friendly slap would probably pop it again."

I tried not to imagine what that would feel like...or rather, I tried not to remember what it had felt like just a short time ago. "What about my left nut? It's okay?"

"Your other gonad is fine -- swollen, obviously, but fine. It was pretty fragile after you'd emptied your balls, but Lia made sure not to accidentally crush it or anything while she was finishing the mating ceremony." Opal glanced up at the female, following the motion of her hand as it glided smoothly up and down my dragonhood. "Since then, we've been keeping you aroused to make sure that your good nut is producing spunk as fast as it can. Lia's been at it pretty much non-stop since you passed out.."

"Ah." I looked over at dragoness. "Th-thanks."

"It's the least I can do for my mate," she replied, blushing lightly. "I wanted to help. Besides, I'm good at teasing guys."

I shivered as her fingers danced up and down my shaft, the thick length throbbing in her grip. "That you definitely are. Mmph. Opal, how long does she have to do this for?"

"Oh, there's no specific amount of time, but the more the better. Your body needs plenty of seed to heal itself, and since only one of your spunk-makers is working...well, you do the math." The frog shrugged, taking a seat on my thigh. "She should probably tease you pretty regularly until your crushed nut finishes repairing itself."

"And how long will that take?"

Opal frowned, glancing down my body towards my scaly sac. "Well, I'm not sure exactly. There's been very little study of testicular injury in southern dragons, much less actual rupture...but given your rate of recovery so far, I'd guess it won't take more than a couple weeks."

If I'd had the energy, I might have reacted with a bit more surprise and agitation, but as it was I just groaned and closed my eyes. "Weeks?" I repeated, a touch of despair in my voice. "I'm going to be lying here with half a pair for weeks?"

The frog rolled her eyes, but replied patiently. "You should be well enough to walk around in another day or two, but your ball won't be fully healed for a while. I mean, you have to remember, 24 hours ago your nut was nothing but pulp -- it's gonna take some time before it starts spitting out any viable spunk again, and even longer before it's back at 100%. In the meanwhile, even a moderate impact would probably pop it like a balloon, so be careful not to piss off any more females, alright?"

I wanted to object to her last statement -- the way Opal phrased it, it sounded like I'd deserved to get my balls bashed in all those times -- but then again, it probably wasn't the smartest idea to antagonize a woman with unimpeded access to my fragile family jewels. Especially since I had first-hand experience of the damage those frog legs could do.

"Anyway," the female continued, "if you can avoid any more testicular trauma, your nut should gradually repair itself. Just be careful." The frog glanced over at Lia. "And none of your usual antics, alright? I shouldn't need to tell you what a knee to the groin would do to his dragonmakers."

"Heh -- sounds kinda fun to me," purred Lia, glancing down at my swollen sac with a grin.
“You didn’t want kids, right?”

Opal frowned. "Lia, I'm serious."

"Oh relax, I'm only joking -- I can restrain myself, don't worry." The dragoness gave me a sly look. "Besides, I'm sure we can find other ways to keep busy..."

I had to stifle a moan as my new mate gave my cock an extra-friendly squeeze, a spurt of pre leaping from the tip to splash across her hand. My little exclamation didn't escape Opal's notice, though, and the little frog frowned. "Also, it'd probably be best if he refrained from any serious sexual activity...but you're newlyweds, so I know that's not likely to happen. Just take it easy, alright? His left nut should be fairly healthy now, but the right one is just waiting for an accident. And if he's constantly blowing his load, he won't have any spunk to help him heal, either."

Lia nodded. "Understood. I won't do anything rough, just...some things to keep his mind off the pain." She grinned. "I am his mate, after all."

My mate. God, that was a pleasant thought. Immediately the image of Lia post-titfuck came to mind -- her face and chest splattered with thick ropes of baby batter, her mouth grinning as she leaned in to deliver an extra-slow lick up my shaft -- but even that paled in comparison to the real thing. There she sat, cross-legged on the cave floor, a smile on her face, her every curve offered up to my eager eyes. What wasn't there to love? Sure, she'd put me through hell -- several rounds of getting my nuts flattened, the achiest case of blue balls I could imagine, and now an actual ruptured spud -- but from here on out, things would be better. Right now, life looked pretty good.

"I think I can live with this," I said, shivering pleasurably as the female completed another lazy stroke up and down my dragonhood...


Things were pretty uneventful after that -- a welcome surprise, given all the nut-busting ordeals I'd been through recently. I half-expected one of the girls to attack me in my sleep, or maybe some other chick to just stumble upon my cave in the middle of the night, but instead I spent the next few days peacefully sprawled out in bed, recuperating. Even Kayla seemed to have made her peace with the situation, despite her earlier oaths to leave me sterile. I guess popping one of my plums had satisfied her lust for neutering dragons, at least for the time being.

Lia stayed by my side constantly through the whole thing -- almost too constantly, in fact. I knew it was for my own good, but the female's slow, steady handjob was enough to drive me insane, even with only half the usual hormones flowing through my body. My experience following Lia through the forest had taught me quite a bit about denial and self-restraint, but even so, by the end of day one I was begging for release. Lia was more than happy to oblige...and more than happy to laugh at me when I spent the duration of my afterglow curled double, moaning and clutching my sac. The orgasm was still well worth it -- even it did feel a bit like my damaged nut was trying to turn itself inside out.

Eventually Opal determined that I was well enough to walk around, which gave me a bit of a break from watching that ruby-scaled hand dance up and down my shaft. By that time, Lia and I had made some pretty serious plans: I was going to move into her place, since it was a lot larger and nicer than mine, and that meant I was leaving the old cave behind. Kayla seemed pleased to hear the news, though she did make a few wisecracks about losing the biggest pair of balls in a 20-mile radius. Opal was more disappointed when I broke the news to her, but she seemed happy for me as a friend, and she brightened up a little bit after Lia talked to her in private. (Of course, I didn't learn until later that Lia had agreed to get me "extra pent-up" any time Opal was coming for a visit...)

By the end of the week I was well enough for the trip north, even if the orb-and-a-half between my legs still sent the occasional jolt of nausea through my system. Lia and I each grabbed a few things, said goodbye to our companions, and started the long trek back to her place. We travelled in much the same way we had before: the red dragoness leading the way, myself following, with my eyes glued to her backside and my cock bobbing stiffly in front of me. I have to say, the journey was a lot more pleasant now that Lia encouraged the ogling...though it was that much harder to keep my hormones in check when she was openly flaunting her sexuality. At least she was kind enough to take the edge off every night...and occasionally during the day, if she was in a particularly generous mood.

So it was that we made the journey to our new home -- without incident, thankfully -- and I started a new life with the most beautiful dragoness I'd ever laid eyes on. A whole new adventure. And despite the bizarre circumstances of our meeting, the short time we'd known each other, the crazy ordeal we'd been through...well, somehow we wound up happy.

We still are happy, in fact.

And I imagine we will be for a long time to come.


You're still here?

Well, alright, I suppose there's a little more to tell.

Married life certainly has its surprises...especially with a girl like Lia. It probably won't shock you to find out that Lia's love of nut-cracking didn't end with our mating ceremony, even if I had secretly hoped it might. To her credit, though, she really did restrain herself while my injured nut was healing. For a full month after we were mated, she hardly even mentioned ballbusting, besides the occasional joke about when we first met or a playful comment about my busted ball. I almost thought that she had lost interest. After all, she still paid plenty of attention to my gonads -- hefting them in her claws, sometimes sucking on the healthier of the two -- but she never caused me even the slightest discomfort. It was downright odd, after all the time she'd spent stomping the poor orbs underfoot or kicking them into my throat. Maybe she had just needed to pop a testicle and get it out of her system.

Over time, though, I began to see that she was holding herself back. Lia was a wonderful caretaker while I was healing, but as my sac started returning to normal, it slowly became more difficult. She wouldn't say anything, but obviously the dragoness wanted it badly. Believe me, you can sense it when a girl is itching to bust your balls -- in the way she stretches her legs, or the way she drums her toes against the floor. And it's a little nerve-wracking when your mate is rolling your dragonmakers in her claws, and you can tell she just wants to squeeze...

Eventually I gave in. What else could I do? She'd spent more than a month tending to my needs, and my junk was fully-healed by now -- it seemed only fair to show her a bit of thanks. Besides, if I gave her what she wanted, she was bound to repay the favor later...and I could stop worrying that she was about to crack my eggs every time I got a blowjob. So I brought it up with her one night, much to her surprise. It took a little persuading to convince her that I was okay with it, but once she knew I was onboard, she was beyond thrilled -- and I have to say, seeing her that excited and giggly made me feel pretty good, too. Of course, I was a bit less enthusiastic after she'd slammed her foot up between my legs a few (dozen) times, but at least my dragonmakers survived the ordeal intact, even if Lia had to keep checking to make sure she hadn't popped one again. And she made it up to me afterwards with some mind-blowing sex -- though to be honest, all I really remember from that night is the nausea in my gut each time her rear came pounding down on my groin.

We settled into a rhythm after that: plenty of sex, interrupted by occasional bouts of ballbusting. Most of the time, Lia and I are happy just to screw each other silly -- the girl loves to tease me all day, then watch me explode -- but a few times a month, she really socks it to me. It's not always fun for me, but hey, every relationship takes some compromise. Besides, Lia's always in a much better mood after smashing my spuds, even if I'm usually too busy groaning and clutching myself to notice.

And even with my nuts crushed between her claws, she's still the sexiest thing I've ever laid eyes on -- firm tits, curvy hips, perfect legs, a toned ass. There are times when I swear she can make me cum on command. More than once, I've blown my load with her knee slammed up between my legs, or with my gonads pinned beneath her heel. It's not always as pleasant as doing it the old-fashioned way, but it's certainly intense. Honestly, my libido doesn't know what to think anymore.

That's more or less how life has been since we became mates -- in the bedroom, anyway. I've gotten used to spending a few days a week with aching nuts, either from Lia's ball-bashing, or in preparation for a visit from Opal. It's a little crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way -- and now that we've got a little one on the way, I imagine things will get even more interesting. (Especially if Lia follows through on that "blunt-force vasectomy" she keeps joking about. Ouch.)

Anyway, I think that's just about everything I have to say. That's more information about one dragon's balls then you ever needed to know. Hope you learned something.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a hot piece of tail in need of my assistance...

And that's it! I really hope you enjoyed the series -- if so, leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Wow P'oiu! I was starting to doubt that this would ever get finished. I'm glad to have checked your blog everyday for this finale. It was well worth the read! You truly are a great writer, and I'd love to see more of your work. (It makes me really sad to have read your comment about how you may quit writing entirely :/).

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    - Also, the finality of losing a nut finally is played down by the fact that P'oiu simply "grew one back". To me, this seems to remove a lot of the significance of the event. Sure it'll give the poor dragon more opportunities to be busted by Lia, but where is the permanence to his decision? It just felt like P'oiu lost a lot less (and thus tied less strongly) than any red dragon would have to, to become Lia's mate.

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    All in all though, that's not to say it wasn't a brutal and an intense experience for P'oiu, or not an amazing read. Thank you very much for sticking through with it. Honestly, great job for finding the motivation to finishing this monster and giving us fans an ending. You can be sure that I'll be re-reading Dragon Slaying several times!

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  3. I loved this chapter and I'm ever so glad that it's finally out. I feel really happy with the way it turned out for all involved. Kayla was content with P'oiu moving away, P'oiu got to keep his balls (in a manner of speaking), Lia still gets to keep pounding down on them and Opal still gets her dragon spunk! I loved the actual bursting scene and how in the final moments P'oiu just became disconnected from everything, I don't know why but that really did it for me :)
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  4. Evermoon: totally legitimate criticisms. A couple comments back:

    - Yeah, the busts weren't my most creative here (with the exception of the three-girls-at-once thing, which I think is pretty decent). Part of that is writer's block -- I got stalled on this chapter forever, and eventually I decided that it would be better to push through and post something rather than sit on it for another six months trying to come up with more clever busts. I had a few more interesting ideas that got left on the drawing board because I couldn't write them to my own satisfaction -- hopefully those will appear in some future story, if I keep writing. (For instance, I had a snippet in which Opal accidentally kicked P'oiu's nut up inside of him, and then the girls had to try to fish it back out.)

    - Focusing on one nut did limit things, but it seemed logical, given that the girls were unsure when his ball would pop and wanted to make sure to leave him with one intact. (Okay, maybe Kayla should've given lefty a few good smacks, to see if she could "accidentally" break 'em both.) If the girls had known that he wouldn't lose a nut until after three orgasms, they probably would have bashed them both up a bit more.

    - I've heard very divided opinions on P'oiu regrowing his nut -- some readers think it undercuts the significance of the ceremony, others think it was a good way for Lia and P'oiu to both get what they wanted. If it seems like less of a sacrifice than a red dragon would have to make, consider the fact that Lia will be pounding the spunk out of two nuts on a very regular basis, instead of just one (double the pain, as you said before). Also, there's always the option of re-popping P'oiu's nut on special occasions, like an anniversary -- the draconic ballbusting equivalent of renewing your vows :P

    Sorry if the ending wasn't quite as mind-blowingly awesome as you might have hoped! I can't say this is my favorite chapter, but I tried to wrap everything up in a logical way that made all my characters as happy as possible (Lia and Kayla get a rupture, Opal continues collecting spunk, P'oiu survives intact, and the readers get to imagine an eternity of dragon BB). I hope there's enough good stuff in the earlier chapters to keep you happy, and hopefully I'll get a chance to write more stories with these characters at some point in the future :)

    hdom: There are definitely some inconsistencies with where the story started and where it finished. I had pretty much nothing planned when I wrote the first few chapters -- in fact, I don't think I ever planned more than a chapter or two ahead. Luckily, since P'oiu still has both his balls, he still has plenty of opportunities to get them bound and crushed by a spell-caster, or stomped flat by an elephant. (I think those were the two scenarios I mentioned in the very first chapter.)

    And yeah, in the end this moved closer to consensual femdom, which I very much enjoy but is not to everyone's tastes. If it makes you feel any better, rest assured that Lia will continue busting and blue-balling P'oiu as she pleases, whether or not he always consents :P

    Anonymous: very glad you liked! I tried to give all my characters a happy ending, and this was about the best I could do :) I'm glad you liked the bursting scene -- it took me a while to figure out how to write it, and I think the "disconnected-from-the-moment" approach was the right one in the end. (Easier to write, too...I had a lot of trouble trying to describe the actual sensation of getting a nut ruptured.)

    I've been a very slow writer, but hopefully there will be more from me in the future! I've got a few half-finished drafts of Underground League stuff and random one-off stories...and I would like to write more about P'oiu at some point, if the right idea strikes me. Nothing quite as satisfying as busting dragon balls :P

  5. thats true, him keeping his balls does leave room for more, i actually really liked that part of the ending. but don't stop writing, your too good for that! i'll wait another year if i have too but don't stop writing! :)

  6. Poiu you are a very talented writer and I enjoyed the series immensely and I hope you do continue writing as you are simoly too good to stop and as for the ending I think it was a great way to end such a crazy journey as it left everyone happy and honestly I think everyone likes the happy endings a lot more than the sad endings but anyways keep up the good work

  7. And do girls really do stuff like that?