Friday, May 23, 2014

ABCs: Downward-facing Dragoness

Just kicking back in bed...

Hey all, I'm totally not dead!

So I'm actually posting this story out of order – the next Dragon Slaying ABC snippet should be the one for the letter C ("Caught in the Crossfire"), which is currently around 60% done and sitting at about 7500 words. Still, I haven't posted something in forever, and I didn't want to wait another god-knows-how-long to finish Caught in the Crossfire, so here you go.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


"How's the view?"

"Mmm...stunning as always." I looked over the dragoness below me. Lia was face-down on the mattress, her arms stretched to the headboard, her legs close together. Her back was a sea of red scales, her shoulder muscles shifting as she settled into a comfortable position. She stretched out her legs as well, toeclaws curling as she worked the day’s soreness from her haunches. Her thighs and calves were gorgeous, sculpted things – though at this point in our relationship, I had difficulty thinking about her legs without picturing her knee buried in my groin. Still, awfully attractive.

And her ass...well, that was what I was here for. Two perfect globes, round and firm, with just the right amount of jiggle when you slapped them. (Ironically, it occurs to me that Lia would probably say the exact same thing about my two globes.) Lovingly I reached out a hand, allowing myself a quick grope as I shifted myself into position. I knelt above my mate, straddling her lower body, her legs and tail between my spread legs.

Lia grinned at the touch, wiggling her butt in response. "And how are the boys?"

I exhaled slowly, resisting the urge to lower myself and simply start penetrating the dragoness from behind. Instead I remained upright and shifted backwards a bit, until my hips were even with the backs of her knees. "They're still a bit sore, to be honest. Take it easy on me this time?"

"Hmmmm." Slowly she bent one leg behind her, raising her foot until it touched against the underside of my scrotum. She nudged my balls gently, lifting the heavy orbs and allowing them to roll off the sole of her foot. "No promises."

I shivered as her foot drifted a few inches higher, rubbing against the base of my already-throbbing cock. Letting Lia's foot near my junk was always a risky proposition, but at least in this particular situation I knew what to expect.

Sure enough, before I had time to steel myself, the dragoness had started. She lowered her foot for a brief moment before kicking it up playfully. The ball of her foot struck my hanging sac with a fleshy smack, sending my two orbs swinging forwards.

"Oogh." I groaned automatically in pain, even as a clear shot of pre burst from the end of my cock to splatter on the back of her bare thigh.

"Mmm," she crooned.

We'd been trying out this routine for a few weeks now – whenever Lia wasn’t in the mood, but I still wanted her help to get off, she’d drag me into the bedroom for some quick relief. Now that we were mates, she was more than happy to be my own personal pin-up model...but as always, there was a catch. One that involved a bit of ballbusting. As with most things involving Lia and my testicles, I wasn't entirely sure why I’d ever agreed, but at least once a week I'd find myself kneeling over her in bed, stroking my dragonhood as a foot or tail smacked up between my legs. Sometimes it'd turn her on, and we'd end up having sex afterward anyway.

Most of the time, though, it was just a fancier form of masturbation. Speaking of which:

"You gonna start stroking yourself?" Lia asked, her voice teasing. She had raised her foot once more, and now it nudged up against the bottom of my balls. "Because I don't plan to stop kicking until you do."

"Yes ma'am," I grunted, wrapping my claws around my stiff length. No sooner had I done so than her foot shot upwards once again, striking my spunkmakers hard enough to make them bounce up against my hand. Another low groan left my mouth as I hunched over, planting my other hand against the mattress for support.

Lia glanced back sheepishly, blushing. "Whoops, that was maybe a bit harder than I meant." She bit her lip. "You are pretty cute when you groan, though."

I sniggered, and bent over a little further to plant a quick peck on her lower back. "Just don't break anything."

"Nnn." Her hips shifted a bit, possibly to grind her clit against the bed beneath her. "I'll do my best."

I straightened up once more, my hand moving from the bed to the dragoness's rump. Once again I gave the firm flesh a squeeze, growling in satisfaction. Beneath me, Lia murmured pleasantly, rubbing the top of her foot against against my dragonhood. Another line of pre dribbled down my length, a drop or two falling to the bedspread.

I jumped in place as Lia kicked upwards with her other foot, catching my gonads softly but squarely and sending a jolt of nutache through my gut. I moaned in arousal and discomfort as the female trapped my spuds between her feet, gently squeezing the swollen orbs as my fist continued to pump away just above.

I rarely lasted more than a few minutes like this, and today was no exception. Already I could feel an orgasm approaching – the sight of my mate spread out before me, combined with my testicles' instinctual urge to get out of harm's way as soon as possible, meant that my body was quickly preparing to blow.

"You getting close?" Lia asked, more a statement than a question.

I bit my lip. "Hnnf...yes," I admitted. I'd tried to hide my impending orgasm from her once, and she hadn't been pleased. As much as a few back kicks might sting, they were nothing like the prolonged squeezes she'd given me once for finishing without a warning.

"Mmm." The female shifted a bit, lowering her legs to the bed, and immediately afterward I saw the muscles in her backside begin to tense. Sure enough, up rose her tail between my legs, carefully moving to cradle my dragonmakers. My loose sac rested on her tail, one large plum dangling to each side. Behind me, the tip of her tail curled upwards to stroke along my back. I shuddered at the touch, and my cock gave another involuntary twitch, firing a third shot of pre that landed on one of Lia's ass cheeks.

Lia inhaled in surprise, then almost purred, shifting her hips once more to grind against the bed. "That's it, stud." Her voice was calm and steady, her touch reassuring. "Cum for me. Gimme that spunk."

Her tail lowered for a short moment before thumping up between my legs, squashing my gonads against the hard bone of my pelvis. I gasped as my left nut took the brunt of the blow, the oft-abused sphere radiating a familiar ache through my gut.

Still, aching nuts or no, I was ready to blow. My fist slid up and down, my member pulsing in my grip. "Mrrgh! Oh fuck, I–...I'm gonna–!"

Lia looked back over her shoulder, smirking as she brought her tail up several times in rapid succession: thump, thump, thump. None of the blows were very hard – just love taps by Lia's standards – but I was on the edge of orgasm, and every sensation felt magnified by a thousand. I let out a guttural groan as her thick tail slapped up against my scaly sac, sending my orbs bouncing like a pair of ping pong balls. I began to double over again, and planted my hand on her ass for support; Lia moaned and brought her tail up hard, hard enough to drive the breath out of me–

My cock throbbed and unleashed a long rope of dragonseed across my mate's rear, thick globs of white that cut across her usual ruby red. That rope was followed by a second rope, then a third – and then a fourth rope that managed to reach all the way to Lia's shoulder, thanks to some extra momentum from one last mid-orgasm kick. That final blow finally brought me down, and I collapsed on top of the dragoness, my shaft still twitching forcefully against her thigh as it delivered a few last spurts of my genetic gift.

For a long moment, I simply lay there and moaned – in pain or ecstasy, I'm not sure which. (Probably both.) Beneath me, Lia squirmed for a few seconds, one of her hands sliding down towards her sex. I could feel her body tense and relax beneath me as her fingers reached their goal, her hips starting to move against the bed again.

"Mmph." Her voice was thick with arousal now. She rolled onto her side, hand busy between her legs. "Think you can be ready again in a few minutes?"

My cock throbbed once more, and I nodded. "Hell yes."


  1. I wonder what would happen if if she chewed his balls to goo after he got her pregnant