Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ballbusts from around the internet (LOTS of BB material)

Hey y'all! I don't have any new stories for you yet*, unfortunately, but here's something else you might like!

For a while I've been meaning to compile a post with links to lots of furry BB material that you probably missed. There's a lot of quality stuff hiding in the comments of certain posts, or in years-old forum threads, and I figure the next-best thing to a new story is an old story that you've never read! (Feel free to contribute your own links in the comments, as well – I'm sure there are things that I've missed, too!)

For starters, here are about a dozen snippet requests by Aekrilos on FurAffinity, all of them really excellent:

There are a handful of other snippets in the comments of my journals on FurAffinity, as well. Here are two by HandofBlades:

Anyone who's missed UnderPressure's Bad Ideas index is really missing out: he's got 50+ scenarios, almost all involving ballbusting.

An MLP ballbusting fic by Felagund that I think a lot of people missed:

The furry ballbusting thread is also a treasure trove - it started almost six years ago, before I even started writing. For a while it was probably the best place on the web to find furry BB. Here are a few posts in particular I remember:

Story posts from OneBadMamaJama: (based on my hippo character from Dragon Slaying!) (cont.) (cont.)

Recently by Beaktooth:

And finally, a few verrrrry old leftovers from LiveJournal. This might be the earliest furry BB fiction I've ever found:

Okay - sorry for the gigantic wall of text. I think that should be more than enough to start. I just didn't want to forget anything awesome :P Go check all this stuff out! And show the authors/creators some love!

* I am making solid progress on new stories, though! A new full-length Dragon Slaying story called "Caught in the Crossfire", and an untitled Pokemon fic about a Nidoqueen and Lucario. I think the Dragon Slaying story is pretty clever (with lots and lots of BB), and the Pokemon story is simple but really fun (who doesn't like a Nidoqueen smashing spuds?). It'll be a while longer, given my glacial writing pace, but hopefully it's worth the wait.


  1. Yay! You've been doing more stuff! :3

    Cheers for all the stuff to look at. And looking forward to seeing those two stories of yours.

    Lots and lots of BB is ALWAYS welcome. And, thanks to you, I must say I'm also quite fond of Nidoqueen and all her evolutions - but twice as eager now with the Lucario involved (*is another Lucario fanboy* :p)

    Something to maybe get the creative juices flowing Xp

    1. Sorry I didn't do the link properly XD

    2. Thanks for the link! I'm definitely pleased with the Nidoqueen/Lucario combination. I think Lucario's going to find that his balls of steel aren't much of a match for a well-placed Double Kick, especially once they've already been tenderized through several rounds of battle :)

    3. Dammit Poiu. You've gone and made it even more exciting. Why'd you have to mention the pre-tenderizing bit XD

      Ah well. Time to wait patiently Xp