Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing is fun!

I just started writing a scene from the perspective of Lia for the first time, and it's fun trying to figure out her narrative voice! Especially since I've written so much material with P'oiu as narrator. I expect it'll be very entertaining to write detailed descriptions of ballbusts from her viewpoint, and to contrast the way that P'oiu experiences a kick in the balls to the way that she does.

Relatedly, I need inspiration for a male character or two. If you're reading this, give me a species and/or name for some poor sap who deserves to have his nuts in Lia's claws :P

Not much else to report! Things are good as usual for me, though I haven't had much time to write. I'm happy to see so many other people posting furry ballbusting stuff! Seems like there's a slow but steady stream now, which  is pretty remarkable, given that furry BB was virtually non-existent a few years ago.

Anyway. Back to thinking about a dragoness pounding the sperm out of some spunkmakers... :)


  1. Glad to hear things are going well :3

    As for a species recommendation, if you're willing to go the pokemon route, floatzels are always fun to play with~

    but yeah! I like your writing a lot, keep it up and keep enjoying it!

    1. I'm probably going to keep Pokemon separate from Dragon Slaying, but I'll add Floatzel to my list of potential punching bags for future Underground League and Battle Training stories :)

  2. What about a former lover who tried to marry Lia before P'oiu?

    Orcas might also make sense within the Dragon Slaying universe.

    It has to be something big given the size of dragons. Elephants?

    Either way, keep it up man. I've been coming here since 2010, and I'm not even into the furry stuff, just vanilla bb. Your writing is just that good.

    1. Well damn, thanks a lot! That's gotta be one of the best compliments I've ever gotten :)

      If you're able to look past my furry stuff, then you should definitely check out SagaDC as well – I honestly think he's a better BB writer than I am, and certainly a much more productive one recently. Really awesome characters and lots of crushed nuts. All his stories (about 20) are on'll need an account to see them all, but you can start here: (You might need to set your account to allow viewing "extreme" content to see all of his work.)

      Re: Lia, I've actually got a plot pretty well in mind for this story already – she's going to get her claws on two male adventures who have come to slay dragons. I'm thinking one bigger guy who's a knight (maybe an elephant or something, as you say) and one smaller guy who's a magic-user. Should be fun :)

  3. How about a green dragon that she tried to make into a mate before P'oiu?

    It could play out that she tried the mating ceremony with him, but in the heat of the moment, "accidentally" ruptured both of his orbs. Consequently, he wasn't able to be candidate to be a mate to Lia anymore since he lost them both.

    You might even be able to make it canon, since she alludes to having experience with green dragons in the main chapters of Dragon Slaying anyways.

    1. I've definitely thought about a story like that – something from Lia's past, with her ruining some poor guy by accident. I'd love to dig into dragon culture some more, especially since I've set up the red/northern dragons to have a very casual attitude about bashing balls.

      For this story, though, I've already got a pretty good idea where I want to go. A few male adventurers are going to show up at P'oiu and Lia's cave, eager to slay some dragons. You can probably guess what happens next...

  4. Hey, How about cats, dogs, panther?

    Panther/Jaguar named Okan?
    Black or Green or Brown Dragon named Pan?
    Marsupial Wolf (Extinct now.. but fiction) Tramian

    1. I definitely like panthers (both male and female)! I don't think I'll use one for this next story, as I've already settled on an elephant and a rat, but I expect panthers will show up in a future story :)