Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pokemon busting blurbs 9-10 (+ MLP bonus snippet #2)

I'm writing these at a glacial pace, but I still haven't abandoned the project! All those 'mon balls aren't going to abuse themselves :P

Also: if you like furry ballbusting, GO CHECK OUT THE FURRY BALLBUSTING FORUM! There's some excellent stuff, and you should all be signed up and contributing. GO GO GO!

P.S. If you have any ideas for future Pokemon/MLP ballbusting blurbs, be sure to leave 'em in the comments! I might not ever get to all the suggestions, but it's good to have inspiration :)

Vulpix (F) vs. Lucario (M)

It wasn’t the first time she’d held a male’s testicle in her paws – nor was it the first time she’d squeezed a gonad like she was juicing an orange. And yet as the Vulpix bore down, her thumbs sinking deep into the center of the Lucario’s nut, the female couldn’t help thinking that she must somehow be doing it wrong. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be begging for mercy?

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck. You’ve got practice.” The male had long since given up on trying to stand – it was all he could do just to stay conscious as his opponent tried to scramble his egg. And yet the Lucario was making no effort to escape. If anything, he was encouraging his attacker, his hips thrust forward into her brutal squeeze, his arms folded behind his head as he watched the naked fox do her worst. “Ohh!

The Vulpix grit her teeth as she adjusted her grip, but suddenly the rubbery sphere popped free, squirting out from between her fingers like a ball shot from a cannon. She could see the stab of pain that went through him as his spud reinflated to its usual round shape: the twitch in his leg, the tightening of his chest muscles. His eyes went unfocused for a moment, his lips parting slightly in a silent oh.

Then her furry fist slammed up between his legs, driving both orbs into his pelvis, and the Lucario was silent no more. “Sh-...shit!” he squeaked, voice jumping an octave as the fox found her grip again, this time attacking both balls at once. His body shook as she ground his testicles together, his swollen spunkmakers rearranging themselves around her fingertips in an effort not to collapse under the pressure. And yet still, the male made no move to stop her. “’re stronger than you look!” he warbled, his voice high and weak, yet unshakably confident.

The fire-type growled dangerously. “Do you want me to pop them?” she growled.

“I’d like to see you try,” he shot back.

The fox narrowed her eyes. “That can be arranged.”

“Ohhhh...ohh! Oh ARCEUS!

Umbreon (M) vs. Blaziken (F)

Ten seconds later and they would have missed each other entirely – but it was just one of those days for the Umbreon. As he rounded the corner, lost in thought about tomorrow’s midterm, the male walked smack dab into the Blaziken from down the hall...still dripping wet from her shower, and wrapped in only a towel. Both ‘mon jumped in surprise, and the Umbreon threw his hands up in apology, accidentally knocking the towel from her body. His eyes widened at the sight of the female’s bare breasts...just as her foot came rocketing up between his legs in an instinctive kick, driving his family jewels into his throat.

A burst of pain exploded in his groin, and the dark-type doubled over with a quiet squeak, falling forward – directly onto the Blaziken. His face landed between her breasts, and by the time the Umbreon realized just how much danger he was in, the fire-type had already drawn her leg back for a second blow. This time her knee crushed his poor testicles to a fraction of their usual plumpness, his left nut slipping out of the way, but his right nut taking the full force of the blow. It was a small miracle that the orb didn’t burst as it was flattened between kneecap and pelvis, sending a massive wave of nausea into his gut. His muzzle opened to make some cry of pain – and then the male’s eyes rolled back into his head as he slumped to the ground, collapsing in a heap at the Blaziken’s feet.

“Perv!” spat the female, still fuming. She turned and stomped away down the hall, leaving the unconscious Umbreon (and his two swollen testicles) for someone else to discover.

Cadance and Shining Armor (MLP)

Cadance looked at her fiancĂ© with no small amount of irritation. “Are you disagreeing with me?”

“I guess I am–ah!”

The stallion suddenly looked queasy, his eyes going unfocused and his jaw falling slack. The unicorn’s horn sparked weakly as instinct kicked in, trying to cast a defensive spell – but then the foreign magic reached its intended target, and all the male’s resistance broke.

Across from him, the alicorn princess grinned maliciously, her own horn lit with a malevolent green light. “Oh dear, are you getting another one of your ‘headaches’?” Casually she stepped around the rigid male, in order to better examine her handiwork.

Shining Armor’s mouth moved, but no sound came out. Between his hind legs, his two heavy coltmakers were bathed in a sickly glow. The impressive orbs squirmed in his sac of their own accord, as if trying to retreat into his abdomen, but that did nothing to soothe the gut-wrenching nausea radiating from his groin.

Cadance narrowed her eyes, and suddenly the skin around his gonads grew taut. The unicorn let out a squawk of pain as his left nut was crushed by an invisible force, his eyes watering at the sudden bolt of testicular agony. His gonad instantly abandoned its usual round shape and flattened like a pancake, as though it were being stomped beneath an angry mare’s hoof.

Training for the Royal Guard had never prepared him for this. “Gyah!”

“Feeling better?” asked Cadance, a smirk playing at one corner of her mouth. Already, she was probably doing permanent damage to the stallion – but a few more pounds of pressure, and Ol’ Lefty would be nothing but plum pudding. Briefly, she considered it...but the risk of blowing her cover was too great. Besides, there would always be time to grind his gonads to goo after the changelings took over Equestria...


  1. These short stories are such a tease xD

    1. Heh, I suppose they are. But that shouldn't be too surprising, given how much I love teasing my characters before crushing their nuts :P

  2. Maybe a Tails/Cream ball busting story involving a buttjob and busting his balls with her own butt?