Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pokemon ballbusting blurbs (free mini-requests)

UPDATE: I just threw together a forum for furry BB discussion, including RPs: Check it out!

Writing update: I'm still working on Laura's story ("The Underground League: Learning the Ropes"), making slow but steady progress. It's probably 75% of the way there, so I'm hoping to post the complete version within the next month or so. As always, I'd love feedback* (there are still some sections I'm not entirely happy with), so check it out!

On a related note: it turns out that writing blurbs about fictional Underground League matches is kind of addicting. I'd actually like to write some more, and I figure this is an opportunity to ask for suggestions and take some mini-requests from anyone who might be interested.

So, here's the deal:
- Name a pair of Pokemon for an Underground League battle
- Add a few more details if you want (names, attacks, characteristics)
- I'll write you a paragraph or two of some poor 'mon getting his balls bashed around
- Make sure to specify which character is which gender! (I'll even do M/M if you want, though I'd greatly prefer F/M.)

Note that I'm gonna write pretty exclusively about (a) sex and (b) ballbusting, and not any other kinks. And while I'm happy to write in a blunt-force pop or two, I'll decline requests for the more bloody and/or surgical parts of CBT (cutting, etc). If you've seen it in one of my stories before, it's fair game; beyond that please be reasonable.

I think that's it! Feel free to leave a request, or to chime in with your own snippets if you'd like – I'd love to see the comments for this post become a Pokemon BB free-for-all :P

* True fact: feedback on furry BB stories is the best thing ever. Where else do you get to discuss a Blaziken blasting a Nidoking's nuts into paste? I mean honestly.


  1. It would be cool if you could write a battle about a busty Nidoqueen dominating a horny Nidoking's giant boner and big balls with her huge ass. He would be trying to feel up her butt during what was suppose to be a clean fight, so she decides to tease his cock and bust his balls with it! I know it can't be too long, but I would still like to see it happen. Thanks and keep up the good work :)

    1. Added to the list! Could be a little while; I've built up a bit of a backlog :P

  2. I'd love a paragraph showing the fight with Blaze Grinnell and Lance Marshburn the Nidoking!

    1. And I'd be more than happy to write that! :) It might be a little while, as I've built up a bit of a backlog, but I'd definitely like to write an actual battle scene with Blaze.

  3. Hey Poiu! I have a request for a battle between a male Charizard named Slayer and a female Lopunny Christina. A little backstory on the characters: the Charizard is very well hung and is tough as nails, he never lost a fight and is very cocky because of this. The Lopunny has very nice curves and is extremely slutty! She is also undefeated, giving the two a rivalry. They also hate each other because of this, and consider them selfs arch enemies.

    The battle would go down with Christina defeating Slayer by teasing his dick until he goes mad with horniness. The battle would be Christina teasing him in a bunch of ways and never letting him blow his load, giving the crowd a good show.

    I would be one happy fan to see this happen. I found your stories recently and I love the teasing you put in a lot of them. Also It's great that you gave your fans the opportunity to request writing from you! How many requests have you gotten? Anyway I hope to see many more stories from you =)

    1. oops, i forgot the stories were only a little scrap. oh well, i'd still love to see this battle.