Friday, July 20, 2012

Trying something new

I'm a couple thousand words into a new Pokemon Underground League story, and hoping to put some good work into it in the next week or two. Asking for feedback on story ideas back in May seemed to work pretty well and help stir up some creative juices, so I figure it couldn't hurt to share a story-in-progress for anyone who wants to take a look at an early draft and offer comments (or for anyone who just wants an early look at a new BB story).

If you're interested, please, take a look! Comments very much welcome – I already have a pretty decent idea of where I want to take things, but it's always fun to talk about ballbusting, right? :P


Also: this blog's about to hit 100K pageviews! So that's cool.


  1. Hows that story coming along?

    1. Slowly, but it's coming :P That link above will always point to the latest version, until it's finished and I post it here in its entirety.