Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Quick Dip

This has been kicking around my writing folder for a while and never seems to go anywhere, so I figured I might as well post it. It's sort of a spin-off story centered around my hippo character from one of the chapters in Dragon Slaying. It's definitely very rough around the edges, but if you enjoy my usual ballbusting/popping stuff, then you'll probably enjoy this too :)


Hey there! The name's Gracie. You may have seen me hanging about the jungle before -- I'm a pretty avid sun-bather, so you can usually find me lounging on some rock or other, trying to work on my tan. Even if you haven't met me, though, you may have heard of me, as my reputation tends to proceed me, particularly among certain segments of the male population. 

Most guys I meet remember me for two reasons. First of all, I'm not ashamed to say that I've got a pretty nice body. Like most hippo girls, I was gifted with some pretty generous assets, particularly in the chest area -- "big and beautiful," as they say. Given that I tend to spend large amounts of time lying around in a bikini, it's safe to say that I turn a fair number of heads.

Of course, that's not the only reason that I'm memorable to your average guy. See, I happen to find a certain part of the male anatomy strangely irresistible -- specifically, the two nuggets that hang between every guy's legs. Aren't they the funniest little things?  I've never actually seen one outside a guy's sac, but I always imagine 'em like hard-boiled eggs -- a big, squishy shell surrounding all those little spermies inside. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by balls: the way they dangle in that loose sac, the way they roll around when you weigh them in your hand, and especially the way they flatten when you slam your foot up into a male's crotch.

I don't know when I first figured out that a solid kick in the nads could make any man crumple, but I doknow that it's been it's been a staple of my life ever since. It never gets old, sidling up to an unsuspecting guy and thundering a knee up into his spuds, watching the expression on his face as he realizes just how much trouble he's in. It's good stress relief, and it's funny as heck, watching a male curled double around his babymakers, groaning up a storm. My day is always made a little brighter if I can floor a guy or two before the evening -- and it's made even better if I can convince a guy to come home with me for a longer playdate :) It might sound a bit frightening to your average guy, but I promise, it's all in good fun. I just want to bruise your berries up a bit, not break 'em.

Then again, accidents do happen. I usually don't try to pop a guy's nuts, but I'm not the most delicate thing in the world, and sometimes when I'm not paying attention...well, let's just say it doesn't take a lot for a hippo to do some damage. A playful stomp has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. 

It probably doesn't help that hippo males are built to be pretty durable -- I did plenty of friendly nut-crackin' as a teenager, and it never seemed to cause any harm beyond a few minutes spent in the fetal position and achy balls when I got the guy off later. Heck, by the time I was old enough to be legal that had practically become a tradition: I'd punt some guy in the nads, then give him a blowjob afterwards as an apology. That way he got his kicks and I got mine.

With other species, though, a girl has to be a lot more careful who she busts. After all, all it takes is one well-placed kick to burst a ball or two. It's disappointing, frankly -- makes it a lot more difficult for me to enjoy myself :P I want the guy's nuts to stick around so that I can smash 'em again!

One of my more memorable accidents happened a few years back, when I was just barely an adult -- not yet twenty, I don't think. I'd gone out for a nice afternoon soak in one of the mud baths nearby. It was one of my favorite places to go on a hot summer day -- a secret spot that only me and a few friends knew about, where we'd go to relax and unwind. When I got there on this particular day it was completely deserted, and as a result I decided to turn it into a skinny dip. I took a moment to slip out of the bikini that I'd come in, hanging my top and bottom on a nearby tree branch, then lowered myself into the pool. Lemme tell you, there's little else that can make a hippo gal feel as refreshed as a good, topless soak in the mud. (And it's good for your skin, too!) I must have spent a good hour there, sprawled out, naked as the day I was born, and I probably could have stayed there all afternoon, but eventually I decided it was time to get moving again. I still had to pick some things up on the way home, and besides, I was starting to get a bit hungry. After one last moment to wriggle my toes in the mud, I climbed out.

At this point you may be wondering: how does someone get clean after something like that?  Normally that's one of the big hassles about mud baths -- they're wonderful while you're in them, but when you get out, well, you're still covered in mud. Luckily, one of the things that made this particular spot so great was that there was a waterfall just around the corner, where you could go for a quick rinse before heading home -- or before putting your clothes back on, in my case.

So I left my bikini for the time being and took a short walk over to the waterfall. It's another really pretty spot -- there's a gap in the trees, so on a sunny day it looks like something out of a painting. The water's freezing of course, but in a refreshing way. I hopped in and made short work of the mud, taking a minute to wash all my various curves, bending down to get the last of it from between my toes. It's a very freeing feeling, being naked in nature -- or at least it was, until I heard a branch snap loudly behind me.

I turned and looked suspiciously, my hands instinctively moving to cover myself. What was that? I thought I heard another rustle, so I took a step closer, peering into the bushes, but I still couldn't see anything. I looked for another moment before giving up and returning to my shower, but even then, I couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling that I was being watched. I could just feel eyes roaming across my body, and the sensation was not a nice one.

Quickly I finished washing and started to walk back, hoping to get back in my clothes and get out of there as soon as possible. I turned the corner on the path that led towards the mud bath and was relieved to see that my bikini was still there -- at least it hadn't been stolen. The last thing I needed was for my mystery ogler to leave me stranded without a scrap of clothing.

But then there was another twig snap -- quieter than the first one, but much clearer, now that I was listening for it. Heck, it sounded like it was only a few yards behind me, back where I had turned off of the path. I shivered to think that someone might be watching me from that close, but if there was someone there, there was nothing to do but confront him or her. Leaving my clothes for the moment, I turned around and took a few more steps back toward the path, glancing around the corner, and--

--and walked smack-dab into whoever had been watching me. He was a wolf, apparently -- a gray-furred kid, who looked to be a couple years younger than me. At the moment his muzzle was smooshed up quite conveniently against my bare chest, his eyes crossed at the faceful of tits in front of him. His torso was pressed up against mine as well, including something...stiff...pressing up against my upper thigh.

I have to say, even though I'd suspected there was a peeping tom around, it was a little jarring to actually run into the perv -- and it certainly didn't help that I was still in the nude, with his erection jabbing into my leg. So of course, I did the first thing any girl oughta do in those circumstances: I brought my knee up as fast and as hard as I possibly could.

The face that had been gazing dreamily up at me from between my breasts instantly contorted in pain, the wolf's eyes widening in shock. With a high-pitched squeak he fell to the ground, his paws flying to his crotch as he crumpled into a twitching pile -- though not before I managed to lodge my toes in his ballsac a second time, my foot colliding with his groin with a solid thump. The wolf let out a guttural groan, rolling over onto his side as he clutched his aching pair.

With a bit of distance between us I managed to get a better look at the male. As I'd suspected, he looked to be a year or two younger than me -- not quite an adult, but definitely past puberty. In fact, his cock was currently poking out from between his legs, still hard despite the recent testicular trauma. He didn't look half-bad, actually -- under different circumstances, I might have considered fooling around with him a bit, one-on-one.

Apparently he wasn't my only visitor, though. Suddenly there came a loud rustling from the bushes on my right, and I turned in time to see a second mystery intruder step out into the open. I expected another wolf, but to my surprise out came a chestnut-colored stallion, a good half-head taller than me. If the wolf had been cautious about being discovered, this guy seemed almost eager to be seen. And with good reason -- the length jutting out from his groin was no small piece of meat, even for a horse. His size even extended below, to the heavy colt-makers that dangled pendulously between his legs,. They were one of the biggest pairs I'd ever seen, and I'd seen (and felt) quite a few pairs in my time.

I'd been put in a momentary trance by the sight of the horse's massive junk, but that was soon interrupted by his angry outburst. "Hey, you can't do that!" the stallion exclaimed angrily, walking towards me and the fallen wolf. "What the fuck did you do to my buddy?"

I glanced down at the furry form crumpled at my feet. "What's it look like? If you ask me, you and your 'buddy' here deserve a lot worse than that for peeping on a lady without her knowledge."

The stallion snorted aggressively, stepping closer to me. "Boohoo. It's your own fault for tromping around naked. Now get the hell out of here and leave us alone, or I'll give you something real to cry about."

Heh...even with his friend groaning on the ground in front of him, he seemed blissfully unaware of what he was getting in to. My gaze flicked down to his groin again, those swollen balls hanging loose in his sac. I smirked. "Oh yeah? What are you gonna do, big boy -- hurt me?"

He took another step closer, nostrils flaring in anger. "You bet I am, you big-titted bi--oogh!"

I paused, my toes still embedded in the young stallion's crotch. "Now now, that's no way to speak to a lady -- especially one you've just been ogling." I lowered my leg, letting his bulging nutsac fall back into place. "Now come on, apologize."

The male quivered in place, his face turning red as he fought to stay standing. "Ohh, fuckingcunt..."

I frowned. "That's not much of an apology. Besides, I expect you to kneel while you're asking for forgiveness." With that I snapped my leg forward, smashing my foot up into his plums once more.

The stallion let out an agonized whinny and fell, joining his friend on the ground. "Anngh! Oh fuck, my fucking nuts--"

"Oh dear, did I do that?" I grinned, dropping down to my knees beside the wolf I'd floored earlier. "Well, let me make sure I didn't break anything."

"Unngh," moaned the wolf, fighting to keep his legs clamped shut and his paws over his balls, but it was simple work to pull his knees apart and yank his hands away. Gleefully I grabbed hold of his fuzzy nutsac, earning another moan from the male as I trapped his gonads in my fist. Now, maybe it's 'cause I was used to handling big, plump hippo sacs, but this kid's stones just seemed puny, especially in comparison to his well-hung friend. Still, they certainly seemed to hurt him plenty as I gave 'em a few friendly squeezes, watching his whole body writhe in response.

"Man, these things are like raisins," I chuckled. "Are you sure you've gone through puberty yet?"

"Let go, please," he whimpered. "It hurts!"

"Well yeah, it's supposed to." I isolated his left nut between my fingers. "I want this to leave an impression. If you want to see a girl naked, then go find yourself a girlfriend -- don't go spying on people. Understood?" I gave his spud a good strong squeeze to show him who was boss."

"Oh gawd!--" he moaned, his body spasming weakly on the ground.

"Understood?" I repeated, turning up the pressure another notch. The teenage wolf squealed in response, and I grinned down at him confidently, until suddenly...


The male let out a shrill squeak, his legs twitching frantically for a moment before he went slack and just started mewling. I blinked once or twice, surprised at the strength of his reaction, before realizing that the rubbery little sphere I'd just been playing with was suddenly a lot less...spherical. At first I assumed it had just squirted out from between my fingers, but as I probed my victim's package, I was hard-pressed to find more than one swollen nut. That didn't seem to be the only thing sloshing around in there, though...there was also something a lot like jelly. Last time I'd felt something like that was when I'd accidentally neutered that gator a few months ago.

"Did I just...?" I murmured.

"My nut!" croaked the wolf, finally regaining his voice. "Oh my god, what did you do to my nut?!"

"Uh...heh heh." I grinned sheepishly. "Sorry about that -- hippo guys can usually take a lot more pressure than that. But I guess that's why you have two, right?"

The wolf locked eyes with me for just a moment before his whole body went limp, his nervous system finally succumbing to the flood of pain signals from his groin. "Heh," I chuckled, looking down at the unconscious wolf. "Whoops."

In all the excitement, I'd almost forgotten about my other victim, apparently he had been paying attention. "Holy shit!" shrieked the stallion. "What did you do to him!"

I looked back over my shoulder at the horse still doubled over on the ground. "Oh calm down, it was an honest mistake. Besides, it's not like he didn't deserve it."

"What do you mean?!? He didn't deserve that!" The male glared daggers at me. "All we wanted was a good look at your tits, you stupid bitch -- you didn't have to fucking castrate him."

"I didn't castrate him," I replied indignantly, "he's still got one left. Besides, I was just teaching him some manners. It sounds like you could use a lesson, too."

I could see the fear in his eyes as I began climbing back to my feet. "W-what are you doing?" he stuttered, trying weakly to scuttle away from me, but his legs still refused to support his weight after his earlier nut-cracking."

"Well, your friend here was definitely the more polite of you two, so I think it's only fair that you get just as rough a punishment as he did. It's only fair." I grinned down at him. "Don't worry, I'll leave you one."

His eyes grew wider with panic. "No, please -- you can't do that! I need them both! I-I'm a stud horse!"

I grinned. "Not anymore, you're not."

He tried to squirm away, but it was easy enough to just grab him by the ankles and spread his legs wide. I gave him a quick snap kick to knock his hands away from his groin, then brought down all my weight in a solid stomp between the legs. The stallion let out something between a frantic whinny and a squawk, his legs kicking reflexively as his foal-makers were flattened into the hard earth. Still, the rubbery orbs held firm, squirming between my toes in an attempt to escape.

"My balls!" he keened, his arms wrapped around my calf in an effort to pull my leg away. "Oh god, I'm sorry, not my--"

"Should've thought of that earlier," I grumbled, raising my foot again and slamming my weight back down on his fragile nut. This time was more effective -- we both heard the 'pop' as his left ball burst, the spunk-filled orb squashed beyond its limits. He let out a long, high wail of pain, and I paused for a moment to grin down at the half-male, enjoying the feel of his former testicle sloshing between my toes--

--but apparently I had underestimated my strength again, as almost immediately afterward there came a second, even louder 'pop', the stallion's hips spasming in place as suddenly my foot came to rest on solid ground. The male had time to give off one more high-pitched whinny before his eyes rolled back into his head, his body going limp on the ground.

"Dammit, that's my second mistake in five minutes." I lifted my foot, flexing my toes. "Apparently I need more practice with balls that don't belong to hippos. Sorry about that."

But the former stallion was well beyond hearing, sprawled out dumbly on the ground. And with what looked like a rope of spunk splashed across his stomach, too. Maybe he'd cum just as I'd popped him? But no, that didn't make much sense...I shrugged. I guess it was from earlier, when he'd been peeping from the bushes -- I must not have noticed when I'd started racking him. Either that, or the little perv had enjoyed me grinding his nuts into goo.

Anyway, now I was running late -- I might as well get going. I gave one more glance down at the pair of unconscious males, appraising my work for a moment before turning to retrieve my clothes. Three out of four wasn't bad.

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