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ABCs: Academic Agony

The first in my series of alphabetical ballbusting stories about P'oiu and Lia! Read on, and be sure to let me know what you think!

“I have to admit, I was rather skeptical of the claims, but your, ah...your semen is rather remarkable.” The tree frog blushed. “The antibodies it contains are like nothing I’ve ever seen – it could mean fantastic things for medicinal research, if we can reliably reproduce it.”

There were four of us sitting there in the cavern: myself, Lia, Opal, and her newly-introduced friend, Julip. The two frogs were old friends, and apparently Opal had sent her a sample of my ‘healing goo’ as a small present, shortly after Lia and I became mates. A few months later, and now the researcher was here at our cave, excitedly babbling away about her discoveries.

I just sat there and grinned. It was quite validating to hear that my balls were useful as more than just a punching bag. And I could contribute to science! (Though I still wasn’t 100% clear on what “science” actually sounded like some new branch of magic, but Opal’s friend had seemed a bit offended by that description.)

“However.” The female’s voice took on a more hesitant tone. “When I examined more of Opal’s past samples, I discovered that the potency of the, ah...substance...can vary quite a bit. More specifically, it seems to correspond with glandular trauma – probably as a physiological response, to ensure your ability to pass on your genes.” She blinked. “Usually those sorts of evolutionary adaptations aren’t quite so direct, but it certainly makes sense to protect such vital organs. And it’s already proven its worth in your case, obviously, or else taking further sperm samples wouldn’t even be possible.”

My grin had faded. 80% of the researcher’s language had gone over my head, but somehow I could still sense the gist. The smile playing at Lia’s lips only seemed to confirm it. Casually the dragoness placed a hand on my thigh, and I felt my sac tighten in anticipatory fear.

“And with that in mind, well...what I'd really love is a fresh semen sample right after testicular trauma is administered. I mean, we wouldn't need a full rupture of the tunica albiginea like your previous attempt – just enough damage to trigger the immune response.” The tree frog blushed. “Normally I wouldn’t even ask something like this, but um, Opal tells me this is already a pretty regular part of your sex life?”

Uh oh.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Lia was quicker. “We’d be happy to help!” she offered, beaming. “Isn’t that right, dear?”

"Oh no no, not in a million–eep!" My eyes widened in surprise as fingers suddenly wrapped around my ballsac. Fuck, my mate was quick. I fought down a rising sense of panic as Lia adjusted her grip, tightening her claws just enough to start a distant, dull ache in my gut. By now, I’d felt her claws around my dragonmakers dozens of times, and it very rarely ended well.

The dragoness leaned close to whisper in my ear. "Either you do this now, or I'll crack your nuts twice as badly later." She paused. "Besides, it's for a good cause."

I looked back to the two frogs across from us. Julip was clearly a bit shocked, unsure of how to respond. And Opal...well, Opal was at least trying to look sympathetic, but she couldn’t fully hide the smile playing at the edges of her mouth.

“Uh...yeah,” I squeaked. “I’m down.”


“Oh please...oh balls...

I’d lost my voice from squealing a good ten minutes ago – somewhere around kick #20 – but that couldn’t stop me from croaking out the occasional plea for mercy. Not that it did any good.

“Are you sure he’s alright?” asked Julip. Her tone suggested equal parts concern and fascination.

The dragoness was balanced delicately on my groin – one foot placed squarely atop each of my plums, with her entire weight bearing down on the twin orbs. She’d been standing there patiently for the past few minutes, arms folded across her breasts as my poor spunkmakers slowly flattened and spread out beneath her. I would have had the strength to push her away, if not for the half-hour of testicular slaughter that had immediately preceeded this...but in my current weakened state, it was all I could do to clutch her legs and pray for unconsciousness. That, and stare at her ass, which was pretty much at eye level. If I was going to get my gonads stomped on, I was at least going to enjoy the view.

“Oh, he’s fine. In fact, this is a lot like how we met.” Lia furrowed her brow. “Or rather, it’s a lot like the first time I tried to pop one of his nuts. On purpose. Ah, memories.”

The female shifted her weight slightly, and my voice wavered up and down a few pitches before settling slightly higher than it had been before. I let out a fresh mewl of pain as my testicles rearranged themselves, seeking an escape from the terrible pressure and finding none. I couldn’t actually see what my nuts looked like at the moment – that was a small mercy, at least – but I knew from experience that they had given up on any kind of spherical shape by now. Even if the dragoness stepped away, I had no doubt there would be a pair of footprints left imprinted on my scrotum.

Ahem. Well, I, uh...I assume that’s probably enough at this point, right?” Julip watched, wide-eyed. “I mean, I don’t want to risk an actual rupture.”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that – these things are still full of sperm.” Lia grinned. “Trust me, I can pretty much feel it sloshing around down there. But yeah, I suppose you’re right. Opal, you ready?”

“You bet! It’s been too long.” The buxom frog was standing on the sidelines, already stripped to the skin, wearing nothing but a grin from ear to ear. She turned to her friend. “You sure you don’t want to help? Come on, get naked!”

“I’ll just, uh, take notes this time,” answered Julip. “Besides...I have no idea how a guy can ejaculate right after that.”

Opal chucked. “You’d be surprised what a horny dragon is capable of. Hey P’oiu?”

I moaned something unintelligible, still wrapped around Lia’s legs.

The frog rolled her eyes. “Right, first things first. Lia, would you...?”

“Huh? Oh, right.” The dragoness stepped back, taking her weight off of my spuds. (Sadly, that did very little to ease the agony in my this point, I was going to be walking bow-legged for at least a day or two, no matter what. Still, better than getting my eggs scrambled even further.) Shakily I let go of my mate, reaching down to cup my flattened plums instead.

And flattened they were. I could have used a spatula to scrape them off of the hard stone floor. Granted, the orbs were quickly starting to re-inflate to their usual round plumpness, but that wasn’t a whole lot of consolation after they’d been so easily turned into pancakes. I didn’t even have the strength to curl into the fetal position – instead I just flopped back onto the floor, hands between my legs, mind a haze, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.


I felt a pressure on my shoulder as Opal hopped up on to my body. I blinked – once, twice – before I managed to focus on the naked frog standing on my chest. Immediately my eyes fell to the female’s curves, tracing her full breasts, her round hips...anything to distract me from the aching pair between my legs.

“Hey – you know the drill.” The female planted a hand on her hip. “Ready to cum buckets for me, stud?”

My member gave a faint twitch...but that was it. My balls still felt like they were being actively trampled by a herd of elephants. “No,” I groaned.

She pouted. “Awwww. You’re not gonna disappoint me in front of a guest, are you? Especially after I spent the whole journey here bragging about that big, thick cock of yours...”

Another twitch, stronger this time. It had been a while since Opal’s last visit, and my libido was trying to make up for lost time. I could picture her clinging to my dragonhood, moaning in ecstasy, her whole body sliding up and down, up and down...

Lia had taken a seat beside me to watch the frog work her magic. Now she smirked as my maleness slowly began to lengthen, stiffening with each heartbeat until it stood up almost straight into the air. Casually the dragoness leaned forward, her breath hot on my member, her lips just a few inches away...and then suddenly she had closed the gap. I let out a ragged moan as she sucked down the first few inches of my length, her tongue sliding around the head.

Opal looked over her shoulder and grinned. “See? I knew you had it in you.”

I gasped and my claws scratched feebly against the floor as Lia sunk lower, a foot of dragon cock disappearing down her throat. A moment later it was back – now glistening with a layer of saliva, and harder than ever. Lia nuzzled at the rod, her breasts brushing up against me, and I felt myself throb in response, desperate for another touch. “Too easy,” she teased, eyes sliding shut as she delivered a slow lick up the length of my shaft.

“Oh fuck,” I breathed.

The frog faced me once more. “Now let’s empty those sperm tanks.”


“Well, that was, uh...more than I expected. More than enough for my research, certainly!”

“And there’s more where that came from.” Playfully, Lia flicked my left nut with a clawtip – gentle, by her standards, but still enough to make me squeak in pain and surprise.

Lia, Opal, and I were all thoroughly soaked in semen – what seemed like gallons of the stuff. When I’d finally blown my load (with Lia’s tongue on one side of my shaft and Opal’s gyrating body on the other), I had seen stars, and left a puddle of spunk that covered my groin, my chest, Lia’s face, Lia’s tits, pretty much all of Opal...

Even Julip hadn’t managed to get outside the blast radius. The tree frog was now carefully peeling off her top, which had fallen prey to a particularly large glob of dragonseed. I might have been embarassed if she hadn’t come specifically to collect the stuff.

“I warned you to get naked.” Opal’s naked body was completely drenched, from head to toe. Spunk dripped from her curves. “When a backed-up dragon explodes, it’s like a bomb going off.”

“I’ll remember that for next time,” she replied.

I groaned. “‘Next time’?”

Lia chuckled. “Give him a few weeks. I’ll make sure he’s ready.”

Great. I closed my eyes, trying to focus on the lingering pleasure of orgasm and to ignore the pulsing nausea in my groin. This was going to be a regular thing? Lucky me.

Science was HARD.

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