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Kayla on the Warpath

Another discarded scrap that will never be finished! This is a cleaned-up version of something from a time long, long ago, back when Kayla (the orca female in Dragon Slaying and Pain, Personified) was much more of a tribal chieftain character, as opposed to the more civilized village leader that she is now.

When I started Dragon Slaying, it had a very simple plot. Kayla was determined to pop P'oiu's plums as retribution for attacks on her villagers, and Opal was just as determined to keep his gonads intact so she could harvest his spunk for her potions. The series would end when this conflict came to a head: Kayla would bring a war party to P'oiu's doorstep, and Opal + friends would use various magic to defend the source of their valuable ingredient.

This snippet comes from an early outline of chapter 5 or 6, where Kayla's village was gearing up for the hunt by "sacrificing" some captured warriors from another tribe (and one or two of their own). However, by the end of chapter 3 or 4, I had decided that my basic plot was too boring, so this scene/plot arc was left on the cutting room floor. Instead, P'oiu embarked on a journey into the woods, and I added a few new characters like Lia the dragoness. Still, this is an interesting look at what might have been, and easily the most testicular destruction I've ever written into a single scene :P

NOTE: this snippet is pretty grisly, even compared to my normal BB stuff. Lots of pops and bursts ahead. If that sounds like your kind of thing, by all means read on; if that sounds like nightmare fuel, well, I'm sorry for being such a twisted individual. (And I'm especially sorry for the second half of this story -- I can't really explain myself there, though I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.)

As always, feedback/comments appreciated.

The dolphin couldn't help but let out a pained yelp as the female leading him by the balls gave his junk a sharp tug downwards, the brawny male forced to fall to his knees to prevent his tackle from being torn clean off. His plump spunk-makers ached inside of his captor's tight grip, but he knew better than to complain about a harsh squeeze. After all, he still had his gonads, at least for the time being. Might as well enjoy the feeling while it lasted.

The male forced his eyes downward towards the dirt as his handler settled down next to him, sitting cross-legged on the dusty earth. In his peripheral vision, the captured warrior could see at least two of his fellow fighters, similarly stripped naked, trussed up, and dragged to their knees by the half-clothed females of their rival village. The agonized groans that rung in his ears confirmed the existence of at least a few more, though it was hard to tell exactly how many men were being held captive. He hoped that at least a majority of men had escaped intact--

But that train of thought was immediately interrupted by the pair of bare, feminine legs that passed in front of him, breaking his line of sight. His gaze was nearly drawn by instinct to the shapely ass and tail that lay above, but the male managed to catch himself before his eyes travelled too far. He'd heard stories about the damage those legs could do to a man. He wasn't eager to experience such things first-hand.

The nude female slowed down as she passed, her eyes narrowing at the sight of the prisoner's involuntary movement -- but now was not the time to make an example of an individual. Instead after a tense moment she turned away, allowing her tail flukes to strike the male lightly across the face as she climbed up on to her raised platform.

Once on her platform, Kayla turned to face the small group of captors and captives, as well as the large crowd of villagers that had gathered behind them. Grimly she scanned the faces of her half-dozen prisoners -- all bottlenose dolphins, from the settlement to the east. In another context they might have been met with compassion, accepted and reborn as members of her tribe -- but not after ambushing a group of children. No, if Hollen's tribe wanted to attack their offspring, then she would wipe out theirs in return. And given the current situation with the dragon -- well, the timing couldn't be better, to be honest.

The orca female raised her arms, lifting her head to the sky and baring her naked body to the full assembly before her. With a mighty shout, she raised her voice to the heavens:

"O mighty gods! We sacrifice to you now the balls of our sworn enemies, in exchange for the balls of the dragon on the mountain. Hear our prayer, that we might take from the dragon the proudest jewels in his horde."

"Hallum!" came the cry of affirmation from the crowd.

With that, the last of the hope among the prisoners was quashed. Kayla could practically feel the chill in the air as the dolphin males fully realized their fate. With a private smirk, the female continued:

"And oh gods of war, please accept also the proud orbs of our own strongest warrior. He has fought to protect our humble village on many occasions, and sired many strong young calves with the females of our tribe. May the sacrifice of his future swimmers be a testament to the strength of our commitment and the righteousness of our cause."

"Hallum!" came the cry again, even louder. At the side of the stage, a male in ceremonial dress nodded silently, his jaw set firmly as he faced his leader.

"We are the Dura!" Kayla thrust her chest forward, glaring down at her trembling captives. "We are protectors of the weak! And when we are attacked unjustly, these transgressions must be repaid in full!" 


"Begin the ceremony!" she cried.

And with that, a half-dozen shrieks went up in unison, as a dozen individual dolphin-makers were suddenly assaulted from all sides. The prisoner closest to Kayla had his body jerking like a fish out of water, his captor's forearm muscles bulging as she attempted to grind his nuts to butter within her fist. To his right, one female held a male's legs apart while another pummeled his hanging sac with punch after punch, treating his swollen spuds like a boxer's speed bag. One busty female had decided to bite her victim, popping each nut between her teeth, and was now chewing happily on the mush that remained in his slippery scrotum. The unlucky male still clung to the edge of consciousness, limbs twitching and mouth open in a silent scream as his unborn children were reduced to a procreative pulp.

Kayla stepped down into the crowd, smiling as she watched the rival males quickly being turned into eunuchs at the hands and feet (and other body parts) of her female warriors. After so many years of busting on the battlefield, her senses were sharply attuned to the tell-tale signs of a ruptured nut: the soft splurt beneath a female's foot or between her fingers; the pained, instinctive stiffening of a male's tail; the sudden distant look in his eyes as half of his manhood was flattened beyond repair. Within a few seconds, she could tell that the more experienced women had finished their task, but at the end of the line, the youngest of the females was struggling with her male.

Kayla side-stepped a thick black orca tail as it whipped past her, slamming up into one dolphin's groin with a meaty whump. Ignoring the male's impossibly high-pitched squeak (another sure-fire sign of a busted ball), she turned her attention to the inexperienced female, who was currently standing over her captive, stomping her foot down between his legs with increasing frustration.

"Having some trouble?" Kayla asked.

The girl -- in her late teens, by the look of it -- glanced up with some aggravation, but her look softened once she saw who was addressing her. "Uh…yeah. I know stomping is supposed to be the easiest way to pop a testicle, but they both keep squirming out of the way."

The senior orca grinned, watching the dolphin male twitch forcefully as the youngster brought her bare foot down once again. "You've got the right idea, young one, but you're a little too eager with your technique. Here, try just placing your foot on top of his left nut. Like this, see?" Kayla placed her own foot atop his right nut, pinning it with just enough weight to hold it in place.

The female followed Kayla's lead, planting her foot on the other side of his sac and earning a wheezing moan from the dolphin. "Okay, now what?"

"Now just lean forward. Feel how it squishes out between your toes?"

The dolphin on the ground let out an agonized wail as the two women shifted their weight, his dolphin-makers flattened like rubbery pancakes into the hard dirt.

The younger female giggled, flexing her toes around the compressed bubble of manhood. "Heh, awesome. But it's still not popping…"

"Then just add a little bounce to your step," Kayla said, rocking back onto her heel and then forward onto the dolphin's ball once more. "Trust me, no man can survive that for long."

The teenager imitated her teacher, earning the most painful squeal yet from the poor male underfoot. "Lessee…oh, yeah! I can feel it getting all squishy!"

"Great! Now," the orca growled, grinning, "the only question is which one of his nuts is going to pop first."

With that the two women focused on the task at hand, grinding their weight down on top of the prisoner's swollen plums, feeling the sturdy orbs slowly lose their shape, until--


"Ahh." Kayla probed the dolphin's scrotum with a toe, feeling the remnants of the orb slosh around in his sac. "The right one, apparently."

The younger female opened her mouth to reply, but instead let out a squeak of surprise as the male's remaining nut suddenly burst between her toes. The orca stood there for a moment, dumb-founded, before a wide smile spread across her face. "Holy--…that was amazing! That's what it feels like to pop a ball? It's so…god, it's so hot!"

"Yep! Never gets old." Kayla patted the teenager on the shoulder. "Just remember, nutpopping is only for our worst enemies. It's not a punishment to be taken lightly."

"Of course." The orca nodded. "I understand."

"Good." The older female glanced back over her shoulder -- apparently the other prisoners had all been finished off by now. "Well, if we're finished here, then I've got some other things to attend to. You enjoy your evening, alright? Find a lucky boy to screw silly. Then it's off to war tomorrow."

"Yes ma'am." The youngster beamed up at her. "Thanks again!"

"Don't mention it," Kayla replied, unable to keep a grin from her own face as she turned away from the bright-eyed youth and the unconscious male. Oh, to be a teen again, experiencing everything for the first time...

Meanwhile, in a single-room hut just a short ways away, another tribe member was preparing to experience a popping for the first time -- but it was not an experience he looked forward to. Quietly the bull orca shed his few articles of clothing, setting the ceremonial garb aside in one corner of the room. It looked rather small, folded up on the dirt floor. Looking down at the bundle of cloth and back at his own bare body, the male suddenly felt very exposed.

Which he was, of course -- as naked as the day he was born -- but usually, that was something to be embraced. He was a strong, powerful male: well-muscled from long days of farming; well-liked from his calm, friendly demeanor; and well-equipped by the grace of the gods. He'd had a long and fruitful sex life, laying down with many females in the village and producing more than his fair share of children. By all definitions, he was the alpha male, and it was good to be the king.

But being the alpha male had its responsibilities, too, for better and for worse. Bryan had been able to repress the thought for most of the day, but once the ceremony had begun, it was rather hard to ignore. He'd seen the ballpopping rituals before, of course, but it was a much more uncomfortable experience knowing that his pair was next. And now, alone in the ceremonial hut, reaching down to cup himself in his hands, weighing the swollen spheres that had hung between his legs since birth…

He wasn't alone with his thoughts for long. Bryan looked up as a dolphin girl brushed aside the straw hanging over the door and stepped into the hut, dressed in traditional garb of her own. With a kindly smile the beta female reached behind her back, unclasping her top and letting it drop to the floor. The simple covering around her waist followed suit, sliding down her long, smooth legs to lay on the ground and leaving the two warriors equally naked.

"Hey, handsome," she said gently, sidling up to the larger male. "How are you feeling?"

The bull orca gave a weak smile, allowing the bottlenose to lean against him. "Honestly? Pretty nervous."

"No surprises there." Mara mmmed softly, resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes. "You, uh…you're sure you want to do this?"

The orca gazed down fondly at the nude female pressed up against him. "Yeah, I'm sure." He exhaled slowly. "Besides, it's not like I have much of a choice, do I? I'm the alpha male."

The female shook her head, looking up at her friend. "No, I mean -- are you sure you want to do this?"

Bryan felt the dolphin's fingers curl around his nutsac and couldn't hold back a shiver, goosebumps running up his spine as she hefted the weight of his heavy fruit. "Y-yes. It should be me."

"Alright." The bottlenose smiled faintly, letting the male's testicles slip from her grasp. "Well…you know I won't do anything until you do. And I'll do what I can to make it easier."

"Thanks." Bryan wrapped an arm around the naked dolphin, allowing himself the luxury of a quick grope of her bare backside. "Actually, I was hoping I could…finish one last time, while I'm still in one piece. Might help take the edge off while we're doing the deed."

Mara grinned, her fingers sliding upwards to rub at the orca's limp length. "I thought you'd never ask. A blowjob, then?"

"Maybe just a handjob." The male smiled. "You know I love your tongue, but I have the feeling I'm going to need some vocal encouragement."

"A handjob it is, then." Gracefully the bottlenose slid to her knees, bringing herself face to face with the orca's pink pride. She encircled the base of his shaft in a firm grip, giving it a friendly squeeze. "You ready, then?"

Bryan shivered again, spreading his legs a bit wider in response to the female's touch. "As ready as I'm going to be." He looked down at his crotch, flashing a nervous grin at his partner before reaching down to take hold of his own plump sac. "Here goes nothing."

The dolphin watched with an encouraging smile as her alpha male fondled himself for a brief moment, examining his weighty orbs for one last time. Mara was certainly sad to see them go. Many a night had been spent playing with those calf-makers, slathering them in saliva as she sucked down Bryan's thick pole, or milking them dry as she rode the warrior late into the night. Those orbs had given her a daughter and two sons.

But now, they both had a responsibility to the tribe. As the alpha male, Bryan had a sacrifice to make, and as the beta female, Mara was here to make sure that the deed was done, no matter what. If necessary, she'd step in and finish the job herself, but the greatest warriors…well, the greatest warriors needed no help. They took care of business themselves, no matter how gruesome.

And I, the orca male reassured himself, am a great warrior. Gently he rolled the spheres in his fingers, positioning one fat plum in each hand. He'd practiced this once or twice before, so that he wouldn't be completely unprepared when the day finally came, but that didn't make the real thing any easier. This was no rehearsal. This time he'd have to go all the way.

Mara gave the male's member a few friendly pumps, the length of orcacock now fairly stiff inside her experienced grip. "Just focus on me, alright?" she said. "Think about the naked bottlenose girl who thinks you're so brave, so big and strong..."

Bryan grunted as he gave himself a quick, rough squeeze, wincing at the burst of nausea that flared in his abdomen and instinctively letting go. Mara was right -- distraction was key. He let his gaze wander towards something more pleasant, his eyes tracing the shape of the female's lithe form as he psyched himself up for another go. This time he eased into it, keeping the pressure light but steady, willing himself to get used to the low ache in his gut.

The dolphin female gave a gentle smile as she saw the male's grip tighten, his abdominal muscles already beginning to tighten against the pain. "Well, that's a start." She gave his pride another slow stroke, looking up into his eyes. "That's not so bad, is it? Hell, I've squeezed you harder than that in bed."

"Could be worse," he admitted. Of course, he knew it was about to get much worse…but that wasn't something he wanted to think about. Instead Bryan focused on the heavenly hand gliding up and down his shaft, the sweet female who he'd spent so many evenings pounding against the headboard. It was almost enough to banish the pain from his mind as his fingers tightened further, beginning to dig into the rubbery walls of his aching pair. Almost.

"Keep going," urged Mara. "A little more now."

His pulse was quickening, but the orca forced himself to take deep, steady breaths, forcing his body to relax even as the alarm bells in his mind grew louder and more insistent. Despite his instincts, Bryan bore down further, unable to suppress a groan as he felt his own nutmeat squishing into the gaps between his thick fingers. "Oogh," blurted the male, his eyes watering as his mighty orbs were forced into an ever-shrinking space. "Oh…ohgods, that hurts."

"Stay with me," soothed Mara, giving his shaft a few more firm strokes. "Focus on the good feelings -- you're doing your village proud. You're doing me proud."

The bull orca gave a strained nod, a few beads of sweat already on his forehead. "Mara, could you, uh--…you know…"

"I know, I know." The female gave a sly grin, squeezing Bryan's shaft and leaning in to suck on the tip for a moment before drawing back once more. "Does that help at all?"

Bryan let out a short grunt of approval. "Y-yeah, but I mean--…keep t-talking, please. You help distract me from…oh fuck, my balls--"

Mara felt a pang of sympathy strike her as she watched the big male tremble, his face scrunched up against the nausea churning in his gut. She couldn't remember ever seeing the alpha male look so very vulnerable. Normally he was the leader: the one to listen to in times of peace, the one to look to in times of war, the one to surrender herself to between the sheets. But now…now he was just as mortal as anyone else. Just another flesh-and-blood creature. And now, maybe it was her turn to lead him.

"Do you remember the first time we fucked?" she asked suddenly, looking up at the orca.

The alpha male looked back down at her, fighting the urge to moan as the ache in his abdomen continued to grow. "O-of course," he gasped. "How could I--…mmph…"

Mara fought back a smile at his struggle to respond. "And do you remember what you told me after we both came?"

Bryan opened his mouth to respond, but instead let out a groan as another wave of nausea swept through his gut. Still his fingers continued to tighten, his spunk-makers slowly losing their shape…

"I'll tell you what you said," the dolphin continued, grinning up at the male as she stroked his cock. "You told me you had never cum so hard. You told me you would never cum that hard again. And do you remember what I did?"

The bull orca was in obvious pain, but nonetheless, a smile played at the corner of his lips as he fought to answer. "You just…ohh…you just fucked me some more."

"Damn right." Mara was leaning in towards the male's groin, rubbing his twitching length up against her face. "I rode you until you blew an even bigger load. A big, sticky load, balls-deep inside of me."

Bryan let out another gasp, mouth twisting in a grimace. "Hah…ahh…"

"And then," she continued, licking her lips, "then I bet you that you couldn't do it again. I bet that you couldn't get it up and screw me one more time. And what did you do?"

The male tried to look down at his companion, eager to distract himself with the sight of her body's soft curves, but a fresh burst of pain forced his head upwards, his eyes squinting shut. "Nnrgh! I--…I did it!"

Mara grinned, showing a flash of teeth. "That's right. You threw me on my back and fucked me again, fucked me so hard I thought you were going to break me. Remember that?"

Bryan nodded weakly, praying for some sort of relief as he bore down ever harder on his own fragile orbs, his jewels distorting under the pressure until it felt like his fingers would meet in the middle. By now it was difficult for the male simply to remain standing, the world beginning to close in around him as his gonads were crushed ever further. "Y-yes," he choked. "Oh gods, yes!"

"Well come on, then!" cried the female, grabbing the orca's pride roughly, squeezing the throbbing flesh. "Where's that orca stud now? Don't you remember? I want you to do it hard, damnit!"

The male was surprised by Mara's tightening grip and reflexively tightened his own grip as well, immediately letting out a strangled moan as the increase in pressure sent another kick of nausea into his stomach. Still, Bryan kept going, even as his body screamed for him to stop, his spunk-makers quickly nearing the threshold of what they could take. This was well beyond any pain he'd experienced before, far worse than any injury he'd received on the battlefield, far more than any man should suffer. Only immense willpower kept the orca from dropping to the floor, clutching his mangled marbles and begging for mercy.

Mara saw the wavering conviction in Bryan's eyes and spurred him onwards, redoubling her efforts on the male's cock. Eagerly she wrapped her lips around the first few inches, sucking fiercely for a moment before letting it slip wetly from her mouth once more. "Come on, you stud!" she panted, seizing his member in both hands. Her fist was a blur as it pumped up and down the orca's throbbing length, her other hand helping to point the behemoth down at her bare breasts. "Just squeeze, damnit! Be a man and pop them!"

The orca was certainly trying his hardest, judging from the ungodly ache radiating from his groin: the white-hot lances of agony that shot up his spine with each subtle readjustment of his grip. Bryan was now more intimately familiar with the internal structure of his testicles than he had ever wished to be, the delicate tubules rearranging themselves around his thumbs as his tortured jewels threatened to cave in completely. His mouth hung open, an involuntary moan escaping his throat, climbing in pitch with each passing second. Even without prior experience, the male could tell his orbs were all but finished, their tough outer shells hideously warped and ready to burst with the slightest squeeze or impact.

But despite this knowledge and the strength still left in his quivering hands, the alpha male found that he couldn't finish the job. The rational part of his brain was smart enough to know that he was probably sterile already -- his balls were almost certainly beyond repair -- but the instinct for self-preservation still fought on, his body refusing to supply the last few pounds of pressure that would complete his agonizing task. Instead he just froze, his battered body refusing to obey orders and his stubborn will refusing to let him back down.

Bryan wanted to weep for more reasons than one as he stood there, his bloated spheres riding the very edge of rupture, his stomach filled with an apocalyptic agony impossible for another to understand. "I…I can't do it!" the orca squeaked, his muscled legs trembling beneath him as he dug his thumbs deep into his own male orbs. "Oh…oh gods, the ache! It's too…nnrgh!"

"Just a little more!" Mara insisted. Both of her hands were wrapped around the male's rock-hard member, the thick shaft on the edge of eruption itself. "You're the strongest male I know -- you can do this!"

"No I can't!" he cried, body beginning to buck against his will. Still Bryan held firm, continuing to crush his own calf-makers even as the plump eggs squirmed desperately in search of an escape. "Mara, please, I can't…gnrra!"

"You can!"

"I can't!" he squealed, his voice frantic, his face a mask of overwhelming pain. "Please--!"

The bottlenose paused, looking up at the naked orca, his face contorted in purely male agony. The black skin on his knuckles was now nearly white, his arm muscles bulging, every willing ounce of his strength concentrated on the twin spheres between his legs. And yet, it wasn't enough. He was right, she realized -- he couldn't do this. Not alone.

"Then let me help you," she said, rising quickly to her feet.

Bryan was almost too delirious with pain to notice as the female released his orcahood, leaving the stiff pink length to bob in the air as she stepped around his quaking body. Before the orca knew what was happening, his beta was behind him, wrapping her arms around his midsection, her bare breasts pressed up against his back. Standing on tiptoe, she planted her chin on his shoulder, gazing down his body towards his tortured manhood, taking one last look at the alpha while he was still in one piece.

Through the haze of agony, Bryan was unsure exactly what the dolphin was planning…until her hands slid down to the male's groin, her fingers curling around his, encircling his vice grip with a tight grip of her own. His eyes widened suddenly in understanding, and he opened his mouth to speak--

But then the female clamped down, and whatever words he intended to say were lost forever. The orca let out a mighty bellow as his calf-makers were finally crushed beyond their limits, first his left, then his right testicle collapsing under the combined assault of the two warriors. The poor male could feel the walls of his flattened jewels split open, their contents spilling outwards into his sac just as an unnaturally thick spurt of orcaseed erupted from the tip of his member and painted the dirt in front of him.

Mara felt the alpha's hands suddenly give way inside her squeeze and knew without a doubt what it meant, but continued to bear down nonetheless, committed to completing the job she had been given. Bryan let out another strangled cry as the remaining intact pieces of his orbs were ground down even further, another rope of spunk splashing against the ground as his body surrendered its final load. All the strength left his legs as his balls were totally emptied, his plump eggs scrambled in an instant inside his own clenched fingers.

It was over in just a moment, Bryan crying out his agony to the heavens and Mara clinging doggedly to the male's twitching frame. The dolphin kept her arms wrapped around the alpha as he sunk heavily to his knees, hands still clasped around the jellied remains of his ruptured orcahood. She felt a great shudder run through his body, a dry gasp escaping from his lips -- and then the male was unconscious, his muscled bulk slumping the rest of the way to the floor.

Slowly the beta drew back from her companion, detaching herself from his crumpled form. She sat naked on the ground, gazing at Bryan's limp body, the orca instinctively curled into the fetal position. Gently she rolled him onto his back, straddling his legs and nudging his hands away to confirm what she already knew. The dolphin gave a weak smile, pausing for a moment before bending forward to plant a soft kiss on the fallen warrior's forehead.

"You did good," she said softly. "You did good."


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  2. Heh -- hopefully sometime soon. I've been pretty busy/had a bit of writer's block, but I'm trying to get something out as soon as I can, whether it's Dragon Slaying or something else.

  3. in retrospect it isnt another dragon slaying chapter i want but just some erotical text to assimilate into my eyes

  4. I bet then, thousands of years later, the world is modernized just like ours and the culture of the Dura society is immortalized on a museum. There would be an inscription detailing on the process of assimilation the males nuts, including the alpha males. Two generic characters are there reading the said inscription, after finishing Generic char #1 would say," Wow, can you believe that the Durans actually did that to guys?"

    Generic char #2 would reply, "Ahh, they're just a bunch of eunuchs."

    Lol I'm just playing, but really, some people just have no respect on cultures/societies they don't understand.

    Anyways, good job, I enjoyed this piece from start to end. Just take your time on your writings and it doesn't matter what you post next, all of your stories are great!

  5. Heh...I imagine any future men reading about Dura society would spend a lot of time cringing in sympathy. Although, who knows, maybe the modernized world would have even worse ballpopping rituals :P

    Glad you liked it! I'm definitely taking my time to get stuff done, but I've been making good progress on the last bit of Dragon Slaying, so hopefully that will be finished by the end of the year. Otherwise, I'll just keep working away at my twisted stories :)

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